Chris Martenson on with Elijah Johnson

Frequent visitors to TFMR know that Chris Martenson has been a longtime friend of the site. His latest interview with Elijah Johnson is a must listen.

Over the course of this discussion, Chris and Elijah hit a number of key points including energy, resource depletion and stagnant growth/prosperity. However, it's the "war possibility" section that begins near the 23:00 minute mark that I want you to be certain to hear.

We live in a very dangerous world. Chris mentions the likelihood of war over "resources". I'd add that war is also likely due to the coming shift in global finance away from dollar hegemony. Either way...heads or tails...we all lose if this plays out as expected.

Again, please give this a thorough listen.



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First it seems!


Listened to this a couple of days ago, and it is truly great information, although most of us have heard it all before. Chris Martenson has one of the broadest understandings of the world we live in that i know of.

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Great presentation by Chris Martenson

I've already been sold on Chris's point of view but he continues to impress me with what a calm, authoritative explanation he gives for why he thinks what he thinks.

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