Awake but still sleepy

Sun, Nov 22, 2015 - 10:45am

For five years, it was the same every morning.

“C’mon kids, its 6:30. Get dressed, come down and eat …

10 minutes later…

“Hey Kids, The bus will be here in 20 minutes. Get out of bed.”

10 minutes later …

“Get your %$&@ butts out of bed, get dressed and
get out to the bus stop.”

So they finally bolt out of bed at 6:57. We hand them a protein milkshake and they gulp it down while mom stuffs granola bars in their backpacks and I watch between the trees for the bus lumbering down the road.

“Here he comes. Get out there.”

They made it. Whew! But I know they are snoozing on that bus right now. Some days we had to drive them to school. But in my view, those kids slept all through high school and now half of college. Their eyes may have been open and they were moving, but they were still asleep.

It was hell for their mother and I… and I think those two munchkins learned the wrong lessons—

  • You can wait until the last minute
  • No real effort required
  • Somebody has your back
  • It’s all good, everything will be fine.

God, I’m a horrible parent! But am I simply mirroring the worldview with which our government and advertising industries saturate our sleepy, immature citizens?

For some time now, we have been using that metaphor of the “citizens of this world being asleep.” One by one they awaken to recognize that all is not well, that their governments have been deceiving them and worse, that the nation’s and world economies dowse every economic fire with a fresh batch of printed money. And I don’t even want to get started on the Mid East and extremists who blame it all on the US and other western nations. But people are waking up, though they are still sleepy. My father even asked me about buying gold. My friends are “liking” my facebook posts about the economy.

Last September the news was abuzz with prophets, prognosticators, and charlatans warning about the shemitah cycle, blood moons, stock market collapses, need for prepping and how the world was ending. In late August we saw a big pullback in the stock markets. Of course the Fed finally rescued stocks. But premiums on silver nearly doubled and many products--especially 90% coins--went out of stock at larger dealers. Buy-back prices increased dramatically... It seemed that a lot of new buyers entered the retail market, buying up the 90% and Eagles—even many brands of 100 ounce bars went out of stock. For a brief moment, a bunch of people woke up and took the first of the necessary preparatory actions.

But on September 28, the fateful shemitah day … wait for it … nothing immediate or radical happened. Stocks and metals began a recovery. All was well… (Actually, Putin gave a speech with profound implications for the future… but kids have trouble looking ahead past their next meal. We will look back and read that speech as a turning point one day.)

I suspect that the wave of buyers of silver in mid September, who drove premiums up and depleted stocks at the LCS and online dealers, I suspect that this wave of buyers were new to metals and bought out of fear. They jumped out of bed and ran to the bus at the last minute. But there was no bus. Today, they are wondering what the hell is going on. Awake, but still sleepy, eyes opened but still ignorant of how markets work and unaware of the power of the dark side. The shemitah talk was simply their first alarm buzzer.

So the teenagers went back to sleep. Meanwhile, here in the blogosphere, analysts and prophets continued to sound the warnings. I have been absolutely amazed at the FEDs power to halt these market declines, and push markets back up to the highs over the past five years. I get disgusted when I read headlines like Investors stay calm through terrorist attacks, as if individual investors had anything at all to do with the rebound.

From my vantage point, the informed consensus is that we have begun a long slow economic decline, hoping to avoid world war, pissed off at the FED and banks for their thievery, but thankful that we have not had a collapse. I feel inspired to quote Thomas Paine’s ending words to Common Sense right here:

“Until an independence is declared, the Continent will feel itself like a man who continues putting off some unpleasant business from day to day, yet knows it must be done, hates to set about it, wishes it over, and is continually haunted with the thoughts of its necessity.”

I resonate with that feeing, being haunted each day with the necessity of the imminent collapse, restructuring, revolution or whatever has to come. And if the Totalitarians have their way, it just puts the end off a bit longer, with even more pain and suffering in between and after. The Adults who are awake can see all this. The sleepy teenagers just want to sleep… five more minutes. But they are waking up.

