Sgt. Bergdahl and MOPE

Thu, Jun 5, 2014 - 6:33pm

I wanted to weigh in on this immediately, because of my very strong feelings as a former Army officer myself. I felt it best to wait, and let the anger subside.

It still has not.

There are three questions and no real good answers.

The truth, then, paraphrasing how Sherlock Holmes would argue, when all other explanations are ruled out, must be the one left, no matter how improbable.

So here we go:

The Sgt. Bergdahl story is front page news, all over the internet, too. These links will get you a flavor of the story.

Three Questions, on this the eve of the D-Day anniversary, are these:

(1) Did Bergdahl desert?

One source says hell yes: "I was pissed off then, and I am even more so now with everything going on," said former Sgt. Matt Vierkant, a member of Bergdahl's platoon when he went missing on June 30, 2009. "Bowe Bergdahl deserted during a time of war, and his fellow Americans lost their lives searching for him."

(2) Was Bergdahl a prisoner of war?

One source says hell yes: “Within months of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s capture in Afghanistan, the Obama administration began considering plans for a rescue.

Bergdahl slipped away from his post in Afghanistan’s Paktika province in June 2009 and fell into Taliban hands. He was then moved across the border into the tribal areas of Pakistan, where he was held by the Haqqani network, a -U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organization with connections to Pakistan’s intelligence service.”

(3) Was Bergdahl exchanged with the Taliban as part of prisoner of war swap?

One source says, again, hell yes: “[General Martin] Dempsey, concerned that time was running out to make a deal for Bergdahl before the U.S. combat mission concluded at the end of this year, was searching for new ideas. “They were looking at what are the options that are currently available to get this kid home one way or the other,” said a U.S. counterterrorism adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the search. “He wanted all the theoretical options on the table. Dempsey knew there was a short window. Obama was looking for a way out of Afghanistan,” the adviser added. “Those things were communicated. It has a cascade effect.”


So, if the answer to question 1 is yes, then why was there any effort at all to risk lives of honorable soldiers to “rescue” Bergdahl? What possible value would the deserter have other than being rounded up, tried in by the UCMJ and executed for desertion in a time of war. That would send a message for sure, would it not? If the answer to question 1 is no, then why is there overwhelming evidence proving Bergdahl was a deserter, and yet why are the elites and Obumbler desperately trying to spin it otherwise?

If the answer to question 2 is yes, then it does make sense for the US to attempt to rescue him as a prisoner of war. But, here is where the nitty gritty details prove to be an “inconvenient” truth: there IS NO SUCH WAR, because there is not a defined enemy under the Geneva Conventions, and as such, there is no justification for engaging in any such rescue. In reality, Bergdahl, based on the evidence from question 1, was a collaborator, a treasonous piece of shit, that deserves the death penalty for deserting his fellow soldiers, some of which DIED to go find him. Why is it that John Philip Walker Lindh, aka Suleyman al-Faris, aka Abdul Hamid, aka Abu Sulayman al-Irlandi [ ; and here:] remains in prison for 20 years, incarcerated as a terrorist for aiding the enemy while Bergdahl is regarded as a hero by this incompetent boob masquerading as the president of the USA?

The answer to question 3 is by all accounts, yes, and as such, the exchange violates not only the law, but express policy in place for decades that the USA does not negotiate with terrorists. In reality, Reagan negotiated with terrorists, and freed those Americans when Jimmy Carter was too emasculated by his ideology to be of any use.

But the issue is something much larger, much more sinister.

This whole development is an in-your-face, out-in-public demonstration by the elites that they will do whatever they want, damn the consequences and to hell with public perception. This on the eve of the D-Day invasion. This whole story dishonors the military tremendously. Is it Obumbler’s way of stirring up the pot against the military that loathes him? Is this an attempt to send a message to those serving that the military is still run by a civilian, even though this civilian is a sympathizer for the muslims and the terrorists if not an outright hostile leader adverse to the USA?

Look, I am no neocon, but this stinks to high heavens.

Never in the last several years have I seen such disdain for management of the message.
Is it desperation time? Was the news cycle so slow that something had to take place to fill the void? This is a sensational story, that touches upon every single family who has ever had a member of the family serve in the military. One can be disillusioned with military service, or an assignment, or one’s commander or commanders. But, the oath, the sacred oath, is sworn by all, and to a person, I have never ever met or heard of a soldier who deserted and was revered by any other soldier. Why the damn cover up here and why the spin?

