Rays of Hope (extended)

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I was in high school when I first started working for the powers that be. A helicopter landed in my hometown, carrying a few mid-level military officers (Brits, Dutch, Germans) that worked for the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission. The task force had been charged with setting up a base of operations for monitoring the then-recent ‘civil’ war in Yugoslavia. Desperate for local interpreters, the group was directed by the mayor to my bilingual high school – and in turn, the principal summoned me from class to accompany the delegation, who asked if I would be willing to work for them part-time as a liaison/interpreter/office manager as they set up an office in my town.

Over the years that followed, I worked for the OSCE, then for a military contractor that supplied interpreters to the US Army in Eastern Europe theaters of operation. I worked with Army/AF/Marine units. I recruited a classmate to work for AF Intel, saw bored and listless Marines operate drones (then a relatively novel concept) over Bosnia. Worked with an NGO who had come to my country to teach the locals about the wonders of the US stock market. Met NCOs who had been given a choice: 10 years in Federal penitentiary or 20 years in the Army (my friend had the misfortune of being caught boosting 18-wheeler rigs, and refused to name his fence). He became a heavily decorated gunnery sergeant, veteran of Gulf War I, who taught armored cavalry units how to shoot and maneuver throughout Europe.

My country spent a solid 20 years licking the bootheel of its erstwhile official mortal enemies in an attempt to integrate itself better with the EU and ‘Western values’ -- including ascension to NATO and a boatload of (pointless) military spending. This is all the more laughable as at the time, some military analysts calculated that the military could withstand a full assault from the Yugoslav army for about 30 minutes... The days of military viability were centuries in the past. Our markets were dumped with subsidized EU agricultural products, destroying much of the smaller local agricultural producers. Anyone with any skill/talent/language ability fled the country as soon as they gained their (highly respected and good-quality) university degrees to seek work in the UK, Germany, France, etc.. At least a quarter (if not half) of my high school class are now expats. Whenever I go home, all my relatives lament the distance of my domicile, but take great pains to tell me not to consider moving home.

I am writing this sitting at a newly opened outdoor bar in a small village. The proprietor explained to me that he opened this place not really to make money, but to have a business to give to his son and to try to create something new, something different in this sleepy little corner of the country. He was beset at all steps of the way by regional and local bureaucrats, tax officials and petty neighbors/competitors who continually called the cops on him (who apologetically showed up, conceded that nothing was wrong but they were obliged to respond to a ‘resident report’). Denied a building permit for an establishment in a commercial zone, he converted a railroad restaurant car into a bar and installed portable toilets on an empty lot. The long-established restaurant/bar next door closed at 9 (despite its stated hours through midnight), while he still has several dozen guests right now, well past midnight.

The indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and a genuine desire to improve the local/regional/national/continental state of affairs is still flickering. The millions of residents who were suckered into Swiss-franc mortgages (due to the massive appreciation of the CHF versus the local currency, EVERYONE is now deeply underwater, forced to squeeze out monthly payments 2x greater than what they thought they signed up for a few years ago) are about to get some relief as Parliament finalized laws forcing the issuing banks to absorb much of the losses.

This is by no means a panacea. The government is still deeply corrupt, nepotistic and continues to run a fiat Ponzi. Its supermajority in congress was achieved in part by promising/granting social benefits, passports and voting rights to nationals living outside its borders (amounting to almost 50% of in-country population). Imagine the US.GOV granting Social Security and voting rights to all Mexican citizens (a little less than half of US population) on the grounds they shared linguistic and cultural bonds with current US citizens. The Prime Minister continues to grossly enrich his family and friends – his son was among the heads of state / world-class athletes / Pope / etc. in attendance at the World Cup finals in Brazil (guy in crimson tie pensively listening to the Putin-Merkel dialogue, flanked by dude in dopey black-rimmed glasses).

BUT. He is also on record declaring that he intends to use his (ill-gotten) powers to realign the country, to seek closer ties and cooperation with Russia, to emulate the models provided by China, Russia and Turkey, seeking independence from the influence of Western (US)-backed interests, lobbying groups and NGOs. He is taking steps to reduce the prevalence of the Free Shit Army™ by reorganizing benefit programs and Social Security. Yes, this was done in part by nationalizing individual retirement accounts. Yes, this still steers government contracts to cronies and connected oligarchs. Yes, freedom of the press is under attack on a daily basis, independent journalism penalized/persecuted. The Central Bank is no longer ‘independent’ (whatever that means) and is now merely a politicized extension of Treasury. But for better or worse, the country is being steered consciously on a course towards a path that is (IMHO) the direction of the future. A course aligned with a vision of ending the hegemony of Western dominance and USD-rule over the entirety of the globe. Lo and behold, there are ever-growing indications that the Eastern powers seek an avenue of economic cooperation outside the USD umbrella, with India and Russia being only the latest pair of bilateral efforts to this end.