During this recent and continuing beatdown of metal prices, premiums and buy-back prices have remained stable. Where are those September buyers who ought to be double dipping? All metal products are in stock. Premiums are low. It is a great time to simply buy more metal.

TPTB is clearly aware of our little metals community and do all they can to ridicule and disparage metal ownership. This latest beatdown, a very severe one that is not over, may serve to wash out these half-asleep, weak handed teenagers, making them swear off metals forever, prompting them to say “Been there, done that, don’t want to think about it, go away Jerome and stop telling me that the economy is in trouble!”

Western demand cannot return into the markets. With 300 to one leverage, the bankers have no room for error. All buying binges must be crushed. Brief headfakes are allowed, but we’ve seen not one sustained rally in three years. As a community of metal owners, there are not enough of us to push metals higher. But the awakening of more citizens--even a small amount-- poses an incredibly dangerous threat to the banking cabal that runs the West.

The banking cabal wields much power. They employ henchmen that will use nailguns on your head—on command, toss a person over 9th story balconies—on command; with trading desk monkeys that will destroy family fortunes—on command, backed up by an army of lawyers, politicians in their pockets, unlimited money, and national militaries awaiting their orders.

And they have full control of the mainstream media to cultivate and construct beliefs, attitudes, and values in the sleepy teenagers that will keep them in their beds happily dreaming of utopian futures. I am also continually amazed at the half-truths and lies that pours forth daily from their diseased mouths. Even worse is their silence in important information. They stand in their watchtowers, see the dangers, and say nothing. And with faces like this telling you "the truth," very few sheeple stop take time to analyze the message. I cannot watch them anymore.

So precious metals get dissed in the news, continually—just “another asset class.” They publish a, occasional positive article after price takedowns like this and are bullish for just a few days, then the dissing starts again. The media is now ridiculing preppers, asking “who will buy that metal of yours after things get bad?” Fair question, but the wrong one. We stackers are looking much more long-term than having some silver coins to trade during a depression/collapse. But journalist mouthpeices who ridicule in their attempt to persuade have not thought things through. They blurt out the first superficial argument that comes to mind—and sleepy teenagers buy it, still too drowsy to see clearly.

Drowsy teens dream about unsettling and scary stuff that emanates from the truth their eyes and ears provide as they look around at our deteriorating cities and culture. Yes, anyone can marry whoever they want now, but these so-called “gains” in cultural evolution will mean little when everyone simply struggles to keep a roof over their heads and find enough food to make it another day.

The incredible grip of the banking cabal has slipped a few times. Fiat paper money vs precious metal will face-off. Goliath taunting the other army with David approaching, picking up rocks in the streambed...probably heavy, shiny ones. David got close in September, but backed off.

This is war. We cannot outspend or un-elect those in power. Our part is to continue to call those spoiled, ignorant teenagers to get up, smell the coffee, look around, and take sensible actions to protect themselves as this downhill slide accelerates. Recently, Craig penned an excellent article that provides evidence for economic trouble, and suggests action. We should be sharing these and other fine, sensible, fact-based articles and comments here on this blog. We should be asking our friends and neighbors hard, but obvious questions, questions like…

  • Do you think the economy is recovering?
  • What has our government done to fix it?
  • If nothing, What comes next?
  • Will increasing government deficits fix the economy?
  • Why are we saber-rattling with Russia when our economy is weak?
  • Will more money-printing fix the economy?
  • Why did Obama create MyRA?
  • Do you think the government might force all IRAs, 401Ks and 403Bs to be converted into MyRA when foreign governments stop funding the US deficit?
  • What can you do now to protect your family?

People only wake up in advance through the alarm clock of education. We also wake up when the roof collapses, but then it is too late to do anything but crawl out of the wreckage and try to survive. At least my kids made the bus. They are aware and both own metals.

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Nov 22, 2015 - 10:47am


lucky me

now to read


Nov 22, 2015 - 10:52am


No Nothing Slow Collapse No Thats all they know No See next question Yes Silver and gold

Nov 22, 2015 - 11:04am


You get an A on the quiz, Saratoga Prepper. Now why are you making me work and grade quizzes on my day off?

