The Jeremiad

Mon, Oct 27, 2014 - 7:32am

Back in 1990 my wife and I took a three month trip to Mexico to help decide if we were really called to be missionaries, or merely had a burden to help people. The difference is critical. But while there, I recognized that Spanish speaking people had problems pronouncing my name Jerome. They don’t use the “J” sound in Spanish and the letter “E” is pronounced as a long “A” is in English, and there are no silent letters. So my friend there, a native, suggested I use a Spanish version of Jerome. He suggested Jeremiah or Geronimo (Spanish for Jerome, Goyaałé in Apache). Jeremiah was the prophet that dared to warn Jerusalem about a coming disaster. Well, I chose Jeremiah because it was biblical, and for several months was known as Jeremiah—or “Jeremias” in Español. We were not called to be missionaries, and ultimately satisfied our burden with annual trips delivering medical care to impoverished indigenous people in the Sierra Nevada mountains—ironically the same range where Geronimo found refuge.

But the other day I found myself saddled with the Jeremiah complex. This time it is not simply making my name easier to say. I have been posting short warnings on Facebook (a site which most of my family reads vigorously) about the economic situation. I started the day the “satan signal” appeared. I just thought that was very interesting and people might be curious and open to hear about FED manipulation and the PPT. Each time I begin preaching, I have certain relatives to tell me to stop being a gloom ‘n doomer. (I shouldn’t have had that beer before I sat down to write my last Facebook post). My mother says it makes her sad when I get negative. Other friends do not comment at all, but hit that “like” button each time I mention the weather, tell some outdoors hiking or camping story, or talk about something from my academic research. They like the professor, but not the economic forecaster.

Each time mom mentions my “negativity” about the future, she also reminds me of how well a family friend “Bruce” has done in investing and quotes something profound he says. This week it was this gem: “Stock market volatility is normal.” I like Bruce and he has done very well, but he profited on land speculation in Phoenix in during the boom years, then invested in large apartment complexes. He has done quite well. So that makes him an expert in all things financial, including stock markets. Well at least that is how mom tells it.

I think Jeremiah previously learned the lesson of Jonah. It’s even worse to NOT go tell the truth to someone. But he still found trouble for telling the truth—thrown into a cistern by the king. So I have to keep telling the truth, somehow, in a way that doesn’t come off as doomin ‘n gloomin. I’d like to stay out of the family cistern.

Jeremiah’s life and message has morphed into a speech genre known as the Jeremiad.

"I tell you the truth in Christ, and I lie not. Unless you repent, you will all be damned." --George Whitefield 1740

Its basic structure is to point out wrongdoing, declare it as an affront to justice, and warn of the disastrous consequences if we do not change. This genre of discourse is firmly fixed in the human psyche. Politician use it. Gold bugs use it. Many classic fairy tales and other cultural myths use this structure. Ayn Rand’s fine book was intended for this purpose. I count her as a modern Jeremiah. My mother even preached me her own Jeremiad, warning me that If I continue being negative, I’ll be unhappy and develop health problems.

The solution I see is to reverse the Jeremiad; instead of sin and punishment, speak of mercy and duty. We should thank the Almighty for his mercies—that we have time and insight into the economic problems, that we have a “gift” of low metal prices, lower real estate prices, falling costs on many items as well as cheaper labor to help build and outfit a safe location for future life. We should thank God and then recognize our duty to take action. This site has been a fabulous resource for discussing plans, hearing from people who are raising goats, chickens gardens, even quail, people building greenhouses, solar systems, generators, and other self-sufficiency devices. The forums are here, the expertise is here, a private messaging system is here (all free, I might add). And the regulars on this site are willing to share knowledge, links, and experiences.

You’re right mom, I shouldn’t be so negative, I should get more active. I should take the name of Geronimo and help my clan and friends to resist the evil invaders of our land and keep our way of life, rather than be defeated and relocated to FEMA camps to the reservations where we would depend on the government for our livelihood. Alas, that even in Geronimo’s day, many Apaches chose to support the US government against their own people, and many others sheepishly relocated to miserable reservations at the first request. Not enough followed that inspired leader.

