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For some unknown reason, longtime Turdite StevenBHorse was watching the U.S. morning program called The Today Show earlier today. The discussion there caught him by surprise and I think it will surprise you, too.

The discussion centered around yesterday's "technical glitches" that all seemed to occur nearly simultaneously at:

  • United Airlines -- the biggest US airline
  • The NYSE -- the biggest US stock exchange
  • The Wall St Journal -- one of the biggest financial media websites
  • ZeroHedge -- one of the largest alternative financial media websites

What's remarkable about the discussion is how one host admits "would they ever tell us if this was an actual cyber attack"? She then adds "the market was already down 250 points".

Another host admits to immediately asking herself "do I have enough cash?" and she goes on to admit, at the astonishment of her colleagues, that she maintains a "go bag" complete with "cash, mace and MREs".

In the end, I'm not sure what to make of this. If 25% of this panel is at least considering the current, tenuous state of affairs often enough to actually store a "go bag"...well,  maybe that's actually good news. Can you imagine if 25% of the entire population was alert and aware enough to do the same? At the same time, the looks of incredulity and scorn on the faces of the other three would indicate that, as a society, we've got a long ways to go.

Anyway, thanks to Mr Horse for bringing this to our attention. Have fun watching and I look forward to reading your comments.





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Issues with the embed


Damn thing is too big. If it messes with your text, try refreshing the screen.

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2ND 3D 4TH?

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2nd after you DMH

now to read


Full Definition of PREPARATION


:  the action or process of making something ready for use or service or of getting ready for some occasion, test, or duty


:  a state of being prepared


:  a preparatory act or measure


:  something that is prepared; specifically :  a medicinal substance made ready for use

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For What It's Worth

For what it's worth, that lady on the right is actress Ellie Kemper who played a big role in "The Office" among other shows. Her father is David Kemper, Chairman and CEO of Commerce Bank (ticker: CBSH), a not insignificant bank headquartered here in the Midwest.  I'm curious if after her Today Show appearance Ellie asked daddy WTF is going on.......

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The cattle are waking up

Great video... as I was stunned to see the MSM talking about prepping, though it was only one and the others treated her like a crazy lady.  Still, it's a move forward and gives me hope that others will start to prepare before SHTF.

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Couldn't open the video link

but, comments are enough for me to get enough of the gist.

As for whether any sheeple will be motivated by Ms Kemper's admissions; well, my experience with friends, relatives, business coleagues, neighbors, etc, etc, tells me hands down, that only the prettiest commentator has ANY credibility.  A guy I know (a very fat guy), who is totally typical, would wear a woman's mini bikini to work if the "babe" he slobbers over on CNN said it was the new thing to do.

You can bet your a$$ she won't tell him to buy gold, until there is none left to buy, and she is selling hers.

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Once a scout ...


We used to be called Boy Scouts. "Be prepared" is the motto.
Live it and live!

The jump-bag in in the car. I can break into or out of whatever and I'm always ready for a 25 mile walk home in poor weather. I can start a fire, shelter in place and dress a wound. The bag is strapped to a small wheeled luggage cart, becase I'm not going to carry it all that way. I've accessed the bag time and again to the point that it becomes a running joke with those who know me.

Situational awareness counts. Always know where the exit is.

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That's Amazing Video

Hell I would love hear what are they going to say now after the hacking of The office of the Personnel Management where they stole over 21.5 million social security #'s Yikes!!!! keep Stacking


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BHorse Rocks!

Longtime Turdite StevenBHorse Rocks! 

His effort today is a great reflection of how this community works.

I love dogs. Was recently in a conversation with someone complaining that, "That dog just lays around here sleeping most of the time." To which I replied,  "Good. That's a good thing.  Means your dog is doing it s job. Dogs historically had work to do that made them valuable. Your Dog's work is to be another set of eyes around here and let you know when something is going on."

Nice eyes Horse!

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Jack Benny stated his position!