What’s my point, you may rightly ask? If this small, relatively insignificant NATO-member and formerly staunch Keynesian lackey can indeed change, and brave the perilous waters of taking on the Fin_Mil_Industrial_Gov complex, there may yet be hope for the rest of Europe, for the rest of the world. I have no idea whether this truly a real ‘exit’ from the current world order. It would not take much for a false flag, or simple ‘ratfucking’ from the various intel agencies (such as recently seen in Ukraine) to derail the nascent reforms underway here. But perhaps, PERHAPS such an approach – if successful – can serve to light the EXIT sign for others. In and of itself, it is insignificant – but what if Baltic states were to one day overcome their deeply rooted (and justified) phobia of Russia? Romania has twice our population, Poland is four times our size. Austria is seeking an audit of gold reserves, the Swiss have a referendum on the docket for gold reserves in the Swiss National Bank. Norway has actual energy resources to bring to the fray, and might eventually like to be paid in something other than linen-rich coupons.

Maybe all of this is merely part of a pre-ordained and centrally orchestrated charade between the ‘Rocks’ and ‘Roths’, as our friend ivars alleges. And we are all forever doomed to be the serfs (knowing or not) of the banker families seeing all and ruling all. Perhaps this is merely a futile gesture of misplaced patriotism, along the lines of Zrínyi and Dobó.

Perhaps we are, indeed, all destined to be ground down between the cogs of the machine – and the best we can hope for is to profit from the even-greater misfortune of our brethren, and to be ‘greater’ slaves among lesser ones. But my lineage and upbringing dictate that I continue to believe in the indomitability of the human spirit. Light will eventually prevail, and victories that seem pyrrhic may topple symbolsand thus ideologies.

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As always, keep stacking. Choose your battles against the status quo, but choose to battle where possible.

PS: Somewhat (though not really) OT – check out this cartoon-based comparison of Orwell vs. Huxley before it is yet again taken down by copyright protection requests.


Wow. I was a little worried my choice of topic was a little too tangential, obscure and irrelevant. While the following does not prove conclusively that it was NOT, it's still somewhat of a vindication that the next day the same event (Hungarian Prime Minister Orban's manifesto against liberal democracy, delivered as a speech at a Transylvanian university) would be pilloried by both the New York Times, the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, the Financial Times and in general the entire MSM conglomerate.

'Hungary’s Mussolini' Vows to Make the EU Member an 'Illiberal State' -- Newsweek

"Viktor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary, has just cemented his reputation as the problem child of the European Union with a speech in which he argued that “liberal democratic societies cannot remain globally competitive”. All EU countries are meant to subscribe to a set of values that could broadly be described as liberal and democratic. But Mr Orban suggested that the Hungarian government is now looking elsewhere for inspiration – citing China, Russia, Turkey and Singapore as potential role models." -- FT

"The rise of Putinism" -- WaPo

"The commission could start by reducing the 21.91 billion euros (about $29.33 billion) the European Union has allocated to Hungary to finance infrastructure development from 2014-20. It should also begin proceedings to invoke Article 7 of the Treaty on European Union, which allows the suspension of voting rights of a member state that is at serious risk of breaching the values listed in Article 2, including the rule of law, freedom, democracy and respect for human rights. The commission would diminish its credibility if it fails to take steps to sanction Hungary for systematically breaching these values." -- NYTimes

"Orban, who was re-elected in April for a second consecutive four-year term, has clashed with the EU as he amassed more power than any of his predecessors since the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, replacing the heads of independent institutions including the courts with allies, tightening control over media and changing election rules to help him retain a constitutional majority in Parliament." -- Bloomberg

The full text of the speech in question can be found here. Some salient points which, despite my reservations about politicians in general, and THIS one in particular, I found interesting:

"Or to go even further, according to an internationally recognised analyst, the strength of American soft power is in decline and liberal values today embody corruption, sex and violence, and as such discredit America and American modernisation. And then the Open Society Foundation published a report – this happened quite recently – in which it analyses Western Europe and makes statements such as the fact that Western Europe is so busy finding a solution to the situation of immigrants that it has forgotten about the white working class. Or the British Prime Minister says that thanks to the changes that have occurred in Europe, many people have become freeloaders on the backs of welfare systems. Or one of the richest people in America, who was one of the first investors in Amazon, claims that we are living in a society that is less and less capitalist and increasingly feudal, and if the global economic system does not change, then the middle class will disappear and, in his words, the poor will go after the rich with pitchforks. And so instead of an economic model that is built from the top going down, we need an economic model that grows from the middle. [...]

