Turd on with Rory and Dave

The Shadow of Truth series featuring Rory Hall and Dave Kranzler is one of the best channels on YouTube. To be invited as a guest is always an honor and I had the privilege of visiting with Rory and Dave back on Tuesday.

The Shadow of Truth YouTube channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTwCXWb7ExvX1uL_5my-34w

If you subscribe to their channel (for free), you'll be alerted each time a new guest is featured. Recent guests have included Peter Schiff, John Embry and Rob Kirby so you can rightly imagine that these programs are an excellent use of your time.

Thanks again to Rory and Dave for the opportunity to visit. I hope you find this useful.



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#1  cheeky

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Great Interview

I listened to right after podcast.  Gotta love YouTube instant updates!

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If you look at the death candles

Of the previous two drops, the subsequent drop in the 2nd drop is steeper.

I wonder if an "increasing" trend to "steepness" of the drop will be present in the current top/drop process.

As a consequence of increased use of Algos, interconnected systems, etc - I would not be surprised if the "drop" process towards 1000, 1100 values on the S&P 500 happens in an accelerated fashion this time around.

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