Kamala Harris Loses Second Amendment Case

Thu, Sep 11, 2014 - 4:11pm

I know its 9/11. But, for something different than a retrospective comment about this significant date, or risking opening up a discussion among us tin-foil wearing conspiracy theorists, how about something, say, explosive in a different way, like a FIREARM discussion.

<pun intended; just trying to keep up with my friend Dr. J, who did a brilliant comedic post and from which I am still chuckling>

So, let's shoot the breeze for a little bit . . . <pun, get it?>

For those of us USA citizens who believe that the Bill of Rights means what it says, then, the latest ruling out of our socialist experiment known as California, is a breath of fresh air.

Specifically, in what can only be expressed as pure amazement, a federal court judge in California struck down California’s 10 day waiting period imposed upon gun owners. The Court rejected the overreaching waiting period on existing gun owners, decimating each and every one of the socialists’ arguments. It is truly inspiring to see that a federal judge gets it right, and categorically rejects the trite reasoning often advanced by the left in supporting gun bans, and other anti-gun arguments.

It makes me want to purchase another Sig Sauer! Hooray!

Anyhow, there are a few blogs out there, like this one


where the court filings are available on-line and are free. [As an attorney, I have a PACER account, and can get them for a very small fee, but others have to create an account, log in, etc.]

Take a look at the Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, here:


One may even be a little, say, inspired, by what is written there. I know I am.

What this means for now is not much, see here:


But, the machine and its minions are no doubt busy churning up an appeal, or trying to dangle money and favors in front of the California super majority democratic legislators to entice them to legislate a work-around.

From the tea leaves, I can distill no real argument that Kamala

can create that avoids the ruling by this courageous judge.

Maybe she can continue her supplicant ways and get good ol' Barry involved?

Or maybe, this wizard can figure out a work around:

After all, the Constitution is a "living, breathing document," right, Gov. Moonbeam?

Remember too, that one democratic legislator, who strongly pushed for gun control, and restrictions, was himself implicated in a pay to play scheme by the Chinese Mafia.


Things are not always what they seem to be on the surface. Anyone who has been reading tfmr for awhile knows this.

Stay tuned on the developments for this. It is a MAJOR victory for us Second Amendment folks. In summation, I believe the judge’s decision will stand, and that the 10 day waiting period for lawful gun owners will be eliminated once and for all. This should signify the high-water mark for those gun grabbers, but who knows, perhaps there will be another Sandy Hook MOPE operation?

False Flag advocates, here: https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/06/obama-officials-confirm-sandy-hook-was-false-flag-and-no-children-died-2976710.html

Debunkers, here: https://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/01/23/this-is-theblazes-point-by-point-sandy-hook-conspiracy-theory-debunk/

Remember, that when the left cannot impose a new law, or cannot get a law or scheme imposed by the courts, the only thing they have left is a MOPE campaign based on emotion, or outright propaganda disguised as entertainment:


Watch for it and be not surprised that you heard it here long before it ever happens and gets splashed across the news pages and on TV.

Now, back to the fantastically joyful precious metals price explosion <sarc>.

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Wealth Watchman
Sep 11, 2014 - 4:35pm

Excellent Cal!

Thanks for the interesting read, CL! Sounds encouraging for sure.

Who in their right mind would want any restrictions on the freedom to be armed asap, in a world as violent as ours(and getting more so by the day)? Please keep us in the loop on this front!

For those interested, the newest installments of the Silver Noose series are up in the Truth HQ.

In part 3 I tear the precious metals mining sector a new *ahem* orifice.


Part 4 deals with the growing realization that a real, free-market in silver is more fanciful than a zebra-striped unicorn in a lederhosen...and how that realization is affecting humanity's psyche, and thus its silver demand.


On days like today, just live your lives, go out for a hike with the family, ya know? Turn off your computer screens, and don't stress out. With the banks out in full force, it's important to remember on days like today, that the necks being slit are their own. Til next time, guys. ​

-Wealth Watchman

sierra skier
Sep 11, 2014 - 4:38pm


Now for the read.

Edit in: It about high time California has some of its illegal firearms laws are shot down. I caught this decision a while back and showed it to my son who is a firearms owner as well as myself. In California the 10 day waiting period is a 'cooling off period' so a gun buyer who is all worked up over something and has purchased the firearm to use to solve this problem has to wait for the 10 day period so they can overcome their emotional reason for the purchase.

