Andrew Maguire on with Sprott Money

Tue, Apr 28, 2015 - 1:54pm

This new interview/discussion is tremendous and a must listen for everyone.

As an aside, I'm particularly happy to post this because I had a hand in setting it up...and the end result is terrific! Over the course of this 30-minute discussion, Andy addresses:

  • His background and how he became so involved in the fight against The Bullion Banks
  • An update on the silver manipulation investigations
  • Andy's thoughts on the miners and the mining sectors
  • The bull market and physical demand for gold in euro and other non-dollar terms
  • Risks inherent in the global banking system and the value of holding physical precious metal
  • How Andy is personally preparing for "black swan" events and bank defaults
  • The potential and mechanism for default in London and/or New York
  • More information on the ABX and Andy's involvement there

The original story can be accessed at the Sprott Money site and you can access it here:



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James CrightonThomas Coughlin
Apr 29, 2015 - 4:15am

@Tom Coughlin

Go for it Tom - we wait for you to prove the naysayers wrong by opening your exchange (Bullion Capital) and getting it up-and-running.

Very best wishes


Apr 29, 2015 - 2:58am


Andrew does present himself admirably i suppose, and it's great that you guys have developed a positive relationship. not surprising tho as you guys kind of remind me of each other.

Andy wanted us to buy in to his trading service, to- "Beat them at their own game" playing their own central market paper trading game.

Now you want us to buy into (support, believe in, etc) your new global exchange that promises to "Beat them at their own game" ...w/ another exchange where anon trades from behind the curtain populates a single price chart that if referenced would control the prices of the world's physical Silver transactions.

(Same as the system's current "single chart controls the world silver price" model)

And you both seem to suffer selective amnesia regarding the fact that it's been perfectly legal to "manipulate" the markets since 1934.

...both excellent at diverting conversations away from objective verifiable factual details. on and on . . .

so yeah, quite a pair of characters you gents.

- - - -

btw: as you "connected" guys are likely well aware- there's a big covert push to replace the USD as the world's reserve currency / currency standard.

This might/maybe require a new non-USD exchange (chart), and even a few whistle-blowers to take down JPM(?) sell ditching the current usd/silver and usd/gold charts or some such.

In all your and AM's talks and travels since happening to meet up... You guys heard anything??

Apr 29, 2015 - 1:09am

Andrew Maguire

I've had the benefit of meeting Andrew personally a number of times and speaking with him over the phone on countless occasions. I can tell you all that he is an extraordinarily down to earth gentleman with only the best of intentions in mind. We're very happy to have him sitting on our advisory committee and adding the value he brings from his expertise.

I find his efforts in whistle blowing on the manipulation in the PM market admirable.

Just my two cents on Andrew.



James CrightonBarfly
Apr 29, 2015 - 12:47am

@Barfly - re AM

Barfly - I hear what you say - I really do. However, on this particular issue, the Bullion Capital one, we have confirmation that the exchange will be formed from Tom Coughlin...... or..... do you believe that Tom too is telling porkies?


Apr 28, 2015 - 11:10pm

lakedweller - that confusion thing

I know you know the word cognitive dissonance. It's that feeling you have right before you begin to see the code of the matrix. I have no story to sell you, no tales of imminent market crashes or system resets or whistleblowers. I just call it like I see it, man, and I get it wrong a fair amount, too. But I own that. It's not hard, all you have to do is dig just a little. Go back through King World News and compare every wild tale put out by my dear Agent A to what actually took place. Then, you'll begin to see the pattern of rumor mongering, book talking (his or somebodies), and outright publicity seeking through outrageous claims. As Ss121s post above points out the grandiose claims never come true. Once you know the playbook, you can see it working. Once you see behind the curtain, you'll see the wizard is nothing but a smoke machine, a loudspeaker, and a movie projector.

Apr 28, 2015 - 8:50pm


I like what you say but I also like what AM says. Very confusing.

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Apr 28, 2015 - 6:55pm

Maguire heretic

Yep, I doubt I'll even listen to this crap. I probably won't change my mind until I see the screenshots that were supposed to be in that article. Which probably means never. I really have a hard time believing this guy gets so much play when he's obviously full of $#!t. I guess people need heroes even if they're fake.

Apr 28, 2015 - 4:58pm

" Can I get an A.M. Amen?? "


Much of the metals community, through superstition, the inability to think and the Cult of Personality Mega-Church mentality, has turned into nothing more than a giant false religion.

Of which Silver and Gold, if they could speak, would likely say "Beware, many will come in my name (yapping about "Silver" and "Gold") but will deceive many" focusing instead on paper silver and paper gold, and leading crowds into the system context of charts, reports, and those magical mystical "markets".

Then to add another layer of confusion to already confused minds, we have the Agent Andy phenom. Andy is a mega-church proclaimed whistle-blower/super-hero who has made statements and many speeches regarding his efforts to fight "manipulation"!!! ...which is 100% legal and wouldn't be legitimately prosecuted even if it were not legal. Don't laugh yet, it gets better...

Andy also makes outrageous "market" (as if there were one) predictions, and predictions about the behind-the-scenes activities of sovereign nations, (which he "sees" . . . somehow), and through these great predictions, WHICH ARE ALMOST ALWAYS WRONG, he leads many diverse factions of the paper-metal-mega-church.

Now it's getting so weird that anytime his name comes up the congregation's hearts and minds commence to flutter.

They don't know whether to bow down to his status in the church, or shamefully keep supporting him like an abused spouse who won't leave, as "this beating is no different than beatings past".

Others steeped in the Manipulation doctrine get frustrated with the few who point out his abysmal prediction record and then go round-n-round in a false argument about which false narrative should be given the most cult-of-personality weight in the paper silver and gold market mega-church.

It's pretty crazy, and apparently causes amnesia. Because every time a service kicks off, the entire congregation instantly forgets that -

A- Manipulation is legal, since 1934.

B- The U.S. Justice Dept--

  • Works to bring illegals INTO the country
  • Ran (runs) the Fast and Furious gunwalking program
  • Has stated before congress that the banks are too big to investigate, jail, fail, etc.

consider- Any Big Bank or other metals "market" prosecutions will either 1- Never Happen, or 2- Only happen as part of an orchestrated operation to make a run-up of the usd/silver and usd/gold charts look organic ("market" related). something like...

Metals Booming As JPM To Be Charged With Manipulation


As for the person Andy M. i've never met him but he seems like quite a nice chap.

My focus is on the promotion and understanding of real Silver and Gold, the metal metals, and i do my own thinking. So this might not be a popular perspective among his followers, but it's certainly nothing personal.

Only Silver and Gold are Money

Apr 28, 2015 - 4:36pm

Maguire style

He has the ability to make you feel excited....perhaps overexcited. But I still like him.

Apr 28, 2015 - 4:08pm


The MSM coverage of Baltimore makes me sick. When the money is flowing and the times are good you see nothing but politicians parading around on TV but when the shit hits the fan they are no longer found. The media is now interviewing PASTORS and asking what went wrong and what needs to be done. Where are the all knowing political leaders at this time? The cowards are hiding.

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