The other 1%—Ready, Relaxed and Right

Sat, Jan 17, 2015 - 12:25pm

In Turd’s absence, I thought I’d start typing and see what comes out, because we must have new reading, new stimulation, and somewhere to post our ideas, somewhere that is not five or six pages deep in a website.

School began this week for me, increasing my stress levels, demanding my time. I had also committed to work for a local tax preparer for the season to make some extra fiat. After our first staff meeting at the tax service, my wife and I took our new old car to the mechanic to see about replacing a motor mount and sealing a transmission leak. While we were chatting with the mechanic and admiring his large collection of exotic parrots and cockatoos, the price of gas came up and I got on my soapbox and began preaching that this is not a good sign, and not good for the economy. Then I felt strange. I recognized that I was about to black out and looked for a chair…

I was dreaming about renovating a house in Colorado when I felt myself being awakened. I opened my eyes and stared at a dirty shop floor with a large pool of blood under my face. I became lucid as my wife and the mechanic helped me to stand up. They began applying first aid to stop the bleeding as I realized what happened.

Back in 1995 I became dehydrated working construction in an Arizona summer, blacked out at work and slammed the back of my head on a concrete floor as I crumpled to the ground. Good thing I was wearing a hard-hat or it would have killed me. Since that time, whenever I feel too much stress, the symptoms of that original injury return for a moment. On rare occasions I black out. Usually I just sense a deja-vu feeling as people are speaking. Then it passes. I take the occasion to examine my life and see where I have taken on too much responsibility. I went for 6 years without an episode while I was blissfully ignorant from 2000 to 2006.

On this occasion, I was talking about the price of oil and what it means. Red flag!

I have become more stressed than I realize about all this manipulation, plot and schemes, nail guns, fiat-printing, mainstream propaganda, police militarization, false flags, attacks, war-mongering, job destruction, etc., and there is not a damn thing I can do to change it. We have prepared our family as best as we can and are simply waiting, continuing to maintain our supplies and bolster our extended vacation-home plan.

Meanwhile life goes on. Our adult kids still live at home, attend college and work at low paying jobs. I have a good job with responsibilities that are not overwhelming. My wife’s business is prospering.

But my obsession with watching and waiting has taken its toll. Something has to change. I have taken a weight on my shoulders that I should have left out there on the internet. My wife is getting tired of hearing me talk about current events. And I am getting tired of smashing my face on mechanic shop floors. Somehow I have to simplify my life and NOT let all the stuff we talk about here get to me.

I have resigned from the tax preparation job. That made a big difference this week for my stress. And somehow, I have to be able to keep an eye on current events without getting obsessed. I suspect it is just a matter of how much time I spend reading. But I cannot stop reading all together or I’ll not be ready when events demand it. But I must reduce my stress from the economic news.

I suppose my great concern has been, “will I be caught flat-footed if the collapse is sudden?” If it is sudden, involving a banking crisis that freezes liquidity and suspends banking transactions, I want to know in time to take some cash, do a final stock up of goods and buy enough gasoline to get somewhere before the rest of the town figures out what just happened, because the stores may be closed and empty by evening. So I read extensively three or four times a day.

But I suspect a quick scan of the headlines each morning as the markets open, and reading a bit in the afternoon to catch up is all that is needed. With that much attention, we can stay on our toes. All y’all here will keep us apprised of significant stories that indicate what may come and when. We could even subscribe to twitter and get “the big heads up” sent directly and immediately. I certainly did not miss the SNB story the other morning—even though my lips were too swollen to talk articulately and my mind cloudy. This week’s news was significant:

  • Price of gas dropping—this is not good
  • Russia pulls out of petrodollar—bad for the dollar
  • SNB cuts peg—system cracking—good for gold, head’s up.

But seriously, we didn’t need to know every detail about all three stories to just to stay on our toes. We are getting closer. That’s all we need to take from it. We have to take care of our emotional and mental health through all this Keynesian-krap. At lease I do, or I may be more of a burden to my family than a help. The past 4 years have been difficult with large percentage losses in physical silver, ridicule of family and friends, and being continually jumpy about every significant news story. It takes a toll.

Relax Jerome. Enjoy the morning. Read your bible and pray. You are ready for what comes—at least more than 98% of your neighbors. You see, we are the other 1%--not filthy rich, but ready for a new economy. If the end comes gradually, we can pay a bit more attention and take action as needed. If it ends suddenly, we can mosey to the gas station, then down to the store and come home with some goods before the neighbors know what’s up. And if TPTB pulls off another stick save, we’ll rotate the stock and keep watching.