How many herein remember the Jack Benny show?   It was clean and fun to watch.  Jack was known on the show for being one who would not spend a cent, a real stacker:


Yes "your money or your life"?


One must be prepared to toss everything as the true enemy attacks our homes, families, assets and even our stand of Faith.  The enemy uses the courts, jail time, seizure of all assets and even your stash "if' you do not give up all of our freedoms and moral stands.  Yes, it looks like the coming mark of the beast will have a rainbow on it, controlled by the U.N., a law passed by all nations wherein all will need to submit or be herded into the new camps for a short season. 

If one cannot buy or sell without this mark that is currently forming, one would think that many would finally be able to connect the real dots before us.      jmo                        Jim

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I might as well

Here is some context as to why I would be watching that horrible programming.

I used to watch CNBC every morning before I went to the office.  I disconnected the cable last year, and now only get the local channels.  So I typically watch the Today Show with Mrs. H while we drink our morning cup of coffee and prepare for our days.

So I have been "watching" this show for awhile now.  Usually I talk shit at the anchors because they are so MSM it's ridiculous.  They bring up stories with an obvious pro-state, anglo-zionist bent.  Honestly half the time I don't really pay attention, because the show makes me want to fucking puke. 

I always knew prepper girl had a cynical bent to her.  She is always questioning and casting doubt on the stories they report, but in a non-confrontational way.  The woman that talked about pulling money out of her bank account was the one that really surprised me.  She seems to understand, at least on a basic level what is going on and how tenuous our system truly is.  I had always thought that she was  

The actress said something or other, I wasn't really listening if you catch my drift. 

The male anchor was trying to reel them all back in (I'm sure given that direction by the producer), that way the segment ended on a lighter note.  It does piss me off that he was the one who said that he will be sucking his thumb like a little bitch, and not protecting his own.  I swear we have a generation of men that are complete and utter pussies, which I'm convinced is by design, and not by accident.  That is another topic of discussion entirely. 

Thanks for finding this clip, I hope everyone finds this as interesting as I did.

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it's all

part of the plan steve b.  Utter destruction of the family, militant feminism, pussification of some males criminilization of others.  The big reset will either make it all right or it will enslave everyone.  Either way it will be painful.  I just hope it comes (knowing it's inevitable) before my shootin' eye goes.  I'll bet my 1911 against her can of mace I can get her MREs.

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Amazing video

Arch,   I just figured out where you hide your gold! ... The grave right next to yours! How clever!

But that video is amazing in the tacit admissions made. Yeah ... laugh it off. We all laugh when the truth gets too close to home. Ha, ha, ha.  I bet that video is unavailable within 24 hours. And I think the woman in yellow (3rd from left) was onboard with having a go bag. But this begs the question for all the sheeple. Where will you go with your measly go-bag?

I know I am working on a "go place" that serves me today and in the economy to come--good or ill; and I'll be storing more than a couple of meals worth of food.  Food is cheap. come to think of it, so is silver...

I feel like a Clint Eastwood movie tonight...

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fascinating little peek at how truth is making some headway

And I think Craig was too negative in describing the reactions of the 4 of them.  The man, let's call him Caitlyn, seems not to have had a single thought about preparing for unfortunate circumstances but the black woman on the left and the blond woman definitely have. 

If it comes down to a situation where Caitlyn or one of the two women will get off the godforsaken island of Manhattan and survive, I know where I'd put my money.

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Oh Boy

Is this what it has turned into?  Are there any Americans remaining?  How can you listen to this crap?

Seriously, how do they keep their audience watching instead of running from the room puking?

If the manure ever hits the windmill, I know I won't have any problem surviving, not if I have to go up against that bunch.

You've got to know someone will take her bag, pocket her cash, eat her MREs and pic their teeth with her nunchaku.

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I don't know

Most of these people make good money and while not the smartest, very far from stupid. I bet many have contingency plans in place, even and especially thumb sucking boy. It seemed a little strange that several of them kept looking off camera at someone or something. I would have a helicopter pad along with a full time pilot on call if I was a hedge fund guy in NYC.  

