MH17 and MH370: What are the Odds? And What's the Fallout?

How often, in the past 40 or 50 years, have we heard about a Malaysian airplane going down? And now, we've had two in the past six months. What are the odds?

I'm not the only one who immediately entertained the thought that MH17 and MH370 are, in fact, the same airplane. One goes missing - it is still not found - and then a mere months later, another Malaysian plane mysteriously flies over military airspace in one of the most contentious hotspots in the world and gets shot down.

Now it looks like we may have the sparks for WWIII.

So in my mind, if these are not the same two planes, then we've got a serious security breach at Malaysian Airlines. Or in the least, a bunch of really incompetent pilots.

"Conspiracy theorists" have been saying for months that MH370 was going to reappear soon, perhaps as a flying weapon. Has it finally reappeared? If so, what's the end-game?

Why do people poo-poo conspiracy theorists so much? Sure, I get why people are skeptical about the idea of an "Illuminati" controlling everything, and I personally think it's silly to assume everything is a conspiracy...but geez, when something so completely bald-faced obvious happens, why aren't more people questioning it?

Exclusive "Weird Al" Yankovic Music Video: FOIL (Parody of "Royals" by Lorde)

(While I think Weird Al was giving a shout out to conspiracy theorists here with this funny video, notice how many people in the comments are claiming that the Illuminati are "good" because, get this: They were atheists who were among the first people for women's rights. Seriously.)

This does not mean you need to leave one set of group-think (mainstream media) for another (lock-step conspiracy thinking). Be skeptical of everything! Including stories that Sandy Hook was a fake. Sometimes a shooting is just a shooting. (I'm not saying for sure either way, so don't blast me for not buying into the conspiracy theory on that one!)

Speaking of planes, I remember when a plane went down in Queens soon after 9/11. Smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood! Remember that? Probably not. It was extremely downplayed. And yet, it was America's second-deadliest plane crash.

I'm still of the mindset that the Queens plane disaster was a 9/11 follow-up terrorist attack the government covered up, which isn't in line with the lockstep conspiracy believers in "9/11 truth." (My personal belief is that real terrorists orchestrated 9/11, potentially helped by the shadow government, but I don't think the government controls all terrorists or is behind all terrorism.) I figure, the government after 9/11 wanted to show it was in control, and a rogue terrorist (not "shadow government approved") downing a plane so soon after 9/11 did not fit their optics.

So back to this theory that MH17 and MH370 are actually the same plane. My big question is: If they are the same plane, then why make it so bloody transparent? Why not paint the plane and fly under the banner of a different airline?

A few thoughts on this:

1) They simply aren't the same plane - but the airline has a major security breach or incompetent staff (as noted above).

2) The puppet masters don't control all the airlines - but they do control this airline and the Malaysian government. So they risked it and used the same airline.

3) They could have used another airline, but didn't bother painting the plane because they know people will buy whatever the mainstream media tells them - in effect, they are arrogant and laughing at our gullibility. And they love it.

4) It's just a bizarre coincidence. (Unlikely.)

Well, we can theorize to our heart's content, but where this plane really came from is not as important as what it is apparently setting in motion.

Guerilla Economic "V" just released this dire warning after an alleged "interview" with a former 4-star general:

The Guerrilla Economist V's Interview With 4 Star General

His message is basically GET OUT OF AMERICA NOW!! America is apparently going to be collapsed and absorbed into a North American Union by 2017. Oh, and also there may be a bio-weapon. That kills 20 million people out of a coffee can. Or other bad stuff. And don't try to fight back, you can't, because you aren't psychologically prepared, and you have no idea how many "mercs" (mercenaries) are on the way to kill you.

I have to tell you, honestly, that this audio ticks me off a bit. The general basically says "give up." If this audio is true, then this general is a coward. So he knew all this stuff was being planned but went along with it until he got too scared to cope, and is now running? Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed.

I actually doubt the story's veracity because it seems to be more about depressing people and making everything seem inevitable. I'm not saying "V" is a plant, but he may be getting strung along here.

Still, it speaks to the speeding up of events. Will we be at war with Russia soon? Will we even have a border? While you were distracted with the airplane, the Obama administration is busy setting up a plan whereby your safe middle-class suburb is going to be forced to take on the poor and violent.

This is going to be interesting to see, because the strict rules of many HOAs are probably going to be challenged as being "discriminatory" - because how can poor people keep up their lawns and paint their houses regularly? While I think HOAs tend to go overboard, there is a reason they were put in place. What will happen when no neighborhood in America can maintain standards of cleanliness or basic hygiene? Hmm... (Turd shared this link about four cases of plague in Colorado on one of his Vault articles.)

Which brings me to the next "connect the dots" moment: Is the timing of this Ukraine plane crash meant to happen just as America's borders are being destroyed? Hmm...

To be honest, there's this part of me that just wants all this crapola to go down already, so we can get it over with and deal with the next phase. Just do it, elites, if you're hell-bent on it: Collapse the dollar, bring in your Amero or whatever the heck the next currency is, and maybe we can start rebuilding and reclaiming our freedoms.

But maybe I've fallen for the "psy-op." Still, I don't think the "elites" are destined to win. The wild card here is YOU.

What do you think? And what are you going to do about it?

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