What's More Terrifying?

Thu, Jul 10, 2014 - 12:56pm

Shark attack? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESzXLQhMMlo https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/07/shark-attack-video-california_...

Roller coaster derailment?

Illegal alien invasion? https://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-California/2014/07/09/New-Request-fo...

US dollar loses hegemony? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_money and this: https://www.globalresearch.ca/dollar-hegemony-and-monetary-geopolitics-t...

[No, I did not post a picture of Hillary in shorts, as I refuse to let this get political . . . ]

The long article says this: “For this reason, “America’s dominant position as the sole superpower ultimately rests upon two pillars: its overwhelming military superiority and its control of the global economic system by the unique role of the dollar as the World Reserve Currency” (Clark, 2005). According to this reasoning,

“it might be considered an elemental interest of the United States to maintain the system which also includes intense diplomatic and limited military operations in order to preserve its abundant financing for as long as possible. After all, there seems to be a strong interdependence among nations. The US is dependent on cheap financing from abroad and is even willing to apply some military power to protect these interests” (Schulz, 2009).

Moreover, it cannot be denied that “the dollar’s leading role in foreign exchange transactions also is reinforced by this currency’s widespread use in the invoicing of international trade” (Goldberg, 2011). That is especially true about oil markets, given that “since oil trade was and still is noted, as well as traded in US Dollars, every nation has to purchase huge amounts of this currency for its national reserves in order to maintain its ability to purchase the required energy” (Schulz, 2009). Consequently, monetary dependence of others on the issuing country confers the latter significant geopolitical power(Cohen, 2003).

The unavoidable reasoning that arises is that “a full challenge to the domination of the US dollar as the world central-bank reserve currency entails a de facto declaration of war [on American power]” and, as a result, the United States is willing to fight wars to defend its national currency (Engdahl, 2006) because “an end to the dollar’s reserve currency status would impose material constraints on the United States to finance its deficits, and lead to a major loss of prestige and power projection capabilities” (Drezner, 2010). A possibility is that “widespread oil pricing in alternative currencies or perhaps the bartering of oil would then threaten U.S. hegemony by crimping the relative global demand for dollars” (Roby, 2010). Nevertheless, perpetual hierarchic supremacy of the dollar cannot be taken for granted:

“Sooner or later, confidence in the dollar is bound to be undermined by America’s chronic payments deficits, which add persistently to the country’s looming foreign debt […] The exorbitant privilege obviously cannot endure forever; America’s spending cannot indefinitely exceed its income. In the absence of significant policy reforms to reverse the deficits, the world’s trust in the dollar is bound […] to be eroded. Dollar accumulations will eventually dry up and could even turn into massive sales” (Cohen, 2008).”


Which of the above fears is NOT in the news? Why not?

Perception is being managed. Events occur, but WHAT gets reported and the frequency are what drive perception.

Collapse of western fiat system in general, and dollar in particular is NOT reported at all. Hence, there is no perception of anything amiss, apart from informed fringe, tin-foil wearing cultists, like ourselves.

Preparing accordingly means far more than accumulating stacks of shiny coins. One must MENTALLY prepare as well. THINK and draw conclusions! Do NOT be manipulated by headlines.

And on that note, let’s examine the perception management of the recent illegal alien stories popping up on the news here in lovely California.

Seemingly, out of nowhere, the headlines scream about children crossing the border en masse, protests, diseases, out of control border crossings overwhelmed by an invasion of brown-skinned people and mostly children.

Do NOT let emotion into the equation. Ask several questions, all up front, at once, and do not draw ANY conclusions until one has answers to each one of these questions:

(1) By WHOM is the information being presented?

Drill down, do not accept anything at face value. Look and see if the source information is credible. Look and see if it is the same story, shared on many outlets. Is the story factual, or does it paint a narrow picture not taking into account details from all angles and from all sides?

(2) WHY is this information being presented at this time, in this fashion?

(3) For WHOSE BENEFIT does the presentation of information advance? [Cui Bono?]

It is intellectually dishonest to reach conclusions without knowing, actually knowing, the answers to each of the above questions.

In many circumstances, it is not known for whose benefit the information is being presented. One must then make a reasoned inference to draw that conclusion, and that is where alternative conclusions can and must be drawn. This is intellectually a difficult challenge, as it requires RIGOROUS, disciplined, logical thinking. In today’s world of 30 second sound bites, the powers that be COUNT ON the masses being unable to apply disciplined thinking to any problem. Look at the fiat currency issue and understand that less than a handful of Americans truly understand this concept of fiat dollars created out of thin air having ZERO value except because they are forced on us as legal tender and are nothing but a confidence game!

The summer is heating up. Mr. TF has given us this amazing gift of collaboration and sharing of points of views, here, on this forum, and we should all be respectful when sharing our thoughts. No personal attacks, please, and let us all advance the discussion by weighing substantively. Thank you and have fun with this one!

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Jul 10, 2014 - 12:59pm

Why not

take first.

Jul 10, 2014 - 1:07pm

@California Law

Not to diminish any of the important points you challenged us with, the mental image of Hillary in shorts caused me to vomit in my mouth. Just saying . . .

Jul 10, 2014 - 1:15pm

Derailments galore. Watch for news out of the Saudi's

As forecast: black swan landing.

Some are saying that the whole 'Islamic Caliphate' is the Black Swan of all Black Swans. I agree it is all looking very 'fowl' there, but we would have to see the disruption of the House of Saud before being able to declare this as an 'official' BIG ASS BLACK SWAN. (7/9/2014) https://www.halfpasthuman.com/

As Willie has stated the sauds are the tipping point for USDinker dollar abandonment and coming financial chaos. Ready or not?