As a current gun owner I already have the means in hand to resolve any issues with a firearm if I wish, but should not need to wait to purchase another gun. Thankfully most of us who believe in self reliance don't operate on emotions but facts and logic.

This is a wonderful decision and a great step in beginning the clean up the myriad of California firearms laws that make little or no sense except to those who proposed them. We now need to work on the 'safe gun list' law that costs manufacturers lots of money and must supply many samples (5 I believe) of each configuration/color/size/barrel length of handgun they wish to sell in California for testing by the California DOJ.

Nice subject and we all hope judicial decisions such as this will continue to abide by the law rather than emotion and ideology. Thanks CL

Sep 11, 2014 - 4:42pm

Where are these anti guntards...

...when a policeman murders someone?

sierra skier
Sep 11, 2014 - 5:01pm

California May Issue CCW laws.

Recently the Orange County Sheriff has began issuing for the reason of Self Defense instead of requiring more specific reasons for the need/desire to carry. The may issue laws in California are very discretionary and differing amongst the county sheriffs who are the primary issuers. This occurred because of another decision in the courts in favor of the citizens rights. I believe this was from a law suit in San Diego County I believe. If we can overcome these unconstitutional laws in California we should be able to eventually overcome them elsewhere as well.

Mr. Fix
Sep 11, 2014 - 5:06pm

A lot of second amendment cases will be lost going forward:

The courts are doing nothing more than the bidding of a fascist state, and the agenda is clearly to disarm the populace.

First, they have an interest in making gun ownership seem so dangerous, that outlawing it might actually be acceptable by most.

President Obama has done more for gun sales than any other president, I think they fully intend for us patriots to be a major factor in a depopulation agenda whereby all of us little people just shoot each other to death, making the governments job much easier in the end.

Since the police departments have been armed with military grade armor, bulletproof vests, armored personnel carriers, they are not particularly worried about private handguns, the projectiles will literally bounce off.

I know it's a radical strategy, and I know that the Liberal Lala land known as California seriously wishes all guns would disappear, I think the feds have a different agenda, they want the people to disappear also.

That's going to require all whole lot of guns going off simultaneously.

I'm sure they have a plan for that.

For example, what do you think will happen when none of the water faucets work anymore?

What will happen when the EBT cards don't work anymore?

What will happen when there's no food in the stores?

What will happen when the dollar becomes worthless?

What will happen when they realize all their high priced property is worthless?

These are just a few examples, we are all aware of many more on the immediate horizon.

California is a powder keg ready to explode, and it will be made an example.

Makes me wonder if we still have 10 days before all the Californians will need to protect themselves from each other.

I'm not opposed to the court ruling, I am just very suspicious of its timing and motives.

Start stacking your ammo now, It will soon be unavailable, along with gold, silver, food, water, and cash.

“The end of the great Keynesian experiment” will be a bloody mess.

Exactly as intended.

Sep 11, 2014 - 5:09pm

Gun laws

It's a nice victory but not nearly enough. All gun laws violate the 2nd amendment. Background checks, CCW permits, permits or licenses of any kind... because they all require you to ask permission of government before exercising your 2nd Amendment protected right. Asking permission makes it a privilege, not a right. That means government can take that privilege away as well. MO is getting better... they passed a State Constitutional Amendment and are now working on overriding the governor's veto on arming teachers. They still have to repeal their permit to carry law... it violates both the 2nd and the new State amendment based on my reading of it. @Mr Fix , the police forces are outnumbered by a massive number (something like 248 cops per 100,000 citizens). If a shooting war breaks out, many cops will stay home to protect their own families.

ancientmoney TJeffson
Sep 11, 2014 - 5:16pm

TJeffson re: shooting war . . .

" If a shooting war breaks out, many cops will stay home to protect their own families."


Agreed. And, their armored vehicles must be stored, refueled, driven, maintained, reloaded, etc. When at war, always get the enemy at their most vulnerable spots, the supply chain. Drivers, ammunition, parts and fuel are supplies.

Let's hope that the police decide to side with the people, and not the elites, so we don't have to test this out live.

El Gordo
Sep 11, 2014 - 5:20pm

It's getting late

It's getting late in the day, and I have yet to hear about any ISIS or other group conducting an attack on us either domestically or overseas. Are they saving all their ammo for later; or did our own MOPE organizers drop the ball and fail to perform? Surely they saved place on the evening news for something - where is it?