Nov 22, 2015 - 11:09am

Nobody cares except for their own little world

They cannot see beyond the 3 foot horizon of their narcissistic sphere. I've tried for 15 years to wake people up. It's not worth the boomerang pain. How long did they mock Noah? Then....... GLUB.GLUB.GLUB.....

Nov 22, 2015 - 11:22am

Projecting the current

Projecting the current situation forward the logical conclusion is the comfort of higher prices in the PM's will only come when the system finally breaks and the cabal loses control. So hoping for higher prices is hoping for the end of the game and disaster at some level. Looking past the disaster then is when PM ownership will pay off. It could be a bumpy ride getting to that point.

Verus nemo
Nov 22, 2015 - 11:38am

Wake the Flock Up!

I agree^, AIJ; it is draining. Yet, it must be done. I concluded some time ago that for honesty in commerce to be restored (particularly in the currency we label 'money' and use to transact), the "sheeple" around us must be awoken. We simply are too few in number to affect the outcome outright. We will continue to be repressed until we all reject the fraudulent FRNs that we transact in. I think that we each probably have numerous failures in our effort to help awaken those around us. Perhaps we began our quest too early and those "sleepy teenagers" are only today ready to assimilate our message. Or, maybe we've chosen our targets poorly and need greater discernment on just who we should be pouring ourselves into. I don't have any universal answers; I'm confident that it varies with each of us. I do, however, believe that the sooner each of us actually reject FRNs----tangibly and visibly----the sooner the small snowflake at the top of the mountain will grow as it rolls downhill. That rejection on our part will be seen and questioned by those around us and should too afford an opportunity for explanation. In my own case, I simply inform those who ask that I don't wish to defraud anyone by using FRNs, that usually generates interest! I may create a new forum here this afternoon on this very subject. I suspect that part of the solution on how we help to awaken sleepy teenagers around us lies in ourselves; i.e., how specifically did YOU awaken? What precipitated it? If there is a pattern there, or a central tendency common to us, perhaps we can employ that in our quest to better delineate the 'targets' around us… ---------- As a parent myself, Doc Jerome; I made it my mission early on to make a habit of never repeating myself; I expected what I said to be listened to and obeyed early on and allowed my children to suffer consequences when they chose not to listen. I've always wondered if----just like with the diluted value of inflated FRNs----we don't cheapen their worth with repeated issuance? A wonderful contribution to our community, Doc. Thanks!

Nov 22, 2015 - 12:34pm

Good Read Dr.J

Me I'm wide awake an know what's happening around me and I'm stacking as if there was no tomorrow and maybe there won't be. Lol Heck wait a minute, what am I saying? all that material stuff gone to waste. Maybe I need to learn something here? Well hopefully I'm listening to my inner because I don't know diddly as I was one of those that dozed in school or was chasing the opposite sex.Lol. Keep Stacking

Nov 22, 2015 - 1:20pm

FED meeting Monday ...

FED meeting Monday. I've been pondering the implications of this "hurry up offense" FED meeting Monday. Some others, far more connected, insightful, educated and studied than I have offered their ideas and will likely prove closer to the mark than I, but that hasn't stopped me from continuing to ponder. So, I offer my thoughts, in no particular order, since these things are all linked together.

An interest rate increase, no matter how meager, will send a powerful message to the global investment community. Countries all over the planet have been cutting rates and devaluing their currencies against the dollar. They will take notice.

The FED has been backed into a corner, and the paint on the floor won't be dry for 24 hours. They have thrown money at this problem economy for over half a decade and by all measures, the situation continues to worsen. Now, they are faced with a couple more boogie men. In one corner, Congress is starting to get more serious about putting a choke collar on the FED and attaching a strong leash. Ultimately it may go nowhere, but Old Mother Yellen is clearly concerned.

Meanwhile, China has gotten a positive nod to include their version of monopoly money in the SDR basket. If China follows the rules and announces that they have been "just kidding" and really do have 20,000+ tons of gold and are willing to have it audited, Gold could do a moonshot. The yuan will strengthen and the dollar will fall, perhaps a lot!

