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As we've followed the twists and turns of The New Cold War for the past two years, events have occasionally moved in a dangerous direction, only to have cooler heads prevail. The world stands at the precipice of deep conflict in Syria and this once again makes these weekly discussions between Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen a must listen.

Last night was a full summary of the current situation as topics ranged from the last week's historic meeting between Pope Francis and the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox church, the dangerous situation in Syria and the shifting political climate of Ukraine where the U.S.-installed prime minister, "Yats", is clinging to power after yesterday's "no confidence" vote in the Ukrainian parliament.

Again, now more than ever, you need to stay abreast of the shifting sands of this new Cold War. An objective and fair discussion is nearly impossible to find in "western" media but Batchelor and Cohen have been at this now for over two years. Be sure to check back every week for their updates.



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ace of hearts ;-)

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World War III has been canceled due to lack of interest.

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Well Hell's Bell's

I'll take 4th seeing no one else wants it. Keep Stacking

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Turkey is fried....

Deep fried turkey...hmmmmmmm......

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Carrying on regardless

Good info on the solidarity of the forces opposing Turkey and allies. They

are still advancing not just in  Aleppo but north to the Turkish border:

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Poland considering arming refugees and sending them back to Syri

Still Report #631 -- Polish Solution to the Invasion

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Has to be another polish joke

Has to be another polish joke right....ha ha ha

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