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Late yesterday, The Doc at SD Bullion asked Turd to come on his weekly "Market Wrap" program.

This rollicking discussion covers several of the primary topics we've been discussing in Turdville for the past couple of months:

The original link to the interview at SilverDoctors is here: http://www.silverdoctors.com/banksters-were-naked-short-10-m-oz-of-gold-600-m-oz-of-silver-ahead-of-massive-raid/#comments




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In this discussion with The Doc


I once again went to great lengths to explain the inherent unfairness of the way the Comex operates. We discuss the expanding and contracting of the total open interest and speculate that yesterday was all about The Banks covering shorts while The Specs liquidated. 

Well, guess what? That was EXACTLY what happened!!

The preliminary OI numbers for Friday are in.

In gold, total OI declined by more than 11,000 contracts. This is exactly the mad rush of Spec liquidation and Bank short-covering that knew we knew was coming. Total Comex gold OI is now back to 403,460 and down 47,525 (10%) from the recent highs of 450,985 seen at the price high of $1305 on January 22.

Mission freaking accomplished.

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Turkey to lose $5 billion annually if not included in TTIP

AA Photo

AA Photo

Turkey stands to lose roughly $5 billion per year in direct losses alone if it is not included in a final free trade agreement between the EU and the U.S., Turkey’s minister for EU Affairs said late on Feb. 5.

Minister Volkan Bozkır told a gathering at the German Marshall Fund in Washington that Turkey “cannot afford the damage that would be caused” to its economy if it was not included in the prospective deal.  The eighth round of negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) were set to conclude in Brussels on Feb. 6, with more than 200 negotiators representing the United States and the European Union attempting to broker a free trade agreement.

If successful, the TTIP negotiators have the potential to integrate two of the world’s largest economies.  Turkey has been a party to the Customs Union deal with the EU since 1995, allowing goods into its borders. However, Turkey is not a party to the TTIP talks as it is not an EU member.

Turkish officials argue that future free trade agreements signed by the EU with other countries, such as the U.S., would effectively open Turkey’s market to exports from these states, while effectively blocking Turkish exports from benefiting from tax advantages in those same states, if Ankara is not a party to free trade deals negotiated by the EU.


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FT article - not a NATO guy, but seems wrong

NATO has begun discussing the possibility of sending arms to Ukraine, according to the alliance’s secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg. Mr Stoltenberg said the issue was being actively discussed by alliance members, alongside a range of other measures to bolster support for Kiev. His remarks follow those of Nato’s top military commander, General Philip Breedlove, who on Friday said that “conventional means” of support from Nato powers should not be ruled out if economic and diplomatic overtures to Moscow failed. The German chancellor Angela Merkel is opposed to a military solution to the Ukraine crisis although she has warned that peace talks may fail.

Mr Stoltenberg stressed that any move to support Ukraine with weaponry would be a matter for individual Nato allies to decide upon, not the alliance as a whole.

WTFDIK - It s not important that we act as a group, whatever goes - can you say break-up???

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Good stuff, as always, Turd

You can't resist saying "What's up, Doc?" can you? 

That's indicative of being a certain age and having been parked in front of a tv set playing high quality cartoons, isn't it?

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Nnyahhh! Chomp chomp smack smack smack!

Loved those cartoons! Bugs rules! Perhaps the doc is too young to remember those...?

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To a humble stacker...all

To a humble stacker...all that really matters is --can I get PM's if I want to.  Believe me when it's there ya gotta go get it...take the easy money is an old sales motto....kinda like hand it to Beast Mode...ya know?  For me at least...it's all -still- about availability.

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my sentiments exactly 4oz

And I'm sure many others agree. Rxman

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REMINDER: Turdville meet-up in Seattle, WA today @4 PM PST

Forum link: https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/forum/6579/secret-society-turd-first-meeting

Contact: john dot yossarian896 @t hushmail period com

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Thanks for filling in...

Great show, Mr. T

It was raining like mad where I live.  I stepped out of bed and into a small lake of water!  Go figure.  Of all days my sump pump up and dies!  While you were having fun talking to Doc, I was pumping water.  :-)

High and dry by Saturday, however, and I was able to record with Dr. Janda today:  http://thenewsdoctors.com/?p=280719

Dr. Janda still laughs every time you pull the "What's up, Doc?" line.  Doc (Jon) over at SD doesn't even think twice about it.  

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