What this means is that we must break with liberal principles and methods of social organisation, and in general with the liberal understanding of society. [...] With regard to the relationship between two people, the starting point of the liberal organisation of society is based on the idea that we have the right to do anything that does not infringe on the freedom of the other party. [...A]lthough this is an extremely attractive idea, it is unclear who is going to decide the limits beyond which someone is infringing on our freedom. And since this is not automatically given, somebody must decide it. And since we have not appointed anybody to decide it, what we experienced continuously in everyday life was that the strongest decided. What we continuously experienced was that the weak were trampled over. Conflicts on the acceptance of mutual freedom are not decided according to some abstract principle of justice, but what happens instead is that the stronger party is always right. [...] The principle around which Hungarian society is organised should not be that everything is allowed that does not infringe on the other party’s freedom, but instead should be that one should not do unto others what one does not want others to do unto you. [...]

And so we can safely make the statement that the liberal democracy also proved to be incapable of protecting the community assets that are required for the self-sufficiency of the nation compared and in comparison to the other states of Europe. The liberal Hungarian state was also incapable of protecting the country from falling into debt. [...] It also failed to prevent families from falling into debt slavery. [...]

And so, if we want to organise our national state to replace the liberal state, it is very important that we make it clear that we are not opposing non-governmental organisations here and it is not non-governmental organisations who are moving against us, but paid political activists who are attempting to enforce foreign interests here in Hungary. [...]

It could happen, Ladies and Gentlemen, that in the United States – and I am referring to a piece of news I read yesterday – that in the United States the Senate, or perhaps it was the Senate and the House of Representatives together, decide to impeach the President of the United States for regularly overstepping his sphere of authority. And when I look behind these pieces of news I see that not only do they plan to impeach him, but the President of the United States has already been convicted of overstepping his sphere of authority on several occasions. Imagine what would happen in Hungary if Parliament took the Prime Minister to court for overstepping his sphere of authority and then the court found him guilty. How long could I remain in office, Ladies and Gentlemen?"

There is also a long passage equating the 2008 global financial crisis with the magnitude of changes the world underwent after WWI, WWII and 1990.

Like I said, words are cheap, and granting (quasi)dictatorial powers to an established demagogue has almost without exception led to tragedy. But when the guy sticks his neck out to defend Christian values, attack large multinational banks and supranational bureaucracies, to denounce the downing of MH17 without blaming Russia, I begin to wonder whether he has a sufficiently potent dossier for publication on deposit attached to a dead-man switch. And whether he spends enough on personal protection...

(photo credit: AFP/Economist)

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Aug 2, 2014 - 10:44am

JPMorgan Has Spent $18 Billion Buying Back Its Own Stock

JPMorgan Has Spent $18 Billion Buying Back Its Own Stock in Four Years

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: July 30, 2014

As Wall Street On Paradereported last week, Jeffrey Kleintop, Chief Market Strategist for LPL Financial, reports that corporations are now the single largest buying source for U.S. stocks – authorizing buybacks of their own stocks to the tune of $754.8 billion in 2013 alone.

And it’s a long-term trend. According to Birinyi Associates, for calendar years 2006 through 2013, corporations authorized $4.14 trillion in buybacks of their own publicly traded stock in the U.S. — raising the question, just what kind of a bull market is this?


Aug 2, 2014 - 10:11am

Austrian president Heinz Fischer signs Hypo law

Austrian president Heinz Fischer. Photo: APA/HERBERT NEUBAUER

President Heinz Fischer has signed the law that wipes out Hypo Alpe Adria creditors despite guarantees from the nationalised bank's home province of Carinthia of €890 million "after an intensive examination", he said.

Parliament passed the law three weeks ago - although there were some sceptical voices in the coalition government of Social Democrats (SPÖ) and conservative People's Party (ÖVP).

Fischer's office announced on Thursday that the President had evaluated the law with his councillor on legal issues, former President of the Constitutional Court Ludwig Adamovich.

After that Fischer decided to sign the law and to "open the way for a further examination of constitutional issues by the Constitutional Court."

Ratings agencies have said that the law was setting a dangerous precedent. It should ensure that investors in Hypo - not just taxpayers - help to shoulder the financial burden of winding down a bank that has sucked in €5.5 billion in public aid so far.

