No More Cash?

Sun, Jan 24, 2016 - 11:18am

NO Cash

Two years ago, my daughter and I drove out to Memphis so she could attend a friend’s wedding. I always travel with enough cash to get home, but on this trip, I overspent a bit and as we headed home to AZ I only had about a hundred dollars left in my wallet. That's cutting it kind of tight for a 1200 mile drive, $3.25 per gallon gas, hotels and meals for two. No worries, the trusty credit card was right next to my stack of Jacksons ($20 bills ... God rest his soul for resisting a central bank).

At our first gas stop somewhere in eastern Arkansas, I pulled in and my Visa card did not work. I went into the store and there were about five other people with the same problem. I walked out and we drove on, figuring that their system was down in that little rural station. Next stop was about 30 miles down the road and the card did not work again. Now I was a bit nervous. I paid with some cash and we drove on while my tin-foil-hat-addled brain imagined all kinds of possibilities. We stopped again somewhere beyond Little Rock at a station and, Whew! their system was working. They told us that bad weather around OK City had taken down the Visa system throughout the mid-south.

Since then I have taken this NO CASH thing very seriously. A storm can take the system down anytime, but so can the flip of a switch. In fact, they could single out people wearing big yellow hats. NO CASH makes negative interest rates on all balances quite easy--another way to "raise taxes" so they can bail out these criminal banks. Perhaps no cash will finally let people see the value of precious metal based coins for "bartering."


On the home prepping front, my wife and I have determined that our current bug out property will better serve us being sold with its equity releasing us from other bank obligations in the mid-west. As long as this housing market is stable or only slightly falling, I think we can “upgrade.” We can do better—better water supply, better soil, better neighbors, a bit more remote.

And speaking of neighbors, this may be the most important aspect of having a secondary property where one can go to live if your city becomes dangerous. The guy across the dry wash (that floods a few times a year) will not allow the water company to have an easement to cross his property with a water line to get to mine. Says their trenching will spoil the natural beauty of the wash. Oh, the hypocrisy! He pitches his steel and concrete junk into the wash. He keeps his constantly howling dogs penned in and laughs when we complain about the nightly noise. His wife feeds the coyotes leftovers at night, he keeps his gate locked and threatens to shoot trespassers. His phone is hooked up to a fax machine--if he doesn't want to talk to you, he lets the fax take it and says between the squeals, "my phone is having problems," and then hangs up on you. Nobody needs neighbors like that when things get tough. He will not be watching anyone's back. (Whew! I got it out my system now.)

So last night, my wife was looking at cheap land around Paulden AZ again. Good, shallow, ground water, better soil than our current home, fairly remote, and we have a travel trailer we could pull over and set up in half a day.


I just became a real roofer this week—first roof ever. There I am straddling the top of the original homestead building as my wife snaps a photo. I am getting too old for this kind of work. But we are still two months away from having the place ready to sell at top dollar. We have an anxious buyer… and we want to close a deal after March 16 so that our tax liability goes down. Proceeds from the sale will enable us to sell rental properties at losses back in the Midwest where we used to live, and free us from banks. Our manager back in the midwest says the economy is changing. He cannot find good renters any longer! After selling out, we can start building on another lot we have in AZ, land with good neighbors, including mom-in law and wife's uncle on either side.

Prepping is tricky… What is needed, what is simply wanted? What is a luxury, what is a necessity? I have been working on solar power and have a viable system now, but really, my wife and I could survive with just a few panels and couple of batteries on top of our 30 foot travel trailer, working our garden each day--Spring to Autumn.

If we have relatives that need help, things get more complicated… some of them have been prepping and plan to stay in Phoenix, others haven’t a clue and will not listen. I don’t think any of them will want to stay in Phoenix (or any mid-size to large city) if there is systemic collapse. But I am not heartless, and I at least want to have some extra room to help people I love.--and extra ground that they can help garden. But, the burning questions for me today are these:

  • Is a depression around the corner?
  • Will it lead to a collapse and reset.
  • How soon? Later this year?

Because if it is soon, I have to ramp up preparations and will make more radical decisions about liquidating my deadbeat rental properties—like taking low-ball offers ASAP just to escape the banks. Many of us have such decisions to make. So we have been watching and reading what others, like Bill Holter, have had to say about a coming collapse. On one hand, we do not want to be caught unaware, but on the other hand, nobody is able to predict a date. Holters' predictions and time table are a bit distressing--in severity of change and how soon it is approaching. His predictions stretch the limits of my belief, but at the same time, he knows more than I about the inner workings of the system.


But I am still not convinced that this system is going to collapse any dayn ow. We have heard this warning before. I do not want to dismiss it, but I don't want to overreact either like I did in 2012. The Banksters and government henchmen still have lots of tricks up their sleeves that they have not instituted in the US, yet.

