Ebola Insanity: Time to Pressure Airlines Directly to Stop Flights From West Africa

Fri, Oct 10, 2014 - 12:45pm

My grandfather came to the United States from Poland when he was a little boy back in the early 1900s. He was processed on Ellis Island, the original entry point for immigrants to America.

Why was Ellis Island the gateway to America? And why was it an island? Because it was a quarantine facility.

Some immigrants never made it to Ellis Island. If they were sick on the ship, they might be removed to a hospital on Hoffburn Island or Swinburne Island in New York before they even got to Ellis. Between 1909 and 1911 more than 420 immigrants died at these hospitals, with 85% being children under 13 years of age.

Unfortunately, American history has been wiped away with political correctness, and now the CDC Director is desperately trying to justify his insane policy of keeping flights from West Africa free and open to all in an editorial published on the Fox News website.

In this patronizing, condescending piece of propaganda, he tells us, among other things:

"It’s only human to want to protect ourselves and our families. We want to defend ourselves, so isn’t the fastest, easiest solution to put up a wall around the problem?

But, as has been said, for every complex problem, there’s a solution that’s quick, simple, and wrong."

Wrong? By whose metrics? He acts as if his solution - keeping all borders open and dealing with outbreaks here - is somehow less simple, more complicated, and "right."

Look at how he parses his words in this sentence:

"Stopping planes from flying from West Africa would severely limit the ability of Americans to return to the United States or of people with dual citizenship to get home, wherever that may be."

Last time I checked, "severely limit" is not the same thing as "completely ban" - there is absolutely no reason why we cannot use the military to transport legitimate humanitarian workers to and from the infected zones. There is no reason why we need commercial airlines to be the main method of transport. As for dual citizenship...what are the actual numbers of people who are both American and Liberian, and who still live in Liberia? Three? Give me a break.

He then lies outright:

"When a wildfire breaks out we don't fence it off. We go in to extinguish it before one of the random sparks sets off another outbreak somewhere else."

Mr. Friedman, I know your base constituency consists primarily of idealistic idiots, but wow...did you actually bother to read what your ignorant intern probably just wrote for you?

Firefighters don't fight wildfires by jumping into the middle of the conflagration. They couldn't possibly do that. The way wildfires are fought is precisely through "fences" aka "perimeters." This not just how wildfires are stopped, but also how they are prevented - it is why people who live in wildfire zones are instructed to prune back the forest and underbrush near their homes. That's called creating a "perimeter."

He then writes: "Isolating communities also increases people’s distrust of government, making them less likely to cooperate to help stop the spread of Ebola."

Sir, you need to read some of the forums here. Your own actions are making people distrust the government!

But the key to the newspeak lies in this sentence: "Casting too wide a net, such as invoking travel bans, would only provide an illusion of security and would lead to prejudice and stigma around those in West Africa."

Riiight. So giving native Africans visas to visit the United States isn't going to create a stigma for the native Africans already here? But this is the key talking point right now from the administration: That banning travel is racist, that people who are concerned about diseases being imported are racist, that calling Obama "Obola" is racist.

One writer for the Dallas News actually suggested that if we renamed Ebola "Omaha Virus" we'd suddenly stop being fearful. So in a nation where the richest female is a black woman with the funny name of "Oprah," and one of our top pop stars is named "Beyonce," anything with an African-sounding name is ssssscarrrryyyy?!! Gee, maybe it's the fact that Ebola has upwards of a 90% mortality rate! SMH!

I flipped on the TV yesterday and some self-righteous activist was explaining on PBS that the use of the term "illegal" to describe a person was on par with being a Nazi, because allegedly the Nazis said the Jews were "illegal." Are you kidding me? I'll bet this same activist will deny with spittle flying out of his face that Nazi ever stood for "National Socialist Worker's Party." (By the way, if you are a conservative and call someone a "Socialist," you are also a racist now.)

Now, some of you are going to criticize me for bringing up "race" again, but I'm not the one using it as a propaganda sledgehammer to silence all dissent and common sense in this country. I am frankly sick of it and would prefer not to write about it, but they are the ones that keep bringing it up for every big (or manufactured) issue.

What my main point, actually, is this: WHY are these insane people in charge? Why are they the ones pushing the media narrative? And how can we stop them?

I'll tell you why. Well, at least part of the reason why.

Most normal, average, every day people aren't activists. They aren't spending their days protesting, or organizing boycotts, or writing angry letters to advertisers to try to shut down an opposing viewpoint.

Rush Limbaugh (love him or hate him) has been under siege by a group of approximately 10 activists who had so much time on their hands, they appeared to represent millions. These activists have been relentlessly targeting his advertisers in an attempt to shut down his radio show.

The far left in America has organized. It has outlets like MoveOn that rally the troups to stir up a mob with pitchforks at the drop of a hat.

Where's the MoveOn for moderates? For conservatives? Or even libertarians?

