Turd on with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog

Friday afternoon, I had the honor of visiting with Greg Hunter of the USA Watchdog website and YouTube channel.

In this wide-ranging discussion, Greg and I discuss everything from China and the global markets to the current events in Yemen and the Middle East. It was a fun, rollicking conversation and I think you'll enjoy listening.



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yes first

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Priceless, this is


An "armored" train...Lolz. All that steel and protection to move around an absolutely worthless barbaric pet rock!!!! How stupid they are. And how stupid do they think everyone is.

Edit: and I'm gonna guess that the comments on that thread get pretty ripe.

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And i who often thought...

...i would suggest you having Greg on as a guest on A2A, and here he beat you to it!

But seriously, see if Greg might come on, i think he is great!

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Great interview. Way too educate the viewers Turd!

Anyone else excited to see how boring this week in the casino will be?

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Top Quality Interview

Just finished watching it a few minutes ago. You honed in on the key points and I appreciated the complete quality.

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It's the end of the world as we know it!

And I feel fiiinneeeeeeesmiley

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Nice Interview.....

Nice interview...a good one to stash in my favs to potentially send along to some who's eyes might be close to opening after the market volatility last week....or another future date.....

Repost from Fridays podcast thread:

Christmas in August~~~~

So began working on getting Silver as a Christmas gift for my folks as well as my Sister and Brothers 'n their spouses... Price was too nice on the 5 oz Olympic to pass up and since they all live here in WA State...couldn't go wrong.


Also now have eight 1 oz Britannia's  for each of my nieces and nephews; Fun doing up Christmas with a hard asset that just happens to be massively undervalued.... not to mention getting a large chunk of Christmas taken care of  &  paid for without fighting bad weather or long lines....  


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Such a Handsome Guy! Thanks for the 41 minutes of truth

photo Turd Up Close_zps5ldcxg4n.png

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US Major Market Death Cross - Follow the Herd?

A bit surprised we have not heard anyone clamber about the 50- and 200-day moving averages for the major US markets this weekend.   I noticed for the SP500 that the 50 DMA is at 2074.53 and the 200 DMA is just below at 2074.41, so it will not take much more downside to make the death cross.

Perhaps the controllers did not allow the 50- to close below the 200- last Friday, but any lower close early this week will trip the HFT algo mark.   Seems like a good place to short the general market here.   Anyone else following this possibility?

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One can see the toll

that the last 4 years have taken on our humble host. Little wisps of grey showing on chin.

Hell, I've lost half my hair !

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Great job

Really good talk. I will be certain to pass this one around.

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Awesome Interview Turd

You did an outstanding job educating folks. This was more than worth the time. You covered a ton of stuff that USA Watchdog listeners will benefit from. Keep up the great work.

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Just finished listening...

Craig is poised, articulate and persuasive !

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Good Job Turd

Turning a little grey there my friend. laugh

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A little grey

I think we are all looking a little worse for wear after the last 4 years.

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I like the way the Stock Market plays with it's creator.

You still keep thiking about the Sept. rate hike.....OK, we take DOW 500+ pts down on Monday.

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Fundamental Consideration

Everything is bad for metals.  Especially negative news about the Kardashians and kraft marshmallows.

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An excellent discussion. Very much enjoyed it. I listen to Greg's interviews regularly. This was one of the best! Well done.

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I've been hanging with you since zero hedge.  I'm old enough to be your father, and in a fatherly way I can't tell you how proud of you for what you have accomplished in the last few years.  Your thoughts are so cogent and your delivery is so smooth you deserve to be in the big leagues.  In the alternative space you are there.  You alone have created a community of brilliant and caring people by being a magic blend of enough ego to be successful and also shrug off the haters, and not be an asshole.  Sinclair on Wednesday and Craig Hemke on Sunday.  It reminds me of Mantle and Maris in 1962.

edit:  I'm not one of the brilliant ones.

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Audio issue?

Could not get the audio on this one, even at the Youtube link...Anyone else have this issue?

Good luck all...


ps odd, I got the audio to work when I decided to try switching from Chrome to IE on a lark.

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Audio was very clear and that was on an i phone...

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Thanks Obama

Disaster awaits


Also, Susan Rice was doing Kerry's job this week, she met with Xi in China.  So we are sure to get a shitty deal.

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Great Interview!!!!!!!

One of the best interviews that I have seen in a long time. Articulate, on-point, and your natural enthusiasm for the subject matter ensures that you will hold the listeners attention for the whole interview. All-in-all, an outstanding job, Craig. Keep doing quality interviews like this and, hopefully, 'TFMetals' will become the go-to website for many more precious metals enthusiasts and stackers.

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Outstanding interview Craig

I especially liked the fact, that you pointed out that our information is limited. No one can predict what the future will bring or the timing. So many pundits and 'gurus' mislead the public in that regard. I'm glad that the general public will see this interview and learn about your viewpoint, not just the other Turdites at this site.

Well done sir !

P.S. - personally, I think wearing the big yellow foam hat would have added much to the interview, but it was still excellent despite that  wink

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Sanctions against China:  Let's refuse to sell them anymore counterfeit treasuries.

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Really great interview


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Now for our nemesis!

Now for our nemesis!

Harvey Dent

Dow in 2016-17 5800-6000

Gold 2017 $700, 2020 $250

Oil 30-32, 8-20 down the road

Real estate down 40% on average

Dollar is the safe haven

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To be a true threat he must actually have some power against us.

That's like me calling a cockroach a nemesis. I just step on them and then go about my day. They mean nothing to me, just like him. 

He is a fucking snake oil salesman of the most absurd vintage. 

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I wonder if he charges as much a Bo. LOL

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