Moreover it could drive up borrowing costs for other state-backed firms, including utilities and health agencies.

Some creditors like the World Bank or Austrian insurance companies have already announced that they will sue for damages.

Finance Minister Michael Spindelegger (ÖVP) has argued that this law will save the taxpayer €1.7 billion, and prevent the bankruptcy of the Carinthian province.


Aug 2, 2014 - 9:45am

War is (still) a Racket

"Keep in mind that after eight years the US military was unable to successfully occupy Iraq and that after 13 years the US is unable to defeat a few thousand lightly armed Taliban in Afghanistan"

Vietnam should have taught him that no nation is so small that unlimited resources (or unlimited new debt, as the case may be) can not be poured into the coffers of the military-industrial complex in the name of democracy, nation building, or, since 9-11, "The War ion Terror."

Aug 2, 2014 - 7:47am

Rays of Hope ? Paul Craig Roberts

If Nuclear War Doesn’t Exterminate Us Ebola Virus Might — Paul Craig Roberts

Is their somehow, somewhere, something more important to read about this full

text of PCR ?



Obama’s White House Press Conference

I just heard on National Public Radio two things that have totally destroyed what tiny bit of belief I still had in American leadership. I have concluded that the term “intelligent American” is an oxymoron.

American elites have decided that Americans are not sufficiently threatened by war and economic chaos, so they are bringing the ebola virus to America. National Public Radio reported that two people infected with the ebola virus, which cannot be cured and is usually deadly, are being brought to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

All it takes is one cough, one sneeze, one drop of saliva, and the virus is loose in one of the main transportation centers of the US.

Pandemic anyone? Little doubt but that most of the world would emit a great sigh of relief to be rid of Washington.

Allegedly the ebola carriers will be quarantined in special rooms. But we already know that American hospitals cannot even contain staph infections. https://rt.com/usa/177408-nightmare-bacteria-antibiotic-southeast/ What happens to the utensils, plates, cups, and glasses with which the ebola infected persons eat and drink? And who gets to clean the bed pans? One slip-up by one person, one tear in a rubber glove, and the virus is loose.

If we don’t die from ebola, we still have to dodge nuclear war. I heard part of Obama’s press conference. Obama accused Putin of doing everything that only Obama is doing.

If Obama believes what he told the press, he is utterly disinformed by his advisors. If he doesn’t believe the crude propaganda that he speaks, he is consciously leading the drive to war with Russia which probably means war with China as well and the end of us all.

Keep in mind that after eight years the US military was unable to successfully occupy Iraq and that after 13 years the US is unable to defeat a few thousand lightly armed Taliban in Afghanistan.

Russia and China are not Iraq, Libya, or Afghanistan.

War with Russia will be nuclear. Washington has prepared for it. Washington has abandoned the ABM treaty, created what it thinks is an ABM shield, and changed its war doctrine to permit US nuclear first strike. All of this is obviously directed at Russia, and the Russian government knows it. How long will Russia sit there waiting for Washington’s first strike?

Russia hasn’t done anything except get in the way, belatedly, of Washington’s lies that Washington uses to start wars. Russia (and China) went along with Washington’s lies about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Russia (and China) went along with Washington’s lies that Washington’s 13-year attempted conquest and occupation of Afghanistan had to do with finding Osama bin Laden. Washington (and China) fell for Washington’s deception that a UN resolution establishing a no-fly zone over Libya was for the purpose of preventing Gaddafi’s air force from bombing his own people, only to discover that Washington misused the resolution to send the NATO air force to overthrow the Libyan government.

When Washington drew a “red line” in the sand with regard to the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons against the outside forces that Washington had organized and sent into Syria to overthrow the government, all the while pretending that these Islamists mercenaries were the true spokesmen for democracy in Syria, most of the world knew that Washington was about to organize a chemical attack and blame Assad. When the Washington orchestrated attack happened on schedule, this time Russia and China did not fall for it. And neither did the British Parliament. Washington was unable to produce any evidence for the charges that Washington made and hoped would bring in at least the British to support Washington’s military assault on Syria. Russia, however, was able to produce evidence, and the evidence foiled Washington’s plot against Syria.

Russia’s intervention angered Washington, as did Russia’s intervention that blocked
Washington’s plot to attack Iran. Washington, devoid of all evidence and in contradiction to the reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency from inspectors on the ground in Iran that there was no diversion of uranium from the legal energy program to a weapons program, had Iran set up for attack. Iran was surrounded by about 40 US military bases and two of Washington’s fleets off its coast.