  • No Cash
  • Negative Interest rates
  • Secret money printing
  • Accounting rule suspensions
  • Emergency loans at zero percent
  • Not honoring credit default swap contracts that are triggered (like in Greece?)
  • Re-writing other rules
  • Bail ins
  • Capital controls
  • Freezing prices
  • Martial law

They have used a few of these tactics already. And how many other policies and delay tactics might they think of that I cannot? They have just as many creative people working for them as the alternative financial media and even other alternative groups warning of collapse have.

But it is not just accounting and financial tricks. These bankers flaunt the law, and break it whenever they feel the need or just want to fleece the sheep again. We are not dealing with honest financial and social planners here, but with criminals who will do anything to maintain a hold on power. We citizens are just cannon fodder for their flippant use. This list of “tricks” can get very long when illegal actions and acts of war are added to it.

If the bankers can keep themselves solvent, and extend favors to key industries to stave off bankruptcies, then what would bring on a collapse? Isn’t a potential collapse all about liquidity freeze-ups and banking insolvency that closes their doors and begins the domino effect? I am no expert here and would love to read more about what brings it on. I know that the fundamentals bring pressure on the system, but I have no doubts that the elites are not ignorant of the state of the economy, that they plan to keep it patched together and institute some new monetary system that keeps them in power.

I think they keep more hidden behind the scenes than we will ever know. But when we see all these tricks in effect and the system begins imploding, then the time has arrived--and it could happen swiftly once it begins. I am just presenting another side of the “collapse soon” issue to you. My conclusion is that changes will happen more slowly and those in power may keep their hold on it a longer than we would expect.

What is the role of China & Russia and their BRIICS followers in the big Reset? Of course they want out of the West’s orbit of power, but a western collapse will harm them greatly as well. Their hoarding of gold is probably for the same reasons we westerners stack it. To rebuild! But until this system really falls apart, that rebuilding will be waiting in the wings while criminal bankers and world leaders scramble to hang on to power. It could take longer than we think.

And without any very large organized groups that will step up, jail our corrupt "leaders," and rebuild a financial system on the solid ground of precious metals and real commodities,--without those groups, those currently in power will merely reorganize, squelch little rebellions, and set up a new system that they totally control. The role of policing has changed!

The sociopaths will NOT just slink quietly out of town and hide while honest people rebuild.

We know that it is NOT the aim of this website to be involved in organizing a social movement to wrest power away from the TPTB, but rather to keep us abreast of changes in the metals markets and trading successfully. But I am indeed thankful for the members here who keep us informed and provide links to other sites of interest.

NO CASH coming to a store near you. I lived through it one afternoon and it was a bit disconcerting. I won’t be taking bets against it.

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Jan 24, 2016 - 11:21am

Safety "1st" Doc

Roof looks good!

Jan 24, 2016 - 11:43am

Very nice post Doc

I particularly liked this and your last post. Of course, they're all good!

Thanks, and keep em coming.

By the way, don't ya just love leaving crappy off and moving somewhere better, all smiles and anticipation of better times to come, and them stuck wallowing in the same old shite.

Mr. Fix
Jan 24, 2016 - 11:58am

A very relevant post.

The encroaching tyranny is a topic of primary concern to me. Everything on the Government agenda clearly points in one direction only. Destroying the current system will be used in their arsenal against us.

Preparing for what is inevitable, and how to weather the storm, should concern everyone. Gold and silver are just a small part of my preparations.

Thank you for highlighting so many of the others.

If cash can be outlawed, so can everything else, including gold and silver.

There will be no liberty, until tyranny is confronted. Maybe that's not a worthy topic from Main Street, but fortunately, there are no such limits in the forums.

By the way, your new roof looks great.

Jan 24, 2016 - 12:00pm

Bug out homes!

We have a great mini-farm and we are currently remodeling it. Five acres of river bottom land and a 1550 sq. foot rambler. It is rural and near the Cowlitz river with elk running through the acreage. Why keep it? If things get as bad as some say, bit coins will be hidden without any electricity to find them and what neighbor would any of them? Fiat will work for a short season. Metals will work for awhile but bartering will work till the end. I will trade a quart of home made sauerkraut for an elk steak. One could have learned much about bartering if they visited the Ukraine about 20 years ago. People were lined up everywhere, car trunks open, bartering their goods for gas and food. This is when "if" one has skills, like Mr. Fix, they will be in the drivers seat in a major depression. The farmer is king. Dad told me of the life on the family farm during the depression. We had large chicken houses along with everything else needed to survive. People in town would walk to our farm and ask for food. Dad would visit the chicken house, chop off that head (know how to do that?) clean the bird and sell it for two bits. If they did not have any money, barter or just give it to feed the hungry. Getting ready includes many things. Some are selling assets that are seen as cash cows for the governments. The systems are geared up to extract ever cent possible if you dare to own anything. The property tax on my home is about $11,000 this year and it is for sale. DOWN SIZE! Our organic garden is almost ready to plow. The kraut jars need to be washed again and we will be filling them soon. There are several artesian wells in our area, flowing 24/7. Yes, there are many ways to fill a bug out bag. Jim

