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Tue, Sep 30, 2014 - 1:28pm

We've been following the Ebola story pretty closely these past few months then a headline today made my hair stand on end. Thus this new post.

Look, I know I don't have to start from scratch and tell you how bad this is with a bunch of links. If you're a regular visitor to Turdville, you already know and you've already begun to take precautions. The latest update on the potential spread of the Ebola virus can be found here, from ZH 10 days ago: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-09-19/exponential-ebola-cases-now-do...

At about the same time, a story surfaced that the U.S. State Department had put in an order for 160,000 HazMat suits. Here's the story from InfoWars: https://www.infowars.com/u-s-state-department-orders-160000-ebola-hazmat... And here's a story from The Daily Mail: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2756832/State-Department-orders...

An important caveat to this story should be read next. This "order" might be just a "bid" and the State Department could be purchasing them strictly for their USAID arm: https://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2014/sep/19/blog-postin... & https://www.marketwatch.com/story/lakeland-industries-announces-global-a...

The latest, US-based Ebola scare is still unfolding in Dallas and needs monitoring: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2014/09/30/a-dalla...

And there is some potential "good news" from the US Center for Disease Control (CDC): https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/09/30/ebola-over-in-nige...

HOWEVER, when I saw the headline below earlier today, ole Turd's head started spinning:


From the article:

"CBS46 News has confirmed the Centers for Disease Control has issued guidelines to U.S. funeral homes on how to handle the remains of Ebola patients. If the outbreak of the potentially deadly virus is in West Africa, why are funeral homes in America being given guidelines?

The three-page list of recommendations include instructing funeral workers to wear protective equipment when dealing with the remains since Ebola can be transmitted in postmortem care. It also instructs to avoid autopsies and embalming."

Look, I have absolutely no idea if Ebola will spread globally. It probably won't and all will be well. But when the US State Department is considering 160,000 new HazMat suits and 5,000 bodybags....and when the US CDC is warning about 500,000 casualties and issuing guidelines to funeral homes...you might want to start taking this stuff seriously.

This does not mean that The End Is Near and it does not mean that you immediately need to hole up in a bunker somewhere. But if you're not thinking about the possibility that you may need to stay inside and home for 30-60 days at some point soon, you are simply being irresponsible. Now is the time to pay attention and remain alert. Now is the time to give full consideration to whatever action plan you and your family may need in the event of an emergency. Now is the time to stock up and/or resupply whatever emergency items you regularly keep on hand anyway.

Be mindful. Be cautious but not frightened. Always remain situationally aware and continue to prepare accordingly.


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Danforth Coxwell
Sep 30, 2014 - 9:56pm

......or you might

wash your hands. Contact your local Public Health Department for more details.

Sep 30, 2014 - 10:07pm

Bleeding Heart Liberals

Bleeding Heart Liberals like Bono, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, et al seem to be unaware of the golden opportunity to go to Africa and save the world that Ebola offers. They seem to be suddenly unavailable for a trip to Africa. surprise

Sep 30, 2014 - 10:31pm

Watching some of the postings

Watching some of the postings here is like watching flies land on food.

They jump on the food, lay some fly excretions and take off.

Especially the loud and most foul... when they throw disinformation like that, it's pretty clear that the disinfo artists are hard at work.

There is no real discussion so long as the community violations and name calling continues.

When the temper tantrums end and the adults return to the playground, I will return to posting.

Until then, if people want to inbox message me, I will respond.

Mr. Fix
Sep 30, 2014 - 10:57pm

Where this is headed:


Provisions would allow for quarantine of "well persons" who "do not show symptoms" of virus

Will CDC Activate Emergency Measures After Ebola Confirmed in US?

Image Credits: ganatlguard, Flickr


Confirmation that the first case of Ebola has arrived in the United States will prompt questions as to whether the CDC will enact emergency procedures that could see even healthy Americans detained against their will.

The Centers for Disease Control confirmed today that an Ebola victim was admitted to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Reference to the patient’s “recent travel history” suggests that the victim arrived from one of the African countries hit by the virus.

