How Fake Feminism Has Turned Women Into Sheeple

Fri, Aug 8, 2014 - 1:59pm

Note: We do not normally delve into issues like abortion on Main Street. Turd has made an exception for this article. I'm doing this article by request of Stackaloha. It's going to be controversial. Deal with it.

Women are becoming violent. Did you ever ask yourself why?

Never mind about the apparent increase in creepy cases of young women going on murder sprees. Never mind about female teachers abusing their students sexually (male and female). Never mind about young women trolling Craigslist with their boyfriends to find men to rape and murder.

Even on a basic level, when it comes to political discourse, women are foaming at the mouth:

Abortion Activist Attacks Pro-Lifers

Assaulting other women:

UC Santa Barbara Professor Assaults Young Pro-Life Activist

Or acting like proverbial harpies:

Video unavailable

Or how about the woman from the Russian art group "Voina" whose idea of performance art was to walk into a grocery store and steal a whole chicken by shoving it up her vagina? (Warning: As you scroll down the page at this link you will see a photo of said chicken. It is probably about as modest of a photo for such a thing as you can get, but it's still not for the faint of heart.)

Why aren't these women up in arms over NSA spying? Or paying attention to the loss of freedom around the world? Why aren't they outraged over all the sex trafficking (i.e., sex slavery) across our borders? What are they doing about Boko Harem except posting an occasional tweet?

What has happened to the hearts and souls of women? How have so many young women gotten so dark and ugly?

I have a theory, and I'm sorry this is not politically correct. Let me state for the record that I was a very active feminist and a member of NOW and WAC (Women's Action Coalition) in my youth. WAC thought it was "in your face" at the time, but compared to modern feminists, it was pretty tame. (Our idea of a "radical" action was to hire a boat for the Christmas light parade and put feminist slogans up in lights and yell at people through a bullhorn. Stupid and rude, but no nudity was involved.)

I went to two pro-choice marches on Washington - one with college friends and one with my boyfriend straight out of college. I kept my round, purple "KEEP ABORTION LEGAL" sign from the march and hung it up in our bedroom. (Boy, was that some bad karma. It was basically a big sign saying "no babies here!" and now that I'm in my 40s and childless, I can't say I'm happy with what I've reaped.)

I've evolved, and I'm now what I'd call politically pro-choice and spiritually pro-life. And I'm only politically pro-choice because I think abortion will happen regardless as to whether it's legal or not, and it might as well be "safe" (or rather, "safer" - it can actually be dangerous).

I've thankfully never had an abortion. But I've been a victim of the abortion mindset, which places sex above commitment and gives men a reason to treat all women like prostitutes.

Part of what changed my mind about abortion was reading testimonials of women who have had abortions, and had their lives ripped apart, only to realize they made the biggest mistake of their lives. Some women who have had abortions cannot stand the noise of a vacuum cleaner, or go to the dentist, because the suction sound brings them back to the horror of the abortion table.

One in three American women have had an abortion.

I think abortion makes women angry. And I think we're in tremendous denial about it.

We're also in a culture where a fake, pornographic view of women's sexuality is being pushed. Women are no longer honored for being nurturers. We have no good role models. Miley Cyrus, who doesn't even have the body of a woman because she's starved herself into skin and bones, is lauded for acting like a horny man.

I believe women are angry about this as well, though we don't admit it. And guys, I'm not letting you off the hook here. You are at fault too. When you treat us like chattel - when you abuse a woman or, God forbid, a little girl - you are destroying a woman's soul. You are making it hard for that woman to love. And women are designed to love. Not be sex objects, but to love and nurture.

I used to rail against the idea that women should be nurturing. But as I got older, I realized there was a hole in my soul where a child should be. Blame it on biology, or get spiritual if you wish, but women are wired to nurture. Once I realized that and started letting out my "inner nurturer," I felt more whole.

I'm not saying that all women need to have children to be fulfilled. What I am saying is that women are wired to nurture - and that can manifest in many different ways. Nuns never have children but they nurture people all the time.

And we should not be ashamed of that. There is no higher spiritual calling than to give love to the needy and soothe the helpless.

