Great Stuff from Santiago Capital

Our friend and Turdite, Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital, has crafted another excellent presentation to kick off 2015. Tremendous information and just 10 minutes in length, this is a must watch.

Over the course of the presentation, you'll hear Brent discuss:

  • the state of the metals "markets", admitting that the last two years have been frustrating
  • the ongoing belief that only paper assets are safe
  • the folly of believing in central bank economic mastery
  • the danger posed by deflation, dollar strength and global derivatives

Again, please take the time to watch this extraordinarily important and effective presentation. Then, when you're done, consider contacting Brent for advice and consultation.




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Now to read and listen


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Everybody should watch this documentary

Wow. Well worth the time to watch this documentary and I am only 2.5 hours into it.

Most surprising so far is Bush was involved with JFK's murder.

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Follow up to first

time limit up, can't edit my FIRST

Just watched...Outstanding 10 minutes. I am now just sending out to clients


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Thanks, Craig!

I've watched it now and, like silver66 above, have sent it out to friends who've been lamenting lately that there's so little content at TFMR, except for that behind the paywall. Posts like this will keep them coming back and hopefully they'll choose someday to pay the reasonable fee and join us for the premium content.

Great presentation by Brent and thanks again, Craig!

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I was Going To Watch

But It's Taking Forever To Load. Keep Stacking

Finally Got It To Work.

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Extensive Ukraine update from SS


As I mentioned on Sunday, very intense fighting has been happening all along the front lines. 

- Novorussian forces cleared the Donetsk airport and successfully captured the New Terminal.  Ukraine had some "crack" troops holding out in this building for several weeks now.  These troops had achieved an almost mythical status among Ukrainians as Kiev played up their exploits.  Known as "the cyborgs" their fame was likened to the defenders of Stalingrad.  Thus, when the Novorussians finally cleared these guys out, Ukraine immediately launched 2-3 counter-attacks on the airport (Saturday/Sunday).  The goal was to at least get Ukrainian guys back into the new terminal to maintain the appearance that the "cyborgs" still held. 

- After intense fighting, Novorussians successfully repelled all the Ukrainian counter-attacks on the airport.  The last culminating in an end-run into the northern outskirts of Donetsk where a tank battle ended when the Novorussians collapsed a bridge onto 2 Ukrainian tanks. 

- Sunday/Monday saw fiercely intense shelling of Gorlovka.  Several civilians were killed there, as well as in Donetsk.

- Late Sunday/yesterday/today, Novorussia has been on the (limited) offensive.  They have pushed west from the Donetsk airport and have secured the village of Peski.  They have also pushed northeast of the aiport into Avdyeevka.  These two villages are important in that Ukraine was using these as the primary locations to fire artillery onto Donetsk. 

- Novorussia is also pushing on Mariupol and has secured a village on the eastern outskirts.  However, no major attack seems imminent on Mariupol.

- I could go all along the front lines and list detailed engagement sites, but suffice it to say, Novorussian forces are advancing everywhere.  ***These advances are only tactical in nature--they do not show any type of "break-out" or large-scale, coordinated offensive.  With that being said, Ukraine has zero, zilch, nada, nol military successes in this latest escalation.

- Russian FM, Sergei Lavrov is due in Berlin tomorrow to resume talks on the Normandy format.  It will be interesting to see if Russia is finally fed up with the appeasement/time-buying strategy.  Russia has been arming the Novorussian defenders.  However, they actively close the supply spigot so that Novorussia is only an effective DEFENSIVE force.  Novorussian militia do not have the means to push to Kiev and Russia won't give them those means.  Remember that in the summer, Novorussian forces were moving virtually unopposed onto Mariupol and Zaparozhia only to stop and return to the Minsk accord boundaries.  There was no military reason for this.  Russia simply said, "back up" or  no more guns/ammo.

- Thus, while Russia may be moving troops around the Ukrainian border, it doesn't make any sense to overtly invade now when your proxy defenders are doing so well. 


These things are some rumors that I've seen and wanted to share with the major caveat that they are RUMORS.  They merely bare remembering and watching in the next 30-days or so.