Old Mother Yellen knows the US economy is sucking canal water and is desperate to generate inflation, but the harsh reality is recession (continuing) and deflation. Ahh, deflation! The wolfbane, holy water and silver bullet to banksters.

So, what to do? Well, short term, do the opposite of what hasn't worked for nearly a decade. Not because it will "fix what ails this economy", but it will do the opposite. An interest rate hike will probably crash the stock market. It will provide perfect cover to crash PM prices. It will strengthen the dollar even more, further weakening the struggling economy, ultimately further weakening employment. Why would the FED do this? The outcry "FED please save us!" will be fairly immediate. This will help them derail any thought of Congressional oversight. I would not underestimate how concerned the FED is about that possibility. Congressional oversight and audit could put them out of business.

Crushing gold pushes the price to a lower starting point when China's gold hoard numbers are finally revealed. It also washes out hands that thought they were resolute until the price drops another $100 - $200. It all helps.

"FED please save us" lays the groundwork for where they ultimately want to go, No oversight and QEAI (QE All In). MyIRA has its nose under the tent. Herding any and all "retirement" dollars into a completely government controlled corral sets up the final fleecing of the Sheeple. Money flows to the big banks like never before. Money flows out of the FED with reckless abandon. The rate increase becomes a "just kidding" moment as rates go negative. It's the final flush before a global reset.

For your personal safety, keep your hands inside the ride at all times. 2016 is going to be a real beaut!

wax off

gold slut
Nov 22, 2015 - 1:43pm

Great essay Doc!

My personal journey to 'enlightenment' started as a young boy, when I was lucky to have a loving Dad who had grown up in the 1930's and knew what it meant to be dirt poor and have nothing. He passed his learned wisdom to me that personal debt was practically a mortal sin and drummed home in me "if you don't have the cash in your pocket, you don't spend it!" He drilled this into me as I was growing up, just as easy credit and loans became all the rage in the 1970's. He also taught me that having a credit card was an even worse crime than flashing at nuns at bus stops. My next step came when I started secondary school at 11 years old (high school in USA?). After my very first Economics lesson (a brief description of how Keynsian economics supposedly works) I remember speaking to the teacher (a nice guy all the same) and telling him that I thought what he had described was nuts and doomed to fail if followed to its logical conclusion. Even now I remember the look on his face as he no doubt thought "Oh God, I have got another five years of this little sh!t". In my mid 20's, my girlfriend (now Wife) convinced me that a private pension was a sensible thing to start at that age, so we both started one. The figures all made it a good investment, and for the first decade or so, the yearly statements confirmed that. Then as the millenium approached, the figures got worse and worse. We had started to be robbed by the Government and the falling interest returns. The first little light bulb went on in my head. Feeling uneasy about things not working out as they should do, and with retirement just over a decade or so away, I started searching around on the web and came across some interesting places and eventually TFMR (2011) and have never looked back. I bought my first Au in 2012 and felt then that time was running short for the system and I just hoped that it would all just hold together for a few more years so we could diversify into a little stack. We have had three more years and I thank the Gods for that, and in two and a half more I will own my home outright. Any time beyond that is pure gravy, as I will be adding more sale price PMs to the stack. Keep stacking

Nov 22, 2015 - 2:36pm

The Prez calls ISIS "a bunch

The Prez calls ISIS "a bunch of killers with good social media." The Prez also talks up gun control first after every shooting--even before offering condolences. Yes, he blames these things as the culprits. Sounds to me like we are facing severe gun control and the internet being silenced. Meanwhile France has joined the bombing, creating more blowback, just helping to sire another generation of terrorists.

This world has issues! And if the NWO crowd thinks for a minute that Islam shall willingly let them lead it, their heads are certainly up their arses.

Nov 22, 2015 - 3:01pm

Thanks, Doc

Always very much appreciate the information that you provide.

