Guest Post: "Introducing FreeGold", by Torgny Persson of Bullion Star

Tue, Jun 2, 2015 - 11:46am

Torgny Persson is the CEO of Bullion Star and he posted this FreeGold summary to their site back in April. I've been meaning to post it here as a discussion starter and background piece and today's finally the day.

Again, the Bullion Star site is where you'll find lots of helpful information, including the blog posts and articles of both Koos Jansen and Ronan Manly. Their link is below and I encourage you to save it to your favorites list.

In this article, Torgny Persson introduces some of the FreeGold concepts, many of which were made popular through the writings of Another, FOA and FOFOA. Since none of us can say for certain how history will unfold in the months and years ahead, these ideas are something you should be familiar with. To that end, I thought this article was helpful and decided it should be reprinted here at TFMR.

I look forward to reading your insightful comments.


"Introducing FreeGold"

by, Torgny Persson, CEO of BullionStar

What is FreeGold?

FreeGold is not a single theory but an understanding of how past events have formed a gold trail which will significantly change our monetary system in the future. It’s a set of all-encompassing explanations tying together trade and geopolitics with the monetary system. The foundation of the ideas constituting FreeGold was laid by two writers, Another and Friend of Another (FOA) and is built upon today by a third contributor, FOFOA.

One of the key tenets of FreeGold is that the monetary functions of Medium of Exchange (MoE) and Store of Value (SoV) can, should and will split, where:
1. Fiat currency will continue to be used as Medium of Exchange.
2. Gold will be used as Store of Value.

In my previous post, Gold or Fiat? That is the question…, I described how lending expands the money supply, whether in gold or fiat. When savers save in the same medium as is used for the Medium of Exchange, a collapse always follows money expansion.

Under gold standards, fiat and gold are always tied together in some way. Reintroducing gold as the international settlement medium for net debts doesn’t however necessitate fiat to be tied to gold.

Under FreeGold, gold is reintroduced as Store of Value but without being tied to fiat. By using scrip money/fiat/debt for short term settling but using freely floating gold for long term settling, the horrendously skewed trade balances we see today will be a memory of the past. Gold is thus set free from its role as medium of exchange, thus the name “FreeGold”.

Under a FreeGold system, politicians will still be able to overpromise and overspend in the short term but the value of their monetized debt (money) after fiat has hyperinflated, as measured in gold, will be minuscule compared to today.

Debt is the Essence of Fiat

Fiat money is created as debt out of thin air. And there’s a lot of it created.

The US Dollar has already been hyperinflated monetarily but it isn’t visible yet in terms of consumer price inflation as the excess money created has been saved rather than spent on consumption. As long as the (non-US) world is buying roughly the same amount of US Dollar investments as the US trade deficit, there’s no price inflation.

Capital flows can and will turn on a dime though. Just imagine how much (little) the US Dollar would be worth if the US Dollar depreciated to balance the US trade deficit.

The cause of the low price inflation we see today, despite the high monetary inflation, is the hoarding of credit. Credit implies future production revenue. What’s the chance of future production living up to the debt it’s built upon?

Put another way, saving of credit increases the purchasing power of money that isn’t saved. The saved credit causes bubbles whereas price inflation is delayed.

The absence of price inflation is incorrectly interpreted by central banks as too little money supply when there is already too much. Their knee-jerk reaction is to lower interest rates further and inject even more money through QE, thus increasing the underlying problem even more. Banks are complementing this by lowering lending standards to expand their fractional reserve lending as much as possible.

The problem of too much credit competing for a limited pool of credible borrowers can’t be solved by lowering lending standards and flooding the market with even more credit.

The credit must find vehicles to be hoarded into. This is creating massive demand for passive investments without adding any sort of productivity or innovation to the economy – a more realistic determinant of the health of the economy. Instead – to the detriment of the economy – we get bubbles, malinvestment, misallocations, debt saturation and unprofitability. Entrepreneurs which would have been successful in a sound meritocratic economic system are punished. Creating new innovative products have become secondary to putting companies on the investment markets. Companies even operate at a loss just to service debt, often with government stimulus as a substitution for keeping people off the dole.