- I've seen a lot about a possible 2nd Maidan/coup against the Poroshenko government.  Talks about the oligarch Kolomoisky/Right Sector/Yatsentyuk teaming up to oust Poroshenko and declare war on Russia.  Kolomoisky has his own private army that is reportedly, very well manned with European mercs.

- RUMOR that Right Sector may attempt some provocative actions against Russia in the Kherson region bordering Crimea.

- RUMOR that some premiers in Kiev are evacuating their families ahead of the possible coup

- FACT...Ukrainians are extremely upset about the airport/cyborgs falling and that these guys weren't given the assistance they needed.  The fragile propaganda "house of cards" could be falling down on Poroshenko who would be the scapegoat.

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I like it when David is on my side!

a sure thing is always calming: sling, .44, gold.

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King world news is finally becoming relevant.

Of course, they've been screaming from the rooftops for years “the end is near”,

but world  events are finally catching up with the reporting they started years ago.

These articles seem timely and relevant,  even if it is actually just more of the same:

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@Orange: JFK to 911

Yes this documentary is, imho, well worth the time watching.

I got most of the value out of the "backstory" through to the 1950's. I don't know whether there is general agreement among JFK researchers with his analysis but I certainly don't believe the official line.

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@ Orange

Excellent movie! 

It was posted on “DOTS” about a month ago, and a lot of us watched it.

Since I explore these kinds of things regularly, there weren't all that many big surprises for me,  and I assure you, the documentary is well researched.

The “kill shot from the storm drain” did resolve a long-standing mystery for me, but as far as  George Bush Senior's involvement, that's been well known for decades.

My only grievance with the movie, is that it fails to highlight the role of central  banking, along with  another global crime syndicate  which can't be mentioned  in mixed company, but it doesn't take a lot of research to connect the dots.

What makes it particularly relevant, is these guys are still in power today.

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@ Orange

I agree it is definitely worth the time to watch. Segment it out or what ever but it is worth the watch.

I couldn't tell you myself if that flathead motor in the Nazi military truck was a Ford or not but I do remember my Father telling me once how the Nazis copied our manufacturing and he was probably talking about that Ford motor with my Dad being a big Ford guy. He's been gone for years now but I would sure like to talk to him about not just the motor but most of the film and yes he would know about that motor.

The content of the film is why I am looking into moving to Puerto Rico that has a no tax safe heaven for Americans, so you don't have to pay taxes you would in the states, and just as important as not paying taxes is, I'm not feeding the beast. 

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There is no presentation in the post

There is no presentation in the post.......only a big blank spot after Turd's comments.  Where is it?

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Leaked Pentagon Video Shows

Leaked Pentagon Video Shows Vaccine Designed to ~ Modify Behavior ~

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It's there


Please try refreshing the page a few times. If that doesn't work, try a different browser.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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not visible on tablet.

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Not visible on iPad or iphone 5

Just FYI - there is no visible presentation on either my iPad or my iphone 5.  I just listened to today's podcast on both iPad and iphone.  Not sure what the issue is with this post.  It just shows a huge empty white space on both iPad and iphone.

thanks for all you do TF.

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Plug in not supported

via Google chrome on iPad air

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Just a suggestion

When you embed anything also put the link by it, we can then just follow it and avoid extra work :)

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Having watch the documentary,

Having watch the documentary, this ZH comic certainly hits home.

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direct link

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RE: Leaked Pentagon Video

Safety Dan, the implications of that are beyond Orwellian, when we consider that the USG has tested and then used every weapon at their disposal. The pattern clearly is; 1) First use it on a foreign enemy, then 2) use it on the US population.

Now obviously, if they have been working along these avenues for over ten years - We can assume with 100% assurity that these Dr Frankensteins have also developed a vaccine for every behavior that you can imagine.

The obvious ones are; sex drive, aggressiveness, critical thinking, motivation. Just think of how complete their NWO population control agenda would be. Not only is your behavior and health regulated by food additives, water additives, and aerosols, but now your brain centers are directly modified - just like a lobotomy.

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@ abguy4

... And we thought rigged PM markets by our own government & banks leading to theft and murders, was pretty low. It appears they have found a way to become lower than whale dung in the ocean. 

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