Most sane Americans think it's reasonable policy - and not racist - to stop giving visas to native West Africans right now because it's not worth the risk to infect Americans with a deadly virus. Most sane Americans realize that open borders also put us at risk for Central American diseases, and it is not a coincidence that over 500 children have been paralyzed and at least 5 have died from the enterovirus most likely brought in by "undocumented" children shipped into American communities over the summer.

Where is the mob with pitchforks over this? Oh, there are a few petitions on Whitehouse.gov to stop flights from West Africa, but even a lot of people who agree with them aren't bothering to sign them, because they feel they won't do any good, or they are afraid they will be put into a database (hint: you already are in the database!).

I do agree on one point - trying to get political ideologues to do something about this is probably not going to help. However, we can take a cue from the frothing-at-the-mouth mob activists and start hitting people where it counts - their pocketbooks.

It's an issue that left and right can agree upon (mostly): Airline workers in New York have already started striking over the possibility of being exposed to Ebola when they clean planes. I will be curious to see airline unions end up taking the side of the workers or get pressured by the administration to stop these protests.

So what can we do? We should be contacting the airlines directly and telling them they need to stop flights from West Africa. People are already starting to contact the airlines; we just need more of it. I've seen quite a few people mention in online comments that they have canceled their plane tickets due to fear of being exposed to Ebola. The holidays are coming up. Can you drive instead of fly? I usually fly to see family but I am currently debating whether I am going to drive or just stay home this year.

Yes, the economy might take a little hit if airlines are boycotted. But the economy could collapse entirely if Ebola takes hold in the United States.

Take a cue from the crazy ideologues - it's time to get the pitchforks going.

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Oct 12, 2014 - 6:50pm

Timing is everything. . . .

There are many reasons to think the ebola virus and ISIS popping up when they did, are simply more creations of the elite, designed to help them maintain power and control.

It just makes the most sense.

sierra skier
Oct 12, 2014 - 6:55pm
Oct 12, 2014 - 9:01pm

Ebola has morphed & is now airborne!...

This very important message is brought to you by the same folks who changed the name from Al-Qaeda to ISIS...& now it's confirmed...the name Ebola...has now been officially changed to Obola...& Obama is nowhere to be seen!!!...

Bag Of Gold

Oct 12, 2014 - 9:10pm


As an electrician working with many portuguese blocklayers, the first, and I mean the FIRST word you learn is punta, as you see their interest peak as whatever walks by the site, and I'm sure it carries the same meaning.

Oct 12, 2014 - 10:03pm
cliff 567
Oct 12, 2014 - 10:08pm

Ebola in Boston?

ebola in Boston? A city that has shown a willingness to comply with lock down?


The man, whom officials have not identified, was taken by ambulance to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center late Sunday afternoon after he complained of headache and muscle aches at a Braintree medical practice. Officials mustered a hazardous materials team and prevented people from entering and leaving the facility for several hours.

The patient has been placed in a section of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center within a protective barrier, isolated from the rest of the facility, said Dr. Kenneth Sands, senior vice president of the department of health care and quality at Beth Israel Deaconess.

Sands said in a news conference Sunday evening that medical staff would assess the man’s symptoms over the coming hours and would test him for Ebola if appropriate.

View Gallery


Photos from the scene

A patient in Braintree with Ebola-like symptoms was isolated and transported to Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center.


Getting the results of that test from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would take 24 to 48 hours, Sands said.

“The assessment that this is really and truly an Ebola case has not been completed yet. It will be in the next few hours,” he said.

Beth Israel Deaconess has had a plan in place for dealing with potential Ebola patients for about two months, Sands said, and has assembled a team that is trained to deal with the virus.

“We are taking all necessary precautions in collaboration with the City of Boston and the Department of Public Health for the potential that this is suspected Ebola,” Sands said.

The state Department of Public Health said in a statement Sunday evening that it had worked with local hospitals over the past several months to investigate suspected cases of Ebola, and all had quickly been ruled out.

“There are no confirmed cases of Ebola in Massachusetts,” the statement said.

On Sunday afternoon, public safety officials briefly closed Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates in Braintree after the man who had visited Liberia told workers at the facility that he had a headache and muscle aches, according to a statement from Benjamin Kruskal, chief of infectious disease for the practice.

“Out of an abundance of caution we immediately notified authorities and the patient was securely removed from the building and put into an ambulance now headed to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,” Kruskal said late Sunday afternoon.

The appearance of a hazmat team alarmed patients and workers in the Braintree medical offices.

Denise DiMarzio, who is seven months pregnant, was at the offices with her mother, Maureen, for a lunchtime appointment. They were in a third-floor waiting room when they noticed people in the building wearing hazmat suits, they said. Staff at the medical office took patients into examining rooms and explained that there was an emergency, they said, but did not explain the nature of the situation, which alarmed Denise DiMarzio, 35.

“I was like, ‘I’m kind of afraid for my health. Is it something that I could catch or my baby could [contract]?’ … And they couldn’t answer us,” she said.

