Taking Charge of Your Health (or: Why the Birth Control Debate is All Wrong)

Heads are exploding over the SCOTUS decision on the contraception mandate, which I, as a woman, applaud. Why? Because not only is religious liberty important, but birth control pills are actually bad for you!

It absolutely blows my mind how completely out to lunch "feminists" are on this issue, considering that synthetic hormones (often created from horse hormones and heaven knows what) are not good for women's health!

Do you want breast cancer? How about massive mood swings? What about disrupting your natural hormone production and confusing your body? Would you like a heart attack? How about a blood clot? Then just take birth control pills for years on end.

If you really want to mess your body up, go ahead and take an abortion pill - sure, some women have died from them, and even if you live you might have harmed your body for life, but hey, it's your right to get that pill for free!

I have this theory - it's tin foil hat time! Big Pharma must have infiltrated feminist organizations because this push for lifelong ingestion of synthetic hormones is nothing more than a profit center for pharmaceutical companies. They do not improve womens' health in the long run - not by a long shot.

And it's not just the risk of breast cancer. Why do you think so many women are on anti-depressants today? When I was on birth control pills in college, they made me depressed and suicidal. I won't take them because they made me crazy.

The "conventional wisdom" surrounding the necessity of man-made hormones for women's "health" is just one big example of how we've been sold a big bag of goods by the medical industry.

A lot of what we're sold is actually toxic and bad for us, and only serves to put our bodies out of balance even more, necessitating even more powerful drugs to fix the problems created by the first drugs.

Here's the other big issue with depending on pharmaceuticals for chronic health issues - what's going to happen to access to pills if indeed we do end up going through a massive economic collapse?

Or what if a pandemic strikes? My biggest concern with the influx of illegal immigrants over the border is that they are carrying diseases, including drug-resistant tuberculosis. And yet, I don't see the "Affordable" Care Act mandating coverage of expensive antibiotics and the latest antiviral medication.

To state that mandating employers cover birth control pills is going to somehow going to protect women's health at a time where disease-ridden immigrant youth are being shipped around the country without going into quarantine first is pure propaganda and distraction.

And, given the fragility of our economic system, who says anyone is guaranteed a job at all, much less a job with benefits?

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your family is to educate yourself on natural medicine and stock your cabinet with herbs and other holistic remedies in the event of a disruption in medicine production.

I recently got a bad sinus infection (and I realize now, I need to use nose clips in the pool because it got worse after a session of swimming). Wanting to avoid a trip to the doctor and a round of antibiotics, I have been irrigating my nasal passage with colloidal silver spray and taking herbs to boost my immune system.

I have been seeing a lot of improvement. Sure, antibiotics could possibly work faster, but I've also had serious allergic reactions to antibiotics.

When it comes to women's health issues, synthetic hormones are one of the worst solutions. Natural progesterone cream (made with bio-identical hormones) is available over the counter and works much better for menopause symptoms than hormones made by and for horses. Other women's health issues like endometriosis are much better taken care of holistically than with synthetic hormones.

Many herbs help regulate menstrual cycles. Birth control pills do not protect against STDs at any rate, and will fail easily if not taken on a strict schedule. If you don't need condoms due to monogamy, an old-fashioned diaphragm in your cabinet will still be there and last for years, even if the drugstores close due to a dollar collapse, but the pills will be used up quickly.

What about viral outbreaks? I have my medicine cabinet stocked with natural remedies like elderberry (which helps fight the flu virus), osha (anti-bacterial and anti-viral), colloidal silver, and any number of immune boosting teas. Fighting inflammation is important, which is why my cabinet is stocked with rooibos tea and my spice shelf includes turmeric.

I also exercise regularly, and I'm working on lowering my stress levels to help improve my immune function. I do yoga and qi gong. I also see an acupuncturist regularly. All of these things have helped manage my chronic fatigue syndrome that I've had for over 20 years now.

Doctors? While I have definitely had some good ones, I've also had some horrible ones. I've had to manage my health on my own because even the good ones could not give me a pill or an easy answer. I believe this has actually been a blessing as I do not rely on doctors or pills for answers. It has not been easy, and my health is still not what I'd like it to be, but at least I'm not worrying about dying if I don't take a drug regularly.

What about you? Are you depending on pills to survive?

Now is a good time to put a plan together to protect your health and that of your family in the event of a disruption to the drug supply. Please share your ideas and tips with others below.

You can read more about my opinion on the SCOTUS ruling here.

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