The patient has been held in “strict isolation” and the hospital is “complying with all recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and the Texas Department of Health to ensure the safety of other patients and medical staff,” according to WFAA.

In an understandable effort to prevent hysteria, the CDC has been reticent to release too many details about its preparations for a potential Ebola outbreak inside the United States, although plans currently on the record allow for the quarantine of “well persons” as well as those who “do not show symptoms” of the virus.

The official CDC website details ‘Specific Laws and Regulations Governing the Control of Communicable Diseases’, under which even healthy citizens who show no symptoms of Ebola whatsoever would be forcibly quarantined at the behest of medical authorities.

“Quarantine is used to separate and restrict the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill. These people may have been exposed to a disease and do not know it, or they may have the disease but do not show symptoms,” states the CDC (emphasis mine).

Last month, former FDA official Scott Gottlieb, M.D. wrote in Forbes that the CDC will invoke powers to “hold a healthy person against his will” in the event of an Ebola outbreak, warning that the feds may assume “too much jurisdiction to detain people involuntarily,” leading to “spooky scenarios where people could be detained for long periods, merely on a suspicion they might have been exposed to some pathogen. And forced to submit to certain medical interventions to gain their freedom.”

An executive order signed by President Obama at the end of July also allows for the “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases.”

As we reported earlier today, the CDC has also instructed funeral homes to prepare for Ebola victims, telling workers not to embalm corpses or carry out autopsies.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hNVK8FBqFE


Mr. Fix
Sep 30, 2014 - 11:08pm

The cure, just because It officially does not exist:

There is a simple, inexpensive cure for Ebola.


Sodium Chlorite, Citric Acid, and Calcium Hypochlorite. The New Reality...

The "Chlorite Matrix" is a solution made with Sodium Chlorite, and usually Citric Acid. Other acid, such as Acetic, Lactic,etc etc can be substituted. The use of Lactic Acid is "specifically directed" to the production of "Beta- propane" or Acetone.

In order for the Chlorite Matrix to produce the expected results, the Sodium Chlorite MUST BE Sodium CHLORITE, and the Citric Acid MUST BE PURE and from a NATURAL SOURCE

There are several versions of the Chlorite Matrix which are well known. Beginning with the earliest (1984) published work (so far), the Sarin et al work with his chlorite matrix is continually referred to by Authors of related papers, and that Chorite Matrix invention is now protected by Dr. Friedrich W. Kuhne of OXO CHEMIE AG, Switzerland. That evidence exists within the Patentstorm registered 6086922 "WF10" chlorite matrix based compound's four patents. I recommend that you google Patentstorm 6086922, open that site, click the small yellow box "full paper", and read it five times. Print it out. Pass it out. Mag it to your fridge.

Within that Patentstorm 6086922 international patent, there are the results regarding the use of that Chlorite Matrix based WF10 in HUMAN TRIALS is there. The science is well represented, and the results are clearly stated. The WF10, administered by injection, successfully "cured/ended" the HIV/AIDS issue with regard to the four HIV/AIDS infected volunteers. The numbers regarding the return of T cell, NK cells, and ATP production are stated, along with the Nine Week long administration of WF10 those returns required.

While this does not prove that sodium chlorite and citric acid will kill Ebola, it does show its potential to kill stubborn, so called incurable viruses.

With that said I have had hemimorphic viruses, namely Dengue. It has been used by many me included to cure Dengue in less than 6 hrs. There are also numerous testimonials to this fact on the web.


Patent for treating alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis using sodium chlorite

What the all have in common is that chlorine Dioxide is the produced by sodium chlorite.

Chlorine dioxide safety:

1. In general, human studies have not found adverse effects in individuals consuming low concentrations (0.04–0.15 mg/kg-day) of chlorine dioxide or chlorite in experimental studies (Lubbers et al., 1981, 1982, 1984a) or consuming drinking water disinfected with chlorine dioxide (Michael et al., 1981; Tuthill et al., 1982).

