Raoul Pal on CNBS

To my amazement, CNBC actually had an intelligent guest on their "Fast Money" program this evening.

Many of you are familiar with Raoul Pal as his writings are often featured at ZeroHedge. I'd never actually seen him before today when he was featured on the CNBS program, "Fast Money". A couple of things:

  1. Obviously, Raoul is a pretty sharp and impressive guy.
  2. It fun to watch the CNBC knuckleheads eyes glaze over as Raoul lays out a clear path to the next global financial crisis.
  3. When the anchorette asks Raoul directly, "given all these factors, do you think this (tipping point) is likely to happen?", note how quickly and unequivocally Raoul answers in the affirmative.
  4. Finally, watch all the way to the end for Raoul's key to identifying "the tipping point"...POSX 90+.

All of this in just under four minutes.