The Situation In Ukraine Deteriorates

Though peace talks continue in Syria, the situation in Ukraine is worsening. This week's Batchelor-Cohen update is, therefore, a must listen.

Again, it is extremely important that you stay on top of this situation. Nowhere in western media will you find a similarly comprehensive and objective update on this New Cold War. As long as Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen continue to record these discussions, we will continue to post them and urge you to listen each week.



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The situation is deteriorating everywhere.

That's why it's called a global collapse. cheeky

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Well I'm Prepared

For The Global Collapse. Keep Stacking

LMAO Call Granger He'll Get It Done. Get It? Lol

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Collapse? Collapse? What Collapse?

I saw a unicorn jumping over a rainbow today. It was also reported by the MSM as an actual event...

No mention of any crises in the world, just the unicorn jumping over the rainbow...

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Is this a new season of Ukraine?

i thought it was canceled.

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The music . . .

Totally creeps me out.  But these guys know their ish. 

SHTF soon?  Seems like it might. 

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I'm sure that Mr. Putin... making a grave mistake trusting the US Administration. IMO the US and NATO are very probably planning from the get go to renege on this cease fire agreement in Syria and do some sort of media campaign to explain all.

According to P. C.  Roberts the US has reneged of every treaty it has ever agreed to even back to the days of the treaties made with the American Indian nations. Already Turkey has said they will not participate in any agreement.


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Mr. Putin

Agreed J. Seifert. And the Russians know full well not to trust us. Our word is worth shyte. I remember reading over a year ago some where a Russian General saying we've been preparing for WWIIII ( Russia considers the Cold War as WWIII ) for three years now - that was two years ago -. I give this peace deal about a week before it blows. And one thing I noted was Mr. Cohen's comment that Vlad's face seemed deeply disturbed during his 10 minute presentation to the Russian people. If the settlement fails, and I believe it will as the Neo-Cons have no desire to see peace succeed, even the neo-cons may be wishing they hadn't gotten what they hoped for. This is an existential threat to Russia and China and Iran. They're survival may be only achieved with total victory. Which is defeat of NATO, Europe, and America and her allies. And a complete capitulation with War Crime trials for the Neo-Cons and there ilk.

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Desert paint schemes

While the Russian and Norwegian front is scary.

Jim Willie predicted (about two years ago I think) that Putin will most likely create stalemate in Urkraine and let it implode. Which it appears to be doing. They have run out of other peoples money in Kiev.  Even the IMF have said stop.

I also notice the machines are in Desert paint schemes.

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Insular we are

Nothing in our MSM rags about these issues...

They must be trivial or too far away to affect us, at least as far as our lumpen heads are concerned...

Meanwhile our psychopaths are fighting to get better troughs by campaigning for the ultimate consular and UN jobs - pathetic!

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IMF have stopped ?

Last I checked the IMF gave Ukraine the OK to default on it's Russian Gas Bill. Three billion dollars was owed. Is the Ukraine and Kieve exploding ? Yes. But the IMF is one of the big players behind all of this tragedy.

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