2. In solution sodium chlorite (NaClO2) is very alkaline and stable but when acidified it forms the gas chlorine dioxide (ClO2) which smells the same as chlorine and probably is the strongest all-round antimicrobial and parasite remedy. While it destroys all anaerobic microbes and parasites, it does not damage the beneficial lactobacteria of our intestinal flora. The only residue left in water, food, or in the body after treatment with MMS is a small amount of table salt or sodium chloride (NaCl).


In His Own Words: The Chlorite Matrix

By Adam Abraham on September 23, 2012 • ( 16 Comments )

[The following article on the Chlorite Matrix was written and published in July 2011 by Grant Maanum in a blog he titled, The Chlorite Matrix. Unfortunately, few people noticed, or appreciated the significance of this information. One time is not nearly enough, as the subject must be examined from many angles and points of context. With his permission I am republishing the article here, with a few new images and comments.]

Sodium Chlorite, Citric Acid, and Calcium Hypochlorite. The New Reality…

The issue of the Krebs Cycle (1943) is front and center when regarding any health issue whatsoever, and that “cycle” determines the functionality of each individual cell in our body .

The modern term is “Citric Acid Cycle”, and the importance of that citric acid is prioritized. There are complex events taking place within all cells due to the ongoing actions of that cycle, but the important part is the production and discharge of the energies which “fire” the various “Voltage-Gated Ion Channels” contained within each.

To see an animation of the channels in action and the flow of ions both into, and outside the cell, follow this link.

In order for the Citric Acid Cycle to function correctly, diet must include all or most food groups. The intake of natural source Potassium is critical. Given our cultural obsession with chemical additives, you can see the increasing difficulty in maintaining or restoring conditions required by our very nature for the human body’s health.

There are different strengths and different speeds of energies coming from different Element decays, and there also are “sub units” of energies produced.

These energy discharges do not occur by happenstance; they are part of the Natural Human Design.–AA

The energy discharge created by the specific decay rates of the elements involved, is actually aimed at the specific voltage gated channel that it passes through.

Please appreciate the Intelligence and singular intent that orders these complex operations. Then consider the arrogant intent that results in mucking them up. The good news is that what has been put asunder, can be restored to order. A body that has been orchestrated and manipulated into ill-health, can be healthy once again. –AA

The Channels, such as the Potassium channels, the Chlorine channels, and the Calcium Channels are targeted due to designed “Communication” between the energy source, and the energy “target” at the channel’s opening. The targets are smears of Amino Acid.

Of the 22 standard amino acids, 20 are coded, in essence, “written,” by the universal genetic code. Want to change the message? Change the amino acids. Inadvertently change the amino acids, change the health. Intentionally change the amino acids, destroy the health. Restore the standard amino acids specified within the genetic code, restore the health.

Eight of those twenty-two amino acids are essential to human life, and can ONLY be taken in through proper diet. Most important to this discussion, are the 5 positive or negative electrically charged amino acids, and that it is known that the “Alpha” amino acids communicate with Beta- Decay Energy sources.

Considering the energy, sodium decay produces ~20% of the energy produced by Potassium decay in paired discharge, then Potassium produces five fold that energy, in paired discharge. The Potassium decay is VERY powerful, and will “jump-start” the impaired or dormant voltage gated channel.

This is where the Chlorite Matrix enters.

Molecule size must be small for these processes to work.

The “Chlorite Matrix” is a solution made with Sodium Chlorite, and usually Citric Acid. Other acid, such as Acetic, Lactic, Humic, and Ascorbic can be substituted.

The use of Lactic Acid is “specifically directed” to the production of “Beta- propane” or Acetone. That issue will come later. Per my research involving Sodium Chlorite/Citric Acid (or Acetic Acid) produced ClO2 Emission Spectroscopy, the only difference produced by using different acid reagents, is the total time of “survival moment” of the Chlorine Dioxide molecule which was produced by the Sodium Chlorite/Citric Acid reaction. The breakup of the Chlorine Dioxide molecule is important.