But in this century, the future is not so grim. it is a small minority attempting to control overwhelming majority of the middle class. They must employ propaganda and lies to succeed. The impoverishment of America is also part of the plan—because those living on government largess will resist being weaned from their mama. So we still have a chance to win. Our pb stacking rights will impede government oppression; our right to free speech can keep us encouraged and linked together, perhaps even counter the propaganda barrage—if we can hold onto these rights.

Man of action or talk. Geronimo* was a man of action, Jeremiah a preacher who told the truth. As a professor, I talk too much AND DO TOO LITTLE. I could use more balance in my life. My prepping has been slow and tedious as I am pulled aside to do my job at the university. I have to get my home to a state of self-sufficiency more quickly during this gift of time. We are a year behind schedule now, and I again thank God for the gift of time. But I have to get my hiney in gear, stop spending so much time on Facebook and other blogs (that probably means this one too) and get to work.

As for facebook, I’ll quit writing scary economic warnings there as I have my Friday afternoon beer, and instead write stuff that offers a vision of hope, for those who have ears, and simply invite people to contact me privately if they have economic concerns. If I can be inspired by my namesake, then my actions could make a difference.

I stopped by a website of our old friend yesterday after hearing that he was railing against anyone who suggests that gold is worth owning. Gee, I felt like the guy on Monty Python that wandered into “Abuse” when he just went there for a good argument. Apparently, if you think owning metal is a good idea, and say so, you are a charlatan now, even though many there are gold owners. When I clicked back over to this site, I had to chuckle at Marchas’ dart board. (Edit: The other readers posting in the comments section were polite and fair with me.)

I have been shocked at the pounding the miners are taking. I keep cost averaging in with my retirement account, but this recent beatdown has taken JNUG to half its value of the last time gold touched 1180

I better stop writing and get outside to finish digging and installing the drainage line to collect rain water at the back of the house on this gift of fine, warm, sunny, morning weather.

Well, that’s my view as this morning. Chin up. Do something today that helps you sleep at night.

* Goyaałé (Geronimo is what the Mexicans called him) was a “war shaman” who led a small band of his people in resistance against the US and Mexican government, trying to preserve their freedom and life along the Arizona- Mexico border. They were never defeated, but finally negotiated an honorable surrender. The US broke their promise and shipped Goyaałé and his warriors as prisoners to Florida.

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Oct 27, 2014 - 3:39pm

Beez re: preaching . . .

"the day our good friends said "we don't have to, if the SHTF we'll just come over and take yours!"


At least your "friends" showed their true colors, and you can easily "dismiss" them when that time comes, with no qualms on your part.

Motley Fool
Oct 27, 2014 - 3:50pm


The 'common' notion that we are saddling future generations with unsurmountable amounts of debt is nonsense. Fact is, it will never get that far. Remember that debt is a payment of future promise. Well, those promises won't be met, that debt will be settled in the here and now, in the utter destruction of currency and savings.

Make no mistake, the debt will be paid, but not by our children, it will be paid by us.

Fwiw I have decided to turn debt into equity, so that the destruction of accounting mechanism does not make me liable. We shouldn't forget that when the accounting mechanism of today is abandon, while debt may be destroyed, there will still be wealth in the world. The act of destruction will simply be a fulcrum shifting the value to another accounting system.

But that's not what you were asking about, was it? ;)

Oct 27, 2014 - 3:58pm

M.D. says nano-silver is right treatment for Ebola...

(SALEM, OR) – For those of us who believe that Ebola is threat to the human race, the ‘breaking news’ is that nano silver, 10 ppm, an inexpensive nutrient, is a cure for Ebola. The facts are nano silver, 10 ppm, is now being used in Sierra Leone to cure patients infected with Ebola.

