Guest Post: "What Hath The Fed Wrought", by Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital

Longtime readers know that Brent Johnson consistently puts out quality presentations. His latest is no different and, with Fed/FOMC policy being such a major focus at present, you should be sure to take the time to watch his latest.

A lot of tremendous information is packed into this 10-minute presentation. Be sure to note the overall gains in the "stock market" if one removes the price movement before and after FOMC meetings over the past 17 years. Talk about an eye-opener!

Be sure to give this your full consideration and then pass it along to anyone who remains fully invested in equities.




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Great presentation, thanks Brett and Craig!

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Brent sums it up very well.

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I uninstalled flash player.

The quantity of holes, and poor Adobe attention span for the security issues it has were enough for me to get rid of it.  I also don't Face, Tweet, and will be getting rid of Google+ and Twitch. 

It's not that I have anything to hide.  I just believe that it (spying hacking and such) is wrong.

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Your dreamworld is just about to end?

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