Earlier Today with Elijah Johnson

A few hours ago, I had the pleasure of visiting again with Elijah Johnson, proprietor of the Finance and Liberty YouTube channel. It was great fun and there's plenty of good info here ahead of what should be a very interesting remainder of the week.

Here are some tabs that Elijah tagged for your convenience:

- Short squeeze in the silver market ►0:15
- What is happening to the gold market? ►2:45
- Does JPMorgan have a silver stockpile? ►4:44
- The tie between the Yuan and gold ►8:07
- Renewed hostilities in Ukraine ►13:21
- What impact is the Ukraine situation going to have on the markets? ►16:53

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Dr Jerome's picture


What? nobody wants a first...?

silver66's picture

I do

but you beat me to it

but second is silver and that is ok with me


philly's picture

I have nothing to add...

Ahhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha....

I have absolutely nothing to add to this (or most other!) discussions...

...but I did get the coveted THURD comment position....and I have contemplated staying at a Holiday Inn before!

By the way, Turd...Nice photo...From all appearances, you do "respectable" fairly well! :^)

Now, sorry for the interruption and please carry on...

WingsofGold's picture

Go forth!

And stack!

marchas45's picture


I just woke up and missed 4th. Lol

Swift Boat Vet's picture

Marchas45 Go ----

Go forth and multiply (your stack)

Great interview Turdski.   Am sending it to family.


Angry Chef's picture

The MORGUE'S Silver Hoard

James Crighton's picture

@Angry Chef & JPM's silver hoard

Indeed Angry - interesting...... I can think of only 2 explanations:

1. Silver pile will be used to suppress the price of silver at some stage;

2. Silver pile will be used as the ultimate 'long' in the forthcoming crisis

i.e. diametrically opposed reasons. .........  oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive......


lakedweller2's picture

@James Crighton


JPM: 1       Peons:  0

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