How Are You, Like Elliot Rodger, Being Programmed?

Fri, May 30, 2014 - 9:17pm

You can learn a lot about people by interacting with pets. It's said that pets are like people, but people are also like their pets. By observing how pets react, we can learn something about how we often react, unconsciously, from our animal nature. Think this is not important? It's crucial, because we're being manipulated every day by people who understand this. We are being programmed.

Yet, for some reason (or perhaps on purpose), behavioral psychology has given way in the popular consciousness to other forces. These "forces" are outside the control of the individual. Popular today is the concept of "biological determinism," where your genes and biology control your behavior. The other is "collective determinism," where your status in life is determined by your membership in a particular identity group - or your victimization by another group.

What this means is in the mainstream "analysis," Santa Barbara psycho killer Elliot Rodger was not directly responsible for his murderous rampage - his Asperger's, or the NRA, or "white male Hollywood" made him do it. But before we delve more into the psychology of people, let's take a detour into the behavioral world of cats.

Let me introduce you to "Princess Fiona" - she's a tortoiseshell cat rescued from the shelter, brought home to keep Leo the cat company. (He was adopted from the shelter a year ago, and gets separation anxiety.) People wrongly assume it's difficult to win over a cat, but it just takes a little patience and a lot of cat treats.

It can actually be harder to get two new cats to like each other, but it involves the same behavioral psychology that you can use to get an aloof cat to warm up. The trick is to associate something positive with the new person or cat. It also involves getting the cats to acclimatize to each other through repetitive introduction to each other's smells.

The number one way to get cats used to each other is to first keep them in separate rooms/areas and then feed them on opposite sides of the door. They will start to get used to each other's presence this way, and if done consistently and with patience, can even turn fighting cats into friends again. (Watch the show My Cat From Hell to see this in action.)

This does not happen overnight. The feeding trick was being used with Fiona and Leo, but only for a few days, and the first time he actually saw her (instead of smelled her) he chased her across the living room. The cat behaviorist told me to keep them separate for longer and just be patient.

Rewiring the pathways in the brain takes time and repetition.

You can use these principles with human beings, as well as yourself, for positive and negative. For example, if you want to change a bad habit, you can program yourself by either punishing yourself for engaging in the bad habit, or rewarding yourself when you abstain from it. Your brain will start to make certain associations with the habit, which is really how and why addiction happens with so-called "non-addictive" substances such as food or marijuana.

I worked with a cognitive behavioral therapist on my phobia of stinging insects. It stems from childhood when my sister was taken to the hospital for a spider bite and had bad reactions to bee stings. I just assumed I was allergic and would run screaming to the hills anytime a bee flew by. I finally got tested by an allergist only to find out my bee allergy was in my mind - I am not allergic to any stinging insect. What I did by running away from bees and wasps actually reinforced the fear - and made it worse. The cure? According to the cognitive-behavioral therapist: "Exposure with response prevention," which is a fancy way of saying, "Stop running and deal with it, and the fear will go away."

You basically rewrite your mental program when you do that. As much as "willpower" is maligned today, you can use your own will and determination to reprogram your own mind. This is where your free will comes into play.

Cognitive behavioral therapists actually have a neat treatment for panic attacks. It involves the patient engaging in physical actions (such as hyperventilating into a paper bag or spinning around on a chair) to mimic feelings of panic, so they become used to the fear and no longer "fear the fear." It works!

So let's take a look at how Elliot Rodger inadvertently programmed himself to become a killer. Please understand - because I can already see the negative comments flying - that I am not saying this happens in all cases, and everyone is different. I am also not saying that this is "the" answer or the only cause. But in this case, you have a socially awkward kid who is clearly feeling alienated due to his broken home. Instead of spending quality time with him, the parents let him babysit himself with video games and pornography. The results are bound to be bad.