Every soldier I have ever known would NEVER have turned on a buddy. If Bergdahl was a dud, a loser, a sympathizer, he would have been removed from the front lines and sent to the rear somewhere to warm a chair. He would have been drummed out, likely had the shit kicked out of him every where he went, and we would never have ever heard his name.

So, there is far more to this story than is meeting the eye.

I have my radar WAY up at the moment. Something is far amiss . . .

Does this have anything to do with the looting and emptying of the gold vaults in London, the emergence of the Yuan as a viable reserve currency, the collapse of the Eurozone and NIRP, the emergence of China and Russia as world economic partners, embarking on a several hundred billion dollar energy consortium or any of the other hundred reasons why the fiat scheme is collapsing in real time all around us?

Mmmmm, could be?

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Dyna mo hum
Jun 5, 2014 - 6:44pm



Dyna mo hum
Jun 5, 2014 - 6:45pm



Dyna mo hum
Jun 5, 2014 - 6:55pm

Bird dogs choice for a cover speaks volumes

bergdahl or whoever he claims to be

Spartacus Rex
Jun 5, 2014 - 7:01pm

The Sheople Need Their Fix of MOPE...

so as not to Pay any attention to that elephant in the room /impending disaster. Quick look over here, no,no, over here! One thinks the Cartel is quickly running out of distractions big enough to distract focus from the Cliff.

Spartacus Rex
Jun 5, 2014 - 7:03pm
Charles S. Hamlin
Jun 5, 2014 - 7:06pm

Thanks Cal Lawyer

Thanks for your take on the story. I for one, cannot figure out why Obama chose to do this, especially with the timing of the anniversary of D-day. There has to be more than meets the eye to this story.

I really appreciate all of the work that you and the rest of the regular guest commentators put in on a weekly basis to give us something to chew on while we prepare for the changes that are sure to come soon...


Jun 5, 2014 - 7:11pm

Cali? You are a lawyer???

I plead the fifth...

You state to the question if Bergdahl was a deserter, "So, if the answer to question 1 is yes, then why was there any effort at all to risk lives of honorable soldiers to “rescue” Bergdahl? What possible value would the deserter have other than being rounded up, tried in by the UCMJ and executed for desertion in a time of war."

Now, if you are a lawyer, and allowed to practice law in some state, you would have to presume innocent until proven guilty, in a court of law. Now that he is custody, that path will be taken.

Don't understand how anyone can convict him of desertion based on hearsay, without a trial, without his constitutional rights, but this is a different audience...

By the way, the last soldier executed for desertion was in 1942.

Jun 5, 2014 - 7:22pm

Finished the rest of the article... whaaat?

At the very end Cali, you wrote,

"Does this have anything to do with the looting and emptying of the gold vaults in London, the emergence of the Yuan as a viable reserve currency, the collapse of the Eurozone and NIRP, the emergence of China and Russia as world economic partners, embarking on a several hundred billion dollar energy consortium or any of the other hundred reasons why the fiat scheme is collapsing in real time all around us?

Mmmmm, could be?"

Cali, ARE YOU SERIOUS???? Bergdahl and collapse of the eurozone in the same sentence??? Did you read what you wrote before publishing it?


Jun 5, 2014 - 7:30pm

2 Cents

Yes, seems very odd. Distraction or some influence back home has strings and they are pulling. I would go for distraction; but from what? Ukraine? GDP? More QE coming? The magicians do seem to be waving one hand around - just a question of what the other hand is doing.

Fat Willie
Jun 5, 2014 - 7:31pm

Truly, unquestionably sinister

Good write up CL, as always.

My humble opinion, I am more and more convinced that this administration is truly trying to ruin the country. I would not be surprised at all, if in 2 years, there is an event that occurs, that forces the "temporary delay" of the presidential election. Some emergency will come up, and it could be economic, military, or something else ( bio-warfare? EMP?) that creates the problem.

This release demonstrates that our leadership simply wants to weaken and divide our country. It causes us to fight and argue, and distract from the real issues ( though this is big all by itself).

2014 is getting crazy. But 2016 will be nuts.

Jun 5, 2014 - 7:42pm

A Perspective on Bergdahl

It was June 2009. I was working off the grid in and around South-Eastern Afghanistan. I had built a very effective Afghan network: local elders, merchants, NDS commanders, Afghan Army CI, etc. Word came down that a soldier from the 501st INF had gone AWOL. The name of the soldier was quickly known: Bowe Bergdahl.

