Another Vital Update from JB & SFC

The New Cold War continues to churn across several fronts. While a tenuous ceasefire holds in Syria, the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate.

Due to election coverage last evening, John and Steve spoke later than their usual hour. This means that, once again, we're having to post this week's discussion without having had a chance to listen in or preview. However, I'm confident that the quality is high and that you definitely need to invest 40 minutes of your time to give it a listen.




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had to be done


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Well Come On 4th

Shit!! 3rd

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If at first you don't succeed.....

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another week of same o same o

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Dam close too!

That Marchass is a freak of nature!!

Frankly I'm worn out - not because of the time here, but this ever grind by these omnipotent bankster fuckers.

Mondays are the worst as I go into them thinking is this it? Then I remember in this backwater that it will be Tuesday before we would be affected, so I worry some more.

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Worser and Worser

Aside from discussing these issues and the new cold war with people what else can we do except maybe build a bomb shelter? At least with destruction of the economy and finance I feel like I have some safety with PM's. 

Living through the old cold war veteran my feeling is the younger generations are pretty much clueless of what is really going on as the propaganda machine rules the day.

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What's this USD/JPY and Gold moving the same way?

perhaps it is a transient condition, and PMs will get smashed later today?

edit: it looks like USD/JPY is going down instead of the PM smash.

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Nuclear Winter

Nuclear Winter, that should stop global warming, eh?

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@ donnojackshit

Freak of Nature I'm Not, "I'm Part of Nature and I'll Grow On You." Keep Stacking

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Amazing analysis

Too bad the masses don't hear this. 

We are too far gone:  The middle class productive jobs have been shipped out, credit has replaced income.  Without the ability to create unlimited credit this nation will suffer an epic collapse and possible civil war.  Therefore the Neo cons will stop at nothing to save themselves.  Their primary goal is to keep the USD the world currency through petrodollar and I am starting to believe even if it means 'controlled nuclear strikes'.   They just need to tip the Russian's hand first, probably using Turkey and the Saudi's in Syria.  The media can then scare the bejesus out of the masses into backing the plan, just as they did almost 15 years ago, or the TPTB will face the pitchforks of a very poor nation.

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Cold Warrior

Almost all of my time in the AF was spent 'fighting' the cold war. A lot of time spent under a desk in a chem suit, pretending to have my face mask on when I answered the phone by covering my mouth with my hand while I spoke. 

We WON the Cold War. I have a certificate, somewhere, to prove it.

These new tensions are all contrived BS and we know it. The ONLY reason 'Cold War II' exists is because 'leaders' don't WANT peace. They want to distract the public, instill fear, sell weapons, control populations, bribe power structures, and have in their back pocket a cover story for their end-game crimes.

McAfee won't win the general because it is rigged. Other than him, only Trump has the will to call a spade a spade and stop the insanity.  I hope he dose win, appoints a TRUTH Czar, and names names every day for four years.

- H.

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Please let me add my thoughts

Please let me add my thoughts on this issue.  First of all, my most sincere thanks to Craig for making me aware months ago of this very serious situation.  Otherwise I, and probably most of you, would likely still be wandering around totally ignorant of it.  But beyond that, why in hell is our press not making an issue of something as important as this?  Because they are in the same camp as the Washington Establishment, that's why.  And here we are just about to elect one of two candidates, either of which are also complicate in the cover up, and one who is largely responsible for where we are.  Far be it from me to ever say anything good about our current President, but it certainly appears now that his instinct has been on the right side of some of the issues leading to where we are in the Middle East now, and one of our presidential candidates is actually responsible for where we find ourselves.  Of course if O had a back bone he would have stood up to her and seen to it that she didn't impose her will over him.

Also, while I'm at it, let me also disclose another conclusion regarding the current election cycle that I have come to.  I have today written the Republican Party and informed them that I will not contribute another dime to them as long as they insist on backing the wrong horse in an effort to support the establishment wing of the party.  First it was Bush, a total looser, and now it's Rubio, another looser.  If they really want to cut Trump out, and I support that effort, they need to drop Rubio, pressure the three lower candidates to abandon the race, and back Cruz.  He's the most likely candidate at this point to be able to win the nomination over Trump.  I don't think they will do it, but in my opinion that is the most likely way to beat him.  There, got two of my most burning concerns out there.

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Bejaysus Terrabyte .....

..... do you not see that Cruz too is a bankers / ZioCon's puppet?  It is so effing obvious.  Or are you not aware of who has been controlling America since 1913?


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A report from behind the lines of ISIS in Syria

Could you imagine spending 10 days as a guest of ISIS in Syria ?

Jurgen Todenhofer, ( a brave man) became the first Western reporter to be allowed first-hand access to Islamic State. Has expressed concern that US politicians are set on splitting Syria up into a fractured warzone. Lots of detailed information of his experience via a rather impatient RT host.

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