When we women go against our basic natures, we become warped and diseased in our souls. We become filled with rage and act out that rage in ways that even a crazy man can't quite touch. A violent crazy man is just that - violent and scary. A violent crazy woman becomes a nuclear bomb.

I believe this is because our hearts cannot handle the direct assault upon our vulnerable inner self that enables us to nurture. When that is wounded (and yes, I believe abortion wounds that part of us as well as abuse), women can go absolutely bonkers.

Yet, look at what the "women's movement" has become: It's entire focus in the West is on so-called "reproductive rights," or more euphemistically "women's health." The sole purpose of feminism today is to allow promiscuous sex without consequence.

And if you actually demand that a female high school student wear modest clothing, you are told you are "disempowering" her and "slut-shaming" her.

It's insane. Absolutely insane.

What's next? Stripper poles in the high school gym, because it's a "great workout"?

Young women have been duped into thinking that their main focus in life should be "sexual empowerment."

What a crock.

It's a distraction. It plays on the fears of young women that they won't be loved. Many young women are desperate for male attention. We're missing a dad at home and trying to fill that hole in our hearts, and confuse a guy leering at us with love.

When I started dating after breaking up with my college boyfriend in Los Angeles in the 90s, there was the "3 Date Rule." In other words, if the guy took you out three times, and you didn't have sex by the end of the third date, he'd dump you because he figured at that point you were just using him for dinner.

By the time I left Los Angeles in 2010, most young guys expected sex immediately and you were lucky if they offered you a drink. You were also lucky if they called. They'd likely try to text you at 1 am for a booty call.

This culture of sexual "freedom" is actually a prison for women (and men). It sets high pressure and expectations for sexual intimacy. And it leads to the need for abortions, because who wants to raise a kid with a guy you just picked up at the bar?

I will now put on my conspiracy hat here. I have come to believe this is what the elites want. It's "Brave New World" they are shooting for. They want the masses to be distracted by sex and drugs and dumbed down. I also think Big Pharma must have their tentacles in the big feminist organizations - pushing synthetic hormones and birth control. It's big business to them. (It's apparently also big business to the abortion industry.)

Look at what these evil forces have accomplished - women used to hold the moral high ground in America. After all, it was the original feminist movement of the late 1800s/early 1900s that promoted "Temperance." They got Prohibition passed. While I'm not really gung-ho over the idea of women advocating for a Nanny State, it is really sad to me that it is now women who are advocating for the severe moral and cultural decline of America - all because they've been brainwashed into thinking that being sexually attractive is "empowering."

It is not. You get maybe a decade or two of men slobbering over you, which frankly isn't all that it's cracked up to be, and then you're put out to pasture. Been there, done that. Don't care about guys hitting on me - it's meaningless. It doesn't mean jack when you are alone at night and they've left because they don't actually care about you.

But for a little while, when you are young and don't know better, you get a little ego boost from the attention. And when you come from a broken family, you don't realize what hole you are trying to fill.

It is no wonder, then, that so many young women are much more focused on make-up and clothes than on what's happening in the world. We've been sold a Big Lie - that we can act like men and sleep around and somehow that will make us "empowered" and "happy." But in order to do that, we must look our best. That means hair, make-up, and shoes, and later on, Botox, plastic surgery, liposuction, and desperate attempts to look twenty years younger.

But who, in the end, gets their feet put into stirrups and has a harried doctor suck the literal life out of them?

It's the woman. She goes home, empty, and the guy who used her for sex moves on to the next girl.

This is why women are angry. And we don't even know it.

And it's why we have failed miserably and are enablers of the destruction of freedom.

Disclaimer: My opinions are my own and in no way reflect the opinions of anyone else associated with TF Metals...unless they choose to agree. :-)

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Aug 8, 2014 - 6:00pm

Awesome post Stephanie!

Very insightful. I knew a girl a few years ago who was conceived in rape, and was a very effective pro-life advocate.

Regarding legality/illegality, I think a lot of confusion comes with assuming a static political structure. Kind of like the immigration debate, which in my opinion can't be resolved until people recognize the immorality of taking wealth by force in order to "give" to those in (politically recognized) need. Not being heartless here, this is a problem that state action does not help.