Within hours of the reported “DUSTWUN” (Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown) the RC-East Commander initiated a total gag order, preventing any Army unit or Embedded Training Team (ETT) / Police Mentor Team (PMT) team from sharing intelligence with the Afghans. His order was based on his command’s stated belief that the Afghans were complicit in the taking of Bergdahl. The actual motivations came out later in private meetings behind closed doors: he wanted to protect his chances for promotion to O-7 (One Star General).

The Commander’s order didn’t affect me, and I frankly had little care for being involved in the search for someone as obviously stupid as this kid. My feelings, bluntly, were that Darwin’s laws should be let to play out and the Taliban’s desires to turn young boys into sex puppets was this kids earned destiny.


Jun 5, 2014 - 7:44pm

I just received an email...

...from the company I use for my business 800 number, virtual office, and virtual phone attendant. The email was titled, "Has your company truly embraced cloud telephony?"

Here was my reply:

No, we have not embraced the cloud, nor will we embrace the cloud until the NSA stops violating the fourth amendment and spying on the American People. This egregious act of tyranny is blatantly illegal and we will be making no changes to the way we do things until we are certain that this illegal spying program has been dismantled and the terrorists who run it are prosecuted for their crimes. You will have to find someone else to sell the NSA cloud to. Yep, I know they are spying on me anyway, but until companies like yours are shouting from the rooftops that the illegal spying is hurting their technology sales, we will not embrace spending a penny on any new or emerging technologies. Thank you very much.

Mr. Fix
Jun 5, 2014 - 7:51pm

California lawyer, I'm glad you got into this one.

I think that my basic premise that “the Obama administration will always do what has the worst possible outcome for the United States” is becoming far more apparent these days than it was a few years ago when I started saying it.

His actions here are designed to inflict damage to this country on so many different levels, it is difficult to enumerate.

Thank you for giving it your best shot.

Spartacus Rex
Jun 5, 2014 - 7:56pm

@ libero "whaaat?"

What gives Libero?

1) Apparently you were never a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, and thus ignorant of UCMJ

2) Apparently you are ignorant of the fact that Barky Obummer violated the Law, even though B.O., supposedly earned a valid JD from Harvard Law, served as president of the Harvard Law Review, and supposedly graduated “magna cum laude”, and later supposedly taught Constitutional Law at University of Chicago Law School for TWELVE YEARS! So...

3) Either Barky Obummer's Resume is a total fraud, or like Cal JD's POINT, that in spite of B.O.'s credentials, the Cartel proves that IT pulls ALL the strings, even on their POTUS puppet, so F* the Law, and F* America's Armed Force, ergo so you can F* all of the other Sh*t going on right now as well, which Cal JD pointed out.

Jun 5, 2014 - 8:11pm

I think you're right

There’s no way that “bird-dog’s” past wasn’t completely known about and background thoroughly vetted. They had to have known every minute detail about him, his parents and how this whole event would play-out. This entire script was planned from the beginning, for what, I’m not sure.

If you really think about it it should make you feel victimized, as all of us are nothing but pawns in a horrible game being played!

indiana rod
Jun 5, 2014 - 8:22pm

Our Boy Bowe

Bowe boy is not allowed to talk to any one. I wonder if he will be kept under wraps as long as the ones on the ground in Benghazi?

The word came out today that he converted to Islam and said. "he was a soldier for Islam."

It's easy to see why Obama made the swap. Bowe is a man after his own heart.

Jun 5, 2014 - 8:25pm


Perhaps the good Sgt is really a double-nought spy, sent to infiltrate the Afghan Taliban -- were they stoopid enough to trust him with any intelligence?

Dyna mo hum
Jun 5, 2014 - 8:42pm

Have I got this right??

A sitting president is impeached in the house of representatives then tried in the senate? Thats not the way I heard it from the dems.

Jun 5, 2014 - 8:47pm

Thank You CalLaw

It has been one scandal on top of another with Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama and his administration.....

Funny how O smiled as Bergdahl's father spoke:

Bowe Bergdahl's father praises Allah at the White House
Mr. Fix
Jun 5, 2014 - 9:05pm

@ Dyna mo hum:

What difference does it make? You're forgetting that the entire government has been hijacked, not just the White House.

Our traitor in chief is still not going anywhere.

Spartacus Rex
Jun 5, 2014 - 9:14pm
Jun 5, 2014 - 9:22pm

What about the Cuban5

The Cuban5

These poor guys have been imprisoned under false charges since 1998. I had never even heard of them until last summer when I was visiting Cuba on vacation. Please don't tell the NSA.


