Turd on with The Doc

Recorded late Friday, we discuss several important issues so if you have some extra time this weekend, you might give this a listen.

Here's how The Doc describes the discussion in his link here: http://www.silverdoctors.com/metals-markets-will-the-lows-hold/

With gold and silver smashed this week and nearing 5 year lows, Craig Hemke joins the show to break down all the action, discussing:

  • Will the lows hold, or are we looking at the potential for a waterfall smash on Sunday night’s Globex open?
  • Have fundamentals deteriorated for the metals, or is the cartel knocking PMs down ahead of Greek collapse & bail-in?
  • Craig Explains Why the Bankers Are Ready to SUPPORT PM Investors
  • Ukranian/Russian Conflict Dramatically Escalates to Cuban Missile Crisis Level- Risk of WW3?
  • Its All Propaganda– NFP +280k jobs in May, NY Fed’s Bill Dudley Claims Rate Hikes Still Likely in 2015
  • Greek debt collapse this weekend? Greeks pull €1 Billion from banks Thurs/Fri!
  • MASSIVE Physical Demand Returns to the Silver Market- SD Bullion Burns Through Normal 2 Weeks Sales Volume of 40,000 oz of Silver &  600 oz of Gold in Under 24 Hours!




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Pure luck to be first

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Great interview Craig.

Not only got to listen first, but got to be....


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Thurd to listen to Turd....


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Total bonus!  Thanks, Turd.

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Good job TF

As usual you did very well at explaining the strategy played out by bullion banks and the pretty much endless paper they trade to overwhelm any rally ultimately capping and suppressing price. I'm also glad you mentioned the John Bachelor show with Professor Cohen and how much you have learned and I feel the same, that I have some understanding of Russians history. I don't think I missed any of the shows but that whole Ukraine thing has turned worse again just as I was hoping cooler heads would prevail.

I caught the show on SD before you posted it here and I'm always ready to listen to more Turd.

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I was reflecting on what life was like during the 50's in America.  My Polish grandparent had not mastered the English language, they did not own a car, however, they  had their small farm and a huge can house.  The little town that we lived in was filled with those that came through Ellis Island and they were just like my grandparents.  Germans, Poles, Fins, and those from Sweden.  They had their own cultures and ways but things were peaceful with hard working people looking for a chance of living in a peaceful land where they could survive.   I really did not understand how wonderful things were in those days.  How will we ever return to those times?   (Will not happen).

    I talk to many subcontractors on our construction site these days.  The young men are stuck in a lifestyle of destruction and that is all they see around them:  Drugs, booz, smoking joints and living at home with their parents or mostly with a working girlfriend.  Yes they all have children out there that the taxpayers are supporting.  How will this ever be fixed in America?

    We could look at the invasion into Europe and wonder how they will survive:


     It appears to me that Europe is lost and it is just a matter of time before the evil forces have complete control.  North America will survive a bit longer as many will rise to the evil tide that is rising on our lands.  There are many reasons why judgment has taken root in America and tribulation is knocking at our door.  If one can stomach watching so-called Christian television, one can soon discern our falling away from the Path that was originally set before us.  I fully expect to see the Muslims teaching on TBN as the end approaches.        JMO                                 Jim

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This is a MUST READ


Regular readers have heard me repeat this often:

Regardless of current paper price, your physical precious metal has never been more valuable.


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WOW, Eye Candy is NEVER a Bad Start

First of all, the Elliot Wave is not a bad thing, it has only two flaws, interpretation, and of course external factors.  PM are as you pointed out, fraught with external factors (frauds qualify here), and even trying to interpret such is a flaw.  I would be loathe to use Elliot Waves on most of the commodity markets.

It never ceases to amaze me that all the financial bloviators  try to understand the FED.  The FED is a secret organization, much like the Masons, and unfortunately for both organizations, even those at the very top don't really understand it, so expecting anyone to understand it is just ludicrous.

Now, everyone should know how it really is.  If you have made your commitment to PMs, ride it and don't really think about it.  Of all the factors out there, a troy ounce of silver will always be just that.  Ditto Gold.  Buy whenever it is low and you can.  Buy on or around contract expirations, it is one good thing the paper market does for us.  You made your decision, you looked at all you could and decided.  Don't worry about the price, if you have to worry, worry about the amount.

Stack on.

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Cash Drying Up??

Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.. 

At the beginning of the Weimar Hyperinflationary Inferno cash disappeared from circulation. People resorted to issuing their own Promissory Notes because of the lack of Government issuance. But, we have credit, right? Better think again who controls that credit.

You can read about it in the book, "When Money Dies"

www.goldonomic.com/When Money Dies.pdf

I strongly suggest that you read it, as time grows increasingly short.

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As if the world needed more Turd

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Thanks for the Dr. Dave Janda Link

Thanks Turd; it is really great to hear one of these "interview" or "talk show" hosts, including many that we know, who isn't a bag of wind, a self promoter, of a shill for a PM dealer.  Dr. Dave was very interesting to listen to (as of course was the Turd himself) and actually knew what the hell he was talking about.  This was a very easy to listen to interview with Dr. Dave actually saying something constructive but not stepping on the Turd.

Like the Turd, he has the Hat, the Boots, and Cattle.

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