But in stepped Russia and worked out a deal, which Washington had to accept, that kept Iranian uranium enrichment at the low level used for energy, a level far below weapons requirements.

Two black marks agains Russia whose government prevented wars that Washington wanted. Russia (and China) were supposed to endorse Washington’s lies like the puppet states of Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan, countries that long ago gave up their sovereignty to Washington.

Unfortunately for Russia, Russia demonstrated that Russia had achieved sufficient power and influence to block Washington’s war plans and, thereby, brought into action against Russia the Wolfowitz Doctrine. I have cited this doctrine in recent columns, but you can google it and read it for yourself. The doctrine is the basis for Washington’s foreign policy and declares that the principle goal of Washington’s foreign policy is to prevent the rise of any country that could serve as a check on Washington’s hegemony over the world. (The doctrine explicitly mentions Russia but also applies to China.)

Washington is disturbed that Russia has twice foiled Washington’s war intentions and that the Parliament of the US Puppet State of Great Britain voted with the Russians.
Washington is also concerned with the growing economic and political relations between Washington’s EU puppet states and Russia. EU countries, especially Germany, have numerous and profitable economic connections with Russia, and all of Europe is dependent on Russian supplied energy.

Washington concluded that Washington was in danger of losing its control over Europe.
While the Russian government was asleep at the switch enjoying the Olympics, Washington pulled off its coup in Kiev.

Neoconservative Victoria Nuland, appointed by Obama as Assistant Secretary of State,
announced at a press conference last December that Washington had spent $5 billion
purchasing fifth column Ukrainian NGOs that can be put into street demonstrations to destabilize a government and on grooming and purchasing Ukrainian politicians who will serve as Washington’s stooges. Nuland, of course, described Washington’s purchase of Ukraine as “furthering democracy” in Ukraine.

Washington’s coup against a democratically elected government brought to power extreme elements that proclaimed their hatred of Jews and Russians. These elements destroyed Russian war memorials erected to remember Russia’s liberation of Ukraine from the Third Reich, passed legislation outlawing Russian as an official language, and engaged in violent physical attacks on the Russian speaking population.

Ukraine has always been an area of changing borders. As some have put it, “Ukraine is a country in search of borders.” When Ukraine was a Soviet province, Soviet leaders attached, for various reasons, traditional Russian provinces to the Ukraine Socialist Soviet Republic. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, pressure from Washington on a weak Russia resulted in the separation of Ukraine from Russia and this included Crimea, a part of Russia since the 1700s and Russia’s warm water port.

The Russian populations in the former Russian territories that Soviet leaders foolishly attached to Ukraine were alarmed by the extreme Russophobia of the government that Washington established in Kiev. The former Russian territories voted to rejoin their mother country and to depart the Russophobic US puppet state established in Kiev.

The Russian government accepted the request from Crimea, but not the requests from the other former Russian provinces in order to demonstrate to Europe that Russia was not provocative and not the source of the crisis. Putin even had the Russian Duma rescind his power to intervene militarily in Ukraine in order to protect the secessionist provinces.

This restraint hurt rather than helped the Russian government’s position. Washington
used its propaganda machine to label self-determination by Crimeans as “invasion and annexation by Russia of Crimea.”

Russia’s restraint with regard to requests to rejoin Russia from the other former Russian provinces resulted in a Washington encouraged military attack by its puppet government in Kiev against the separatist provinces that Russia refused to accept. Washington’s propaganda then succeeded in blaming Russia for the war that Washington launched on the separatist provinces.

Washington is not interested in the truth, and Russia cannot win a propaganda war with Washington which controls the world language, which is English, the language of Washington’s propaganda. The Western media consists of idiots who are enabling Washington’s drive toward war and the extermination of life on earth.

If the Russian government had accepted the separatist provinces request, there would be no war. The Ukrainian government is demented and controlled by Washington, but it is not going to attack territories acknowledged by Russia as its territory.

By showing restraint, Russia has convinced Washington that Russia is weak, and Washington has increased the pressure. Russia has convinced Europe that there is
no cost from Russia to Europe’s complying with Washington’s sanctions. By relying on good will, reasonableness, truth and evidence, Russia has misread Washington and its craven European puppets.

What Obama meant in his White House Press Conference today (August 1) when he said that Putin should use diplomacy–which Putin has been using to no effect–is that Putin should hand Crimea, over the objection of Crimeans and the Russian people, to Washington’s puppet government in Kiev so that Washington can evict Russia from its warm weather port and access to the Mediterranean Sea, thus making redundant Russia’s naval base at Tartus, Syria. Obama also wants Putin to send into the separatist areas of Ukraine, areas that traditionally were part of Russia, Russian military forces to subdue the breakaway territories for Washington’s puppet government in Kiev.

