A New Year With JB and SFC

Hard to believe that John and Steve are beginning their third year of weekly discussions regarding Ukraine, Russia and The New Cold War. As 2016 begins, the situation is as dangerous as ever and these weekly podcasts are as important as ever, too.

This week, the program primarily focuses on a recap. The first part of the show mainly deals with the current political situation in Ukraine while the second half gets into geopolitics and the shifting sands of The Middle East.

As long as John and Steve keep having these conversations, we'll keep posting them here. During this important and consequential year of 2016, I urge you to stay on top of the situation by listening each and every week.



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Zowie wowie wow!

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Good discussion

as always.

To download the mp3 go to this site...


...search for 'Cohen' and then right click the mp3 file.

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How Corrupt Is the American Government?

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Sandy Hook

Dr Jerome: I wonder why people don't fight back on this issue.

The FBI has published a report stating that nobody was killed in Sandy Hook:


Edit: Marchas, where are you ?

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Thanks Turd for keeping up on this issue!

Extremely important stuff as your continued posting of this, indicates.

Thank you!


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