In the same way, why can't autonomous cultural societies decide what is tolerated or "legal"? Why do 300 million people have to agree how to apply/enforce moral law? Sure there will always be rogue states violating natural law, but I think it is time to embrace decentralization. The foundation funded anti-life, pro promiscuity, brave new world lobby would have a lot harder time exerting political clout in an environment with dozens (hundreds?) of small organizations than they do with the current behemoth on the Potomac. Hell, they probably wouldn't even exist without the Fed. Reserve. (chicken or egg?)

It cracks me that up pro-life republicans brook no mention of state or local defiance of the FedGov even when defiance could materially forward their stated goals of adhering to natural law. In any realm be it gun control, school policy, monetary reform, or heaven forbid abortion. They (republican faithful) want the power.

Sorry to ramble. Keep stacking, and remember the tenth amendmant!

Aug 8, 2014 - 6:40pm


I strongly support the right to abortion. Take O'bozo for instance. Now there is a shining example of why abortion should be available and in similar cases, even mandatory. I would have supported having his entire family, including his grandparents on his mother's side, burned at the stake. Abortion can correct mindless mistakes of creation like rape babies and genetically bankrupt incest babies. Then we have the sorry result of bestiality. I'm talking about chicken frickers and their Joe Biden and Hildabeast. Which reminds me. I didn't see any disappearing chickens and one of the links doesn't work.

Did I mention Dykes on Bikes?

Aug 8, 2014 - 6:45pm

@ Stephanie

Very profound and moving post. Thank you for writing it. As a father and husband I worry about the women in my life everyday. I have noticed the trend you describe here and believe you may be on to something.

I don't think your conspiracy theory is too far off either. I tend to believe that when society starts behaviors that conflict with nature's laws there is usually a more evil force at work. Legal or not, immoral or not, abortion is not natural.

I also believe that the push for more rights and opportunities for women has to do with how we are being enslaved by debt. 50 years ago one salary was enough to support a family. That wasn't enough for the bankers and government to skim from. Now both parents have to work and pay someone else to raise their children. It used to be if an unmarried couple made a "mistake", they got married and started a family. Now the woman can get an abortion and go back to work. Our government and big business has masked what they are doing by clothing it in "more rights for women" and "control over her body". What they have really done is taken the right from women to have, nurture and raise their children.

My daughter never had the opportunity to dream about having a family in the traditional sense. She knew as a little girl she was going to have to grow up and get a job to help support a family. That is important so big government can grow, big business has more customers, and society can tell her she needs one more phone or TV.

Aug 8, 2014 - 7:06pm

Stephanie...good job

I really like the way you are honest about your path through life and strong enough to detail your evolution. I am 63 now and I believe that a life of growing awareness results in wisdom. I am married for 41 years to the girl I asked to marry me when she was 18 and I was 19. It was much simpler then. We were both virgins and both raised with a Christian worldview. We expected life to be a struggle and promised to love and serve each other. It was a struggle and we still are excited to serve each other. I was there when my wife (106 lbs.) gave me 2 sons. I remember it like yesterday. What a labor. What a gift. I can tell you, when they placed my newborn son in my arms, it exploded my heart. I would have wrestled lions to keep him safe. I guess I'm trying to write the inverse of your article,i.e., just how wonderful it can be to accept the impossible discipline of Christian structure, sexual behavior, gender roles, and so on. The guardrails in place in the mid 20th century are long gone, but I can tell you this. My wife and I have merged into each other. We have literally become "one." She radiates peace and I just want to lay down my life to serve her. I can only imagine the regret and remorse of memories of abortion. May God have mercy.

Aug 8, 2014 - 7:12pm


...if what you wrote had come from a male, it would not have been nearly as effective. If that had been the case, we'd be bombarded with anti-male bashing because how could a man possibly understand what women go through? -- principles be damned.

I, for one, am really happy that you're addressing this subject, especially since you've been on the other side of the equation.

