Turd With Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog

Back on Friday, I had the honor of joining Greg Hunter for an interview on his YouTube channel.

In this interview, Greg and I discuss:

  • The End of The Great Keynesian Experiment
  • The ongoing crisis in Ukraine
  • The CFTC and JPMorgan
  • Price suppression in 2014 and where gold goes from here

Greg does a great job and posts new interviews nearly every day of the week. You can find his work at http://usawatchdog.com and his YouTube channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG-G8LLr38fQUNZU8K0t-EA



p.s. I've already apologized to Greg for my over-caffeinated performance. If my jumping around drives you crazy, I urge you to turn away from the screen and just listen to the audio. blush


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TF on Watchdog

Great job!!!

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the beard!

Great video Turd!


1 month 0.054

2 month 0.078

3 month 0.102

6 month 0.142

12 month 0.200

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Great Show Turd

but you must have been up late as you forgot to shave. LMAO Keep Stacking

P.S. Maybe you can do a show with Charlie of the Silver Recliner Report. LMAO

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Something going on with

Something going on with connections. I get unknown URL.. Is it me (& my computer) or others experiencing it?

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Crude gap down

The gap down in Crude was due to quotes moving to next contract.  Crude's fallen off a cliff but the $2 move over the weekend was just a roll to the new month with slippage.

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Look here all you Turdites

Look here all you Turdites,

how clear does he have to make it?

God knows Our fearless leader needs a new, “Stage Name”.

Turd Furgeson just ain’t gonna cut it going forward.

OK, we get that. The world at large just doesn’t share our sense of humor.

And god knows Craig Hemke - as a moniker -  is just too big a burden to bear.

The poor kid has suffered enough with that one.

I know he’s too proud to beg, but clearly all suggestions are welcomed.

Madonna and JayZee are obviously taken, and Carson already bastardized Karnac.

BUT, I know all you brilliant Turds are sitting on some great suggestions.

Maybe someone could set-up a contest.

Let’s all git to work on this for our Godfather’s (TF) sake

Time is of the essence, agreed?

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Every last dime @Magpie

So where is the MSM with reports like this? Such an obvious unsustainable and dangerous trend. Thanks Magpie

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I like the way Greg Hunter has hyphenized you...

... as Craig Hemke-Gold.

Watched the interview last night on YT.  I am a USA Watchdog subscriber.  Craig on Greg.  You come across as extremely well-informed & knowledgeable about many subjects - and relaxed.  I predict you will attract new subscribers.  Other than PCR and JW you are the only other USA Watchdog interviewee who can speak intelligibly about the geopolitics of the Ukrainian conflict.

I like Greg Hunter - he's non-confrontational and seems very sincere.  But like clockwork, he always manages to insert those two leading questions (regardless of whatever's being discussed at the moment):

"So when's it going to happen?  When's the collapse going to happen?"  and

"So what's it going to look like to the man on the street?  (or Joe-the-plumber, or Joe-six-pack)"

Great job.


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Cap'n Hemke


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Thumbs up!

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A Great Interview

My dear friend, Craig:

I found your performance to be extremely watchable. Your personality and intellect were showcased quite well. I think you are being hypercritical of your performance. Most people are prone to the same, I certainly am. I still awaken from time to time second guessing decisions I made while trying to advance a position under fire, and not get men killed. Yes, sometimes my decisions cost the lives of brave warriors.

I too, am a fan of Greg Hunter. He seems like a man, just as many folks here, I would enjoy a rousing conversation over good coffee or my favorite handmade bourbon.


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Loved the interview.


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A good deal on ASEs

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Great interview

Your camera presence was just fine, nothing to fret about.

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I guess -----

Karnac of the carats is out?

The Silver Swami ?

Guru of Gold?

Precious Metals Precocious Mentalist?

Real Money Realist?


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Good interview . . .

my take on what you said re: PMs is:

nothing happens price-wise until the lack of phyzz forces their hand.

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Yahoo. Turd meets the Watchdog

What fun. Great interview. Hey, whatever happened to those reports of gold flowing out- you know, the ones with pallets and pallets as far as one could scroll. Don't see those anymore. It all gone? I second the motion for a Marchas45 and the Turd.

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Going forward.

Craig, excellent interview, watched while I ate lunch.  Made my day.

As abguy4 said, 'Turd' is fine as a funny tag when you are small time, but you are 'moving on up', and you should be Craig Hemke.  If I say to someone, "read this guy, he really knows what he is talking about" and they say what is his name and I say 'Turd Furguson',  well they would think 'ok loser' and quite rightly in the minds of the ignorant.