I write all this because I suspect I am not the only one struggling emotionally and perhaps physically.

I did this painting when I was about 13. Walked up north of town where we lived with my oil paints and sat on the hillside for a few hours and worked. Very relaxing.

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Jan 17, 2015 - 12:32pm

Start jogging. It helps as

Start jogging. It helps against stress as well. Take sauna regularly. Running far and developing resistance to heat are also important prepping components.

Jan 17, 2015 - 12:51pm

Agreed Ivars

Completely agree Ivars - running is great for physical (and mental) strength and flexibility. I often use it as processing time when much is going on like now :)

Jan 17, 2015 - 12:58pm

Same Here

Thanks Dr J. Samo, samo on the stress, worry and lack of enjoyment. Fortunately I haven't crashed and burned on a mechanics floor without moving. My falls are usually from looking back when going forward and things are no longer there. 

Great article and thoughts.

Note: Jogger about us old people just walk or do we really have to run. Maybe walk fast or something...or speed shuffle board.

Jan 17, 2015 - 1:01pm

Take care of yourself

That's a frightening experience! It sounds like you are prepared for what may be coming. So, try not to worry. I know, that's easier said than done. Do something relaxing, sitting in the sun does me a world of good this time of year and try to have a good laugh every day. It's good for the soul.

Jan 17, 2015 - 1:04pm

Bloody Hell Dr J

All this talk of Health and Relaxation, I'm on my Recliner right now and getting ready to read and taking a relaxing day off. laugh Keep Stacking

For me Dr J, release from stress is Love and laughter and I enjoy life but I don't have much to say about it unless I'm asked. I am also in a stressful job (Real Estate) and it has been really stressful lately but I cope with it through the way I feel about life. I love people (even though a few don't like me laugh because of my outgoing personality) and I'm always happy, what those people don't realize, I got that happiness from within and I'm getting happier more every day because of that and I believe you may know what I mean.

So I search within, the answer is always there to protect me from all the pitfalls like stress and protects me from my outside conditions that surrounds me. I let all that outside crap go and just prepare. Keep Stacking

Jan 17, 2015 - 1:10pm

Fast walking is good , about

Fast walking is good , about 1 hour. And then -sauna..I know its not so popular in the States, but 1 hour sauna takes stress away like anything ( best way to do it- at +50-60-max 70 degree C with lots of moisture on sauna stove/in sauna room if possible( just splashing warm water on the walls is good enough- but lots of water). Then cooling after each say 5-10 min sitting in such sauna in cold shower or pond or lake or sea or river or ..snow.

There should be plenty of instructions around the web how to do sauna properly and what precautions to take in case of some medically conditions. 

We here in Latvia believe though that properly done sauna can do no harm to anyone. Only benefits. And one may enjoy it with cool beer if one is so inclined, max 0,5- 1 liter per 1 hour sauna to stay into healthy mode.

Such sauna in combination with the knowledge You belong to the 1% privileged class that is ready for the big shit that is coming will take away all your stress. And it will allow the knowledge to crystallize and sink in..I am a bit sarcastic here but really- being in such minority is a stress in itself and reinforcement of own understanding by mental reflection while in sauna, walking or jogging etc is very helpful. 

Jan 17, 2015 - 1:34pm

Can relate to the article

Long distance running with a backpack full of metals is what I like the most ^^

Dr. P. Metals
Jan 17, 2015 - 1:51pm

Psalm 46:10

"Be still, and know that I am God"

followed by Philippians 4:6-7

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

Works for me every time.

Edit: I wanted to add why Psalm 46:10 says what it says.

God does not grow tired. He does not need a day off. He does not call in sick. He does not need a vacation. He does not get weary. He does not give up. He does not "wish He could". He does not "hope it may". He does not need to rest. He is not surprised. He does not need to sleep. He sees all. He is omniscient. He is omnipresent. He is all knowing. He is all powerful. He knows all. He is not surprised. He is not ignored. He is not mocked. He doesn't have to learn more. He doesn't have to wait to see what will happen. He doesn't depend on mere man for His will to be done. He doesn't lie. He doesn't omit truth. He doesn't tell half-truths. He is just. He is loving. He is merciful. He will judge all. He is who He always was. He is who He is today. He is what He is for all eternity. He doesn't change His mind. He doesn't change His promises. He is not overcome. He will prevail. He has always been, is now, and always will be. S0, if you are one of His, be still, and rest in Him, and know that He is God. If you do not yet know Him, it would be a good day to start.