Mr. Fix
Sep 11, 2014 - 5:35pm

The “figurehead” in chief: Remember who's pulling his strings:

No, this is not Photoshop, this is your president

Mr. Fix
Sep 11, 2014 - 5:44pm

@ TJeffson

"@Mr Fix , the police forces are outnumbered by a massive number (something like 248 cops per 100,000 citizens). If a shooting war breaks out, many cops will stay home to protect their own families." Fully automatic high-caliber weaponry fired from fully armored personnel carriers and tanks will equalize that equation somewhat. You are right, some law enforcement will go home to protect their families, but if martial law is declared, the people inside such a rolling armada may not be American at all, as United Nations troops will most likely be used as “peacekeepers”. Even the Army training manual describes firing on unarmed citizen protesters. When all hell breaks loose, you do not want to be anywhere near it.

Sep 11, 2014 - 5:45pm

Mr. Fix, pulling the prez's strings . . .

Here is a list of top string-pullers, PTB, elites, etc. By no means are they the only part of the cartel running the western world, but these are the big-shots . . .


Sep 11, 2014 - 6:11pm

Great News for a change ...

It's nice to hear at least one court case supports individuals' 2nd Amendment rights! Speaking of Sig Sauer, hooray for the P220 Equinox, my favorite .45 cal.

In other notable "possible good news", did you notice the turnaround in the HUI at the end of the trading day, bouncing above the 220 line which happened to be the 61.8 fib retrace (low May 30 of 201.65, high Aug 14 251.83)?

ANV had a great close too. Up about 8% in the final hour of trading.

BOTTOM? Riiiight. One can only hope.

Mr. Fix ancientmoney
Sep 11, 2014 - 6:29pm

@ ancientmoney: Those are good picks too,

but I was thinking more in terms of Satanic possession, those horns were the dead giveaway.

So I Would place Lucifer as the ringleader.

Sep 11, 2014 - 6:34pm

One can only hope for a

One can only hope for a positive firearms ruling here in NY. It seems every person in a position to strike down these laws is bought and paid for. Also, MRAPs cant do much if the driver cant see......stack paintballs.

Mr. Fix Mr. Fix
Sep 11, 2014 - 6:35pm

A set up for the next “big one”, and it will be a doozy.

JFK, Oklahoma City, 9/11: Nothing Ever Changes

The JFK assassination, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Boston Marathon Bombing, the London Subway Bombings and the events of 9/11, nothing ever changes. The public is looking at either a massive series of coverups or unwarranted secrecy with regard to the evidence leading to each crime. The ink is dry on each on of these investigations, however, the government still withholds the evidence from public ..

Mr. Fix
Sep 11, 2014 - 6:45pm

Meanwhile, here in New York,

Gunshops are being raided for their customer lists:

Gun Shop Owner Says He’s Been Forced to Turn Over 165 Customer Records — Why He Fears ‘Door-to-Door Confiscation’ Could Be Next

Sep. 3, 2014 6:33pm Jason Howerton

The owner of a New York gun shop says he was given 24 hours to comply with a “request” from the New York State Police to turn over records of all customers who have purchased “bullet button” AR-15 rifles since the passage of the hastily-passed SAFE Act in 2013.

Joseph F. Palumbo, owner of the Albion Gun Shop in Albion, New York, told TheBlaze on Wednesday he had no choice but to turn over roughly 165 customer records last week. Now, both he and his customers are concerned that “door-to-door confiscation” or “warrantless searches” could come next.

An AR-15 with a “bullet button” modification makes it so the rifle’s magazine is not detachable without a special tool. Though the legality of bullet button semi-automatic rifles appears to murky under the SAFE Act’s unclear definition of a “detachable” magazine, Palumbo said he was only recently informed in “vague” terms that the weapons he sold are not compliant under the law.

It is illegal to purchase or sell semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines in New York following the passage of the SAFE Act. Rifles obtained before the gun control law was passed are required to be registered with the state government. The law also limits all magazine capacity to 10 rounds, regardless of when they were made or purchased.

Much more here:


Sep 11, 2014 - 7:10pm

Gunshops are being raided for their customer lists:

Seeing how the feds used census data to herd Japanese in the US into "internment" camps during WWII, what did you think the fed and state governments would do with gunshop data?

boomer sooner
Sep 11, 2014 - 7:49pm

22 cal rounds becoming

More available. Bass pro shops, Remington Thunderbolt 50 rd boxes for $2.49, but still limit 5 per person per day. Stacked 2 bricks worth this week, but will be at deer camp Saturday and will probably burn 500 rounds with the kids. Right now it's almost impossible to find 30-30 and deer season fast approaching. Will be breaking out the compound bow soon, at least I can recover the ammo. Never thought about stacking paint balls. We have several courses in the area and have never gone, might have to give it a whirl. Darn paintball gun can cost as much as a real lead thrower.