Nov 22, 2015 - 5:20pm

Perfect for an after dinner read

Good read Dr. J. I don't know if you're aware of it or not but several years back congress quietly forced all government workers to contribute 3% to the TSP (401k). I believe this will eventually be made mandatory for all working people sometime in the future. As far as MyRA I have always thought right from day one this is a 'receiver' for private investment funds. Just as with SSI, the monies coming in will be rolled into the general fund and a promissory note will be the investment receipt. Just a different cover on the same book. As far as talking/discussing/warning friends and family, I'm done. Been there, done that, fuck that - pass the tinfoil, puleez!. Besides, the more people that hold physical the more of a chance that the Gov't will either outlaw it or tax the shit out of it. The gov't wolf is soon going to be huffin' and a puffin' but this house isn't coming down!

Nov 22, 2015 - 5:59pm


Ahh, deflation! The wolfbane, holy water and silver bullet to banksters. Love it.

Nov 22, 2015 - 6:04pm

Apmex sunshine mint

I was surprised to see all the 1 oz sunshine mint product at apmex sold out this morning. I am only a year into this, but it seemed kind of odd from what I've observed thus far that they are all gone in a blink. They may be back fully stocked by tomorrow. But still...

Patriot Family
Nov 22, 2015 - 7:47pm

Great post. What's the exit plan if things go sideways?

Dr Jerome - excellent post. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

I must disagree with some of the ideas presented by TFMR members that indicate PMs are going to protect us. Over the years, my views on the ultimate value of PMs have changed. I am now of the mind that when the SHTF in the financial markets, the government and the Fed will quickly move from reacting and shoring up the economy, to much more impactful measures of control. Simply because they've had the time to see this coming... and they DO see it coming. I'm also convinced we are now teetering on the brink of moving from a representative republic to a "quiet" totalitarian state with even more "controlled freedoms". All it takes is another trigger event and a little more shredding of the US Constitution. I've thought this through carefully, and concluded the following is a plausible scenario upon a trigger event:

1. The federal government will immediately move to squash alternative forms of wealth and exchange that flow freely in and out of the financial markets. This will be in the name of enforcing national financial stability and calming the markets. The first two forms of restricted currency will be "excessive cash holdings" and PMs.

2. The trigger event will provide the momentum needed to force the use of digital currencies in all commerce, and cash transactions above a certain amount will be outlawed (already happening in many countries). This includes paying a sales tax or transaction fee on every purchase, including used items.

3. Traditional retirement accounts will be forced into the MyIRA plan as a move to "protect vulnerable retirement savings plans", followed by crumbling pension plans. A few/several months later legislation will be enacted authorizing "limited" government access to these funds in the interest of national financial security. Can't do it at the onset as it would look just like theft.

4. Taxes on capital gains (PMs) will skyrocket and be retroactively applied to the beginning of the tax year in which all of this occurs.

5. The vast majority of all Americans will quietly adapt to the new model because they have already given up most of their freedoms and have no understanding of how a sick vs. healthy economy works. They simply want predictability and stability.

6. The few political voices protesting this will be ignored, and in the case of protest by private citizens will be silenced via prosecution or threats of heightened attention of government agencies and tax authorities.

All of this will be in the name of responding to an unprecedented national financial crisis. All we are waiting on is the trigger event. My guess will be a short war followed by the crashing of the US economy. Other countries will feel the same effects and follow the same or similar steps.

I's important to keep in mind there will only be a short window of time to exchange PMs into another asset class before these restrictions occur. After that I fear they will be relegated to a medium of exchange at the local black market level, and may not be all that valuable depending on the severity of the situation and other loopholes available.

I don't believe the government will step in to enforce price controls on PMs. They will just make it so unattractive to own such assets that many people will simply avoid PMs altogether for a period of years.

Long term, PM values will recover as these new programs are ultimately destined for failure. Eventually, free markets will win, but do NOT underestimate the pain that can be inflicted before that happens. In my opinion, we are starting toe see the beginning of the end of Keynesian economics, but we have a long way to go yet before economists and the Fed admit complete failure.