Denise DiMarzio, a nurse from Rockland, said the thought of crossing paths with a man infected with Ebola was frightening.

“I know it’s not airborne, but the fact that it’s bodily fluids — I mean I don’t know if he was coughing and had secretions on his hands and he was in the same waiting room as I was. It makes me a little bit nervous,” she said.

Maureen DiMarzio, of Weymouth, said that after her daughter went into the examining room, she went outside to her car and spoke with a woman who said, “Did you just come out of there? There’s someone in there with Ebola.”

Maureen DiMarzio said she then called her daughter and told her to leave the building immediately and not touch anything, and she advised others not to go inside. Denise DiMarzio left the building, but police would not allow the women to leave the parking lot until 4:30 p.m., after the man who had visited Liberia had been taken away.

“We got in the car and I wanted to go, but they wouldn’t let us. They stopped us from driving away,” she said.

Denise DiMarzio said she believed police held the people who had been inside because they didn’t know if they would require decontamination.

Outside the Harvard Vanguard offices on Sunday afternoon, police cruisers, fire trucks, and ambulances lined Grossman Drive, and the parking lot was cordoned off by yellow police tape. “Ebola protocol is in place,” said Joe Zanca of the Braintree Fire Department. “We don’t know if he actually has Ebola.”

William Cash, a Braintree firefighter, said, “No one is leaving.”


Public safety officials clustered near the parking lot entry, where an ambulance sat with its lights flashing. Five minutes before 4 p.m., the ambulance circled the parking lot and left the facility headed south on Grossman Drive.

Brewster Ambulance Service said in a statement that it received a call from the Harvard Vanguard facility about 1:20 p.m. Sunday and dispatched a response team of two ambulances containing four paramedics and two managers equipped with hazmat suits.

The team arrived to find the man waiting in his vehicle, as he had been instructed to do, and put him into an ambulance with its interior sealed with impermeable plastic sheeting, according to the statement. That ambulance will be chemically decontaminated before it is returned to service., the statement said.

At about 5 p.m. a tow truck removed the man’s black Toyota 4Runner SUV from the Harvard Vanguard parking lot.

Oct 12, 2014 - 10:32pm
Safety Dan
Oct 13, 2014 - 1:06am

Assessing International

Assessing International Spreading Risk Assoc w/Ebola by Safety Dan

1 week 1 day ago

Assessing the International Spreading Risk Associated with the 2014 West African Ebola Outbreak

September 2, 2014 · Research

Revisions This article is either a revised version or has previous revisions



Background: The 2014 West African Ebola Outbreak is so far the largest and deadliest recorded in history. The affected countries, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, and Nigeria, have been struggling to contain and to mitigate the outbreak. The ongoing rise in confirmed and suspected cases, 2615 as of 20 August 2014, is considered to increase the risk of international dissemination, especially because the epidemic is now affecting cities with major commercial airports.

Method: We use the Global Epidemic and Mobility Model to generate stochastic, individual based simulations of epidemic spread worldwide, yielding, among other measures, the incidence and seeding events at a daily resolution for 3,362 subpopulations in 220 countries. The mobility model integrates daily airline passenger traffic worldwide and the disease model includes the community, hospital, and burial transmission dynamic. We use a multimodel inference approach calibrated on data from 6 July to the date of 9 August 2014. The estimates obtained were used to generate a 3-month ensemble forecast that provides quantitative estimates of the local transmission of Ebola virus disease in West Africa and the probability of international spread if the containment measures are not successful at curtailing the outbreak.

Results: We model the short-term growth rate of the disease in the affected West African countries and estimate the basic reproductive number to be in the range 1.5 − 2.0 (interval at the 1/10 relative likelihood). We simulated the international spreading of the outbreak and provide the estimate for the probability of Ebola virus disease case importation in countries across the world. Results indicate that the short-term (3 and 6 weeks) probability of international spread outside the African region is small, but not negligible. The extension of the outbreak is more likely occurring in African countries, increasing the risk of international dissemination on a longer time scale.

Funding Statement

We acknowledge funding from DTRA-1-0910039 and MIDAS-National Institute of General Medical Sciences U01-GM070749. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.


The outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) that started in December 2013 has defied several months of mitigation and containment efforts. In July 2014 it was still evolving in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. As of 20 August, the toll in those countries had reached 844 EVD confirmed deaths 1. On 20 July, the outbreak reached Nigeria through an infected traveler coming from Liberia. The Nigerian official reports list 12 probable cases, and it is not clear if the outbreak has been contained.

EVD is caused by infection with a virus of the family Filoviridae, genus Ebolavirus 2. EVD transmission during the incubation period is very unlikely and occurs via direct contact with blood, secretions, and/or other bodily fluids of dead or living infected persons. Gene sequencing of the virus causing the 2014 West African (2014WA) outbreak has demonstrated 98% homology with the Zaire Ebola virus, with a 55% case fatality ratio (CFR) across the affected countries 3. Unfortunately there are no licensed treatments available for EVD, and severely ill patients can only be cared for with intensive supportive care.