In order for the Chlorite Matrix to produce the expected results, the Sodium Chlorite MUST BE Sodium CHLORITE, and the Citric Acid MUST BE PURE and from a NATURAL SOURCE.

The water used MUST NOT BE OZONATED. NO OZONE. The water MUST NOT contain anything which may react with Chlorine, producing Organochlorines. Later, i will provide the latest science regarding the Genotoxicity of ozone treated water, but start with this.

Google… “Possible Involvement of Oxidative Stress in Potassium Bromate-induced Genotoxicity in Human HepG2 Cells.”

Potassium Bromate (KBrO3,PB) is a byproduct of Ozone used as Disinfectant in Drinking Water….

There are several versions of the Chlorite Matrix which are well-known. Beginning with the earliest (1984) published work (so far), the Sarin et al work with his chlorite matrix is continually referred to by Authors of related papers, and that Chlorite Matrix invention is now protected by Dr. Friedrich W. Kuhne of OXO CHEMIE AG, Switzerland.

That evidence exists within the Patentstorm registered 6086922 “WF10″ chlorite matrix based compound’s four patents. I recommend that you search Sarin et al Chlorite Matrix, and read it five times. Print it out. Pass it out. Mag it to your fridge.

Abstract of Patent 6086922

Within that international patent, there are the results regarding the use of that Chlorite Matrix based WF10 in HUMAN TRIALS is there. The science is well represented, and the results are clearly stated. The WF10, administered by injection, successfully “cured/ended” the HIV/AIDS issue with regard to the four HIV/AIDS infected volunteers. The numbers regarding the return of T cell, NK cells, and ATP production are stated, along with the 9-week long WF10 administration process that was required.


The doctors will call all of this "bogus",

investigate it yourself.

Sep 30, 2014 - 11:18pm

Fix, you are not just an idiot

You are a dangerous idiot.

You are actually encouraging people to believe that these bullshit pretty pictures you cut and pasted provide evidence that this quackery is a proven treatment for Ebola?

You really are a lost cause.

As I have said before, please, please, please when you get sick or injured, treat yourself as you advise others to treat themselves. Be consistent. Stand by your convictions.

Do the gene pool a favor.

AlienEyes Mr. Fix
Sep 30, 2014 - 11:20pm

Mr. Krebs

Dang! I never thought I would hear about Mr. Krebs again after college biology.

(Get down, FIX !!!) smiley

Has anyone else noticed that calcium, sodium, zinc and silver all happen to be metals? surprise

Mr. Fix
Sep 30, 2014 - 11:23pm

And now, for the silver solution:

Attention all, the "doctors" here will be of absolutely no value whatsoever in the coming pandemic.

You must prepare for this one on your own. I offer the previous post as evidence.

Another solution:

Could some of the world’s oldest antivirals stop the spread of this deadly disease?

The World Health Organization (WHO)says Ebola virus disease (EVD) has a fatality rate of up to 90%. The virus is transmitted through direct physical contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes) with the blood or other bodily fluids of infected animals or humans, and through indirect contact with environments contaminated with such fluids.

The current outbreak in West Africa is the world’s deadliest to date. More than 1200 people have died so far this year, and the WHO has declared an international health emergency. There are no effective cures; treatment is mostly palliative or supportive, minimizing the dehydration from the vomiting and diarrhea that typically present with the disease.

As the world starts looking for other treatments, the Catch-22 of drug economics (no one will spend the exorbitant sums needed to run clinical trials if the product can’t be patented and turned into a huge money-maker) practically ensures that natural treatments will be ignored. But could some of our oldest natural antivirals be used at least to inhibit the transfer of the virus—or even cure it?

Silver, as we reported last year, has been used as an antimicrobial for thousands of years. It’s a powerful antibiotic, attacking all kinds of bacteria in a three-pronged attack. More and more research (study 1; study 2;study 3; study 4; study 5) is also heralding silver’s promise as a method of disinfecting water of both bacteria and viruses. Since disinfecting contaminated environments is the most effective method of halting Ebola’s spread, silver could be a most potent weapon in the battle.