Sep 11, 2014 - 8:19pm

Harvey's Up (TFMR)

Harvey's Up! https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/comment/623403#comment-623403

  • Andrew Hoffman: global retail bellwether McDonalds reported that August was one of the worst month's in its 74-year history as - no, this is not a typo - same store sales plummeted an astounding 14.5%! Second, validating our ceaseless attacks on the fraudulence of the BLS's "birth/death" model - which assumes small businesses have added 3.5 million unreported jobs in the past six years, amidst the worst economic conditions of our lifetime - I read that American small business ownership has fallen to an all-time low. Third, the "bizarro world" madness of the Bank of Japan monetizing short-term government bonds yielding negative interest rates - as the "Land of the Setting Sun" takes another giant step towards the hyperinflationary abyss. Fourth, Russia formally announcing the most damaging counter sanction possible; i.e., reduced natural gas shipments to Europe, just three months before winter's onset. Fifth, a statement from the Mines Minister of Peru - the world's fifth largest gold producer - that 2015 gold production would plunge 20% and fall again in 2016. This is what the Cartel has done to the gold mining industry; which, mark our words, will never see higher output. Sixth, an utter collapse of U.S. mortgage purchase (-3%) and refinance (-11%) applications last week, as America's "Great Recession" worsens by the week. And finally, renewed vigor in the November 9th Catalonia independence referendum, care of what's going on in Scotland. Catalonia contributes 20% of Spain's GDP and 25% of its tax revenues; and thus, if it were to secede, Spain's finances might instantaneously implode. And last but not least, an ominous survey proclaiming that citizens of Greece (95%), Spain (91%) and Italy (90%) are more dissatisfied with the direction their nation is going than those in - drum roll please - Ukraine (80%)!
  • Bill Holter: Issuing the reserve currency means many things. It means you do not need to accumulate foreign reserves for trade because your currency IS the reserve. It means you don't have to (but certainly should) work to produce goods for trade because you can simply print some money for settlement. It means your interest rates are lower and currency values are higher than they otherwise would be if you didn't issue the reserve currency. It means you can wage war without paying for it by simply printing up more money. It means your standard of living is far higher than it otherwise would be based on your domestic production and trade. I will say in a nutshell, we have overspent, over borrowed and "over abused" our privilege as reserve currency custodian so badly that the most likely fate to "giving up" our privilege will result in banana republic status.
  • Harvey: As far as gold and silver are concerned, we had another raid today right after both London first and second fixing of gold. It seems they are relentless in their attacks. Strangely for the second straight day, gold and silver jumped in the access market as soon as the Comex closed. GLD: Finally we had an addition in gold to the tune of 3.00 tonnes of gold at the GLD (inventory now at 788.72 tonnes). SLV: Today we had an addition of 1.439 million oz of silver at the SLV, and the new inventory is 334.646 million oz (10,408.66 tonnes). GOFO was positive and unchanged.
  • Chris Powell (GATA): Fund manager and author John Butler and Jan Skoyles, CEO of The Real Asset Co., interviewed in London the other day by financial journalist Lars Schall, concurred that the weak hands have been shaken out of gold and that most gold investors are holding for the long term, expecting market fundamentals to prevail. The interview is six minutes long and is posted at Matterhorn Asset Management's Internet site, Gold Switzerland.
  • Chris Powell (GATA): Russia and China pledged on Tuesday to settle more bilateral trade in ruble and yuan and to enhance cooperation between banks, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said, as Moscow seeks to cushion the effects of Western economic sanctions. Shuvalov told reporters in Beijing that he had agreed on an economic cooperation pact with Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli that included boosting use of the ruble and yuan for trade transactions. The pact also lets Russian banks set up accounts with Chinese banks, and makes provisions for Russian companies to seek loans from Chinese firms.
  • Tyler Durden: Following yesterday's confusing exuberance, which saw the sluggish market rise in the last hours of trading as the latest Scottish poll showed a reverse of the "Yes" momentum (and fading Gartman's latest reco of course), overnight European jitters have re-emerged once more following a speech by Catalonia's Artur Mas, who has long pushed for independence of the region, and who said that while there are different ways Catalonia can vote, the important issue is that Catalans vote somehow. Mas says Spanish goverment will likely try to block Catalan vote "the reasons why the central government is blocking the vote are political not legal", which in turn has once again brought attention to Europe's artificial, unstable and temporary political and monetary union, which threatens a reversion of the nightmare days from 2012 when Mario Draghi was promising he would do everything in his power to send the EUR higher (as opposed to now). Additionally, the latest inflation data overnight from China, with the CPI missing expectations of 2.2% to just 2.0%, while producer prices contracted once more, this time by 1.2%, down from -0.9% and below the 1.1% consensus, which was a record 30th consecutive month of PPI declines in China, signaling overcapacity in China's factories and weaker commodities prices.