Anyway, to end my ramblings on this topic - I do not see the fairy tale ending for PMs that some of us expect. Upon the onset of whatever trigger event is coming, we'll likely see a short extreme spike in values for 2-3 months, followed by an engineered crash in values as the government intercedes, ultimately followed many years down the road by PMs rising from the ashes if and when truly free markets are restored. Getting the government to establish truly sound money practices would take an enormously cataclysmic event and I just don't see them relinquishing that type of control.

My only hope for some level of economic freedom for those without extreme wealth remains at the local level. Especially in rural environments where a vibrant barter and trade system can evolve to fill the gap created by more restrictions implemented by the federal government. In some ways the foundations of this barter economy already exists because people out in my neck of the woods know how to produce and are open to trading daily.

So what's your plan if you see a scenario like the one above panning out? You need more than a buy, hold and hope approach. I'm still a buyer of physical at these prices, but the exit plan is just as important.

Nov 22, 2015 - 8:50pm

Patriot Family

Your views are sensible and the scenario you describe is possible in some form.

My alternative plan is ...

  • Become debt free ASAP--we just came up with a new plan today
  • Purchase a better self-sustainable property and move in
  • Purchase small foreclosed homes, renovate, and provide inexpensive rentals to community
  • Sell part of stack at a profit, if the opportunity arises.
  • Keep the rest of our stack, but not depend on it.
  • Get involved in a peaceful social movement to rebuild the country

I agree that metals are not going to the moon in a way that allows us to rake in profits. We may have a window of opportunity to sell at drastically increased prices--say $100 per oz for silver and $2500 for gold. But if this government stays in power in the US, that window will close. Any metal I hang onto after the selling wondoe needs to be something I would like to keep a long time.

Actually, I think that is plan A.

Nov 23, 2015 - 8:56am

Excellent article Dr. Jerome and Patriot Family

I would like to add: Any tax on metals will be retroactive to a point in time that the IRS will be able to measure it. This will be very much like the 1986 retroactive tax that was signed by Reagan. This wiped out a lot of upper middle class value. This single-handedly wiped out real estate in the US during that time. The Japanese were wiped out in epic fashion... So, any conversion will be hammered later and you would not even see it coming... Just saying, please be prepared for this potential and plan accordingly. Self sustainability is the only way you will survive what is coming, unless you want to live hand to mouth via the FED and whatever GMO substance they call food. But, please keep it small. Get to big and you will lose your produce and meat while still having the privilege of growing it for others... Gentleman farm of 50 acres a mile or so off the main road should suffice. Look to Venezuela and other countries that have had this type of event occur. Toilet paper is like GOLD, this is a much more likely scenario here, eventually. The slo-mo drip of disaster will pick up speed as the EBT cards will start buying less and less. 47 million are currently in the soup line today. When it grows to 60-70 million and China is no longer buying our bonds... Then we will have those "darn" food fights in the cities we have all been worried about. Teenagers asleep is by far the best analogy to date I have seen. Temperamental, lazy, entitled, and know-it alls. They are voting for the continued destruction of this country because they want the free ride. Very much like the spoiled teenage kid kicked out/run away from home because of the "rules" are to harsh. They "flee" to their friends house where the parents "allow" anything to go on... This is our political system. Any sign of rules and responsibility and that person loses in a landslide to the person promising the moon... Free phones, free internet, free gmo food... What's not to like, until its gone! Then BAM, teenager becomes a violent movement to make things right. Any guess where they will want to make things right? My guess will be to attack the very parents who tried to get them to eat their vegetables when they were still trying to sleep. Anyway, love reading your work Doc.

Dyna mo hum
Nov 23, 2015 - 10:13am
Nov 23, 2015 - 11:04am

MSM Strangely Silent

on fed expedited meeting.No big deal standard operating procedure like they hold them all the time. sarc/ rxman

Nov 23, 2015 - 2:54pm


Dr J,

Lots of food for thought generated by your missive.....thank YOU very much and also thank you all you TURDS who have commented.....digestion can take some time

Nov 23, 2015 - 5:10pm

Great reading Dr J

I am still waiting for another Dr.J podcast when Turd goes away on vacation!!!!

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