Silver has also showed great promise as an antiviral, in both attacking the virus and in inhibiting transmission. So far, silver has been tested on HIV (study 1; study 2; study 3; study 4) and herpes (study 1; study 2; study 3). Silver has also been used to clear HPV warts; inhibit the replication of the hepatitis B virus; kill the H1N1 virus; fight ocular infection; and kill the tacaribe virus, which also causes hemorrhagic fever, as well as thebacteriophage viral strain.


Mr. Fix
Sep 30, 2014 - 11:29pm

More silver solutions:

Just wanted to share some research papers in the area of Nano-particle Silver research. Nano particle research is in it's infancy but there is a wealth of research being conducted in the field.

Here are just a VERY few links to some research papers in the field of Nano-Particle Silver and how it interacts with viruses during in vitro and in vivo testing in some of the studies.

There are many more papers out there on this subject.






I personally have read enough of these studies to believe that there is a fairly good chance that we may be able to get thorough this thing with the Ebola If it does become a Pandemic.

Here is a search string on Dove Press where there are a wealth of research papers on the subject. I hope this helps


Mr. Fix
Sep 30, 2014 - 11:31pm
Sep 30, 2014 - 11:31pm

@Mr. Fix re: The Cure .....

Nice post.

When walking or running, make sure you don't stop too fast. Your stalker, nose first, will be up your arse in a microsecond.

Sep 30, 2014 - 11:35pm


Funny that yesterday morning in the Los Angeles AM prime time, a TV hostess was interviewing a Beverly Hills physician. She raised the question about how people on the internet could trust a "whack doodle" more than a physician who is known and trusted. The physician noted that some people on the internet sites (like Yelp) might trust the evaluations from anonymous people of no known identity rather than their own physician. People on this board would be well served to ask their own personal doctor for their professional opinion. Listening to some "dr. whackadoodle" is not a substitute for real medical advice.

Sep 30, 2014 - 11:35pm


I intend for me and my family to be part of the 10% that the elite think is the "proper" population level. As such, I take Mesosilver every day, and have for a couple months. Just placed an order for MMS/Citric acid.

As Stephanie said in an earlier post, there is no need to limit oneself to just western medicine, or just "alternative" medicinal options.

If it gets me anyway, after my preps, then I guess I'll have to go to a hospital, and hope for the best.

Mr. Fix
Sep 30, 2014 - 11:44pm

But wait, there's more:

Hat tip to “Wizard” for writing this on the “nano silver research” thread.


​Spoiler alert, if you go read the forum, just skip over the posts by cris, and SSJ, as they are rude, obnoxious, and completely irrelevant to the discussion. (Just like here)wink

We are dealing with cutting edge research that has just began with very very promising results. Nano particle research is in it's infancy.

Having heard about colloidal silver for a few years and heard it here on this very board for the first time. and just kind of watched to see how it developed. With a healthy dose of skepticism, but also an open mind. Then more and more about silver entered the mainstream concerning it's anti-bacterial properties. It seemed to make sense just from a historical point of view. Knowing it's uses through history.

Then about a Month or so ago the whole Ebola epidemic came up on my radar in a serious way. So I began seriously looking for well known, Published,Accredited,Professional Accepted Studies. That had been done Because if they were using Nano particle Silver in hospital environments, Clothing, Surgical Tools. (Stryker Medical Started Right Here in the neighborhood I grew up in, Use to play ball in their parking lot LOL) and water filtration systems. There had to be hard science studies done to be able to back the claims for all of these uses.

It did not take long to find a number of good solid studies that had been done. And NO ONE was more surprised than me when I began finding Laboratory Studies that showed that Nano particle Silver was found to be effective in killing Viruses. H3N2 Virus, HIV Virus,Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 infections.