Nick Elway
Jan 17, 2015 - 2:18pm

Exercise, Love, Be still and know

Great advice all, I love this community.

Do what you can to prepare, then leave the rest to God.

Great post Dr. J. 

Jan 17, 2015 - 2:41pm

@ Dr. J- Professional Detachment

My field of work for 25 years (court ordered/ monitored social services interventions) has involved being in the trenches with child and elder abuse, neglect and exploitation cases. The burn out rate is very high. Unless you have no heart, you must cultivate "professional detachment" to do the work effectively. I know- this is much easier said than done but this understanding of the work allows you to look horrible cases in the face. Might help while watching our country come apart.

James Crighton lakedweller2
Jan 17, 2015 - 3:39pm

@lakedweller2 - exercise

Lake - a daily walk (7 days a week is better than 6 - is better than 5 - is better than 4 ............. than 1) of 40 minutes (non-stop) is perfectly adequate. AND, NO sugar - NO sugar. AND, minimal alcohol - preferably none - maximum of the equivalent of one glass of wine three times a week.

And, blueberries (or similar coloured fruit / veg) - nibbled through the day. Remember, anti-oxidants and vitamin C are eliminated from the body / metabolised in about 4 hours; so, no use taking large dose of vitamin C once a day - it is eliminated in 4 hours and the body is left bereft for the next 20 hours. Rather, like the monkeys / gorillas from whence we came, graze little bits through the day.

That's about it.

Trust me, I'm a doc.


Jan 17, 2015 - 4:20pm

More Painting

Dr J

What a scary moment. Glad you to hear you are fine. 

I would suggest more painting. It's obvious that you have a natural talent. 

Thank you for all your wonderful insight here. It is greatly appreciated.


Jan 17, 2015 - 4:51pm

A Couple of Subjects

Was in the car the other night listening to Dave Ramsey. He is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host who does nothing but preach to people about getting out of debt and how to do it. In my opinion, he is doing important and necessary work. Someone called in with what I would guess to be a New York City hispanic accent and said he was buying silver against the crash of the dollar. I mentally sort of smiled to myself because I knew Mr. Ramsey was probably about to skewer the guy. And he did, but was fairly gentle about it. He said he doesn't invest in silver or gold and doesn't recommend it to any of his listeners. As for the dollar crashing, he said that if that happened, everything we know and love in this country would come to an end and it wasn't going to happen. He went on to say that gold and silver haven't been used as a medium of exchange for 500 years. That's where I began to get my dander up a bit. Doesn't he know that the entire world was on a gold standard until August, 1971 and that all international debts not only could be but in fact, were required to be settled in gold. Or that the United States gave up 2/3 of its gold reserves in the vain attempt to defend a $35 price for gold? Why are so-called financial experts so clueless. I called a local financial radio talk show one Saturday morning a couple of months ago where the host financial expert had two other financial experts on as guests. I asked them if they thought that we as bank depositors needed to have any concern about bail-ins. They had never heard the term. Never even heard of it! Maybe we are in the 1% in more ways than one. I felt that Mr. Ramsey would have done much better to have said something like this: AFTER you get yourself free of all debt and you have built up an emergency fund equivalent to 3 to 6 months expenses, if you really feel it is necessary to have some precious metals as insurance against something I think is never going to happen, go ahead and put 5% of your investable assets into precious metals. My rant off. Other subject: My wife is organist and music director at a church. I help her out by adding my voice to the choir. We participated in a funeral today for a Navy Seal who was killed in a training accident last week. What an experience! These are very special men, to say the least. There were 50 or 60 Navy Seals in attendance at the funeral and I got a chance to look them over as they filed out afterwards. Young, looked like NFL players. The Dad spoke for awhile and injected some humor into the proceedings. I've known him for several years now and a nicer man you're never going to meet . The Mom mostly sobbed throughout the proceedings. Blake was first in his Seal training class and the first pick for his Team Commander. He was also the biggest of all the guys on his team. Both of his older brothers spoke and one of them said when he thought of Blake he felt like Danny DeVito in the movie Twins. The other brother said they were starting their own team and they were calling it the Walruses, and they were accepting applications from other old, fat guys. Most of us were laughing and crying at the same time. There were about 500 to 600 people at the funeral including both senators, the governor, and congressmen. The family will have to endure another service for the interment at Arlington. Dr. J, I read all your posts with great interest. I'm really sorry for the physiological problem you've been having and I hope the stress reduction works out.