Jan 24, 2016 - 2:02pm

Great, Timely Blog Post Doc. J, Thank you Kindly

It is posts like this that are timely and desperately needed. Real life stories, weaving together like a tapestry, teach a somber lesson. The main stream media is hopelessly compromised. There is no truth, only perception management. Every media source has an agenda, and which is not always clearly known or understood. How many conspiracy theories have now become conspiracy fact? Real-life stories are essential to read, and share. Doc J., that part of your story about the difficult neighbor is compelling. That alone is reason to leave, as soon as you can fix your place up and sell it. The only thing that will matter in a grid down or reset scenario is having a like-minded group of friends and neighbors who all understand the need for community. Your neighbor is part of the problem, and will not last in a crisis. He will be at your place taking your preps, after he has gathered HIS posse to overrun your defenses. The best prep of all is mindset, along with your trusted network of friends and family all similarly situated, educated, and motivated. Anyone who still believes government is part of the solution is to be kept at a distance. The collapse of US dollar fiat is happening real time, and devaluations are coming. The time to prepare is yesterday. Thanks again for the excellent post!

Jan 24, 2016 - 4:20pm

The Etymology of Petroleum,

The Etymology of Petroleum, and the Monopolists' 'Peak Oil' Scam

Jan 24, 2016 - 4:23pm

This is from John Mauldin

Yuan Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Recent Chinese stock market volatility has had more to do with China’s currency than its stocks. Donald Trump and other politicians (yes, he is one) often assail Beijing for devaluing its currency and acquiring an unfair advantage. First, the Chinese have actually been manipulating their currency upwards. While countries in the rest of the world have been letting their currencies devalue against the dollar, China has maintained an effective dollar peg until very recently. And then the “move” that seems to have everybody in a dither was only about 4%. To be fair, what really had the markets worried was that this move might presage an effective devaluation. And considering that China has watched the euro, the yen, and nearly every emerging-market currency drop anywhere from 30 to 50% against the yuan – a rather painful experience for its export sector – the Chinese have been quite patient. I find it fascinating that we can be singularly focused on China and its currency, which has moved only slightly, and not pick on those countries that are openly and aggressively manipulating their currencies down. Seriously, if you want to have an intellectually consistent argument, why not talk about what those evil people in Europe are doing to lower their currencies against the dollar? Or Mexico? Or almost any other country in the world? If you are truly against the strong dollar, then why not just say so and promote a policy of further massive quantitative easing and competitive currency devaluation? That is the only logical conclusion to the Chinese currency-bashing polemics. I guess all the loose talk is just another misguided attempt to Make America Great Again™. In a normal world, nations with trade deficits naturally see their currencies weaken. No one needs to intervene or manipulate markets. When you bring stuff in, you send cash out. When you send stuff out, you bring cash in. It’s as effortless as breathing. And if your cash is useful only for buying things in your local country, when too much of your money is offshore, your currency is going to weaken. Then why has the dollar gotten stronger even as we continue to run massive trade deficits? Because the dollar, being the world’s reserve currency as well as the currency for international trade, is in demand. In fact, it is in such demand that if we closed the trade-deficit gap (as we have been starting to do), the dollar would get even stronger, because the world needs dollars to facilitate global trade. We do indeed enjoy a special privilege. Which is why I want to think at my conference about the consequences of the world’s leading trading currency going to negative interest rates. It is true that politicians everywhere try to pervert the trade process and gain short-term advantages by cheapening their currencies. Most are smart enough not to equate their currency valuations with national pride. I wonder if Trump, et al., have thought through the consequences of their seeming desire to see the dollar weaken. Hopefully someone will enlighten them soon. Back to our story: does Beijing think it can boost exports by manipulating its currency lower? I don’t think so. Remember how their business model works. Unlike, say, Saudi Arabia, China doesn’t simply extract resources from the ground and export them. China imports raw materials, transforms them into finished goods in its factories, and then exports those goods. Their gain lies in the value added in the manufacturing process. That means that China can’t grow exports without also growing imports. Pushing the yuan lower helps, but it’s a relatively inefficient tool for reducing the trade surplus. Cheapening the currency has another consequence China doesn’t want. It makes imported products more expensive for Chinese consumers. The country’s abilities are growing fast, but it still depends on outside sources for many important goods. Making them cost more doesn’t help build the consumer-driven economy Beijing says it wants. For those reasons and more, China Beige Book has a contrarian view on the Chinese currency. They believe Beijing wants the yuan to rise, not fall. So what is happening with all these interventions the