  • Zero Hedge: For the 2nd week in a row, initial claims missed expectations and on the heels of last week's dismal payrolls data (which was "unbelievable" according to the smartest people in the room) it surged to 315k - the highest since June. Perhaps most critically, on both an adjusted and unadjusted basis, initial claims are highher year-over-year (SA 315k vs 307k, NSA 234k vs 229k respectively). Is this noise? It has been 7 weeks now from the mid-July lows... and the 4-week-average many look at, has risen for 4 of the last 5 weeks.
  • Martin Armstrong (via Zero Hedge): The Spanish government is militarizing gearing up for violent protests against the EU that are expected to turn up before a hot autumn. Spain is now equipping the police with about one billion million euros with new combat equipment. Violent protests in Spain since the crisis began almost a daily occurrence. Movements such as 25 de Mayo or the Indignados call Spaniards of all strata of the population to protest against the government on the streets. The police will always respond violently. They cover up their brutal responses by banning any video of police beatings making it a crime in itself. This is certainly illustrating the loss of freedom and any democratic process within Europe. The police scandals have only charged the atmosphere within the population and we may see this erupt into civil war as we move forward.
  • Tyler Durden: Well that didn't take long. After espousing his strategy last night of leading a broad coalition against ISIS, it appears President Obama's "allies" are backing away from the plan. As The WSJ reports, Germany and the U.K. on Thursday ruled out carrying out air strikes on Islamic State militants in Syria. It appears the Europeans, realizing the ire that these actions will likely cause to Putin, are stepping back - "We haven't been asked, nor will we do it," German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told reporters and his U.K. counterpart Philip Hammond explicitly ruled out air strikes in Syria, after the U.K. parliament struck down such a move last year. So that leaves the French?
  • BBC: Venezuela's annual inflation rate has risen to 63.4%, the highest in Latin America, according to official figures published on Tuesday. The figures are the first released by the central bank since May, which has led critics to accuse the government of withholding data for political reasons. The poor state of the economy, among other issues, triggered mass anti-government protests earlier this year. They have since died down, but many continue to grapple with shortages. The central bank did not publish its scarcity index, a measure of goods that are missing from store shelves, but shortages of basic items such as flour, milk and toilet paper continue to be the bane of many shoppers.
  • David Zeiler: It looks like a growing number of professional investors are preparing for a stock market crash, as hedge fund filings for the second quarter show a spike in defensive positions. In particular, legendary billionaire George Soros made a huge bet against the market. He increased his short position on the Standard & Poor’s 500 by a startling 605%. The 9.69 million new shares of SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSE Arca: SPY) put options gave Soros a total of 11.29 million shares and made it the biggest holding in his portfolio.
  • Jim Rickards: ‘Inflation often begins imperceptibly, and gains a foothold before it is recognised. This lag in comprehension, important to central banks, is called “money illusion”, a phrase that that refers to a perception that real wealth is being created, so that Keynesian “animal spirits” are aroused. Only later is it discovered that bankers and astute investors captured the wealth, and everyday citizens are left with devalued savings, pensions, and life insurance. ‘Inflation can gain substantial momentum before the general public notices it. It was not until 1974, nine years into an inflationary cycle, that inflation became a potent political issue and a prominent public policy concern. This lag in momentum and perception is the essence of “money illusion...Once inflation perceptions shift, they are extremely difficult to reset. In the Vietnam era, it took nine years for everyday Americans to focus on inflation, and an additional eleven years to re-anchor expectations. Rolling a rock downhill is much easier than pushing it back up to the top."

All this and more on...

The Harvey Report!



Sep 11, 2014 - 8:28pm

Not even a sniff in the news

Oh come on!!!! We now cannot even rely on the PTB to fabricate a false flag on the right day! Told you these bastards were not to be trusted. Walks away shaking head.