According to Rima E. Laibow, MD, a leading advocate for the use of nano silver, 10 ppm, in curing Ebola said:

The international community says, with a single voice, that “there is no cure for Ebola” and no “prevention,” either. They tell us that because the Ebola Virus strain devastating West Africa is a novel one, no antibiotic can touch it and that the organism has an astonishing kill rate of 90%. Leaving aside the World Health Agency and all associated laboratories and research institutions, I find it impossible to believe that the US Government’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DFRA, Defense Department) and United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) two agencies with large budgets publishing nearly 100 scientific papers on Ebola and its treatment since 2000, could not come up with a “cure, prevention or treatment” for it. Oh! Wait! They DID “come up” with a natural strategy for it: 10 PPM Nano Silver. That’s right! OOPS! US Government, WHO and their associated minions are lying! Again!

And the kill rate for this disease of convenience, genetically engineered to be more deadly than ever before, just happens, I am sure coincidentally, to be the exact number depopulationists like Bill Gates and George Soros have wet dreams about: 90%.

"While searching for information on Ebola on the internet, I ran across news story published in Sierra Leona on the effectiveness of nano silver, 10 ppm, in curing Ebola in that West African country. Nano Silver prevents the Ebola virus from entering the cell and puts your immune system into overdrive.

Confirmation of Nano Silver’s effectiveness and questions about the opposition of the WHO and the FDA to its use were raised in a Sierra Leona Times Press earlier this month:

A government official in Sierra Leone says that some people are recovering from Ebola because of a new treatment. The Minister of Information Alpha Kanu recently wrote in a letter that “this works; people are getting better.”

But efforts to get this information and the treatment itself to people have met with great opposition on the part of the United States FDA and others. At this point, every option to treat Ebola, both pharmaceutical and natural, remains experimental. So why is this one option being met with so much resistance?

The option that has Kanu’s enthusiastic approval is a nutrient that is not manufactured by a big-name pharmaceutical company. It is called Nano Silver, in a 10 parts-per-million solution, made by the non-profit Natural Solutions Foundation. But it has not been easy to get the product to the countries that need it most."

Alonzo Jazzberry
Oct 27, 2014 - 4:05pm


I found it difficult to determine what you are trying to say there. If the settling of debt requires the 'utter destruction of currency and savings', in what sense is it not insurmountable?

Alonzo Jazzberry
Oct 27, 2014 - 4:05pm


I found it difficult to determine what you are trying to say there. If the settling of debt requires the 'utter destruction of currency and savings', in what sense is it not insurmountable?

Motley Fool
Oct 27, 2014 - 4:28pm


Sorry, I wasn't trying to be cryptic.

Perhaps if I reword the above concept it would be more clear.

Consider, debts are owed in a specific medium in specific amounts(with perhaps attached percentages - but this is kinda irrelevant).

Debts can be nullified in two ways, repayment or default.

The destruction of a currency is the destruction of the function of a currency, it's ability to transmit value over time, in a timely manner. The latter is of import as regardless of the rate of value loss, currency always has value, but the rate of loss may exceed our ability to transact in the currency.

If a currency has an extreme rate of value loss then debts can either be repaid nominally, or if interest rates are attached which cannot be met, defaulted upon. A currency in high rate of value loss accelerates the process of repayment, either way.

What has to be kept in mind is that the system of currency we use is simply a method of accounting for value owed. The value exists regardless of flawed accounting methodology. So if this one selfdestructs this value Must flow somewhere. From history we are able to deduce the likely next numeraire of value and as such by procuring it today are able to stand on the other side of the biggest wealth transfer that will ever have happened in history.

I hope that was more clear.

Ps. But this is not my reason for optimism for the future, except perhaps in a personal sense. ^^

Oct 27, 2014 - 4:33pm

"the debt will be settled in

"the debt will be settled in the here and now, in the utter destruction of currency and savings"

Here and now could mean 10 years from now, so it's a relative term.

The "destruction of currency" will most likely be a devaluation relative to emerging market currencies which are undervalued at this point, the US dollar will still have purchasing power, how much it loses is anyones guess, it might not be as much as many fear because all developed economies have the same issue.

Alonzo Jazzberry
Oct 27, 2014 - 4:38pm


It's a bit more clear, but I can't help but think you are making things unnecessarily complicated. There is a simple set of terms that are commonly used to talk about public debt, and you seem to be using an entirely different set and I do not see their utility. Fill me in on what is missing in the following account.