This is Washington’s “diplomatic” position. Only a totally demented person could regard Obama’s position as realistic.

As a person who is considered fair-minded by world media and who arrives at reasonable conclusions independently of Washington’s propaganda, I am often interviewed by foreign as well as US independent media organizations. As of late, the Russian media has turned to me on a number of occasions. What I have learned is that the Russian media is perplexed by Washington’s hostility to Russia.

Russia is not operating in the old Confederate South trying to turn the American South
against Washington for Washington’s rapine, murder, and destruction of the Southern culture, but Washington is operating in the Russian South trying to turn Ukraine, long a part of Russia, against Russia.

As Russians, except perhaps for the government, are unaware of the Wolfowitz Doctrine, they do not know that the main goal of Washington is to prevent the rise of all other powers that could limit Washington’s role as sole Unipower, Hegemon over Earth.

Instead of realizing the real threat, Russian media organizations ask me if the Russian budget can stand responding to sanctions from Washington and the EU by cutting off the energy supply to Europe.

Each time I hear this question I am astonished. Russia can shut down much of European industry and deprive the Europeans of heat in winter, and Russian media ask me if Russia can afford it?

Can Russia afford to be demonized by lies, to be driven into the ground by propagandistic sanctions that will hurt Europe and some US corporations, to convey the
image that Russia is so weak as to be helpless in the face of Western sanctions as to accept the sanctions without demonstrating the cost to Europe and the US?

Does Washington even have Russians brainwashed?

I am concerned about the crisis that Washington has orchestrated, because I believe it is leading to war, which will be nuclear. Are you ready to be destroyed over Washington’s lies about one Malaysian airliner? I am convinced that Washington is behind the destruction of MH-17, because Washington’s propaganda show was already ready and was instantly in performance. That Washington is responsible is the reason that Washington will not release its satellite photos of the area during the moment of the airliner’s destruction. That Washington is responsible is the reason that Washington replies to Russian hard evidence with lies and propaganda. It is Obama and Obama’s stooges in Kiev that refuse to negotiate, not Russia.

Russia has as many nuclear warheads as Washington, and Washington’s “ABM shield” is a farce. If the insane American government drives a crisis, which Washington alone created, to war, we will all die, and for what? The answer is: for a Washington LIE.

Do you want to die for a lie? Another Washington lie?

If you don’t, you had better let Washington know.

Russia cannot end this crisis unless it puts its foot down. I have previously made the case that Russia should take its case to the UN. Alternatively, the Russian government needs to engage Europe in two questions. One is does Europe want its energy supplies from Russia cut off, energy that Washington, despite its lies, cannot replace for 3 or more years if at all.. The other is does Europe want war with Russia and does Europe think that those idiotic countries that host Washington’s missiles won’t be nuked and exterminated?

The crisis in Ukraine will continue to Russia’s and all of humanity’s cost until Russia explains to the stupid, arrogant, hubris-filled West that the West’s criminal and aggressive actions against Russia bear a real cost, and that Russia is prepared to impose the cost.

The propagandized people in the West have no idea of the fate toward which their demented governments are driving them. Russia needs to make it clear to the brainwashed propagandized peoples in the West that Russia is not going to be a puppet state of the West or to accept gratuitous aggression from the White House Fool.

It would help to save life on Earth if China also made this clear.

The sooner the better.

Unless the world reins in the demented criminals in Washington, the world has signed its own death warrant.

Aug 1, 2014 - 11:26pm

Here's one

CIA Plane Crash Lands With Four Tons Of Coke



Remember that “extraordinary rendition” debacle that took place a few months ago? To recap, a few English journalists had clocked that the CIA were leasing private planes to secretly fly illegally captured law abiders to secret prisons in Eastern Europe. Think I’m a conspiracy nut? Go and tell the BBC they are nuts too….


Anyway on with the show, I have a treat in store for you!

It seems that one of the planes logged on this list of “CIA Prison Planes” has been in a little accident – It crash landed in Mexico after running out of Jet fuel en route to the US. The authorities were more than a little surprised when they found four tons, yes you heard me right, four tons of cocaine on board.

The men flying the plane have disappeared – including one woman, the CIA refuses to comment, and the mainstream press don’t want to touch the story. Aren’t you glad, that at times like this we have Current TV. This story should go on infomania, with a twist of sarcasm and a touch of Conor Knighton’s humor.