Let me state for the record that I enjoy video games and have actually played through the entire original Halo game as well as Halo 2 (which was a big letdown). I enjoy first-person shooters. But the difference is, I rarely played these types of games alone, and certainly not for 14 hour stretches. I almost always played Halo with a male friend of mine. We'd hang out and eat something and socialize while playing. We'd play against each other with the split screen, for often hilarious results.

Those times I did play Halo alone with Xbox Live were not as fun, and frankly, sometimes a little creepy. It was a more sinister experience. I mean, you are basically running around with a group of virtual strangers, picking people off. (I would prefer to avoid direct confrontation and take people out with my sniper rifle.) But usually, I gravitated more towards lighter fare like my surfing game (for when I couldn't surf for real). I got rid of my Xbox and haven't replaced it. Now? I mostly play The Sims on my iPad.

Elliot Rodger, on the other hand, played first-person games for hours upon hours, alone. Each time he killed someone in the virtual world, he got rewarded. Maybe when he was tired of playing his game, he'd "relax" with some online porn, where he got more "rewards" for interacting on a very shallow level with unobtainable women who weren't very real or representative of the type of woman who might be interested in him.

For a healthy person with real-world relationships, playing video games or using porn isn't going to turn you into a psychotic woman-hating killer. Elliot Rodger shows us, however, what happens when we program ourselves with sex and violence as our main source of mental food.

For those of you skeptical about the effects of porn on the brain, a study just came out showing remarkable brain differences in men who engage in porn. The short version: Porn desensitizes you. What makes me want to smack my head is how often, these days, researchers always have to couch their findings in the caveat: "Well, maybe guys who have these types of brains are more like to use porn in the first place."

Ummm...excuse me, but since when did a brain pop out of the womb fully formed and embalmed in amber, never to change? I wish these "researchers" would just admit it - we rewire our own brains with our persistent habits and life choices. 

You don't need to be a psychologist to understand this. This is part common sense, part experience, if you are paying attention.

Thus, his Elliot Rodger's sad downfall into evil should be a warning to us all about the dangers of unconscious programming around us. It'd be easy to delve into the subject of sex and violence in the media, but let's look beyond to the more subtle forms of programming.

"Normalcy bias" is a form of programming, for example. It's a very subtle type of programming that is everywhere, and not just in our media. It's part of the culture. It's that disdainful look you get when bringing up a so-called "conspiracy theory." It's the commercials that show happy, thin, attractive people with toothpaste smiles. It's the natural desire for things to be normal.

Staying in "The Matrix" is more pleasant and easier. So why do people break out of conventional thinking? The main difference between people still in "The Matrix" and those who are out of it is free will. More than that, though, I can guess that some sort of event or past experience makes it easier for some folks to break the mold.

Let me try to explain (and I realize this is not a perfect metaphor). Since I've never been stung by a bee, probably the best cure for my fear of bees or wasps would actually be to get stung. (Not that I'm looking to do that, but it can't be worse than the painful allergy shots I get regularly.) I would have my momentary freak out, realize I am still alive, and then my brain would be instantly rewired to lower the threat level.

So what got me to "wake up" and reject "The Matrix" was being "stung" - it was a deep betrayal by the "side" I used to be on. I then became "exposed" to the ugly truth. My mental orientation changed, and I realized that much of what I had been taught was actually upside down and backwards.

However, part of the reason I changed was because I was willing to change, and I decided to explore alternatives. We are programmed, but we also have free will.

Unfortunately, the people still in "The Matrix" have been literally programmed to distrust and mock the people who have stepped out of it. Perhaps if we set both sides on the other side of a large door, with bowls of ice cream, we might come to some understanding.

Given that is not likely to happen, we can keep ourselves aware and alert for any efforts to "push buttons" designed to instigate automatic reactions, and work on coming up with our own "bee stings" to help shake up the sleeping populace.

My concern is that the biological and collective determinism being taught and pushed by The Powers That Be are trying to "program" everyone into believing we are passive victims of life and can't control our own minds, thoughts, behaviors, and reactions. In effect, we are being programmed to believe that we can't be programmed, and that we have no free will to change our own programming. 

