Some Good News From JB and SFC

For once, John and Steve actually have some good news to report as diplomatic progress seems to be made in Ukraine. However, in some ways, this makes the present time quite dangerous so please be sure to listen to this week's recording.

As John and Steve report, there is a current flurry of activity behind the scenes as efforts are being made to peacefully resolve The Ukraine Crisis. Professor Cohen even mentions that he feels "more upbeat" than he has in quite some time.

However, a peaceful and orderly end to the crisis will still be difficult to achieve and, even if progress is made, you can be sure that The War Party in the U.S. and the Ukrainian ultra-nationalists of Right Sector and Svoboda will do everything they can to derail the process. This makes the current period very dangerous and unpredictable.

Therefore, please be sure to listen this week and every week as we post these updates. The simmering Ukraine Crisis remains the greatest threat to world peace since The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 and it requires your attention.



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some one has to do it


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I don't trust the TPTB to settle for other than their NWO goals

hope for the best and prepare for the worst!

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It would all be temporary

in my opinion.  I think that low oil price and ruble destruction is not playing well at home and Vlad needs to adjust in Ukraine and possibly, Syria.  He knows he's negotiating with Idiots so he can bide his time until he's stronger.  

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Thanks Turd!

For continuing to follow and promote this important source of truth in the sea of government sponsored propaganda. One of the most important one-hour listens, in your week!  By the way, here is the other most important one-hour listens in your week:


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