Fig. 1: Air traffic connections from West African countries to the rest of the world

Air traffic connections from West African countries to the rest of the world. Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone are not well connected outside the region. Nigeria, in contrast, being the most populous country in West Africa with more than 166 million people, is well connected to the rest of world. For historical reasons, all these countries have the strongest ties with European countries.


To provide a quantitative analysis of the risk of international spread of the EVD 2014WA outbreak, we use a data-driven global stochastic and spatial epidemic model 7,8,9. Details of the models are reported in the Methods section. The model generates microsimulations at the individual level that provide a stochastic ensemble of possible epidemic evolutions for each identical set of initial conditions and disease parameters. These simulations can be used to provide statistical estimates as newly generated cases, importation events, and time of arrival of the infection whose values depend on the key disease parameters determined by the calibration of the model. The adopted EVD modeling scheme 10 includes hospitalized and funeral compartments. To further support the obtained results we also considered a parsimonious susceptible, exposed, infectious and recovered (SEIR) disease scheme 11. We have considered the transmissibility component as the key parameter to be determined from data. We have also considered the current CFR (55%) from the 2014WA outbreak data 1. The remaining parameters (reported in the Methods section) follow from the study of Legrand et al. 10 and are consistent across the modeling literature for different outbreaks 11,12.

Fig. 2: Cumulative number of EVD deaths in West Africa as of 1 July 2014

Cumulative number of EVD deaths in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia as of 1 July 2014. The dots correspond to the data from the official WHO reports. The red dots were used for the model calibration. The blue dots are experimental data points received after the calibration of the model and are reported for the purpose of comparing with the model projections. The black thin lines are the expected values for the models selected by the likelihood analysis. The grey areas correspond to the 95% reference range provided by the fluctuations of the stochastic microsimulations. The green line divides the WHO data region used for the model selection from the projection region.

Fig. 3: Risk of EVD case importation

Top 16 countries at risk of EVD case importation in the short term: (top) 1 September and (bottom) 22 September 2014. The risk is assessed as the probability that a country will experience at least one case importation by the corresponding date, conditional on not having imported cases prior to 21 August 2014. The dark blue and light blue bars represent the minimum and maximum probability estimates, respectively, according to different models of case detection during travel (see text). The orange area corresponds to the probability maximum assuming the Nigerian outbreak starts to follow the same dynamic of the other West African countries affected by the EVD epidemic. We report the rank of Nigeria as well, which has experienced already a case importation on 20 of July and indeed it ranks among the countries with the larger probability of case importation.

Fig. 4: EVD outbreak size distribution...

More at the link above..

Safety Dan
Oct 13, 2014 - 1:08am

During An Ebola Pandemic All

During An Ebola Pandemic All by Safety Dan

1 week 1 day ago

During An Ebola Pandemic All Of Your Rights Would Essentially Be Meaningless

By Michael Snyder, on October 2nd, 2014

If there is a major Ebola pandemic in America, all of the liberties and the freedoms that you currently enjoy would be gone. If government officials believe that you have the virus, federal law allows them to round you up and detain you "for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary." In addition, the CDC already has the authority to quarantine healthy Americans if they reasonably believe that they may become sick. During an outbreak, the government can force you to remain isolated in your own home, or the government may forcibly take you to a treatment facility, a tent city, a sports stadium, an old military base or a camp. You would not have any choice in the matter. And you would be forced to endure any medical procedure mandated by the government. That includes shots, vaccines and the drawing of blood. During such a scenario, you can scream about your "rights" all that you want, but it won't do any good.

In case you are tempted to think that I am making this up, I want you to read what federal law actually says. The following is 42 U.S.C. 264(d). I have added bold for emphasis...

(1) Regulations prescribed under this section may provide for the apprehension and examination of any individual reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease in a qualifying stage and (A) to be moving or about to move from a State to another State; or (B) to be a probable source of infection to individuals who, while infected with such disease in a qualifying stage, will be moving from a State to another State. Such regulations may provide that if upon examination any such individual is found to be infected, he may be detained for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary. For purposes of this subsection, the term “State” includes, in addition to the several States, only the District of Columbia.

(2) For purposes of this subsection, the term “qualifying stage”, with respect to a communicable disease, means that such disease—

(A) is in a communicable stage; or

(B) is in a precommunicable stage, if the disease would be likely to cause a public health emergency if transmitted to other individuals.

In addition, as I discussed above, the CDC already has the authority to isolate people that are not sick to see if they do become sick. The following is what the CDC website says about this...

Quarantine is used to separate and restrict the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill. These people may have been exposed to a disease and do not know it, or they may have the disease but do not show symptoms. Quarantine can also help limit the spread of communicable disease.

On a very basic level, we are already starting to see this happen in Texas. Obviously Thomas Eric Duncan has already been "isolated", and now his family has been placed under mandatory quarantine and ordered not to leave their home for 21 days...