Part of what those of us who have "woken up" need to do is counter-programming - just exposing people to alternative ideas, even if they mock them at first, helps them to adjust to them and possible accept them later. But be warned - this same "idea desensitization" technique is being used all the time by The Powers That Be but in reverse. They are already desensitizing people to all sorts of horrors - such as laws in Belgium allowing euthanasia of children.

Even if you dislike the controversial Alex Jones, consider the full impact of his slogan:

"There's a war on for your mind."

Disclaimer: I am not a psychiatrist, expert in human behavior, eminent scholar, triple PhD, renowned physician, President of the United States, super genius, or any other person of "authority." Therefore, my observations are simply that of a flawed human who has read a lot of stuff. 

Stephanie blogs sporadically at a number of websites, including Freeople and Free Thinking Christianity.

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May 30, 2014 - 10:09pm


My dog likes you, I like you

My dog doesn't like you, I don't do business with you


May 30, 2014 - 10:13pm

BTW...if you have sent me a PM...

...I have been SUPER busy and apologies for not responding. Please do not take it personally. I am going to be even busier next week (going to a conference here in town) so I may not catch up for another week or so. Thank you!

May 30, 2014 - 10:47pm


Little house on the prairie and the Waltons is a far cry from the programming forced on us today.

Even today I had a discussion; as someone mentioned how dangerous the "freeman on the land" folk are. That they were violent etc.

I mentioned about my right to be able to toodle down to the local shops on my pedal bike without the need to resort to a crash helmet. Everyone (about six others) argued about how dangerous it was to ride a bike without a helmet. How is was not fair on other tax payers to pay for my impending head injury (Canada and tax payer funded healthcare). I asked them how many as kids required treatment as children for fractured skulls as a result of falling off their bikes; not a one!

So, I said what about forcing folk to wear florescent vests, or banning folk from riding at night, or making joggers wear knee pads, just in case.... where does one draw the line?

What I am trying to say is that the conditioning of everyone present to welcome more and more rules.... for the collective good of course. Because it was simply not fair. Yet I was recently in Amsterdam, a city of cyclists, not one helmet could I see! Refreshing. As was the special cafe's and sitting out on the street tables with a beer.

Seems folk have no concept of personal freedom at all. And the peer group pressure.... 

May 31, 2014 - 12:01am

How Am I Being Programmed?

At these prices?

...MUST... ...BUY... ...SILVER...

Mr. Fix
May 31, 2014 - 12:06am

The common sense show is gone,

I just get:

Not Found

The requested URL /2014/05/30/what-will-happen-when-the-dollar-collapses/ was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I hope Dave Hodges is okay, he's been doing some great reporting lately.

 Guess I'll have to find another bedtime story. 

 Thanks for the cat tale Stephanie,

 I've always had and still have a cat, in fact it looks a whole lot like the one in the picture above.

Marcus Bugzy
May 31, 2014 - 12:23am


"I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do." (Robert A. Heinlein)

In other words, do your own thing as long as you're not harming anyone else.

PS. As an aside, if your biking buddies are adamant you wear a helmet, be just as adamant they not wear one (they seem to think you should live your life to please them, return the favor by insisting they start living their lives to please you. Sometimes the only way of dealing with crazy people is to be just as crazy, or even crazier, than them. It's how I deal with some people who constantly nag me for enjoying the occasional cigarette; I turn things around by insisting they start smoking. That shuts them up quick).

Mr. Fix
May 31, 2014 - 12:31am
Dagney Taggart
May 31, 2014 - 12:32am

Speaking of Hollywood Retardation

Gwyneth Paltrow compares the demands placed on acting to the horrors of war. Charlize Theron compares press intrusion into her personal life to rape.

CL et al: Please leave California now so it can fall into the ocean.

May 31, 2014 - 12:42am

Hollywood retardation.The whole country about to get it.

My view from here says this is accurate.2 minutes

Ignore the little commercial at the end, it comes with the territory.