Hyperdeflationary head fake

Governments around the world are fighting deflation labelled as evil. We are nowhere close to hyperinflation, right?


Hyperdeflationary pressure precedes hyperinflation. It’s the loss of confidence in a deflation that triggers the hyperinflationary phase. In terms of gold as a unit of account, what’s called a hyperinflation in a fiat money terms, is actually deflation, as gold typically strengthens its purchasing power when fiat currency hyperinflates.

The only reason the US Dollar is still holding up at this point, is its demand as a form of a savings instrument from the private sector. It used to be central banks providing structural support for the US Dollar but this structural support has ended. Surplus countries like China and Russia are no longer interested in accumulating any more US debt. They know it’s worthless. Instead, they try to diversify as much as they can without imploding the value of their existing US debt holdings. They know the monetary system is going to reset and they are planning accordingly by accumulating real tangible assets generally and gold specifically.

So yes, deflationists are right in their analysis of the current environment but miss what follows next.

Hyperinflation is Guaranteed

With our current monetary system, US Dollar denominated (debt) assets are held as future claims on US Dollars i.e. held with a promise of the counterpart to deliver US Dollars. The problem is that cash or digital cash only makes up a very small percentage of the total money supply. When cash is claimed en masse, there is no cash to finance the redemption. As the cash doesn’t exist, the government will have to monetize the debt with newly printed cash to avoid a massive hyperdeflationary depression.

When debt defaults, fiat money is destroyed. It’s not the printing of new money that lead to hyperinflation. If that was the case, we should already have seen hyperinflation in the light of the excessive printing the last years. Think Japan! It’s hyperinflation that leads to printing. Hyperinflation is just not more inflation progressively.

Depression and hyperinflation are built up in the same way. It starts with expanding the money supply followed by debt defaulting. When this is realized among the general population, there’s a loss of confidence leading to further deflationary pressure. At this point, governments start to monetize debt at all cost. Whereas bank issued fiat debt money is elastic and can contract, government issued fiat base money (cash) can not. The issuance of inelastic cash coupled with the demand for that cash is what causes the hyperinflation, which in the end leads to the physical money printing.

Hyperinflation is thus the process of saving debt at all costs replacing debt with cash.

We can already see the signs – the beginning of the end – of a guaranteed hyperinflation.

One sign, is the excess credit created that is steadily siphoned into the stock markets, which delays the price inflation of real goods and services but cause massive asset bubbles.

Another sign is that governments monetize credit with newly created base money/cash.

Remember that strong deflationary pressure always precedes hyperinflation, which is exactly where we are now.

It’s when the confidence in the economy is lost on a broader scale that hyperdeflation turns into hyperinflation with governments monetizing debt at all costs.

But what if they don’t?

They will.

No country outside the gold standard has ever allowed a depressionary deflation to run its cause. The primary objective for a government is to get re-elected. If they can kick the can forward, they will. Sure, the coming hyperinflation will be destructive, but a hyperinflation may be less visible to the general population than a deflationary depression with immediate economic failure.

When the hyperinflation is coming, you don’t want to be stuck with fiat denominated assets as all the empty promises will be exposed in daylight. Fake capital will be destroyed whereas gold will shine as the ultimate store of value.

How about the price of gold in a hyperinflation? Financial media, bullion dealers and investors alike are always ranting about the price of gold. Will it go up or down?

The price of gold is irrelevant. The price of gold has got more to do with how worthless the fiat currencies become. The only way to accurately measure data like e.g. food, assets and commodities is to do it in terms of gold. Gold needs to replace fiat currency as the unit of account for us to get a stable ruler.

That’s exactly what you can do with BullionStar Charts. Measure e.g. S&P 500 in terms of gold. Are stocks always better in the long run? Not necessarily…

Unless the physical gold market will be rejuvenated by the initiatives we see in China and Singapore, the hyperinflation may at first not be reflected by a rising price of gold on the paper markets. As the price of gold is set on the London OTC spot market and on the futures markets, it may very well decrease at first due to a loss in confidence of paper gold.