Chinese authorities are making in the currency market? The first point to remember is that the adjustments have all been quite small – far smaller than the hoopla suggests. For all the clamor that erupted last year, the yuan fell just over 4.5% against the dollar. That’s quite a lot if you are leveraged 10x, as currency traders often are, but for most merchants and consumers the change was hardly noticeable. Recall all that happened in 2015. Aside from the stock market fireworks, China won acceptance of the yuan into the IMF’s reserve currency basket. It also watched the Federal Reserve finally make a first, tentative move toward higher rates and a correspondingly stronger dollar. If all that couldn’t crush the yuan, it’s not clear to me that anything will. Nevertheless, periodic adjustments make headlines because they happen so unpredictably. I think the surprises are intentional. The People’s Bank of China wants to keep markets guessing about its intentions. This tactic allows them to gradually nudge their currency in the desired direction. And by gradually, I mean over years or even decades. Let’s go back to the two Chinese sages I quoted at the beginning of the letter. You have to know the Chinese leadership is steeped in such philosophies: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.” – Sun Tzu The second point is critical: China controls its currency by both central bank action and subtler tools. They have immense power to nudge the currency up or down. Tightening and loosening the controls is like turning a volume knob. They can crank the yuan up or turn it down. Presently they are clamping down harder than usual in order to deter speculation. Much of this is happening under the radar, one business and industry at a time. Nevertheless, people are starting to feel the consequences. China Law Blog (what, it’s not on your regular reading list?) is a great resource from Harris & Moure, a Seattle law firm that helps companies navigate the Chinese import-export maze. I like it because they write in language that can be understood by anyone. They said this on Jan. 14: Regular readers of our blog probably know that our basic mantra about getting money out of China is that if you have consistently follow[ed] all of China’s laws, it ought to be no problem. Not true lately. In the last week or so, our China lawyers have probably received more “money problem” calls than in the year before that. And unlike most of these sorts of calls, the problems are brand new to us. It has reached the point that yesterday I told an American company (waiting for a large sum in investment funds to arrive from China) that two weeks ago I would have quickly told him that the Chinese company’s excuse for being unable to send the money was a ruse, but with all that has been going on lately, I have no idea whether that is the case or not. So what has been going on lately? Well if there is a common theme, it is that China banks seem to be doing whatever they can to avoid paying anyone in dollars. I heard similar rumblings when I was in Hong Kong earlier this month. China is making it very, very difficult to move capital outside the country. They do this in many different ways, as you’ll see if you read the article above. Banks and bureaucrats all over China are clearly responding to some kind of central edict. We don’t know exactly why Beijing is doing this. If, hypothetically, they wanted to make it difficult for foreigners to take short positions against the yuan, what they are doing would help. And we know they are restricting access and bringing regulatory oversight to bear on those who want to short the yuan. Leland Miller is very confident – and I concur – that China will not impose any major overnight devaluations, as so many people fear they will. Doing so wouldn’t move them toward their goals and would send them backwards in some respects. I have talked with other veteran Chinese watchers who also agree. The Chinese will continue to do whatever they do in very deliberate, often confusing, and sometimes downright mysterious ways. If we do see a huge devaluation, it will mean something is very, very wrong in China. It will be an indication that the wheels are coming off. The Xi Jinping government will do all it can to avoid getting stuck in that position. Leland reminded me that China is scheduled to host this year’s G-20 summit meeting in September. The last thing the Chinese will want is negative economic headlines while the leaders of the world’s top economies gather in Hangzhou. On the other hand, the Chinese can’t control the headlines or the rumor mill on the trading floors. This limitation might explain their vigorous resistance to speculators who want to provoke a devaluation. Beijing wants to squelch that trade before it attracts more attention. It is very easy to believe that their concern is as much about maintaining the appearance of control as it is about the actual currency valuation. Understanding all this is hard because we want there to be a binary choice: i.e., the yuan must go up or must go down. Beijing doesn’t see it that way. They have very long-term goals and don’t mind taking a circuitous path toward achieving them. What they can’t countenance is anything that makes the Chinese public lose faith in the government. In other words, the exchange rate can do whatever it will so long as the public believes Beijing is either in charge or at least neutral. The authorities intervene when necessary to preserve that perception. Otherwise, they seemingly take a hands-off approach. The macro traders who think they can provoke Beijing into a major one-off devaluation aren’t likely to get one, in my view. To paraphrase Keynes, Beijing can stay stubborn longer than traders can stay solvent.

