No More Cash?

NO Cash

Two years ago, my daughter and I drove out to Memphis so she could attend a friend’s wedding. I always travel with enough cash to get home, but on this trip, I overspent a bit and as we headed home to AZ I only had about a hundred dollars left in my wallet. That's cutting it kind of tight for a 1200 mile drive, $3.25 per gallon gas, hotels and meals for two. No worries, the trusty credit card was right next to my stack of Jacksons ($20 bills ... God rest his soul for resisting a central bank).

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At our first gas stop somewhere in eastern Arkansas, I pulled in and my Visa card did not work. I went into the store and there were about five other people with the same problem. I walked out and we drove on, figuring that their system was down in that little rural station. Next stop was about 30 miles down the road and the card did not work again. Now I was a bit nervous. I paid with some cash and we drove on while my tin-foil-hat-addled brain imagined all kinds of possibilities. We stopped again somewhere beyond Little Rock at a station and, Whew! their system was working. They told us that bad weather around OK City had taken down the Visa system throughout the mid-south.

Since then I have taken this NO CASH thing very seriously. A storm can take the system down anytime, but so can the flip of a switch. In fact, they could single out people wearing big yellow hats. NO CASH makes negative interest rates on all balances quite easy--another way to "raise taxes" so they can bail out these criminal banks. Perhaps no cash will finally let people see the value of precious metal based coins for "bartering."


On the home prepping front, my wife and I have determined that our current bug out property will better serve us being sold with its equity releasing us from other bank obligations in the mid-west. As long as this housing market is stable or only slightly falling, I think we can “upgrade.” We can do better—better water supply, better soil, better neighbors, a bit more remote.

And speaking of neighbors, this may be the most important aspect of having a secondary property where one can go to live if your city becomes dangerous. The guy across the dry wash (that floods a few times a year) will not allow the water company to have an easement to cross his property with a water line to get to mine. Says their trenching will spoil the natural beauty of the wash. Oh, the hypocrisy! He pitches his steel and concrete junk into the wash. He keeps his constantly howling dogs penned in and laughs when we complain about the nightly noise. His wife feeds the coyotes leftovers at night, he keeps his gate locked and threatens to shoot trespassers. His phone is hooked up to a fax machine--if he doesn't want to talk to you, he lets the fax take it and says between the squeals, "my phone is having problems," and then hangs up on you. Nobody needs neighbors like that when things get tough. He will not be watching anyone's back. (Whew! I got it out my system now.)

So last night, my wife was looking at cheap land around Paulden AZ again. Good, shallow, ground water, better soil than our current home, fairly remote, and we have a travel trailer we could pull over and set up in half a day.

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I just became a real roofer this week—first roof ever. There I am straddling the top of the original homestead building as my wife snaps a photo. I am getting too old for this kind of work. But we are still two months away from having the place ready to sell at top dollar. We have an anxious buyer… and we want to close a deal after March 16 so that our tax liability goes down. Proceeds from the sale will enable us to sell rental properties at losses back in the Midwest where we used to live, and free us from banks. Our manager back in the midwest says the economy is changing. He cannot find good renters any longer! After selling out, we can start building on another lot we have in AZ, land with good neighbors, including mom-in law and wife's uncle on either side.

Prepping is tricky… What is needed, what is simply wanted? What is a luxury, what is a necessity? I have been working on solar power and have a viable system now, but really, my wife and I could survive with just a few panels and couple of batteries on top of our 30 foot travel trailer, working our garden each day--Spring to Autumn.

If we have relatives that need help, things get more complicated… some of them have been prepping and plan to stay in Phoenix, others haven’t a clue and will not listen. I don’t think any of them will want to stay in Phoenix (or any mid-size to large city) if there is systemic collapse. But I am not heartless, and I at least want to have some extra room to help people I love.--and extra ground that they can help garden. But, the burning questions for me today are these:

  • Is a depression around the corner?
  • Will it lead to a collapse and reset.
  • How soon? Later this year?

Because if it is soon, I have to ramp up preparations and will make more radical decisions about liquidating my deadbeat rental properties—like taking low-ball offers ASAP just to escape the banks. Many of us have such decisions to make. So we have been watching and reading what others, like Bill Holter, have had to say about a coming collapse. On one hand, we do not want to be caught unaware, but on the other hand, nobody is able to predict a date. Holters' predictions and time table are a bit distressing--in severity of change and how soon it is approaching. His predictions stretch the limits of my belief, but at the same time, he knows more than I about the inner workings of the system.


But I am still not convinced that this system is going to collapse any dayn ow. We have heard this warning before. I do not want to dismiss it, but I don't want to overreact either like I did in 2012. The Banksters and government henchmen still have lots of tricks up their sleeves that they have not instituted in the US, yet.

  • No Cash
  • Negative Interest rates
  • Secret money printing
  • Accounting rule suspensions
  • Emergency loans at zero percent
  • Not honoring credit default swap contracts that are triggered (like in Greece?)
  • Re-writing other rules
  • Bail ins
  • Capital controls
  • Freezing prices
  • Martial law

They have used a few of these tactics already. And how many other policies and delay tactics might they think of that I cannot? They have just as many creative people working for them as the alternative financial media and even other alternative groups warning of collapse have.

But it is not just accounting and financial tricks. These bankers flaunt the law, and break it whenever they feel the need or just want to fleece the sheep again. We are not dealing with honest financial and social planners here, but with criminals who will do anything to maintain a hold on power. We citizens are just cannon fodder for their flippant use. This list of “tricks” can get very long when illegal actions and acts of war are added to it.

If the bankers can keep themselves solvent, and extend favors to key industries to stave off bankruptcies, then what would bring on a collapse? Isn’t a potential collapse all about liquidity freeze-ups and banking insolvency that closes their doors and begins the domino effect? I am no expert here and would love to read more about what brings it on. I know that the fundamentals bring pressure on the system, but I have no doubts that the elites are not ignorant of the state of the economy, that they plan to keep it patched together and institute some new monetary system that keeps them in power.

I think they keep more hidden behind the scenes than we will ever know. But when we see all these tricks in effect and the system begins imploding, then the time has arrived--and it could happen swiftly once it begins. I am just presenting another side of the “collapse soon” issue to you. My conclusion is that changes will happen more slowly and those in power may keep their hold on it a longer than we would expect.

What is the role of China & Russia and their BRIICS followers in the big Reset? Of course they want out of the West’s orbit of power, but a western collapse will harm them greatly as well. Their hoarding of gold is probably for the same reasons we westerners stack it. To rebuild! But until this system really falls apart, that rebuilding will be waiting in the wings while criminal bankers and world leaders scramble to hang on to power. It could take longer than we think.

And without any very large organized groups that will step up, jail our corrupt "leaders," and rebuild a financial system on the solid ground of precious metals and real commodities,--without those groups, those currently in power will merely reorganize, squelch little rebellions, and set up a new system that they totally control. The role of policing has changed!

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The sociopaths will NOT just slink quietly out of town and hide while honest people rebuild.

We know that it is NOT the aim of this website to be involved in organizing a social movement to wrest power away from the TPTB, but rather to keep us abreast of changes in the metals markets and trading successfully. But I am indeed thankful for the members here who keep us informed and provide links to other sites of interest.

NO CASH coming to a store near you. I lived through it one afternoon and it was a bit disconcerting. I won’t be taking bets against it.

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