Obama in Austin (and Not at the Border)

Obama was in Austin, Texas on July 10, 2014, so I went to downtown to protest. I would highly recommend getting off your computer and getting involved. When you are actually out in the thick of things, you see and experience things that you won't otherwise through the media filter.

The protest group was a mix of mostly conservatives and libertarians. Most were there over the border issue, but one independent protester displayed a sign admonishing Obama to stop making "killer robots" (i.e., drones). I did not carry my own sign, because I wanted to take photographs, but if I had my own sign of grievances, it probably would have needed to be 10 feet high.

My primary concern? That Obama is serving an elite plan to take down America and replace it with a soft dictatorship. The border invasion is just one piece of a much larger puzzle that includes malevolent market manipulation, a weakening dollar, and a strained American infrastructure.

The protest was unfortunately a bit disorganized due to its last minute nature and conflicting start times being shared. By the time we got to the Capitol, most of the group had already gone to the Paramount Theatre where Obama was speaking.

We walked down Congress towards the Paramount, and were told by a local police officer that we had to go stand at the opposite side of the street where a large crowd had formed. I said (a bit facetiously): "Oh, you mean the free speech zone over there, but this is not a free speech zone here?"

He said it was more of an issue with security, not free speech. He was nice about it and seemed sympathetic and amused. I gave him my thanks for being so good-natured in response to my "ball-busting." (Note, however, that after a half-hour or so, the side of the street he'd directed us away from was also filled with lookers-on.)

Most of the crowd waiting for the arrival of Obama's motorcade were not protesters, but they also did not seem like strong Obama supporters either. I saw no pro-Obama signs, hats, t-shirts, or even buttons. (And this is Austin, which is filled with idealistic young progressives.) Mingled among the crowd, however, were people who were clearly not fans of Obama, including this veteran who allowed me to take his picture (apologies for my fingers being in the way, I was borrowing a phone):

This man was quiet and soft-spoken, so his shirt yelled for him.

The mood was oddly subdued among the crowd. It seemed that most people were there just out of curiosity and perhaps happened to be passing through. No-one (other than a reporter) approached our group. There were no arguments, no impassioned supporters of amnesty looking for a verbal fight, unlike at this event in Murrietta, California:

Murrieta Immigration Rally black americans debating July 4th

However, I am not sure if the passivity of the crowd in Austin was a good thing. Perhaps it was the excessive heat, but people seemed almost catatonic. When we were walking across the street and reached the curb where the crowd was, two people standing in front of us were so spaced out that they didn't budge to let us pass, even though there was plenty of room.

I wonder if some people were actually eager to get a glimpse of Obama, but they realize that he's becoming more and more unpopular, so they were not as "in your face" about it as they might have been in 2008. But my overall sense was that these people were simply lookie-loos for the most part, and not enthusiastic supporters. From my vantage point, I would guess that Obama's "mandate" to govern right now is simply more of a facade by the media.

When you carry a sign at an event like this, be prepared to speak to the media. A reporter from KVUE stopped my friend and asked her to speak, and she passed the mike to Adam Cahn, who did an excellent job speaking clearly and calmly to the reporter (you can see him speak in the clip below):

What's missing from the news broadcast is the part where the reporter asked him what he thought Obama should do, and after Adam gave some ideas, the reporter countered with some sort of excuse for Obama (which I could not hear very well as I was standing behind her). It was something along the lines of: "But what can Obama do, with blah blah blah blah." Adam - chomping at the bit to call her out with a loud "BULLSHIT!" - wracked his brain and found another B-word to substitute emphatically:


I was so delighted with this word that I am going to keep it in my arsenal.

Now, the interesting thing about this is that the lookie-loos definitely outnumbered the protesters. At the point where the media intercepted us, three of us were walking through the crowd and only one of us had a sign. But the local media was interested in adding some spice to the newscast.

The lesson here is that, if you show up, and you demonstrate, even with a very small number you can get some attention and possibly a microphone.

Unfortunately, we were in the wrong spot when Obama finally showed up. He did not come down the main street, but a side street, and all I saw of his motorcade was a parade of motorcycles with lights parading around the corner. You could tell when Obama appeared, however, because all of a sudden a group of loud male voices near the intersection started yelling and booing. (I heard no cheers.)

I was only able to get a shot of the press core following Obama inside:

And that was it. Unlike Pope Francis, Obama does not eschew his own "Popemobile" to go shake hands with the masses without protection.

Now, I'd like to mention that most of the people I spoke with from the protest were very aware that the immigration crisis had the potential to take the country down. Most were women, and they were actually quite compassionate and concerned about the welfare of the children being used as "pawns" in this process.

When I mentioned my theory that this border crisis was a prelude to setting up a North American Union, designed to destroy American sovereignty, most people had not heard of this but were quite intrigued.

After I wrote my last article on the immigration crisis, citing its potential to majorly backfire on Democrats, particularly with social issues, it occurred to me that the Democrats at the top probably did not actually care if these new voters were Democrats in the long-run. Look at how a backlash is growing among the black community:

The black vote was used to put Obama in office, but what has he done for the black community? Nothing. Why? Because he doesn't care, and now that he's in his second term, he doesn't need them anymore.

But even if more blacks start voting GOP because they know that amnesty is going to destroy their jobs, do the Democrats in power really care? Where we're headed, national political parties like the Democrats and Republicans might be totally thrown out the window for new "international" versions, or simply neutered into window dressing as the real power will be in the seat of the new Union, where politicians are not elected but appointed like in Brussels.

You know what? I'd be totally for an "American Union" if it meant that we were exporting our Constitution, with its protections for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and free markets in place. Unfortunately, we're not exporting freedom but importing tyranny.

For two different perspectives on this, I highly recommend listening to the archives of the Clyde Lewis radio show (available free as a podcast) from July 7, 2014. He ingeniously relates the border clashes we are experiencing here in America with the ones in Ukraine and Israel. He theorizes that the new manufactured "war" is the border skirmish.

I also stumbled across this interview with a former military officer, Retired U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major Dan Page. Disclaimer: The host of this radio show is an end-times Christian, so please try to set aside any biases about that. Once you get into the meat of the interview, it's mostly about government's plans for not just a "North American Union," but a union stretching all the way down to Panama:


(Start the media at about 12 minutes in to skip the intro and get to the interview.)

Some of what this guy says is truly "tin foil hat" (as in, he briefly mentions technology that can project images and even thoughts into our heads), but given his conservative nature, I just don't see that this guy is some psychotic making things up. But as with everything, be skeptical and take it with a grain of salt.

If, what some alternative media pundits are saying is true, the border crisis helps the elites whether the border is secured or not: If the invasion continues unabated, we may experience a "Cloward and Piven" style collapse of our infrastructure. If the NeoCons are put back in place as the puppets du jour, and the police state is ramped up to stop the illegal immigration, the elites still benefit.

Some say this cannot be stopped. Given the lack of demonstrated enthusiasm for Obama in hippie Austin, however, I feel that we still have a chance to turn things around. But it's a very slim chance. According to Sgt. Major Page, as long as American men are more interested in sports than politics, there's not much hope. Take a look at all the ladies in this picture:

Where are all the men? Men, stand up now, or risk being forever silenced.

Disclaimer: Opinions presented here are my own and not necessarily that of the management or any other writers here.

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