Jan 24, 2016 - 4:40pm

Welcome to The West Doc

Like you, I am still responsible for family members stricken with normalcy bias. I would much prefer to remove myself to a 3rd world Latin country. A location where commerce is still accomplished with beans grown in the backyard and a burro. Nothing will change in those locations, though they will likely know that things have changed elsewhere if someone has a shortwave radio and good batteries. The PTB are unlikely to waste a billion dollar hydrogen nuke on a location that is already a disaster. There is not a strong Christian middle class in Ecuador which impedes the globalist designs of those who worship at the Synagogue of Satan.

The community I am presently in is one that was historically secret, a wholly government owned enclave where the nukes were originally invented. Developments here are so compartmentalized that few that work here realize that they work for a supra-national organization which is Hell bent on world government. Whereas Joseph Stalin perceived anyone with an IQ above 100 as a threat, I’m in hopes that this time the 1% will choose to retain their pool of advanced weapons designers in order to defend themselves from the 99%.

I feel it is likely that the gubment will once again close the guarded gates to this community as they did in WWII and provide their pool of primadonna PHD’s with housing & sustenance as they did back then.

It is very disconcerting to be encompassed with morons who progressively place their hopes in big government socialism, dilution of traditional values with hordes of immigrant moon god worshippers, and allow the world’s destitute to storm our borders at a time when we are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and devastation.

Your guess is as good as mine Doc. God bless…………..

Jan 24, 2016 - 5:41pm

Great Post There Dr J

When you finish that metal roof then you can come and help me put a metal roof on mine seeing that you have the experience. Lol I don't think that stone house would do well in Maine unless you really insulate the hell out of the inner walls. Lol Looks like the price is going down tonight as I just got rid of my cash and bought(5) 10 oz Stacker bars. Keep Stacking and Keep Preparing like Dr.J does.

Jan 24, 2016 - 6:10pm

A Canadian Perspective

How Silver and Gold Can Protect Purchasing Power Today (A Canadian Prespective)

Although we usually view our silver and gold stacking goals as a way to protect our purchasing power in the long-term, some recent economic trends in Canada have been demonstrating to us that silver and gold may assist us in protecting our purchasing power in the short-term as the Canadian Dollar continues to be devalued and its purchasing power erodes. 12 minute video

Jan 24, 2016 - 8:45pm

Thanks Dr.

Thanks for the great post. You always deliver very honest accounts of your own experience and I enjoy reading them. There is definitely something to be said about self sufficiency and self reliance. Especially knowing how to repair just about anything electrical or mechanical. Making things last as ling as possible is how I try and live. Minimalism is close to some type of freedom. I don't try and impose my views on family members as they exist in an entirely different universe than my own. I don't think there will be total economic collapse as the world is too connected and dynamic. There could be short stints of what I would refer to as "frustrating times" but if there ever is some trigger that ignites an uncontrollable chain reaction, it will be something no one ever thought of or predicted. Not Glencore or DB going down. They will be saved at others expense. Becoming debt free is the key to having some amount of freedom but it takes alot of sacrifice and not giving in to this never ending push of buying crap you don't need. Also some hard work and luck are helpful. Just my opinion.

Jan 24, 2016 - 8:53pm

Peace and Love

You need to a hippie community. Seriously.

Jan 24, 2016 - 9:05pm

Really a good post

As others have said, very timely and apropos. Since there are numerous indications that a NO CASH condition will develop at least temporarily, there are some prudent steps that can be taken. A Turdite suggested once that you should take a couple of thousand dollars out of the bank in small bills, vacu-seal it twice, wrap it in foil, and hide it in the back of the refrigerator. He noted that cops are lazy and aren't going to pull out a heavy ass refrigerator in the eventuality that they search your house for "illegal" cash. If you're lazy too and don't want to move the refrigerator either, you could just label the package "fish," or something, and put it in the freezer. Cold, hard cash, as it were.

With the lack of interest being paid by the banks to offset the risk of leaving your money with them, I don't know why this isn't common practice among the public.

I wish I could hat tip you more than once, Dr J.

Jan 24, 2016 - 9:20pm

@ Barfly

The Turdite was me. I avoided putting it in the fridge because a black congressman from Louisiana got busted with about $90,000 in bribe money in his freezer. Include me out of that.

Jan 24, 2016 - 9:41pm


In the fridge is the first place they look. In the vents is the second. Maybe in the walls. Probably won't tear all the wallboard off unless you do a lousy job and they can tell where work was done.

Jan 24, 2016 - 9:45pm


Also where they look as well as every repair guy that makes some excuse to work in the attic.

Jan 24, 2016 - 9:46pm

Problem Neighbours

Dr Jerome - I believe you are entirely right to sell your current bug-out place. Those neighbours sound like the kind of people who won't merely be unfriendly but worse, will be a an active danger if things breakdown. They sound like the kind of people who would gladly help themselves to what is yours, perhaps just giving you some fast moving lead in exchange.