There may instead be a shortage of physical gold on the real physical market. If/when this happens, there will be a mass scramble into physical gold with the physical markets significantly revaluing gold to entice any physical flow at all. Having built a sound marketplace for physical gold trading, China is likely to take over the pricing power of gold and with it emerge as the new dominant player in the world economy.

Encapsulating all of this, FreeGold can be said to be the adjustment mechanism correcting the imbalances between the artificial debt/credit/paper system and the real physical world represented by gold.

Debts come due.

Do you want to sit on paper or gold when the monetary system resets. I know my choice (although the silver is substituting partly for the gold below:-)).



Credit (gold?) to you for not only organizing the thoughts of Another and Friend of Another but for expanding and lengthening their visionary path to the future.

I’ve read your blog for several years and was a slightly provoked when reading that “no bullion dealer understand FreeGold” a couple of years ago (although I don’t find the reference now). It took me a while to object as I’ve been busy building BullionStar following the gold trail in the following ways:

BullionStar charts – Measure in gold (and anything else) as a unit of account.

– Launching this blogging platform used by our renowned precious metals analysts Koos Jansen and Ronan Manly.

– Acquiring where we plan to assist in publishing information about the trail we’re on.

Walking on this gold trail, we have an ambitious development plan for the future reintroducing gold as store of value and unit of account.

E-mail BullionStar on: support[at]bullionstar[dot]com (subject: Enquiry%20to%20BullionStar)

About the Author

tfmetalsreport [at] gmail [dot] com ()


Jun 5, 2015 - 12:34pm

Screen Captures of deleted Freegold posts

If not important why delete..???

Here are the screen captures on Freegold for posting.


CRAP, can't get the jpegs to post

Edit 2 ...Figured it out

Jun 3, 2015 - 1:10am

One of the benefits of being in the company...

...of not only like-minded, but similarly intelligent and thoughtful (not to mention no doubt equally handsome and refined...:-} ) thinkers is that one often need not even voice an opinion, for others have already done so with better eloquence and less verbosity. Or is that the hallmark of a deluded, sycophantic, fringe cult...? :-P In any case, Fred and Pining nailed it. All of which does not necessarily mean such is not (at least PART of) the plan of TPTB. It would not be the first plan which is doomed to failure, but only after causing much harm and havoc.

Fred Hayek
Jun 2, 2015 - 9:39pm

I'm with you, SS121 and Pining.

I've always found the FOA and FOFOA stuff to be written in a maddeningly oblique fashion, as though the conscious intention is to create intimations of ideas without ever quite coming out and saying exactly what it is they mean.

Jim Willie has talked about Gold as the means of settling international trade. Other writers have said that, while having a gold standard seems, at first blush, to be the best solution, it's really just an official manipulation of the gold price. The guys pushing the whole Freegold idea step toward these notions but refuse to come right out and say them. They also seem to have a bizarrely antagonistic stance toward silver. Sadly, that fits with what Pining says above, that Freegold is an attempt to save Keynesian central banking from itself. Central banks have gold, not as much as they say but they have some gold. They don't have any silver. A world revolving around gold only is not nearly as problematic for them as one which takes silver just as seriously. So, the Freegold adherents' antipathy for silver doesn't make sense as the reaction to the worth of another monetary metal. But it is a puzzle piece that fits with a picture of sympathy for central banking.

Jun 2, 2015 - 9:13pm


Stated by one other than the one having direct knowledge . Saying anothers words.

Jun 2, 2015 - 9:11pm


For the record, I made this one and posted it here November 2012, and my opinion hasn't changed since:

At the heart of it, I believe Freegold is an attempt to "save" central banking as a concept and thus keep the Keyensian dream alive after its utter failure becomes apparent to all. It tries to wrap a few truths (unlimited fiat printing destroys the store of value function of currency, gold is the true store of value, etc.) around a new-sounding reiteration of the present system we already have. Another was a European central banker, after all.