Jun 5, 2014 - 9:28pm

I'm a Retired Army Officer....

I think the guy snapped, PTSD or whatever. Of course Obama tried to make a dog and pony show. And it blew up in his face.

The kid is crazy. But I say that's where it ends. Nut case and the puppet in some kind of weird kabuki dance.......

We should NEVER have stayed in Afghanistan. And Iraq was a bankster war. God I love my Military but I'm very tired of seeing kids in body bags and the New World Order using us like a dirty condom.

If they get our weapons they WILL enslave us. Never forget your Oath to the Constitution.

Jun 5, 2014 - 9:32pm

Harvey's Up! (TFMR)

Harvey's Up!

  • Mark O'Byrne: Gold has now fallen for eight out of the last nine sessions and remains near a four month low in London amid poor sentiment. Overnight, Singapore gold traded in a tight range between $1,241.50/oz and $1,245/oz. Silver is a tad higher, platinum and palladium a tad weaker. Gold prices are flat in London, ahead of a key European Central Bank decision and other significant economic developments due in the U.S. and internationally over the next two days. Gold prices are holding just above $1,240/oz this morning for a third day. They are in a range between $1,240 and 1,250/oz after last week's decline. Spot gold's 14-day relative strength index (RSI) at 25.6 today is still indicating very oversold conditions.
  • Harvey: The big news of the day is the huge probe in China into the disappearance of copper and aluminum, and other metals used in their financing deals. Today we heard that two major banking institutions, Standard Bank of South Africa and Dreyfus have huge losses as they provided metals to the Chinese. Bill Holter provides an excellent commentary on this huge scandal inside China. The other big news of the day came from the ECB's Draghi who lowered the deposit rate to negative. That means that everyone who deposits money in a bank in Europe must pay for the privilege. This will certainly provide problems for the money markets over there. Draghi also lowered the interest rate to .15% and also announced another LTRO of 400 billion euros.The first two rounds of LTRO's had no discernible effect on helping to increase loans to the public. He discontinued sterilization and they are preparing Asset Backed Securities purchases. The reason for all this is to stop the deflation that is killing Europe. The markets greeted the news with disdain as they raised the value of the Euro to 1.3655 by closing time. A higher Euro is a killer to the exporters and to our southern Med Euro countries.
  • GoldCore: Cheap money, financial repression and currency devaluation are the classic recipe for short term financial and economic gains. However, throughout history currency printing and money devaluation have never been a recipe for creating jobs and for long term sustainable economic growth and prosperity. Indeed, they inevitably lead to the general populace suffering the ravages of inflation. The ramifications of today’s extreme ultra loose monetary policies, that are being seen internationally, are yet to be realised. Complacency abounds. The ramifications of such extreme monetary policies such as, for the first time in history, negative interest rates are not being evaluated. Will banks respond by beginning to charge savers an interest rate for their deposits? Savers, the backbone of the our capitalist system, are already suffering from negative real interest rates with bank deposits generally yielding less than government headline inflation in many countries.
  • Xan Rice (Financial Times): One of the biggest providers of exchange traded funds has entered the race to develop a new global silver price benchmark when the 117-year-old London silver fix is disbanded in August. ETF Securities, which pioneered gold-backed ETFs and oversees $19 billion in assets, said on Wednesday that it had submitted a detailed proposal to the London Bullion Market Association, and was consulting market participants. The UK company's move highlights the strong competition to provide a new daily reference price for silver. The London Metal Exchange -- which is the world's largest bourse for base metals futures, and has previously quoted silver prices -- is working on its own electronic alternative, as is the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which oversees the biggest silver and gold derivatives contracts.
  • Bill Holter (Miles Franklin): One avenue of credit creation is the "shadow banking system" that uses warehouse receipts as collateral for credit. It appears that some metal is missing or unaccounted for, and this after rumors have alleged that much of the metal has been rehypothecated as many as 10 times over. From a purely mechanistical standpoint, the unwind of China's shadow banking system, while negative for all non-precious metals-based commodities, may be just the gift that all those patient gold (and silver) investors have been waiting for. This of course, excludes the impact of what the bursting of the Chinese credit bubble would do to faith in the globalized, debt-driven status quo. Add that into the picture, and into the future demand for gold, and suddenly things get really exciting. So the question now is how much, how big and how quickly does this scandal in China become uncovered? This is all about the credit structure coming down. "Collateral" has been lent against many times over and in some cases never existed or has been stolen. This is about "trust" and will quickly become about liquidity and the lack of. This is initially a highly deflationary event and as most everything is run on credit...everything will feel the shockwaves.
  • Zero Hedge on the effects of commodities deleverating on banks: As Reuters reports, worries over a probe into commodity stockpile financing at China's Qingdao port appeared to deepen on Wednesday as Standard Bank Group and a part-owned unit of Louis Dreyfus Corp warned of potential losses and copper prices fell further. Responding to queries about the probe at Qingdao, which has not been officially confirmed, South Africa-based Standard Bank said it was "working with local authorities" to investigate potential irregularities at China's third-largest port, a major source for metal and iron ore imports. Standard Bank Group is not yet in a position to quantify any potential loss arising from these circumstances," the bank, whose Standard Bank Plc subsidiary conducts commodities trading, said in a statement.
  • Tyler Durden: In today's abnormally quiet overnight session one could hear a pin, and certainly the USDJPY, drop: with everyone focusing on the ECB announcement in one hour, not a single algo is willing to make any big moves, or even start some momentum ignition, ahead of Draghi's announcement, which absent launching full scale QE, which it won't, will be a disappointment which means the EUR will ultimately move higher after a kneejerk lower as the market forces Super Mario to do even more next time. As Bloomberg adds, a cut in refi and deposit rates is fully priced in and latest price action suggests investors brace for disappointment if ECB stops short of signaling asset purchases or other liquidity measures to combat deflation.
  • Zero Hedge: At €747 billion in deposits parked at the ECB as of yesterday, the ECB is currently paying out 0.25% on this balance, a move which may or may not be a reason for the depositor banks, primarily of North European extraction, to keep their money parked in Frankfurt. However, once this money has to pay to stay, it is certain that nearly $1 trillion in deposit cash, currently in electronic format, would flood the market. What happens next is unknown: the ECB hopes that this liquidity flood will be contained. The reality will be vastly different. One thing is certain: inflating the debt is the only way out for the status quo. The only question is what format it will take.