Jan 24, 2016 - 9:48pm

All Cars and Outbuildings

Fair game in a search warrant.

Jan 24, 2016 - 10:19pm

Nothing up my sleeves...

Like a magician who demonstrates that there is nothing up his sleeve before producing something thing from this air, the sociopaths will continue to pull out new tricks in a desperate attempt to keep in control for as long as they can. They have to, otherwise they will be exposed for what they are.

Dr Jerome lists: - No Cash - Negative Interest rates - Secret money printing - Accounting rule suspensions - Emergency loans at zero percent - Not honoring credit default swap contracts that are triggered (like in Greece?) - Re-writing other rules - Bail ins - Capital controls - Freezing prices - Martial law

This focuses more on economic tricks. But this forgets the scope to engineer a distracting social crisis. Don't look at this hand, look at that hand.

The stage has already been set for this, and the props laid out.

- In Europe, the importing of millions of refugees and the government response to the crime wave this has created. Hundreds of rapes, thousands of robberies, murder rate going up through the roof. Nothing reported until the Cologne cover-up finally broke down.

- In the US, the current villainising of police by media and activist groups, the importing of tens of thousands of criminals hidden amongst the illegal immigrants, the anti-gun lobby, etc.

All very convenient timing if you want to distract attention away from yet another economic sleight of hand. And there is always the possibility of using a social crisis to grab even more authority to be exercised through the sociopath's puppets.

And if despite all that, they still can't prevent an economic crisis from crystallizing, even that crisis can be used to grab mroe power.

As the Eurocrats say, never let a good crisis go to waste.

Fred Hayek
Jan 24, 2016 - 11:05pm

No cash may be fine for . . Norway but the U.S.?

There was an article at zerohedge that talked about the biggest bank in Norway calling for an end to cash in their system. There's an amazing frequency of the biggest banks in a country advocating tyranny and prerequisites for tyranny, isn't there?

The discussion quickly segued from Norway to the U.S.

I would contend that it's one thing for Norway to no longer print Feinsteins, just kidding, Krone (sorry, couldn't resist the play on words) but something completely different to eliminate cash dollars.


Because cash dollars serve a purpose in the U.S. economic system that Feinsteins, er, Krone, don't serve in the Norwegian system. As the reserve currency, the physical dollar is the de facto currency of the global drug trade.

Now, if the U.S. Feral Government was honest and we actually had a war "on" drugs, then this might be a good thing. But I guess that I now believe the thesis put forth in that series of videos about the ESF and in other places. The war "on" drugs took off when the U.S. needed to export our inflation overseas. And there are a lot of stories that the drug trade is, how should we say, managed, yes managed so that the proceeds run through the big U.S. and U.K. banks.

Now try to imagine doing to the dollar what a Norwegian bank wants to do to the Feinstein, sorry, the Krone.

No more cash!

Okay, well then U.S. dollars aren't going to be needed to buy that bag of weed etc because you won't be able to have that show up on your bank statement. So, what happens instead if the U.S. just keeps pumping out dollars and credit? Doesn't it force inflation into the open? Half or whatever percentage it really is of the new electronic currency doesn't go overseas after this change, like used to happen with the physical currency, does it? It can't, can it? It shows an illegal transaction. So, if the U.S. treasury, banks and economy continue to create just as many dollars after this change to no cash, there will be a BIG problem and that is that all this massive amount of electronic currency will stay here. And that will cause huge inflation in the U.S., won't it?

But there's not just a problem with dollars that no longer go overseas, there's a problem with what people will do instead. People will want to trade in some instrument which has the same qualities as cash but which the U.S. Feral Gov't cannot track. Gosh, what will they come up with? Give me a minute. Um, okay. It will explode demand for cryptocurrencies and physical metals. A dime bag will now mean a dime bag, pre '64 only, pal. None of that LBJ and after shit.

No, there are real problems with going to a no cash system in the U.S. as much as TPTB might like to in order to institute negative interest rates. Maybe this is part of the reason why negative rates have already been seen in Europe but not in the U.S.

P.S.-Normally I hesitate to pick on a woman's looks in public. But seeing as Diane Feinstein openly supports aspects of tyrannical government and is an astoundingly corrupt pig feeding at the trough of federal contracts with her politically connected husband Richard Blum I felt justified in openly going for the crone-Krone near homonym.

Jan 24, 2016 - 11:36pm

Great real life article Dr.

Great real life article Dr. J. Neighbors are a real concern when purchasing real estate. Living in the city, I have learned just how petty and inconsiderate people can be towards one another. Just this weekend my trash can was stolen from out front and I was woken up at 4am by my neighbors kids, arguing about beer at the top of their lungs. These are trifles considering what can happen. I have said to my wife, "If you think the people at the grocery store are rude now, wait until their EBT cards are offline."