I've been single all my life. There's always been a part of me that would love to have a relationship, but my convictions and beliefs have marginalized me from the mainstream pool of potential mates. I know there are wonderful women out there. I've dated a few in my time. But I could never get behind the militancy of the modern female. It's an absolute turn-off!

Thanks for having the courage to express yourself on a public forum.



Joseph Warren
Aug 8, 2014 - 7:38pm

Depopulation Agenda

and nothing but a psy-op. The lower level 'true believers' are foolish pawns with a screw loose. Their 'stupid genes' won't be passed on to a new generation. They're the same types who believe the 'get the rich' meme spouted by the mainstream media. Of course that media is controlled and owned by those who have multibillions (or more?) protected off-shore. Those ultra-rich globalists have no intention of giving up their wealth, of course. To them, the 99.9999% are 'useless eaters' to be eliminated. There are plenty of neurotics who eagerly go along with the agenda.

Yes, this is insane. Research this for yourself. Read the globalists own publications.

Aug 8, 2014 - 7:43pm

long in planning

The reshaping of traditional Western society through the corruption of woman has long been a great part of the plan of action of some. What you see taking place is not accidental, these people hate all rational order and want to establish an order in society according to their own plan and desires. They care not what means it takes to achieve their ends, how many destroyed, how many murdered. Pervert and destroy families and the very basis of functional society is gone.

Aug 8, 2014 - 7:48pm


Well, Stephanie, I was going to keep quiet on this one but then I saw your video labeled "abortion activist attacks pro-lifers".

I am sure that that film is shocking for most who view it, but not for me. There is much more happening within that young woman than most understand. I have seen hundreds of men and women who display this same behavior. Most will not believe what I will say, not even the local steeple houses on every corner.

So, I tell stories from the past: At one time decades ago, I was in a local S.H. on a Wednesday night service. The head pastor came to me just before the meeting was to start and said,"One of our couples has brought a demon possessed woman to the service tonight and she wants help, would you meet her over in my pastor's office with the two other people?" I said sure. I did not even get started and the woman (much like the one in the video),she charged me, jumped on me, slugged me, scratched my entire face until I was bleeding, spit all over me and I was hurt and a mess. It was so fast. It was the worst beating that I had ever received in my life. (Hang onto your hats for the rest of the story).

I stood up, rebuked the demons in her, and she fell back onto a chair. Then she slithered down the chair onto the floor like a snake (yes that is what I said), and we cast the demons out as they came out screaming.

I could write a large book of 40 years of these events, the hospitals think they are crazy, the common man thinks they are on drugs, the systems do not want them in their buildings and the Church has failed to show forth what they believe:

Mark 16:17: And these attesting signs will accompany those who believe: in My Name they will drive out demons;

Somehow it has amazed me personally, that the church has believed that when Jesus ascended, the demons also left the planet. It may be a good time to review the Gospels and the Book of Acts while it is yet today.

This planet is being continually supplied with men and women like the one on the film. One may not like my view, however, I was there for that one and many, many more. The prosperity gospel will not dislodge even a pet frog. jmo

Aug 8, 2014 - 7:50pm

Thanks Stephanie

for another great post.

My favorite line when in an argument with a pro-abortionist is "Probably a good thing your mom didn't feel that way, eh?". Get some confused looks, oh well.

Aug 8, 2014 - 8:00pm

One thing missing


This is a great thought provoking article. There is one aspect of of angry women missing. Women and the abuse they inflict on their children. The vast majority of mothers spank their children, often before even one year of age. They scream, punish and humiliate their children. They put them in day care from 6 weeks of age then shuffle them into shitty government schools. And yes, so do men. But women are supposed to be the nurturing care givers. The problems with angry women, and angry men start by being abused as children. This has to stop. Women must choose good men to have children with. Men are programmed to do what they need to gain access to women. If women raised their standards, men would rise to the occasion. But if women spread their legs for thugs and scum, that is all men will be. And yes, not all men or all women fit this, but the trend is clear. Women choose the partner, it is just how biology works.

We need you women. Don't hit your kids. Choose a good man to have kids with. Don't put up with abuse for an instant. The future of society depends on it.

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