Mr. Fix
Jan 17, 2015 - 5:00pm

Excellent article Dr. Jerome,

I too have felt the stress of trying to stay on top of it all, trying to figure it all out, and trying to be prepared for the inevitable collapse. I try not to take it too seriously, but so far, I've had little success.

 As far as preparations are concerned, the lights could go out tomorrow, the banks could all close, the store shelves could be emptied in minutes, and I would be fine. So in essence, there is very little to worry about.

 Maybe I'm just a news junkie by now, I don't watch television for entertainment, I open up my MacBook, read some of my favorite websites top stories, and write it off as amusement.

 Sometimes I speak my mind on this website, other times, I go for days just reading, and saying nothing.

 I can completely identify with a family who thinks I have nothing to discuss except an upcoming cataclysm that never seems to arrive.

I would agree that I am better prepared than at least 98% of my neighbors, and I am simply going to have to declare that that is good enough for me.

I've been occupying a lot more free time lately with “spiritual pursuits”, I've been trying to eat well, stay well rested, and to look at all things as an adventure, and not a matter of “life-and-death”.

 I also try to put a positive spin on things, for example, I do believe the system has to collapse before mankind can experience anything that resembles freedom. I think the powers that be are wildly overextended, and that most of what we are witnessing are acts of desperation.

 I truly believe that their attempt at total control will fail in a spectacular fashion.

 History tells us that we've been here before, but the psychopathic rulers of our world have never been as exposed as they are currently.

 I've noticed a general consensus of people who are moderately aware that the system is dying, but do not even have a desire to live long enough to see what's on the other side. Many of them will not make it.

 Life is a series of trade-offs, we cannot sit around being blissfully ignorant. For starters, we already know too much. Secondly, this would seriously undermine our chances of being able to help our fellow man after the great reset.

 Knowledge is power, don't forget that. Although it may feel like a burden today, it will be an enormous and immeasurable asset in the very foreseeable future.

 For now, I am just maintaining my pantry, my stack, my armory and my customer base.

 Most importantly, I am maintaining a positive outlook, and an inner calmness, so that I am not anyone else's liability.

 Thanks for being here.


 This is slightly off-topic, but not for this website:

 Just prior to the Swiss removing the ceiling from their currency, I had predicted another route in the metals, and to to my surprise, I was wrong. (That doesn't happen very often).

 I've been saying for a long time that our metals would not appreciate in value until after a systemic collapse.

 I have not yet decided whether this is a bull trap or not, we will probably know this week.

I have absolutely no confidence in a bull market until after the demise of the COMEX.

 But the one thing that is undeniable, is that the system is falling apart in real time, and our world will look very different in a couple of months.

 Hopefully, we will be significantly wealthier. smiley

Jan 17, 2015 - 5:38pm

Agree on the exercise to releive stress

My joints and back are beyond running but walking is still an option. Each year I try to plan a hiking trip that will push my physically. That creates the goal that gets me motivated to walk. And thinking about and planning the trip is something that takes my mind off of all the negative issues. This year's trip is the High Sierra Camps in Yosemite in late August.

Jan 17, 2015 - 5:51pm

@ Keg

Sounds great, but just don't try this! ;^)

Yosemite Free-Climbers Reach Top of El Capitan
Jan 17, 2015 - 6:04pm

@ Dr. J.

Thank you again, Dr. Jerome, for sharing your journey with us.

I've have some very close life long friends that I've tried to engage in conversation about things here that we in Turdville are willing to critically consider and discuss, only to be met with skepticism at times, but mostly just crickets.

Having kindred spirits here has been a true blessing, a reminder that even though we are few, we are not alone. Thanks, everyone. May we all stay sharp, be grateful, and remain fit.

Jan 17, 2015 - 6:07pm

Dr. J. and being in the 1%

What good is it to have a large stack of P.M.'s, food, etc. if we die of a stroke before the real events take place? There are many avenues to counteract the fallout of the downward spiral that we have been thrown into. Start by using some of what you have stored and use some every month. Grind some of those buckets of grain and make some bread. Take a couple hundred dollars out of that hidden tin can and feed the grandma down the street every month. Replace what you have used only once per year. Put your book away on "Backyard Homesteading" and begin to put things into motion. 