We hope to sell the house soon and make enough profit to help purchase a 4 acre parcel with a brick farmhouse. I dream of getting my little ones out there and away from this mess, where they can be kids and enjoy the wonders of childhood with little worry and be close to the earth on our little farm. Hopefully our dream comes true.

One great thing about my city house is that I have learned invaluable skills while fixing it up over these past 5 years, and acquired a nice collection of good tools. Good tools are something I view as a quality investment in with my fiat. They can be passed down and will always have value, especially the older tools. Last week, I purchased a 1948 Craftsman 80 benchtop drill press for $60 on Craigslist. Last night, I finished it's restoration, having taken it completely apart, degreased it, removed all rust, repainted, oiled and rebuilt it. Drill presses are not made anymore with the same quality as this one, which I now know will last at least another 70 years and I can pass it on to my next generations.

The drill press rebuild was a way of unwinding, increasing the value of an old tool, learning how the press works and understanding the role each part plays. Most importantly though, I feel a sense of accomplishment having completed the project. I knew nothing about the machine, but with patience, research, and plain common sense, I just learned how to do something worthwhile which will most likely serve me in the future.

I encourage you all to get busy doing. Sometimes I think there is only so much you can read and think about before you just have to try it and see what happens. You'll probably find you have skills at things you never thought you would. I know I did.

My wife's grandfather always said to us, "Wish in one hand, shit in the other and see which fills up first." I've learned just how wise that advice can be.

Jan 25, 2016 - 1:46am

will we have to go to FEMA camps ?

if so, do they have WiFi? oh nevermind, just remembered... a few days after Sandy hit NYC a while back the suddenly homeless WANTED to go stay in a FEMA camp, but the few actual FEMA workers couldn't get the thing put together, so that didn't pan out. but damn it, they've got to have some somewhere. And no way do they all have WiFi... AHA! that's what we should do, "prep" ... !!----> We can locate some of the nicer FEMA camps, preferably somewhere warm. Then we'll hack into the ones with available internet and see which ones have the most bandwidth, and then "BOOM!" pre-emptive strike!! We break in to the FEMA camps with the best WiFi before the best rooms are taken by the masses during the upcoming ghost crisis that suddenly vaporizes the Earth's food and water supply!! we'll have the best rooms, the air mattresses with no leaks, our pick of the MREs (i call all the number 10s!! chili and macaroni??) what's not to like??

Jan 25, 2016 - 6:36am

Good Luck Dr. J

Really an inspiration to the rest of us. It's so hard to accept that it only takes about four generations for sociopathic individuals to rise to the top of the control mechanism, forcing us gamma bulls to seek a safer place where all we ask is be left alone and free to live as we wish. Truly admire your perseverance and your wife's strong support. Very few of us have the partners that could put up with the inconveniences of prepping as a an ongoing life effort. Let us know if you ever write the book "The True Prepping Experience".

Jan 25, 2016 - 6:53am

Life offers lemons, make lemonade...

So much to your post Dr. J.

I believe the timing is in the years, not months. What you say? Years?

Venezuela is a good example of how socialism will take years to utterly destroy us. That doesn't mean that we won't lose a piece of our standard of living each year, it will just seem like the tide going out when it does. Except, less and less of the tide returns... One day your beachfront lifestyle will be a desert and many will just accept that shit happens... They have been trained.

You are a PhD in Propaganda? So, you are intimately familiar with lies. We all know that our government lies; but, what does it mean when they repeal a law that said they couldn't? It means the slippery slope just got steeper and more slick. Our handlers are in really good control of the situation, until their not. For the "us" in the group, what will we have when they lose control?

Isn't that the real question? Because that is the real fear in all of us? We know that the ultimate demise of what we know and love is coming. That ship has sailed and no one can bring it back without revolution... But, IF it slips like in 2008! Then what? Can they prevent this time?

In 2007, I predicted we would be out of this haze by 2012. In 2008, I said we would be out by 2015. Why did I say that? Because history and experience showed that we would BOUNCE back, it is what we have done and it USE to be what we did... BUT, the puppet masters behind the curtain did something extraordinaire. They PRINTED money like never before. All that printing just kept us from hitting bottom, we have floated down and have hit bottom with no momentum to get up...

So, in 2010, I said we are doomed. In 2016, we are still doomed; but we are not alone. The entire world is on the edge of doom with us and the central banks are doing all they can to make sure they have theirs... What about ours? YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! Federal land grabs out west? Who is the Federal government if not us? Who really owns the US government? Those in it? Those who need it? Those of us who support it? But, none of us seem to own it?!?! SO, those who seem to OWN it, will PRINT and PRINT and PRINT until? This will take years... Digital fiat is like the internet to the sex addict... UNLIMITED SUPPLY to those who get to make it... We call it prepping, but it is really just hedging isn't it?