How this can not be some of the most exciting new information to come along in the medical field with a very minimum of side effects found so far?. Far less side effects than ANY compound coming out of the major pharmaceuticals in a very very long time. Everybody has heard the commercials and the very quietly mentioned Laundry List of side effects with every new drug that hits the market. Most of which are much worse than what they are trying to cure. Then a year or two later the lawyer commercials telling you that you may be entitled to money damages. Holy Carp!

A comment on the Agyria side effect: The Blue man was NOT using Colloidal Silver. He used Salt as an accelerant in the production process. It increases the electrical conductivity of the water to speed up the process of making Colloidal Silver. Well one very big problem with that is that you do not end up with Colloidal Silver. You end up with Silver Chloride which is a Silver Salt. And the fact that he also sprayed this on his skin along with using tanning booths, Well we all know how that ended. SMURF LOL

Medical Disclaimer: Please do not use Silver Chloride as a tanning lotion. It is known to lead to the condition known as Smurfitis

Gotta have a sense of humor…Sorry

.in this incredible place that we have that began as a guy making comments on a news feed site (ZeroHedge) And thanks to Craig it has grown into this incredible community where information can be exchanged and Ideas can grow into great things.

And regardless of field of endeavor we all know that antibiotic and antiviral resistant strains of every kind are a direct threat to every living human on the planet Everyone knows this.

The opportunity exists Right Here, Right Now for some serious advancement in that fight against that common enemy to everyone.

We have people that have actually used this mineral for years with medical benefits that they have observed first hand. We have historians that can attest to this minerals medical and anti-bacterial uses throughout history. We have medical professional’s that could interview and do testing and gather samples of this solution that people have made and test for particle size and parts per million. Test effectiveness against different pathogens, collate this incredible wealth of information and call for more lab studies to be done.

Here we can do this without politics and bias because there is no boss, supervisor or corporate board standing over our head saying push this agenda or hide those results

With the incredible threats that we as a species are facing with increasingly stronger strains of bacteria and viruses. Looking at every possible way to combat it together. Would benefit everyone.

And in the end isn’t that what we are all here for to find the ways to give our families and friends the best fighting chance to survive and thrive.

The End of The Great Keynesian Experiment is not just about the death of currency……..

Mr. Fix
Oct 1, 2014 - 12:02am

And finally, the last word in colloidal silver:

One of the founding members of this site started his own forum on the subject years ago, and there is A lot of very useful information on it.

Here's the link: https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/forum/4191/beinki-colloidal-silvershare-your-good-or-bad-qa#comments

On the third page, there is a lengthy post that I composed myself about a year and a half ago, about how I make it.

It has not changed all that much in the past year and a half, I've been making it and consuming it daily for nearly 2 years now, and it has worked spectacularly at keeping me healthy, but it has also cured my wife and my daughter of whatever ailments they collect at work or school.

They were only taking about a teaspoon a day, but some of the bugs going around lately are quite nasty.

In just the past couple of weeks, at separate times they both had severe sore throats and high fever.

I raised the dosage to a couple of ounces a day, and in my daughter's case, I made her drink an entire pint in the course of a few hours, as she was becoming quite sick. Whatever respiratory ailment was going around the school last month, kept many of the teachers, and many of the students bed ridden for about a week.

My daughter was all better just a few hours after that pint of colloidal silver, spread out over several hours.

If you go to those forums, you will also find many, many other members experience with its use.

Stop listening to the doctors, the cure is in your hands, simply follow the links to it.


cris Mr. Fix
Oct 1, 2014 - 12:14am

Rude, obnoxious and irrelevant

but at least not hypocritical.

so Fix, how do you square the circle of insisting the system is corrupt, "board certification" is useless and healthcare providers are universally thieves and prostitutes with the fact that you constantly appeal to people to accept your beliefs bc they are backed by "accepted scientific studies".

and i quote you: "So I began seriously looking for well known, Published,Accredited,Professional Accepted Studies"

your emphasis, mind you

so which is it?

Is the system only worthwhile when it suits your purposes?