Texas health officials have placed the Dallas family of a Liberian national infected with Ebola under quarantine and ordered them not to leave their home or have any contact with outsiders for 21 days without approval of the local or state health department.

The "control order" also requires the family of Thomas Eric Duncan to be available to provide blood samples and agree to any testing required by public health officials. Officials said Thursday that the four or five family members could face criminal charges for violating the order, which was delivered to them in writing Wednesday evening.

Police have been stationed at the apartment complex to ensure residents' safety, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings told a news briefing Thursday afternoon.

If we could all just stay in our homes during a national Ebola emergency, that wouldn't be so bad.

But if thousands (or even millions) of cases start popping up it simply will not be possible for law enforcement authorities to monitor so many homes.

This is a point that Mike Adams of Natural News made exceptionally well...

When just one family is suspected of carrying Ebola, they can be easily monitored in a "volunteer home isolation" scenario. But what happens when it's 100 families? 500? 1,000? At that point, there aren't enough state or federal workers to keep an eye on these people, and the quarantine effort will almost certainly shift to forced relocation into quarantine camps.

Those camps will, of course, be called something nice-sounding like "Community Health Centers." No one in government or media will call them camps, even though they are camps. The word "camp" brings up echoes of "concentration camps" and the government definitely wants to avoid that association.

If one particular town or city is hit especially hard with the virus, there is a likelihood of the entire town being quarantined. No one in, no one out. Everybody will be ordered to "shelter in place" in their own homes for at least 21 days while health workers wearing hazmat suits go door to door, identifying Ebola victims and "relocating" them to the "Community Health Centers."

If that sounds like "martial law" to you, that is because it would essentially be martial law.

For the moment, public health authorities are pledging that nothing like this will ever happen because they have everything completely under control.

Others are not so sure.

For example, on Thursday a doctor from Missouri named Gil Mobley checked in for a flight at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport dressed in a mask, goggles, gloves, boots and a protective white jumpsuit. On the back of the jumpsuit, he had written the following words: "CDC is lying!"

Mobley believes that we are not being told the truth about the spread of Ebola. And he is convinced that as Ebola continues to spread exponentially, that we will eventually "be importing clusters of Ebola on a daily basis"...

“Once this disease consumes every third world country, as surely it will, because they lack the same basic infrastructure as Sierra Leone and Liberia, at that point, we will be importing clusters of Ebola on a daily basis,” Mobley predicted. “That will overwhelm any advanced country’s ability to contain the clusters in isolation and quarantine. That spells bad news.”

Mobley, a Medical College of Georgia graduate who had an overnight layover after flying to Atlanta from Guatemala on Wednesday, said that he feels that the CDC is “asleep at the wheel” when it comes to screening passengers arriving in the United States from other countries.

“Yesterday, I came through international customs at the Atlanta airport,” the doctor told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “The only question they asked arriving passengers is if they had tobacco or alcohol.”

Earlier on Thursday, there were reports of people being tested for Ebola in Hawaii, Kentucky and Utah. None of those tests has produced a confirmed case of Ebola as I write this article.

Many Americans are still treating this Ebola crisis as if it was just one big joke.

But Ebola is no joking matter. This is a very, very serious disease.

Just consider the experience of one British health worker that witnessed a young brother and sister both die one day apart...

'The next morning I came in and saw him lying as I had left him, on the bed.

'He wasn't breathing. I remember going up to him and looking at his face, his lips were drawn back in a grimace, and his eyes were vacant, lying in a pool of his own diarrhea.

'I lifted his hand to try, just to confirm things and his whole body turned rigid and cold.

'I put him in a body bag as his sister looked on.

'She seemed more baffled than anything, not really understanding what was happening. I carried his corpse outside with the others.

'The little girl, she deteriorated the next day. Overnight, the following night she had intravenous fluids and the line came out and she bled.

'I came in the following morning and she was covered in blood. She still had a very puzzled expression on her face and she wasn't breathing.

'So I put her in a bag and left her next to her brother. She was a beautiful little girl.'

Hopefully our medical authorities are correct and this virus will not spread easily in this country.

But at this point even some of our top politicians are wondering if we are truly getting accurate information. For example, check out what U.S. Senator Rand Paul had to say on the Laura Ingraham Show just recently...

“I really think that it is being dominated by political correctness and I think because of political correctness we’re not really making sound, rational, scientific decisions on this.” Paul said referring to statements issued by the CDC last week that assured there was little risk of an outbreak occurring in the US.

“We should not underestimate the transmissibility of this,” said Paul, a doctor himself, adding that medical workers have been contracting the virus even though they are taking precautions and covering themselves with gowns and masks.

My suspicion is that it’s a lot more transmissible than that if people who are taking every precaution are getting it. There are people getting it who simply helped people get in or out of a taxicab.” Paul said.