Look at the core concepts: gold is already a store of value (and doesn't need Freegold to make it so), fiat already can be printed in unlimited amounts (and you don't need Freegold to so this), and the value of fiat already "floats" freely against gold (and doesn't need Freegold to do so, this is why gold trades as an FX currency).

Like Gramsci's "false consciousness" nonsense was an attempt to save Marx from the utter failure of his predictive scheme, so Freegold is an attempt to save Keyensian central banking from its impending failure. No sale.

Dr. P. Metals
Jun 2, 2015 - 8:02pm


FOFOA = "Friend of Friend Of Another".

yes, folks, that's THIRD DERIVATIVE hearsay that you speak so highly of, based on an unknown source to begin with. My swampland is still for sale, all takers welcome!

PS. Let's ask CA Lawyer how admissible such crapola would be in a court of law... LOL

Edit: For those that can't do math or derivatives, that's like: my left toe said my right ankle overheard something my best-friend heard some anonymous person say long ago.

Jun 2, 2015 - 7:14pm

see what i mean...

"Freegold would be better because under a freegold system blah blah blah"

There's 1 enLIGHTening POINT regarding Freegold.

999 to go...

Freegold has the word "gold" in it's name, and "gold" is uh... Gold!

998 to go...

Freegold has connotations of "Free"dom, and freedom is good!!

997 to go...

The Freegold article has a picture with real physical physical Silver and Gold!!

996 to go...

Because "China" (whatever that means to ya) AND RUSSIA!!!! woohooo... (believin' yet?)

995 to go...

The freegold article, and a lot of experts BOTH talk about China, Russia, and Gold!! (it helps to tilt your head back and kind of sway back and forth while repeating "freegold freegold freegold")

994 to go...

The thought of "Another" being a mysterious system insider is exciting!!

993 to go...

Nick Elway
Jun 2, 2015 - 6:24pm

Freegold  is better than what

Freegold is better than what we have..

Under a FreeGold system, politicians will still be able to overpromise and overspend in the short term but the value of their monetized debt (money) after fiat has hyperinflated, as measured in gold, will be minuscule compared to today.

All we would need is honorable bankers and honorable politicians that wouldn't hit gold holders with an "excess profits tax"... then we could have a better system.

I can hear them now:

"Excess profits tax" "Excess profits tax" "Yeah that's it"

"Excess profits tax".."Yeah that's the ticket"

(John Lovitz best part starts in 65 seconds)

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Jun 2, 2015 - 4:21pm
Jun 2, 2015 - 3:10pm


The never ending attempts by tptb to rewrite the death of their system in some manner that sorta kinda like uhhh... doesn't include the actual death (END) of their system.

FreeGold is not a single theory but an understanding of how past events have formed a gold trail which will significantly change our monetary system in the future. It’s a set of all-encompassing explanations tying together trade and geopolitics with the monetary system.

1,000 points of light. Take a 1,000 half-truths and unrelated observations and then tie them together in some nebulous projection of a vision. ta daaaa....."FREEGOLD". A non-existent reality composed in the aggregate of it's many "all-encompassing explanations", aka "1,000 points of light"

The vision (in this case Freegold) will never make sense in and of itself, but will often be believed by the deceived as validated by the 1,000 points of light.

God help you if you ever get trapped by a freegold believer on a bender. ...there is no end to those 1,000 points of light that they will throw out. And all the recognized "experts" who also have ever uttered anything related to those "all-encompassing explanations" those experts count as little 'lights' also. "What, you still don't believe!!?!?? You just need to hear more of these never ending all-encompassing explanations" lol... it'll put a kink in your day for sure.

One can spend a lifetime studying misinformation and never be any closer to the truth than when they first started. Worse, when they do hear a bit of truth it sounds foreign and is rejected. One should prove all things, and only hold fast to that which is true.

Only Silver and Gold are Money

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