Jul 10, 2014 - 1:25pm

Shark attack

re video:

Wonder who (or what) are the dirtbags who are laughing at the attack.

Yeah, that's a great reaction seeing someone being bitten by a shark -giggle and hoot.

Don't want those idiots around in an emergency...

Jul 10, 2014 - 1:28pm

Coaster crash...

FWIW, the coaster crash elicited the sharpest scare for me. The shark thing has been done a lot, and the immigration thing has so many thought strings attached to it, the fear factor diminishes as I try to untangle it.

As to the dollar and the economic collapse, well, this has been going on all my life - no fear there.

Thanks CL, still a good read always from you.

Jul 10, 2014 - 1:34pm

Was this news terrifying to JPM?

Back in 2008 Mitsui announced it had found a way to use silver in diesel engine catalytic converters, instead of costly platinum. That was a big deal, given the difference in those metals prices.

So, why not a peep from anyone, anywhere since? I can't find ANYTHING more about this . . . did someone (big kahuna bankster, for example) put the kibosh on this process?



I would think the Chinese, who need to find a solution to their smog/air quality problem, must know of this Mitsui process:


Jul 10, 2014 - 1:39pm


CL, I have too much to say about this. I just backspaced much of what I would say out. This criminal immigration has been allowed from both sides of the isle for decades now. It's the same old "divide and conquer" bullshit. If one speaks out against this obvious evil than one is called racist or heartless or some other such such nonsense.

I say we teleport all 3rd worlders to good old USSA and just get it over with already. Then we can move to wherever those people left from, and make it better. Well, until TPTB move them back to take it down. (huge sarcasm)

Jul 10, 2014 - 1:46pm

Advancing the discussion

I took this from Craigs post today, BREAKOUT.

I had a listen, so much more than the printed.One extremely salient point Hugo Salinas brings to light, there are no more "ELITES"....then he corrects himself,stating, okay , yes , there is one he knows of PUTIN .

In all my travels through information this point has never been brought out or why. Salinas Price puts it all together.The END of civilization as we know it.Why the "ELITES" lost control.

Well worth your time. Thanks Craig, i think this tends to advance your article even further C. L.


Give it a read and you should definitely be on the lookout for when Erik finally gets around to releasing the audio, sometime next month...

Jul 10, 2014 - 1:51pm

Swap Dealers ‘Goal Line Stand’ for COMEX Silver Futures Jeopardy

HOUSTON -- A sure-enough short squeeze might be developing in the volatile silver market. We attempt to identify who, or rather which class of futures trader, might be squeezed in this brief offering. The inspiration for this article is actually misinformation found elsewhere. We have seen and read commentary on the Web from various analysts and market watchers that have attributed, or rather misattributed, the very large increase in large commercial net short positioning (LCNS) for silver futures to members of the Producer/Merchants – which would be to the “silver trade” itself. Recall that the Producer/Merchants primarily use futures to hedge a natural long position by those who hold or manage significant amounts of gold or silver inventory – either for themselves or for others. It also includes the bullion-trading banks many of those Producers, Merchants, Processors, Producers and Users end up trading through. Looking at the Legacy COT graph for the combined commercial traders, we see a quite large increase in the amount of net short positioning, but what we cannot see in the old style report is which class of commercial trader is more responsible for the big addition of net short interest. Here’s the Legacy COT tracking graph for silver futures for reference. The reason we share it here is it forms the basis for much of the misinformation out there on the Web. Graph: Legacy Silver LCNS (Large Commercial Net Short Positioning). July 1 data shows 51,955 contracts net short by the commercial traders. COT data from CFTC, silver prices from Cash Market. Legacy COT data for combined commercial traders - COMEX silver futures. While here, what is the data and chart telling us? From June 3 to July 1 silver advanced $2.22 or 11.8% (from $18.79 to $21.01). For that same period the combined commercial traders – as reported in the Legacy COT report -- added a pretty darn large 42,315 contracts to their collective net short positioning (from 9,640 June 3 to 51,955 contracts net short July 1 – the equivalent of about 211.6 million ounces of silver bullion apparently sold into and presumably attempting to put the brakes on the silver rally). https://silverseek.com/article/swap-dealers-%E2%80%98goal-line-stand%E2%...
Jul 10, 2014 - 2:02pm

...to protect the public from "criminals and terrorists"

Emergency phone and internet data laws to be passed

David Cameron: "The public should be worried if we didn't act"

Emergency powers to ensure police and security services can continue to access phone and internet records are being rushed through Parliament.

Prime Minister David Cameron has secured the backing of all three main parties for the highly unusual move.

He said urgent action was needed to protect the public from "criminals and terrorists" after the European Court of Justice struck down existing powers.

But civil liberties campaigners have warned it will invade people's privacy.

Mr Cameron defended the move in a joint news conference with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, saying it was about maintaining existing capabilities - not introducing new snooping laws.

But it will make legally clear the requirements include companies based abroad, whose phone and internet services are used in the UK. A former senior diplomat will also be appointed to work with other nations to speed up the "lawful and justified" transfer of data across borders.

Mr Cameron also said he had reached an agreement with Labour leader Ed Miliband for a wider review of the surveillance powers needed by the security services, to report after the next election.



MR CAMERON: you, your government, and the banks who own you are the criminals and terrorists!

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