Let's pray that this crisis fizzles out, because if it doesn't, we could truly be looking at the greatest health crisis that any of us have ever seen.

And along with countless numbers of people getting sick and dying, we would also have to deal with government-imposed medical martial law.

The stakes are extremely high, and so let us hope that this crisis does not escalate any further.


Safety Dan
Oct 13, 2014 - 1:12am

Because of the discussion in

Because of the discussion in this thread..

Anyone Thinking Ebloa Transmission at Hajj? by Safety Dan

1 week 1 day ago

Hajj 2014 Photos: Muslim Pilgrimage Draws Millions To Mecca [PHOTOS]


By Philip Ross@ThisIsPRop[dot]ross[at]ibtimes[dot]com on October 02 2014 12:26 PM

Muslim pilgrims pray around the holy Kaaba at the Grand Mosque during the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Sept. 27, 2014. Reuters

Millions of Muslims have gathered in Mecca in Saudi Arabia for the annual Hajj pilgrimage, a five-day event meant to promote unity among Muslims. The 1,400-year-old tradition is one of the largest gatherings of people in the world and will last until sometime around Oct. 7.

This year’s Hajj pilgrims have so far avoided the deadly stampedes that have marked previous Hajj events. However, several Egyptian pilgrims died in the days leading up to the rituals from various health issues, according to the Cairo Post. At least 15 Egyptians, most of them over the age of 50, died in different hospitals from sudden health crises, including heart attacks and respiratory problems.

Eight years ago, in Jan. 2006, a stampede during the Hajj killed at least 362 people, and in Feb. 2004, over 250 pilgrims were killed and several hundred injured in the surging crowds.

Muslim pilgrims pray at the Grand Mosque during the annual Haj pilgrimage in Mecca Sept. 27, 2014. Reuters

The focal point of the pilgrimage is the Kaaba, a cuboid building at the center of the Grand Mosque and the most sacred location in Islam. Muslims are expected to face the Kaaba when praying, no matter where they are in the world. There are even rules for praying toward Mecca while in space.

Many pilgrims in the crowd this year have worn face masks over fears that some Muslims may come from countries affected by Ebola, the BBC reported. The densely populated setting could present a dangerous opportunity for someone to inadvertently spread the disease. Travelers from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea were banned from getting visas by the Saudi Arabian government as a precaution against the virus.

Muslim pilgrims pray around the holy Kaaba at the Grand Mosque during the annual hajj pilgrimage in Mecca, Sept. 27, 2014. Reuters

When is Hajj 2014 & Other Muslim Hoildays? by Safety Dan

1 week 1 day ago

When is Hajj 2014?


Muhannad Fala'ah/Stringer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Question: When is Hajj 2014?

Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, is one of the greatest religious observances in Islam. What are the dates for Hajj in 2014?

Answer: Hajj is expected to fall between October 2-7, 2014.

Note: The exact dates of Islamic holidays cannot be determined in advance, due to the nature of the Islamic lunar calendar. Estimates are based on expected visibility of the hilal (waxing crescent moon following a new moon) and may vary according to location.

2014 Holidays Index

Safety Dan
Oct 13, 2014 - 1:16am

Nanosilver Antiviral

Nanosilver Antiviral Government Studies.. by Safety Dan

1 week 4 days ago

Nanosilver has antiviral studies. See this Pub Med and abstract:


Nanosilver particles (NSPs), are among the most attractive nanomaterials, and have been widely used in a range of biomedical applications, including diagnosis, treatment, drug delivery, medical device coating, and for personal health care. With the increasing application of NSPs in medical contexts, it is becoming necessary for a better understanding of the mechanisms of NSPs’ biological interactions and their potential toxicity. In this review, we first introduce the synthesis routes of NSPs, including physical, chemical, and biological or green synthesis. Then the unique physiochemical properties of NSPs, such as antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory activity, are discussed in detail. Further, some recent applications of NSPs in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in medical fields are described. Finally, potential toxicology considerations of NSPs, both in vitro and in vivo, are also addressed.

Antiviral properties

NSPs are also an antiviral agent against HIV-1,41 hepatitis B virus,42 respiratory syncytial virus,43 herpes simplex virus type 1,44 and monkeypox virus.45 It has been observed that NSPs have higher antiviral activity than silver ions, due to species difference as they dissolve to release Ag0 (atomic) and Ag+ (ionic) clusters, whereas silver salts release Ag+ only.46 Lara found that the anti-HIV mechanism of nanosilver is based on the inhibition of the initial stages of the HIV-1 cycle.47 NSPs can bind to glycoprotein (gp)120, thus inhibit cluster of differentiation (CD) 4-dependent binding, fusion, and infectivity. They act as an effective virucidal agent to block HIV-1 cell-free and cell-associated infection. Furthermore, NSPs inhibit post-entry stages of the HIV-1 life cycle.47 Although the mechanism underlying their viral-inhibitory activity is not yet fully understood, NSPs could be considered to be a broad-spectrum agent against a variety of viral strains and are not prone to developing resistance.