There are two resolutions to debt: payment or default. Sovereign default is off the table because we control our currency, so the only question is if, and to what extent, we will need to devalue our currency to continue making debt payments. If the answer is 'a little', that's OK, and if the answer is 'a hell of a lot', that's bad.

It seems like you are expecting the 'a hell of a lot' outcome. Is that right so far?

Things like this mystify me: "So if this one self destructs this value Must flow somewhere".

What the heck does that mean? If debt is defaulted upon OR inflated away, that's the end of it. The value no longer exists. It doesn't have to 'flow' anywhere except entirely out of existence.

'Value' is a not part of some zero-sum game, there isn't some law of thermodynamics guaranteeing that it be preserved. When debt is defaulted on, all it represents increased risk with no benefit to anyone, anywhere. The owner of the debt ends up holding an empty bag, and the debtor ends up with higher borrowing costs in the future. It's only bad.

Oct 27, 2014 - 4:42pm

Everyone on this site have wised up to the governments

At one time we were all brain washed into thinking the USA is god's kingdom on earth and is the best government money could buy and we may have served in the military for the the bankers to support their agenda.. Well we gradually learned otherwise I hope.

So now we have wrote off this and all governments and realize they are all corrupt. Many here scoff at the Bible and if you do its because its been grossly misrepresented by false religion. But any honest hearted person who wants to continue in their quest for the truth needs to be opened minded and be willing to look for it, and it may be exactly where you dont want it to be. All the religions today, so called confessing Christians are willing to go to war and die for their country.. However Jesus taught his followers that he was no part of the world and his followers would be no part of the world.. Why because Satan is the ruler of this world and very soon Jesus, his annointed brothers and the angels will destroy all God's enemies at Armageddon.

John 15:17 “These things I command you, that you love one another.+ 18 If the world hates you, you know that it has hated me before it hated you.+ 19 If you were part of the world, the world would be fond of what is its own. Now because you are no part of the world,+ but I have chosen you out of the world, for this reason the world hates you.+ 20 Keep in mind the word I said to you: A slave is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you;+ if they have observed my word, they will also observe yours. 21 But they will do all these things against you on account of my name, because they do not know the One who sent me.+

Yes, only Jehovah's Witnesses are neutral in every country we are in, and WE WILL NOT KILL OTHERS FOR THE STINKING GOVERNMENTS. Also we are going door to door offering to study the Bible with people, NO CHARGE, we offer free Bibles, and everything we have to help people reason on the Bible truths. God's Kingdom is the solution to ALL OF MANKINDS PROBLEMS. Whats going on now has to be a huge wakeup call for everyone since the signs Jesus and other foretold about the end are here!!!

Take a look at our new website.. You can learn about the Bible in 691 languages., for free! Why??? because we received free we give free.

Oct 27, 2014 - 4:47pm

Dagney Taggart said, from other thread...

In part, Dagney said:

"Peaceful noncompliance and willful disassociation is how this will be won, not running as fast as you can right into the spear."


While intended for another reason, Dagney's words seemed to fit very well into this thread's theme . . .

If each day, we each as individuals make an effort to be noncompliant, be civilly disobedient, and up the ante a little each day or week or month, it could work.

Unfortunately, while it sounds good, this is not an easy task. People are fearful they might be the only ones being disobedient, and so are cowed into obedience by fear of retribution.

Of course, the NSA was created to discover those who would be disobedient, and make examples of them via retribution by the IRS, ATF, or any of the other myriad alphabet agencies designed to keep clamps on the people.

The other mechanism that prevents mass disobedience is the welfare state. Feeding and housing 50% of the population for doing little or nothing prevents them from acting up. They are fearful they would lose their "benefits" if they disobey.

Paying for the welfare state would not be possible without the fiat monetary system that allows money to be created and distributed at will.

When/if China and the other BRICs pull the plug an the dollar hegemony, we will all become disobedient at once. It will be difficult to survive the results.

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