Outstanding Resources on How To Make Money with Charts - by Argentus Maximus

Outstanding Resources on How To Make Money with Charts

This is a piece which I started several weeks ago but which due to urgent matters at the time I had to put to one side.

Several times I have been asked for a reading list which can be used to raise the quality and ability of prospective investors and traders.

Here it is.

Sorry Ben Graham-ites! Your master didn't make the (my!) cut because this list is about the practical use of charts and intended to work on all timeframes. On a more serious note the Graham and Dodds thesis can be alternatively represented on charts as an approximate 10 or 20 years trading range which stock prices, earnings, and returns of assets employed, oscillate within and can be accordingly traded.


Technical Analysis of Stock Trends (6th or later edition)

Robert Edwards & John Magee

All time classic on bar chart analysis


Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Edwin Lefevre (Jesse Livermore)

The best book about trading there is


Forecasting Financial Markets.

Tony Plummer

Excellent Integration of Fibonacci, Cycles, Elliott Wave and Technical analysis


The Power of Oscillator Cycle Combinations

Walter Bressert

System trading properly with indicators, trading trends not reversals


The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing

J M Hurst

Investment Classic


Geometry of Markets II

Bryce Gilmore

Gann & Elliott techniques


Elliott Wave Principle.

Robert Prechter & A J Frost

Complete explanation of Elliott Wave Theory


A Case for Cycles.

Cycles: The Mysterious Forces That trigger Events

Edward R Dewey

Wave theory model for markets


Trading is a Business

Joe Ross

Covers practical problems of making money


Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets.

J Murphy

Textbook summary of most available technical tools & styles (alternative primer by Pring would do fine)


Technical Analysis For a Trading Professional.

Constance Brown

Alternative to Murphy or Pring with some better presentation and less wide coverage


Volume & Open Interest

Ken Shaleen

Underlying structure of leveraged markets


The Undeclared Secrets of The Stock Market

Tom Williams

Volume Price Analysis


Rhythm ‘n Price (RNP)

Norman Greene.

Integrated Multidisciplinary Analysis (not a book) a video advisory analysis/trading training course


Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness of Crowds

Charles MacKay

Social Mood that drives Markets is for prolonged periods erratic and irrational


The Market Wizards

Jack Schwager.

Successful traders interviewed (the original volume not the sequel)


Volume Cycles in The Stock Market

Trading With Equivolume

Richard Arms

Volume Characteristics of market Prices


Charting Commodity Price Behavior

L Dee Belveal

Volume Characteristics of futures prices



Several of the above books have been updated since I purchased my copy, and a more recent title may have been affixed to the same but updated work. Murphy, Williams, and Ross are examples. The later version is probably better. In some cases, like Schwager, a sequel has issued with similar title, but in this writer's opinion the original is the better one.

Some of my own work is in the list. This may provoke a response that I am being self serving. Well we all have our views on everything and I only say that in my view my work deserves to be in this list with those other works. I'm not about to write what I do in a book so that's what's available. So take it as advised and (I suggest) read them all.

I do believe that to try to trade financial markets without reading at least half of the works listed first is tantamount to throwing money away in the direction of more professional market participants. I doubt that without reading all of them, and also repeatedly over time, I would be able to make profits in markets. They are essential knowledge for the chartist. Now if somebody wants to use other inputs than charts, fine, but there are really good reasons over 75% lose money every year and 90%+ lose money over a three year period. Some of those reasons might just be included in the works listed. For an experienced trader they represent a good beginning or foundation.

There is a tendency to use the PDFand other electronic formats due to convenience and reduced cost. I have most of these in e-format in one filetype or other, but I have paper hard copies too. I use the e-book to look something up quickly. But for learning the e-book is a very low ranking and inferior substitute from which the intake of concepts and ideas is greatly reduced for the same time spend reading. At least I find it to be so. My many attempts to overcome this failing of screen based information have convinced me that for learning purposes, paper is superior by a very significant degree. I assume it is either, a personal trait in myself, or alternatively it is something to do with the way the intellect and eyes work to intake information. I suspect (strongly but can't prove it) that the tactile feel (of reality vs virtual?) plus the flippability of physical pages held between fingers for cross referencing with later text is a superior method, providing a standard that e-books have not yet attained. So the books are, to me, a more valuable resource than the e-books.

Take care and may you be successful in your journey

Argentus Maximus

The author posts daily commentary on the gold and silver markets in the TFMR forum: The Setup For The Big Trade. More information about the author & his work can be found here: RhythmNPrice. The author advises that he trades and holds market positions in accordance with his own opinions.

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