Sep 11, 2014 - 9:16pm

I am really wondering....

.....Did o have some sort of new makeup on or something last night?....That dude looked weird to me...and has he lost some weight or something? What is different...?

Sep 11, 2014 - 10:17pm


I was at Walmart 2 hrs. ago and they had a good amount of 30-30, and a good amount of many things, 9mm, .40, .380, .223. but no .22.

While I am on that subject, I feel like I am in a toxic dump when I am in Walmart. Poison food, toxic clothes and toys, etc. It makes me feel dirty. I was there because Mrs69 lost her eyeglasses whilst we were camping, and needed some new ones in a hurry. So I walked around with the kids while she picked out her new glasses. There is something very wrong with that place and I was a little uncomfortable even being there on 9/11. But, maybe it's just me.

Sep 11, 2014 - 10:29pm

mcdonald's china sales dropped big

because of scandals of using stale meat products in china.

Colonel Angus
Sep 11, 2014 - 10:35pm

It's 308 for me

I can't find it anywhere locally. There's a local good ol' boy board, and a few have offered some old milsurp stuff, so I've taken it when I can find it. You can find some of it online, too, but the prices have gone way up. And, I know, I've ordered ammo online, so I'm on the list. I'm on the list for many reasons... As for turning over lists of customers, if you buy your guns locally and face to face from other like minded individuals, there doesn't have to be a record for the Feds. And you just might make another friend to join in your community. Some of them even have great skill sets.

Sep 11, 2014 - 10:59pm

Unrelated but this is a bit

Unrelated but this is a bit of a smudge on the book to say the least. The BBC's Political Editor, Nick Robinson edited out an answer by Salmond and told viewers that he didn't answer the question.

Nick Robinson's blackout
Ultimate smackdown
Sep 11, 2014 - 11:09pm


mcdonald's china sales dropped big

Submitted by judejin on September 11, 2014 - 10:29pm.

because of scandals of using stale meat products in china.


Does anyone know if Dr.J has been camping in china recently?

Safety Dan
Sep 12, 2014 - 12:32am

JFK, Oklahoma City, 9/11:

JFK, Oklahoma City, 9/11: Nothing Ever Changes

The JFK assassination, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Boston Marathon Bombing, the London Subway Bombings and the events of 9/11, nothing ever changes. The public is looking at either a massive series of coverups or unwarranted secrecy with regard to the evidence leading to each crime.

The ink is dry on each on of these investigations, however, the government still withholds the evidence from public scrutiny like we are a bunch of little children too emotionally fragile to handle the truth. In each case, the actions of the government, related to needless secrecy, invites conspiracy theories. Therefore, once again, I add my voice in unison with the other voices who demand transparency in order that the public can determine if they agree with the government’s findings in each one of these cases.


boomer sooner
Sep 12, 2014 - 12:35am

@ Colonel Angus, ag

308 all over here. Many went to AR 10 rather than 15 because 223 could not be found for a while.

Try armslist.com (firearms, ammo, camping gear, vehicles, even seen an xbox for trade) I have done a few deals with folks this way. Last one was a 32 cal from the 1920's made in Spain. Semi auto, striker fire (hammerless) with great patina. Same weapon carried by Japanese Officers in WWII. (I have a thing for WWII stuff)

ag, I agree about Walmart. Only thing I buy there is sunglasses, polarized Berkley fishing type, $10. Buy 3\4 at a time so I don't visit often.

As to the NY mag limit of 10, is this long guns and short guns? I have a Springfield XDM pistol that is 17 rounds, smoothest shooter ever.

Spartacus Rex
Sep 12, 2014 - 12:37am

@ CaL

"It makes me want to purchase another Sig Sauer! Hooray!"

Life's short! ie Buy the Best

Safety Dan
Sep 12, 2014 - 12:52am

Are you aware that those who

Are you aware that those who debunked and presenting data researched only teach the next False Flag inventors how to prevent discovery to debunk and find false data?

False Flag advocates, here: https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/06/obama-officials-confirm-sandy-hook-was-false-flag-and-no-children-died-2976710.html

Debunkers, here: https://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/01/23/this-is-theblazes-point-by-point-sandy-hook-conspiracy-theory-debunk/

I would not suggest that the information discovered is not presented, only that we should hold others accountable for the false flags they create in order to prevent them from doing it again. And someone please bitch slap CNN's Anderson Cooper for me.


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