I have often thought the closer to the end of the system we get, the more will come out by the media. They do not want people saying you guys covered it up. They can say we told you so, just like tptb are right now with all the rules, laws and public  announcements going on right now.

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you got it dr. J

the second guy on tf metals to catch on and I've been here since day one

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I Feel Like a Quentin Tarintino Movie

I'm in the mood to reenact certain scenes from  Pulp Fiction, and no, I'm not talking about the rape scenes.

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@ arch - Just because we didn't say something . .

I'm a big fan of TGTB&TU. 

The cemetery where your namesake and, more importantly, the guy next to him were buried, was Sad Hill.

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GC- It's all Pulp Fiction

This is one of my fav's, still proud of it even after a couple of years!

True story:  was at a wedding in LA about 10 years back, held at a swanky Santa Monica hotel.  Had a nice buzz going by the end of the evening and we went out to wait for the valet to bring our car.  So I was killing time and saw a cool early 60's two door (gold painted) with a for sale sign parked ten yards away, so I wandered over to see what make and year it was, just out of curiosity.  I walk up and lean over to read the sign and a chick sitting in the backseat hurriedly grabbed a newspaper and thrust it into the window to block my view.  A bit baffled and miffed, I strolled away.  Five minutes later another woman came out of the hotel, rushed to the car, and she and the woman who had blocked my view with the paper got out and proceeded to physically lift a third person up between them and dragged this unconscious, totally comatose person into the hotel (to the room she just presumably rented for them.  

As they dragged the guy past us, I realized it was Quentin Tarantino!  Dead passed out, maybe dead, but certainly being dragged by two women into  hotel.  Viva LA!

That was my one big celebrity sighting in 20 years of visits.

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Thats awesome!!

arch stanton's picture

you mean

I gotta stab her three times?  Fred: all these years I thought it was sand hill.

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More Feeling!

Or how about: "Marisol!"  From the earlier Clint Eastwood westerns.  That watch music is absolutely haunting.

All time favorites right there.

Tuco, blondie, angel eyes, what a fantastic story.  

About the only other movie that tells a better story is The Godfather, or perhaps, The Godfather, part two.  Man I just love stories . . .

Who is writing the story of the tfmr watchtower?  There are some stories here for sure?  Our leader is a guy named "Turd," who frequently talks with a wise man called "The Jackass."  There are trolls, and degenerates, misogynists who ran off nice ladies like Maryann and Xty, and bacon-loving, turd-bashing, psychedelic, former sycophants who now rail  against the cause and hang out with a guy named Dan who wears a black vest.  We have doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientists, economists, teachers, professors, and others too numerous to list, who steadily gravitate to this place not for the sage investing advice, but instead for the lively and witty banter free from censorship and group think.  

Damn, I LOVE this place!

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If you had not already been my hero, this would certainly have elevated you to that status... What a great tale to tell at the barstool... Dunno if our grandkids will know who he was, but that story made my evening.

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from Pining.  You cant get anything past a true goldbug...

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People Choose Free Candy Bar

People Choose Free Candy Bar over Free 10 oz Silver Bar (Worth $150) in Experiment

Published on Jul 8, 2015

Media analyst Mark Dice offers random people their choice of a free Hershey chocolate bar or a free 10 oz silver bar (Worth $150) in an experiment. You have to see what happened next! 

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Air heads

When these air heads start to question if the DHS announcement is believable it is amazing.  Normal SOP for the mainstream media is to accept anything from Obama administration as gospel.  But notice that they basically laugh it all off.

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@Dr Jerome

You know, if you have a speech impediment, his name is Wee Van Queef.

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Just bought a 1oz Platinum pamp just because it was cheaper than Gold.

Don't judge me - I am a girl & I can't resist a bargain.

In my defense (if I need one) It was a better deal than shoes. Today. I am not going to be broken THAT easily.

Please don't tell me how the story ends.

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