We’ve all heard the rumors that the CIA are the reason that the United States is awash with cocaine…. is it time to connect the dots now that one of their planes has crash landed with four tons of coke in it?


Safety Dan
Aug 1, 2014 - 11:07pm

A Ray Of Hope Thru Knowledge

Why was tobacco laced with Polonium-210 and Zyklon B?



by Arden Gifford, MD

I worked with my cousin Fred Bock PhD in his lab identifying the Polonium 210 the detonating trigger for nuclear devices and measured it in lab rabbits that were in plastic cages with smoking tobacco. I measured the Geiger counter reading on all the body tissues and after they all died of cancer and heart disease and stroke I saw the damage radioactive fallout has on the body. This is combined with Zyklon B cyanide laced in to destroy the immune system to prevent any body response to stop the disease.

My uncle Tom Braden was the Director of the Foreign Intelligence dept in the CIA and was a founding member of the Bilderberger conference in the Ditchley Castle for the lieutenants of the Central Committee the Bilderbergers and was the funding representative for the Bilderbergers to be an organized CIA operation. The topic of concern in the first meeting was the growing post war population that would consumer the global national product in entitlements. The Po210 Zyklon B program was begun then to lace into liquid vats for two years in curing all tobacco products to dose it to kill people genocidally on or before their becoming useless eaters and non-working life.

They appointed Fred Bock PhD to the Roswell Park Cancer Institute Orchid Park Research program in Buffalo, NY and he with JFK and Nelson Rockefeller put the warning label on the cigarettes.

This is the largest global systematic state sponsored genocidal extermination program in the world. It is marketed with 3x the laced toxins to China India and Portugal for the reduction of the aging population.

Dr. LaMaitre, MD Director of MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER here in Houston, is the current Director of the Tobacco project for the hospital. He was my Dean in Medical School. He said he knew all about this when I was in training but was instructed to never tell the medical students about it for fear they would stop the program and spread the word. Dumbing down. Two Thirds, 2/3 of the cash in the cancer industry is directly due to this tobacco/polonium 210/zyklon B program. As Director of the Tobacco Program he does not mention that and the lab in MDA Hospital Director does not know what Polonium 210 is and has no lab test or vendor to check for it at all as all cancer centers in the country. He was informed if he did the research grant money for the school would dry up and there would noHill-Burton Funds to add additional parts of the hospital complex from the government. the residuals to the government was partially past on to the doctors and medical institutions in form of fees, building money, and research grants based on the organized silence muzzling throughout the medical education industry.

Tobacco deliberately laced with Polonium 210 and Zyklon B cyanide

is the cash cow of medicine and led to the

massive growth in the medical field in recent decades.

~ ~ ~

Its like Otto the Orkin Man putting his

pension and profit plan in termite farms.


For additional information regarding the health issues and medical complications associated with this matter, the author’s contact info is provided below:




Arden Gifford, MD, AA , HOW

Authorized Agent HOW Trust

11152 Westheimer Rd Ste # 204

Houston, TX 77042

toll free: 855.800.COCAINE (2622)

LOCAL marketed number 212.235.1881

EMAIL: drgmdmdo[at]gmail[dot]com [to DROID]

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Green Blog : Smokers Have More Chemicals Do you smoke? - Page 4 - Godlike Productions What's In My Cigarette by Ron Nevelow on Prezi Toxic Terror How Hydrogen Cyanide in Cigarette Smoke Affects Smokers

Key Economic Events Week of 1/11

1/11 12:00 ET Goon Bostic speech
1/12 10:00 ET JOLTS job openings
1/13 8:30 ET CPI
1/13 1:00 ET Goon Brainard speech
1/13 2:00 ET Beige Book
1/14 8:30 ET Import price index
1/14 12:30 ET Chief Goon Powell
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1/15 8:30 ET PPI
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Aug 1, 2014 - 5:10pm

Howdy (ex)neighbor

@Bohemian -- indeed, that ad really makes the blood boil. What makes it even worse is the fact that alongside the stated no-income mortgage policy, banks in Hungary were legally prevented from issuing mortgages at Loan-to-Value rates higher than 80% -- and those (where down payment was only 20%) was reserved for higher-value pieces real estate in major cities/capital and for highly creditworthy borrowers. People in smaller towns or villages in the countryside often had to put down 50%. Many/most of the borrowers painstakingly calculated a realistic monthly payment amount they could squeeze out of their paychecks, flipping houses was not (AFAIK) a major trend. These were by and large primary residences that families actually live(d) in. So now these people are far underwater due to loan principal 'appreciation' (in CHF value vs. local currency) AND because housing prices became depressed as the recession hit. They continue to struggle and scrape out the payment because if they don't, they not only lose the house, but also the life savings that their down payments represent.