We all know the saying, "those that can do and those who can not, teach". We teach every day to the people in our own arena but they all watch what we "do". If we drop dead over stress, our example has lost its value. 

I decided long ago to teach my wife how to catch salmon. We headed down to the beach on the sound. I bated her hook, threw it into the water and then I threw mine in also. Yep, she had a big one on. I forgot to tell her how to use a reel. She just kept backing up, falling into the brush until she had yarded the salmon onto the shore, scratched up like herself. Well, I baited her hook,

while looking at her great fish, and threw it out for her. You know, she hooked another big one, dragging it out again, no reel and she again is in the brush pile. I never got a single bite and never took her fishing again. This is what can happen when we think we are prepared and have the answers. 

Much stress can be relieved by simply using the supplies that have become our security and place of comfort. Fear of loss or not being fully prepared can make the body/mind sick. 

I met Jerry back in 1974. We were working together in an engineering office. Our two families became best friends. Yes he had stress, gained weight, (350+) and dropped dead at the age of 59, long ago. His widow now visits us and often. Jerry and I would talk about the future and the events coming on mankind. HE IS GONE! (sorry for shouting). 

Dr. J., it might be good to study the good effects of Magnesium Citrate for the stress problem until you can conquer the effects of what has been placed upon the 1%. jmo Jim

Jan 17, 2015 - 6:49pm


Apart from the suggestions for relieving stress I think the comment about "professional detachment" was most appropriate. It seems to me that you internalize our predicament far too much. Relax, step back and enjoy life as it is.

I must admit I had a severe case of stress in 2013 (when my retirement portfolio fell almost 20% YOY) but the stress was caused by the margin calls on my other investments. I know that sick to the stomach feeling.

Apart from physical and breathing exercises I find music to be a great stress reliever, but it must be suitable for your tastes.

Jan 17, 2015 - 7:06pm

Live your delight

Shut off the computer, walk away from the cell and TV for part of every day and live your delight.

Go to the woods and listen to the call of the birds or stare at an old tree. It's lived 100 yrs and weathered the scars so can you.

Smile at someone new, help someone with the expectation of nothing in return. Even small items like opening a door leave you feeling more attuned and connected.

Write down 5 things you really, really love to do, pick one and do it. Invest in joy every day.

Touch. The best feeling as a child was my grandfather's awesome hugs; I loved them. Touch brings happiness and feelings of warmth to others.

Do you love to paint, to rock climb, to sing (choir?), to dance (Biodanza?), to laugh? Connect with nature, connect with others, connect with yourself. Just do something you actually love everyday and feel the inner peace within.

When you stay gripped in fear, you play "their" game. Tip over the board, get prepared, but also make sure JOY and HAPPINESS are part of "your game".

Jan 17, 2015 - 7:20pm

Here's what I do

First, I count and look at our preps. Then, I look at our stack. Then, I recite this and then I go for a walk. Fiction, sometimes it's realer than life. (from Dune)

"I must not fear.

Fear is the mind-killer.

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.

I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing....only I will remain"

Jan 17, 2015 - 7:22pm

Terrible advice from this board

The answer is hookers and blow. Everyone knows this. When in doubt, ask WWJDD- what would Jaime Dimon do?

Kidding, of course. Love ya, Doc! Don't let the bastards get you down.

Jan 17, 2015 - 7:25pm

Went to a coin show today

Two hours away in each direction. My wife came along. She crocheted while I haggled and schmoozed for several hours. After the transactions were finished, we went to the local Irish pub for their beer batter fish and chips before driving home. My transactions went well. We had a pleasant day together. It was a day both productive and well spent.

Jan 17, 2015 - 8:01pm

Jackstar / Dave Ramsey

I too enjoy listening to Dave Ramsey. I think he has a good message to get out of debt. I have also heard him dismisss gold and silver. Yet he has a gold sponsor. Not positive, but I think it was Goldline. I always chuckle about that. 


Jan 17, 2015 - 8:07pm

Yessir Dr. Jerome, .....

..... you nailed it!! 