All this and more on...

The Harvey Report!


Jun 5, 2014 - 9:37pm

Excellent CL, This is a BHO/Bergdahl episode in progress..

CL: This whole story dishonors the military tremendously.

Fix: "the Obama administration will always do what has the worst possible outcome for the United States”

This one is hard to figure but here's where i'm at currently- Bergdahl was either in on this from way back, or easily recruited for what he was sold as being a covert op. (He's either a deserting traitor or a U.S. hating Muslim-bent fool at best) The Taliban that received/entertained him is probably the NWO components of the various intel (CIA/Mossad/KGB . . .etc) crowd. So this whole thing is a lie wrapped inside of a riddle. But aside from the ridiculous events thus far, what's happening now is this-

They are using this issue to manufacture the Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama (aka Frank Marshall Davis Jr.) with his full cooperation of course. Keep watching and see if BHO doesn't roll this into his dramatic exit from the world stage. 100% intentional.

An exit that 'dishonors' the U.S. military as much as possible (as CL said) AND an exit causes as much negative U.S. sentiment as possible (as Fix said) AND an exit that puts anything Muslim in the spotlight rather than the London Bros. who are pulling the strings right along with the communists.

How Silver/Gold related?? For months now i've been marking the London Bros. campaign toward trying to replace the USD as the reserve currency.... So, ...

Maybe BHO's grand exit (Political System) will run parallel with the WFCS's attempted final Surprise Economic/Market/Curreny crash leading to the 'solution' of a New World (reserve) Currency.

Both efforts are about removing the U.S.A. from it's 1-Superpower and 2-Reserve Curency positions.

Again, just watching, but that's currently what it looks like from here.

Excellent article and rightly supportive of the troops in the military who ARE being purposefully dishonored by Frank Jr. and Bergdahl.

fwiw, some footprints as to the details of traitor/moron Bergdahl's role might be found in any mysterious deaths of any of the officer's in Bergdahl's chain of command when he deserted. If the NWO agents sold the desertion/capture as a covert op, they likely approached or ran it through at least Bergdahl's local/Company Commander, who would later have TMI. But this is a stretch, and not the main event anyway if it all leads to BHO's grand staged fall.


Mr. Fix
Jun 5, 2014 - 9:49pm

@ SS121

I like how you think, but Barack Obama is just gearing up for his position as dictator for life, the position he has already achieved, he just hasn't told us yet. He's not going anywhere, and no one is going to even try to remove him.

