Religious Liberty Under Assault in the Name of Transgender Bathroom Access in Houston

I finally realized the core of what has been bothering me about what's happening in America lately - how Ebola is being mishandled, the idea that more debt is the path to prosperity, the never ending parade of PC lynch mobs ready to destroy someone's career or livelihood for not holding the proper opinion.

Our very reality is under assault.

What is happening to America when, in Texas, pastors' sermons were being subpoenaed because the Houston mayor wants to allow biological men who simply say they are women to use women's bathroom and locker room facilities?!

This is America. (Or was.) We have a right to have an opinion about something without being harassed by the law. That includes the right to offensive, unpopular, politically incorrect opinions.

This includes the right to the opinion that transgenderism is a mental health disorder that should be treated with compassionate psychotherapy, not with invasive surgery and synthetic hormones that cause nasty side effects. It includes the right to have an opinion that women and girls need to have separate bathroom/locker facilities where they can be safe and free from harassment from predatory males.

OK, now I've done it! I am now on a permanent blacklist because of what I wrote. I won't be able to work for Mozilla now.

I cannot fathom how much the LGBT movement has jumped the shark with this "gender identity" belief. I put the "gender identity" crowd right up there with holocaust deniers in terms of ideological insanity - denying basic truth that is right in front of your face - denying science and biology in the name of politics.

Your gender is what your chromosomes and external genitalia are. It is not what your brain thinks your gender is. What your brain thinks is your psychology and it is mutable and changeable depending on environment and how you choose to focus your mind. This is called "neuroplasticity."

At least, this is what was considered to be a basic reality we could all agree upon, until recently.

But now, a group of people, we don't know who, has decided that what you think you are in your brain is now your "gender" and what your physiology actually is doesn't matter. And now this belief is being pushed on everyone through the legal system under the guise of "equality."

To me, this is like the government claiming that the grass is now blue and the sky is now green and everyone had better comply with this belief or suffer serious consequences.

What's even crazier is that even though we are told that your gender is now in your brain, that a sex change is necessary in order to get the genitalia to comply with what's in the brain. In other words, biological gender is not relevent, but it is important enough to warrant drastic surgery.

I cannot even begin to wrap my brain around such twisted logic. But it's worse - now if you complain, or if you suggest that allowing men wanting to be women to use women's bathrooms opens the door for creepy're intolerant!

Is this the America you want to live in? It's not the one I want to live in, that's for sure. I'm all for live and let live - and if there weren't rules forcing people to accept someone's claim of "gender identity," I'd not get too upset about a drag queen jumping into the women's bathroom quickly and being respectful and discreet about it - as long as it were not a law.

But I will never be OK with being in the women's locker room at the gym, and seeing in horror that the "woman" taking her clothes off next to me actually has a penis ala The Crying Game! No, I'm sorry! That is just not right! If you want to get a sex change, be my guest. But until your John Thomas is removed, please use the men's locker room. Have some respect for others!

So what is really going on here? The LGBT crowd can't honestly believe that it is better to put little girls at risk of sexual predators - and let me clarify, I'm talking about non-transgender male pedophiles who most certainly will take advantage of these "gender identity" laws to enter into women's dressing rooms at J.C. Penney.

This Houston assault on common sense seems to me more than just about bathroom rights. Churches were directly targeted in an invasive, frightening manner. We're now being told by these far left ideologues that a pastor who expresses an opinion about transgenderism may be breaking the law - under the guise that churches cannot be "political" because of their tax-free status.

At what point can churches defend their beliefs about what's right and wrong without getting visited by the IRS? If Houston enacts an ordinance forcing businesses and organizations to provide equal access to transgenders, it means that conservative churches - which divide a lot of their groups by gender - now have to face the possibility of being sued.

So, for example, the women's support group I joined last year at a local church could have made the church a target if a man decided he wanted to join the private group. Let's say that this man wasn't even a genuine transgender, but an anti-Christian political activist. He joins the group just to agitate and then cries "discrimination!" when members try to kick him out.

Does a private church not have the right to separate people into groups based on their genital characteristics or not?

Does a church have the right to express an opinion about a behavior or lifestyle? Can we acknowledge that one of the main aspects of a religion is its moral code? So are we now being told that churches cannot have their own moral code?

If a religion wants to have a moral code that says that having red hair is a sign of the devil, and that members who have red hair need to shave it off or dye it, it is the right of that religion to have that moral code, as crazy as it is.

Last night I went to a free talk at a local Catholic church. The priest actually said he'd refuse to hand over his sermons, and tell them something like "I just make them up as I go." He talked a lot about Christians being willing to die for their beliefs. I wonder if he sense something in the air, knows something is up.

So I cannot help but wonder if a lot of this talk about "gender identity" is actually just a clever ruse to attack religious institutions and other organizations that represent traditional American values. Yeah, that might be tin-foil hat, but what other explanation do we have for an ideology that so clearly denies biology while making biology oh so critical? It's - pardon my French - a total mind fuck.

What does this have to do with "The End of the Great Keynesian Experiment"?

Well, what happened to Germany after the fall of the Weimar Republic? When the value of the currency had collapsed into nothing?

Into that void arose an evil that sold itself under the guise of compassion. Nazis were National Socialists who claimed they were on the side of the workers. They at first enacted a lot of popular worker's programs that included factory safety regulations, worker benefits, and reduced workweeks. But then Hitler wanted more control and destroyed the very unions who put him into power.

So let's say there are nefarious forces at work (label them what you like: Banksters, New World Order, Russian/Chinese Communists, etc.) who want to take down America. They do so by pitting group against group. They need to take out the churches, because churches are in direct competition for loyalty to the state.

Their number one weapon? Crazymaking.

"Crazymaking" is a term used in psychology to describe a form of psychological abuse that involves no-win scenarios and histrionic behavior. From Wiktionary, a simple, and not complete, definition of crazymaking is:

A form of psychological attack on somebody by offering contradictory alternatives and criticizing the person for choosing either.

Purposeful crazymaking. This, to me, is the most likely reason behind the recent and inexplicable push to suddenly open bathrooms across the land for people of the opposite sex. It's probably the reason the state department is now issuing passports to biological males that say "female" now. The extreme LGBT activists (who, let's remember, do not represent the average gay person) are being used most likely.

And people who buy into political correctness are so unable to discern reality any more - and so afraid to be accused of "judging" others - that they go right along with it all. On the surface, it's compassion. Under the surface? It's fear.

The problem is, the more psychologically damaged a person is, the more suspectible they are to being influenced by a crazymaker. Given the high number of broken homes and adults with psychological disorders, it is no wonder that direct assaults on reality aren't even noticed these days. When I express an opinion that transgenderism might be better healed through therapy, I will get an earful from people about not judging - that we cannot know what a transgender feels - but these same folks cannot explain why they believe surgery is the better option. This is not about thinking through the issue but being programmed to not think it through.

Here is my warning, however, to transgender activists: Be careful. You may think you are gaining power now, but whoever is in the back room pulling the strings will be more than happy to throw you aside once you have outlived your usefulness. Who could be the first people to end up in camps, if, God forbid, we ever sunk that far? People who need "surgery."

It's happened before, and it could happen again.

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