Let me first add I have a sister who is Ivy league schooled. She has had an obsession with money and for years always wanting to be around those who are "successful". The irony is her school loans are a mortgage and will take all of 30 years to pay back, she only has 15 more to go!! All this education and she makes no more than the folks that went to state university. She works in the public school system has monster debts and has NO MONEY. Hubby is a nice loveable TOAD. He has absolutely no skills, I kid you not. He once took a toilet out of there bathroom for the flooring people by just yanking on it until it "broke loose"!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, plumber had to be called in to fix the damage). He lived at home until 35 and then into his parents apartment until he met my Sis at age 40 on a match maker sight. Sis and hubby are liberals, believing that the government should be forgiving student loans, taking care of everyone and ridding us of that dam second amendment once and for all. They are hooked in the illusion and they have my mother in deep also. They have 2 young sons I adore and I will do my best when the "DAY" comes to help those kids BUT mom and dad will have to learn a very, very hard lesson. The children I will make sure do not.

Do I sound frustrated? I am seething as I just wrote that thinking how bad this education system sucks and has indoctrinated my family into the bullshit illusion. To bad while she was at Columbia she didn't run into Gerald Celente. But that's how quick I can turn - just from writing. What I have done is turned to a hobby. I wanted a constructive hobby whereby I would relax as well as getting the satisfaction of preparing. When the great gun scare came after Sandy Hook I realized how quickly things can disappear and they could disappear for good. Ammunition became astronomically expensive as well as scarce. Also, if an event does happen, those without will be looking to buy, trade, barter for what they need. I have been re-loading ammunition for about 18 months now and I still have my face attached (so far so good). It is very relaxing, I enjoy it and I have been able to get a lot more accuracy from my guns that I didn't know they could produce (rifles).

Let me state I don't hunt. I love to shoot targets: non-living, non-breathing targets. I shoot handguns, I shoot rifles, I shoot shotguns. I am very well trained in firearms as my job requires it. Over the last 5 years, being mechanically incline, I also took up gunsmithing: Building AR type rifles, modifying my triggers, changing sights, repairs, maintenance, etc... on handguns as well. This also put me into a group at work with like minded individuals. They don't buy gold, they don't understand petrodollar, but they do "feel" the negative vibes and know something is coming. The nice thing about reloading is that once the supplies are on my shelf I needn't worry about what's on the stores shelves. For someone reason this brings me some sanity.

Jan 17, 2015 - 8:09pm

Deacon Benjamin

Was it the Hot Springs show? If it was, wish I knew you were coming, I meant to go but had to work all day. Darn, could have met a real live turdite. 

Did you eat at the Copper Penny?

DeaconBenjamin crylandjr
Jan 17, 2015 - 10:15pm


yes and yes

Fred Hayek
Jan 17, 2015 - 10:40pm

Pols knew a crash was coming 10 months in advance

There's a very interesting article in the Daily Mail. A disillusioned (a.k.a. newly realistic) Labour party official writes that the present head of the Labour Party told him 10 months before the Lehman crash that a tremendous economic crash was coming. And what was the focus of this public serpent, excuse me, I must have meant to say "servant"? Mr. Miliband apparently showed no particular interest in what to do to respond to this, to ameliorate the situation but was quite anxious that the Labour party should call for snap elections so that they occur quickly, before the crash he knows is coming.

So, fellow turdites, I ask, isn't it possible that right now our public serpents here in the U.S. know of terrible events coming but, being the soulless sociopaths that they are, aren't saying a word about it?

P.S.-Please don't misunderstand a deserved stab at Labour as endorsement of Tory. I mostly find it fascinating that these guys knew 10 months in advance that a crash was coming.

Jan 17, 2015 - 11:47pm

Dr. J, most excellent

you see a monumental challenge ahead and are being stressed beyond measure to prepare for it. why? not because you give two hoots about yourself, but because you are trying to prepare for everybody else.


if you could change the world you would dedicate your life to a single cause to do just that. but you can't change it, so you prepare for it. again, you prepare not for yourself, but for everybody else. those preps always being a specific tangible, visible, thing.

  • beans and bullets, so to speak, for your immediate circle
  • articles and posts of encouragement here to keep us focused on the challenges ahead in a good light
  • or back in the day, when just your raw nature had an afternoon to express itself, ...that excellent painting.

I've seen great men like yourself, in situations just like this one. they did not do well either in the calm "prepping for the unknown" days before storm. but then when the storm did hit there was nobody better.

you will not only make it through, but actually thrive and enjoy the days ahead. for you it will be like a walk in the park compared to these days. set back and ride easy my friend, we're getting there.

Jan 18, 2015 - 12:09am


Thank you for the kind words SS121.

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