I did not know details about the sovereign downgrades, thanks.

A few reasonably good background articles on the situation (that apparently also affects a substantial number of Britons as well):



Aug 1, 2014 - 2:48pm

CGNAO's back

A guy who seems to know stuff + a guy who worked for BM.


BohemianJ Y
Aug 1, 2014 - 1:36pm

Hi JY896

I remember those mortgages. It was a disaster. I was posting around this commercial, the prime example of bullshit marketing and the loan origination, and very unfair, to say at least. It was a crime.

Raiffeisen Bank TV-Ad: Easy (sub-prime) loans in Hungary, 2007

Some agencies downgraded Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech republic, because of these foreign mortgages. So, our Prime minister called them and asked them to review their opinion and change their rating, because -- all our mortgages were only in our own currency. Do you think that they would change it? Nope. It was in all those "serious" financial newspapers, like Financial Times, WSJ, that we were at risk because of those (non-existent) foreign mortgages. Then the central bank called them and asked, what court would they prefer, because they were ready to sue them for all the damages. ;-) Incredible.

Aug 1, 2014 - 12:25pm


demon crap to cracy (crazy)

The bad guys use black magic; slickery slippsy slime

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Key Economic Events Week of 1/11

1/11 12:00 ET Goon Bostic speech
1/12 10:00 ET JOLTS job openings
1/13 8:30 ET CPI
1/13 1:00 ET Goon Brainard speech
1/13 2:00 ET Beige Book
1/14 8:30 ET Import price index
1/14 12:30 ET Chief Goon Powell
1/15 8:30 ET Retail Sales
1/15 8:30 ET PPI
1/15 9:15 ET Cap Ute and Ind Prod
1/15 10:00 ET Business Inventories

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1/5 Georgia U.S. Senate election
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12/23 8:30 ET Core Inflation

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12/15 8:30 ET Import Price Index
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12/18 8:30 ET Current Account Deficit
12/18 10:00 ET LEIII

Key Economic Events Week of 12/7

12/8 8:30 ET Productivity & Unit Labor Costs
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12/10 8:30 ET CPI
12/11 8:30 ET PPI

Key Economic Events Week of 11/30

11/30 9:45 ET Chicago PMI
12/1 9:45 ET Markit Manu PMI Nov
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11/25 8:30 ET Q3 GDP 2nd guess
11/25 8:30 ET Durable Goods
11/25 10:00 ET Personal Inc and Spend
11/25 10:00 ET Core inflation
11/26 US Market holiday

Key Economic Events Week of 11/16

11/16 2:00 pm ET Goon Chlamydia
11/17 8:30 ET Retail Sales
11/17 8:30 ET Import Price Index
11/17 9:15 ET Cap Ute and Ind Prod
11/17 10:00 ET Business Inventories
11/17 1:00 pm ET Chief Goon Powell
11/18 8:30 ET Housing Starts
11/18 1:20 pm ET Goon Bullard
11/19 8:30 ET Jobless claims
11/19 8:30 ET Philly Fed

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11/9 1:30 pm ET Goon Mester
11/10 7:30 am ET Goon Kaplan
11/10 10:00 ET JOLTS job openings
11/10 10:00 ET Goon Rosengren
11/11 Veteran's Day. Bond market closed.
11/12 8:30 ET CPI
11/12 11:45 ET Chief Goon Powell
11/12 2:00 pm ET Federal budget
11/13 7:00 ET Goon Williams
11/13 8:30 ET PPI
11/13 8:30 ET Goon Bullard
11/13 10:00 ET Consumer sentiment

Key Economic Events Week of 11/2

11/2 9:45 ET Markit Manu PMI
11/2 10:00 ET ISM Manu PMI
11/2 10:00 ET Construction Spending
11/3 U.S. Election Day
11/4 November FOMC begins
11/4 8:30 ET ADP jobs report
11/4 8:30 ET US Trade Deficit
11/4 9:45 ET Markit Services PMI
11/4 10:00 ET ISM Services PMI
11/5 8:30 ET Productivity & Unit Labor Costs
11/5 2:00 ET FOMC Fedlines
11/5 2:30 ET Chief Goon Powell presser
11/6 8:30 ET BLSBS
11/6 10:00 ET Wholesale Inventories

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