From this government study, see link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4037247/

These are PubMed studies from the link regarding antiviral properties of Nanosilver:

41. Sun RW, Chen R, Chung NP, Ho CM, Lin CL, Che CM. Silver nano-particles fabricated in Hepes buffer exhibit cytoprotective activities toward HIV-1 infected cells. Chem Commun (Camb)2005;40:5059–5061. [PubMed]

42. Lu L, Sun RW, Chen R, et al. Silver nanoparticles inhibit hepatitis B virus replication. Antivir Ther.2008;13(2):253–262. [PubMed]

43. Taylor PL, Omotoso O, Wiskel JB, Mitlin D, Burrell RE. Impact of heat on nanocrystalline silver dressings. Part II: physical properties. Biomaterials. 2005;26(35):7230–7240. [PubMed]

44. Baram-Pinto D, Shukla S, Perkas N, Gedanken A, Sarid R. Inhibition of herpes simplex virus type 1 infection by silver nanoparticles capped with mercaptoethane sulfonate. Bioconjug Chem.2009;20(8):1497–1502. [PubMed]

45. Rogers JV, Parkinson CV, Choi YW, Speshock JL, Hussain SM. A preliminary assessment of silver nanoparticle inhibition of monkeypox virus plaque formation. Nanoscale Res Lett. 2008;3(4):129–133.

46. Taylor PL, Ussher AL, Burrell RE. Impact of heat on nanocrystalline silver dressings. Part I: chemical and biological properties. Biomaterials. 2005;26(35):7221–7229. [PubMed]

47. Lara HH, Ayala-Nuñez NV, Ixtepan-Turrent L, Rodriguez-Padilla C. Mode of antiviral action of silver nanoparticles against HIV-1. J Nanobiotechnology. 2010;8:1. [PMC free article] [PubMed]

Cris, I believe these are Published, Accredited, Professional Accepted Studies" .

All, if its in PubMed, its accepted by the medical field. In addition there are tests as I write regarding its effectiveness on various cancers and other diseases.

Since I've decided to get FDA approval here in the Philippines for ABL's Nanosilver and ABL's Medical Silver to market the products, I will post any new PubMed studies regarding Nanosilver.

Btw, I previously mentioned the government went after the couple internet sites for posting 'cures' for certain diseases, thus the firm fell under different government regulations and enforcement. The manufacturer of Nanosilver, ABL has no enforcement actions against them by the same government enforcement that went after those sites.

Safety Dan
Oct 13, 2014 - 1:36am

I believe it was back in July

I believe it was back in July by Safety Dan

1 week 2 days ago

I believe it was back in July that I mentioned in a post that a firm had tested Nanosilver in Africa on children in a medical ward. Those who used Nanosilver, ten in all, survived. I don't remember if I mentioned it was used as an IV or in vivo setting.

Here's the link @ Amarula Regarding Ebola & Cures and an excerpt:

Recently a research scientist w/Phd provided a study of which 10 of 10 children in a Nigerian hospital were to pass. His colloidal silver company produced the IV solution used on the children. All 10 survived. If you would like to know more about his firm's research, pm me and I will provide you his name and links. Meanwhile see this:

Safety Dan
Oct 13, 2014 - 9:00am

Biosafety level 4 This level

Biosafety level 4

This level is required for work with dangerous and exotic agents that pose a high individual risk of aerosol-transmitted laboratory infections, agents which cause severe to fatal disease in humans for which vaccines or other treatments are not available, such as Ebola virus, Bolivian and Argentine hemorrhagic fevers, Marburg virus, Lassa virus, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, and various other hemorrhagic diseases.

When dealing with biological hazards at this level the use of a positive pressure personnel suit, with a segregated air supply is mandatory.


Safety Dan
Oct 13, 2014 - 9:16am

Katerina Vittozzi in Liberia

Katerina Vittozzi in Liberia : Video Log Day 1

Katerina Vittozzi in Liberia : Video Log Day 1

Notice the limitations on publications and media?

Katerina Vittozzi in Liberia: Video Log Day 2


Safety Dan
Oct 13, 2014 - 9:24am

Duplicate post.. sorry

Duplicate post.. sorry

Oct 13, 2014 - 9:35am

Ebola: UK cancels resumption of direct flights to Sierra Leone

The first direct flights to resume from the UK to Sierra Leone have been cancelled after the British government revoked Gambia Bird’s recently granted permit because of fears over Ebola.

The Department of Transport cited the deteriorating public health situation for the revocation when it notified the German-owned airline on Friday evening.

The airline said it would appeal against the decision, especially as its licence was only granted on 26 September.

The decision closed what charities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) said was a vital humanitarian corridor to Sierra Leone, which is struggling to cope with the Ebola outbreak.

Médecins sans Frontières, the charity on the frontline of the Ebola outbreak since the beginning, criticised the decision. It said if the government was going to stop commercial airlines flying to the region it would have to put in place state alternatives.