Oct 1, 2014 - 12:20am
Oct 1, 2014 - 12:21am

FDA warning repost

This repost for the benefit of those who have missed the prior published statements from FDA:



This website and its operator have been previously warned by several individuals that the TFMR site needs to enforce community rules. We have yet to see that enforcement action and urge the site admin to discipline parties who are consistently encouraging use of unusual and clinically untested concoctions in the treatment of various illnesses.

I urge people reading this board to seek advice of your local physician and pharmacist prior to attempting to treat illness on your own.

Some of the advice given by medically untrained individuals on this board ridiculous and frankly dangerous.

Do not fall for their disinformation and propaganda techniques. Seek advice of a physician first.

Mr. Fix
Oct 1, 2014 - 12:22am

I will accept the system when it is not trying to kill us.

In the meantime, I will make other arrangements.

Oct 1, 2014 - 12:23am

Let me get really dark for a moment

I think we need to demand some answers about the identity and the associations of this guy in Dallas.

And i think we need to demand as citizens an accounting for the possibility that people have purposefully infected themselves and come to the US.

Didn't Jim Garrow talk about simultaneous attacks on shopping malls?

What if the attacks are not with bombs but with Ebola?

today was critically important bc it provided proof of concept that someone can easily get on a plane, walk around a major city for four days while sick, even be seen in a hospital and discharged

we are kidding ourselves if we dont believe the Islamic radicals are taking notes

cris Mr. Fix
Oct 1, 2014 - 12:24am

Sorry Fix

Thats not a coherent reply

Please try again.

Oct 1, 2014 - 12:27am

Liposomal Vitamin C

Thanks Mr. Fix for your posts. I have seen some excellent results with using Liposomal C. It is fat soluble form of C that your body is able to utilize far more efficiently than the water soluble form. Some are saying that it's even more effective than IV dosage - very effective against viruses as well as most diseases . I get mine from Dr. Mercola - he has some great videos on Vitamin C research and treatments and a collection of some of the best information out there on the problems with GMO's and our Glyphosate laden food supply.

Dr. P. Metals
Oct 1, 2014 - 12:42am

I read somewhere

That the ambulance that Dallas guy was transported in remained in service for days afterwards.

I wonder, is this the black swan? I wonder if it's already too late even now. Spidy senses are tingling on this, hope not.

This may be a true black swan, it doesn't appear to be intentionally planned, although some pretty weird things have been done already (allowing flights etc etc) but that's probably just normal capitalistic greed at work.

If this thing takes hold, we may see hyper-DEflation...

Pray for the best. I don't like that there are articles on this where they have been making plans for this for months already...

Oct 1, 2014 - 12:48am

cris, buddy...

...how about you supply a coherent refutation of the assertions?


Strongsidejedi cris
Oct 1, 2014 - 1:54am

@cris - Going to reactivate new public Ebola thread

There is too much going on to allow cyber bullies to push us back behind the pay wall.

I am going to reactivate an Ebola thread now and see if the disruptive disinformation artists are allowed to disrupt the discussion.

Craig needs to correct this problem but you and I should post our banter publicly.

boomer sooner
Oct 1, 2014 - 2:01am

Silver Nano studies


In vivo human time-exposure study of orally dosed commercial silver nanoparticles

To this end, we studied in an intent-to-treat analysis 60 healthy volunteers through several time-length exposures to orally dosed commercial silver nanoparticles in a prospective, placebo-controlled, single-blind, dose-monitored, cross-over design. The study is the first to quantitate changes in human metabolic, hemotologic, and sputum morphology, and to monitor for changes in physical findings and organ imaging after exposure to a commercially available aqueous silver colloid nanoparticle oral formulation.


Interesting that MD Anderson is using nano Gold to target cancer cells.

Basically they then they fry the cells using radio frequency.

Probably wrong thread

Oct 1, 2014 - 3:05am
Oct 1, 2014 - 5:59am

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2/1 9:45 ET Markit Manu PMI
2/1 10:00 ET ISM Manu Index
2/1 10:00 ET Construction Spending

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