I applaud anyone who can make a break for it, for this is the real freedom in AMERICA. This country was great because you could work hard and make something of yourself... We have lost that, or did we? The amount of government intervention is just as it was 200 years ago; except there are a whole lot less honorable men amongst us... The ability to SEE in real time via the internet has allowed "us," you know those who WANT to see truth, to actually see the injustice at break neck speed... Are you Doc, just doing what was done a couple hundred years ago? You have chosen to "run" away from the Industrial and Financial revolution and return to the Agricultural way of life...

Just remember, the only way we have maintained our ability to be great was with our ability to defend what we have. Go back in history, when a territory was in trouble they counted on the cavalry to come in and "run out the scum." WE had to defend what was ours. There has always been someone who wanted what was yours, it was just did they have the ability to take it? Why I laugh/cry at the Liberals because they understood that they had to lie and destroy from within because they were the weak ones who couldn't TAKE physically what they wanted... It is rather ironic that the liberals are in academia, is it not? Liberals are the best at propaganda, because it is always about GIVING! I mean how can you go wrong when you sell someone a load of BS and then tell them it is BEST for them... Fix that? WE may have a chance...

Ask yourself what you would do if your life was threatened and you could LIE your way out... The more dire the situation, the greater the lie? We all must realize that this is our future. Sad as it is, it will be. Why REAL friends are important. Never lie to a real friend, or you too will become just like the bad guys. They don't know the truth anymore...

BTW, I live in one of those 162 counties you do not want to live in when the SHTF... Over 3200 people per square mile. That is a lot of people... I can't feed them all, nor could I shoot them all... But I am stuck with them all if the SHTF in the next decade... Doesn't mean I don't prep, I do. It just means that I have to go DARKER for longer than someone who lives out in the country... 100 years ago, we had men. Today, we have thugs, ass whips, and wimps... Not many real men... So this time it will be different. More riots, more crime, more police power and aggression, more everything that will hurt us, and nothing that will resemble a real solution to us... Got HOPE? Got any CHANGE? Brother can you spare a dime? Funny how we keep electing those who wanted to HELP, but they never seem to actually do so.

Jan 25, 2016 - 7:18am


Very well put.

Jan 25, 2016 - 8:04am


Well put indeed!

Anaylzing and calling out propaganda used to be kind of fun. Nowadays, these public figures simply lie.

Its no fun to read, listen and analyze that. I just get angry listening to today's politicians and leaders. I have stopped publishing essays for the most part and just teach young people how to communicate, how to resolve conflict, how to stay married--much more rewarding.

Resolving this water line conflict with my good neighbor "Stevie" is impossible without bribing him. I am not wealthy enough to do that and it would gall me anyway. He needs nobody and he will have nobody when this crap starts circling the commode. Being human means living in a community--whether it is your immediate family or a larger group of extended family and friends.

Well, you have got me thinking this morning when I ought to be preparing a lecture on "Agency" for my 9am class. Agency--does anything you try to do, your influence on others, make any difference at all? Or is everything pre-determined by others? TPTB sure believe in and practice agency, even while they lie to us to drag us into a socialistic world where our desires and choices mean little.

Jan 25, 2016 - 8:28am

Thanks Dr. J - I know you weren't looking

for a response to Agency, but I can't help it ;-)

"Agency" is to do for others... Seems far to many Agencies are created to take care "of" someone instead of caring "for" them...

The test of a true Agency would be in its ability to DO NO HARM... What is it's function? Feed a people or teach a people how to feed themselves?

Agency is really about control... The more freedom you have, the less Agency you need. The more Laws on the books, the more Agencies you need... The more fear the more Agency....

Freedom is your power; They TPTB want it and use Agency to pry it, steal it, siphon it from those who have it all in the name of PROTECTING you...

BTW, kudos to you for teaching boys to be men and girls to be women! I use to believe I needed to save them all, now I know it is just one person at a time. Save one from themselves and watch the small ripple of change impact everyone they love...

Also, and you may have already done this... Try to invest in Stevie and see if there is something admirable beneath all that self hatred... Who knows, there may be a human down deep that is just anxious to have someone free him. Then again, he just maybe a complete asshat that is unredeemable... My best wishes to you in this regard!

Jan 25, 2016 - 9:20am


FEMA Camps: bunch of empty cities in China

Jan 25, 2016 - 9:24am


Don't have to wait for socialism as a fascist oligarchy has already destroyed us

Jan 25, 2016 - 9:37am


I wanted to post before an afters of the drill press, but how do I attach images from my photos on my ipad? I'm only seeing that I'm able to post photos from the web. What am I doing wrong?

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