Oct 13, 2014 - 9:37am

Spain defends Ebola repatriations

Spain’s foreign affairs minister has defended the government’s decision to repatriate two Spanish nationals with Ebola, despite a nurse who treated them becoming the first person to contract the virus outside of west Africa.

“The government did what it had to do,” José Manuel García-Margallo told El País newspaper. “The duty of a state is to protect its citizens – and even more so when they are in difficult circumstances far from Spain. All the developed countries who have had this problem have done the same.”

The two missionaries, Miguel Pajares, 75, and Manuel García Viejo, 69, died in August and September, days after being evacuated to Madrid for treatment. Spanish nurse Teresa Romero Ramos tested positive for the Ebola virus shortly after. She remains in a stable but serious condition.

García-Margallo argued that far from hurting Spain’s image, the Ebola case would show the world the strength of the Spanish healthcare system. “In the face of an event that can happen in any country, Spanish society has demonstrated its solidarity, and in the long run we will see that our healthcare system is among the world’s best.”


Mr. Fix
Oct 13, 2014 - 9:40am

A tale of two theories:

How a Minimal Ebola Outbreak Will Devastate the U.S. Economy

A World Bank analysis of the economic impact of Ebola on national economies suggests that only a minimal outbreak of the virus could very well devastate the United States and its economic interests. Economic Consequences of the Perceived Threat of Ebola There are two dominant theories related to the present Ebola crisis. One theory states that the media and certain government sponsored agencies such ..

ancientmoney atarangi
Oct 13, 2014 - 9:53am

atarangi re: conspiracists think ebola is not real...

I doubt anyone thinks ebola is fake.

Ebola is a real virus. But given all the evidence, it sure appears to be a manufactured pandemic.

Safety Dan
Oct 13, 2014 - 10:19am
Safety Dan
Oct 13, 2014 - 10:25am

Ebola -

Who was it that said -

"Never let a good crises go to waste"

In politics nothing is ever left to chance..

ancientmoney Safety Dan
Oct 13, 2014 - 10:31am

"never let a good crisis go to waste"

I believe that was Rahm Emmanuel.

Oct 13, 2014 - 2:54pm

Ebola can be breathed in and cause infection...

"Briefly, however, the important points are that virus-laden bodily fluids may be aerosolized and inhaled while a person is in proximity to an infectious person and that a wide range of particle sizes can be inhaled and deposited throughout the respiratory tract."


Oct 13, 2014 - 2:59pm


- Obama:"You cant get Ebola sitting on bus". - CDC:"Avoid Mass Transit"

ancientmoney atarangi
Oct 13, 2014 - 3:04pm

atarangi re: confused?

Obama: "You can't get Ebola sitting on a brand-new bus, all by yourself." That's what he meant to say.

Oct 13, 2014 - 4:28pm



Oct 13, 2014 - 8:15pm

What you propose is

What you propose is improbable and certainly not at all viable. Airlines can not diminish this bacterial problem.

I'm sorry to see that you believe it is a "us" and "we" problem/solution. First, those making the decisions that you propose have no interest in "our" well being. They make decisions, plans, laws and regulations based on their need for anointment from "above".

Second, This likely pandemic disease is uncontrollable by any means possible except a viable extermination of such bacterium. Sorry, it won't happen as the Medical Complex is under the thumb. It's difficult for me to believe that the PTB do not have a strong intention that this infectious disease will wipe out the population that includes the weak, elderly and incompetent. They need a population that has a desire for survival and they will undoubtedly use that as a position of power, given the opportunity.

I am thankful that you are not one of the indoctrinated 535 legislative rubber stampers. Good luck with your campaign to force your ideals on a community of free market oriented individuals.

Oct 13, 2014 - 8:34pm

The black death (hemorrhajic fever)

Most assume that Black Death quickly ravaged the fourteenth century western world was a bacterial bubonic plague epidemic caused by flea bites and spread by rats. But the Black Death killed a high proportion of Scandinavians -- and where they lived was too cold for fleas to survive. A modern work gives us a clue into this mystery. The “Biology of Plagues” published by Cambridge University Press analyzed 2,500 years of plagues and concluded that the Black Death was caused by a viral hemorrhagic fever pandemic similar to Ebola. If this view is correct, the future medical and economic impacts from Ebola have been vastly underestimated.

Safety Dan
Oct 13, 2014 - 9:27pm

Two important items we should

Two important items we should all read (especially those at the CDC):

Some May Carry Ebola Virus Without Having the Symptoms


Ebola virus can remain active OUTSIDE the human host for up to 23 days in liquid or on dried material:


Safety Dan
Oct 13, 2014 - 9:38pm

Japanese scientists have

Japanese scientists have developed a test which can determine if someone has Ebola within 30 minutes. And the test is cheaper than the one currently being used in West Africa.

So – if we’re going to continue to allow folks from West Africa to fly into our country – why don’t we demand that they get tested for real?

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