Well done.  Great interview Craig Hemke.

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Have to do it.

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.

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System media says: "there will be a new WRC" <--why?

Because that narrative allows for the perpetuation of the "system".

Silver and Gold returning to their Monetary Role means 'The End' of the system. 

(it's not "what we hear" but "why we hear it" that is the most important consideration) 

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Jay Taylor has it pretty well nailed . . .

"I think the battle in Ukraine is very much about this question. Putin rightfully fears NATO is seeking to take away Russian sovereignty. And the Chinese wonder why they shouldn't be able to build a navy to protect their own sea lanes. But NATO doesn't want that because it wants to have control over trade and ultimately to head up a one-world government with China and Russia being subservient to those among NATO who lust for the pinnacle of global power. That means what the ruling elite want is one global central bank with themselves in charge. As the war cycles increase I think it's all about this question of who gets to print the world's money from which those with that privilege can continue to grab ever more money and power for themselves."

"Who does Obama serve – his constituency or the political warlords in DC?"

Jay Taylor: "The military-industrial complex and all the corporate elites, including the bankers that are directly involved with it, are who Obama serves. In addition, I think major economic sectors like Big Pharma as well as major media are part of who he serves and, of course, ultimately a handful of wealthy families that control those corporate entities. But as a good Machiavellian practitioner, it is imperative that Obama does a good job of lying. At least to his hard-core supporters, he has been successful with his lies. He says all the right things to keep his core support in place. But if they examined what he is doing rather than what he is saying they would realize he is a friend of the warlords and not of the people."

Daily Bell: "What about the rest of Congress? Are they capable of changing things? Can the US return itself to a constitutional republic? Is it too late?"

Jay Taylor: "With 99% of Congress bought and paid for by corporate interests and with the country financially on a path toward destruction, I think it is too late for a positive change before the fecal matter hits the rotary oscillator."

See more at: http://www.thedailybell.com/exclusive-interviews/35565/Anthony-Wile-Jay-Taylor-on-the-Unwinding-of-Western-Economies-and-the-Next-Golden-Bull/#sthash.e2gjURUM.H9dbvHJd.dpuf

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Excellent interview my

Excellent interview my friend!  Keep up the great work! 


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Good stuff

Great stuff, Turd!  Glad to see a man who isn't afraid to at least flash some stubble!  

Thanks for your thoughts, and overview of the deteriorating situation!

-Wealth Watchman

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Great job, Turd ! Very well done.

As for your screen name (Turd), if you want to change it to “Dukie-Ball” or “Dump” Furgeson, you certainly can but many of your fans won’t know who you are. Let’s face it, Defecation Furgeson and Poop-unit Furgeson just ain’t gonna cut it.

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I'm more confused

that a baby in a titty bar.

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A *Great* deal at eBay - silver or gold

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It worked...the total bill, including free shipping, was $950 = $19/oz delivered.  wow.

50 ozs for $950 delivered...hasn't been that cheap in a few years.

Anyway, if you're an eBay member, login and check your msgs...you might have a $100 gift waiting for you, and we all know how cheap silver is at present.
We might as well collectively remove a few hundred 50 oz stacks from circulation for safekeeping, no?
: )

Good luck

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- Moses Goldfeind ( like as

- Moses Goldfeind ( like as in 'free my people' )

- Craig Bankbuster

​- Emanuel Lipchitz ?

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Rubber hits the road time

Rubber hits the road time guys.  Here is how 11 trillion (https://secure.marketwatch.com/story/the-108-trillion-failures-of-the-federal-reserve-2014-08-16?mod=MW_story_top_stories) of cash effectively stuffed in mattresses - i.e. in cash - gets cyprussed if it should happen. Recommend clicking the link and reading in full


Dodd-Frank: Title II - Orderly Liquidation Authority


   Title II, the Orderly Liquidation provision of the Dodd-Frank Act, provides a process to quickly and efficiently liquidate a large, complex financial company that is close to failing.  Title II provides an alternative to bankruptcy, in which the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is appointed as a receiver to carry out the liquidation and wind-up of the company.  The FDIC is given certain powers as receiver, and a three to five year time frame in which to finish the liquidation process. Title II is aimed at protecting the financial stability of the American economy, forcing shareholders and creditors to bear the losses of the failed financial company, removing management that was responsible for the financial condition of the company, and ensuring that payout to claimants is at least as much as the claimants would have received under a bankruptcy liquidation.  

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P>S> Summer holidays for

P>S> Summer holidays for businessmen/women and politicians are almost over and you know what that means ?

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