Of course, there is always a slim chance of a military coup,But we are not there yet, Obama is going to have to tip his hand, has caught initiating a false flag attack on America, and declaring martial law first.

Then, maybe, the military may try to uphold the Constitution. That is of course if there's enough left of them by then.

Jun 5, 2014 - 9:54pm

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Jun 5, 2014 - 10:02pm

@Libero - I Don't Normally Engage Like This, But . . .

Look, Libero, it’s like this. When you swear out an oath and you take up arms, the guys and girls next to you count on you honoring that oath just like you count on them. Being a soldier is not some paper-pushing job. There are REAL consequences for all decisions, big and small.

I am a former soldier. I honor that oath to this day. I am angry at what is happening. I blame many, including that traitor in the White House.

As for being a lawyer, so what? Am I not allowed to have an opinion? Hmmm, that makes me think . . .

I am not Bergdahl’s lawyer, nor would I ever want to take his case. But, let's look at your argument.

I do not have to presume anything. The presumption of innocence is a TRIAL doctrine, not a TRUTH doctrine. That failure of yours to understand this is monumental, or perhaps intentional.

The presumption of innocence means that the STATE must prove its case, with its own evidence, beyond a burden of proof in a criminal case [I'm not sure what the burden is re the UCMJ, but you can look that one up] and if they do not, the accused is set free. Simple as that. It has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH TRUTH!!!!

Get off the soap box with your attempted criticisms. Unless, you are here on purpose, to disrupt. Which you might be, given the circumstances.

I put “Bergdahl” in the title on purpose, to try to attract paid disinfo agents. Looks like I found one. Are you going to out yourself here for all of us to see?

I told you I was still angry about all this, and I STILL AM. Take that back to your handlers. There are LOTS of us out here, and we are watching and preparing.

Bergdahl is not being convicted of anything, as he is not in a forum being tried yet. He may never be, as this whole charade may be just that.

Your next post Libero proves you dislike me personally, or are fomenting a distraction from the topic at hand. I am quite comfortable with that. You have joined a long list of people. You, though, are at the bottom, because your attempts to disparage me and get this topic off track are meek and misguided. Try to focus on the topic, if you really want to engage. Otherwise, the seasoned veterans of this blog will quickly dispatch you like you deserve.

If you think for a second, you will understand that my central theme is that this story does NOT flow logically from a MOPE point of view. Something is disconnected. That something, perhaps, ominously, is a currency reset, or bail-in, or something major connected to the discredited fiat scheme.

But, as I suspect, you have been paid, and are here trying to get us off track, nice . . .

Jun 5, 2014 - 10:03pm

The U.S.’s Secret Silver Confiscation – Jeff Nielson – Sprott Mo

The U.S.’s Secret Silver Confiscation – Jeff Nielson – Sprott Money News

June 5, 2014

The U.S. government confiscated its citizens gold in 1933. It confiscated its citizens silver in 1934. The first event is splashed all over our so-called “history books”. The second event has been nearly completely erased. Why?

No obvious answer presented itself to that question, until my recent series of commentaries entitled The Secret Silver Stockpile. Why try to erase the fact that the U.S. government stole a huge hoard of silver from its own citizens? In order to allow it to conceal funneling all of that hoard to a select group of privileged Oligarchs.

Readers of that previous series know these oligarchs as “the Silver Users”, via the work of Charles Savoie. They are represented today by an ultra-powerful/well-connected entity known as The Silver Users Association, established (in its modern form) in 1947. A glance at their website is revealing in several respects.

Jun 5, 2014 - 10:12pm

Fantastic Post SS21

I wonder daily what the exit strategy is for Obummer. He still has the midterms this year. By all accounts, the democrats will get their clocks cleaned and republicans will pick up seats.

If enough seats turn, then the Senate turns republican, allowing for impeachment no problem, replete with a show trial in the Senate. This will be most distracting, hmmmm?

What better distraction than a messy, lengthy show trial full of partisan bickering, daily "alerts," on all the news channels, right?

All while the real events are happening unnoticed off camera in the background. Real events, such as a currency reset, gold reevaluation, pardons of banksters, etc.

Perhaps we are just giving them too much credit for near term events, when the real game is the longer term duration for the end game in 2015 or 2016?

I just cannot get my mind around Fix's "Obama as Dictator for Life" point of view. I cannot imagine that real patriots, both in and out of the military will let this happen. Who knows!

Keep it coming, though, SS21, well done.

p.s. Same to you Fix, keep up all the great posting, I most appreciate it.

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