May 31, 2014 - 12:46am

I do wonder

How things will play out, if and when, "they" stop me at the dog beach between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm - between May 1st and October and attempt to give me a ticket. Or pull me over for going to the shops on my bike or or... Seems to me, I am minding my own business and going about my day to day right to move around freely. Will they really advocate violence by insisting I tell them who I am, throw me in jail, take me to court, threaten me with more violence, lock me up for refusing to pay their fine? Civil disobedience? Re HDT Walden and civil disobedience. What if I just choose to walk away and say nothing? How far will these thugs go? Sounds petty I know, I just cannot stand the creep.

May 31, 2014 - 1:34am

@flyinkel, not sure appropriate to cut and paste, but here ya go

What Will Happen When the Dollar Collapses?

May 30, 2014 - FeaturedMainMartial Law - Tagged: collapse of the dollardave hodgesdepopulation,economic collapsefalse flagFEMAfema campsgenocidegeorge sorosgovernmentmartial lawnew world orderobamapetrodollarpolice statethe common sense showno comments

Will It Be a False Flag Attack Or a Currency Collapse?

currency collapse1Hitler initiated a false flag event and burned down the Reichstag to gain control over the German government. Could the same happen here in the United States? My initial response to that question is, does it really matter? The pattern of societal collapse and subsequent governmental enslavement of the American people will be largely the same whether the precipitating incident is a false flag attack or a currency collapse. For the purpose of simplicity, let us call the precursor event to all-out martial law, a currency collapse.

The Federal Reserve Is the Enemy of Humanity

The Federal Reserve has been bleeding this country to death for a century. What the dollar bought 100 years ago, can only buy three cents of product today. This means that 97% of the value of our currency has gone into the pockets of the Federal Reserve investors for the past 100 years.

I am amazed at the abject ignorance of the American people and that they think the Federal Reserve is actually part of the federal government. As we like to stay in the alternative media, the Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express. For the record, the Federal Reserve is a privately held corporation which sells stock to preferred insiders. In 1913, a small majority of Congress commissioned the Federal Reserve to control banking in the United States. Without a doubt, this was the worst decision ever made by an act of Congress.

The Dollar Is Diving

financial collapseThe world is running from the dollar, or should I more accurately state the Petrodollar. Until recently, our dollar was used as the currency of international trading. Further, the dollar was also the reserve currency for oil. All foreign countries wishing to purchase oil from the Middle East, first had to purchase dollars from the Federal Reserve. After FDR took us off the gold standard during the Great Depression and Richard Nixon finished the task of providing America with a totally Fiat currency, the only backing that our dollar enjoys is that of being the reserve currency for both trading and for oil (i.e. the Petrodollar scam).

The major cause of the present economic calamity is fractional reserve banking. When the government goes to the private Federal Reserve and asks for one trillion dollars, the federal reserve gets to print one trillion for the government, at interest, and $10 trillion dollars for themselves and to lend out at high interest rates. This inflationary practice erodes the value of your dollar while enriching our Federal Reserve investors. Ultimately, the currency upon which we depend on will be destroyed and life as we know it will be changed forever. 

The practice of fractional reserve banking should be wholly illegal because it creates a state of permanent inflation for the benefit of a few and sets up economic demise for the many.

A Changing of the Financial Guard

bric nationsThe nations presently running from our petrodollar are India, China, Iran, Japan, South Africa and Australia have signed their own trade agreements and their currency of choice is no longer the dollar!

When the collapse of the dollar occurs, it will literally and figuratively come like a thief in the night, and I do mean overnight!

We are all familiar with the concept of inflation, which is the intentional byproduct of the Federal Reserve. But I am not just talking inflation, I’m speaking about hyperinflation which is caused by the collapse of the value of the currency resulting in runaway prices. Here are three examples of how quickly a currency collapse can occur when a nation’s money when its money no longer holds it value:

1. In Weimar Germany, from 1922 – 1923, prices doubled every three days.

2. In the modern era, in Yugoslavia from 1992-94, witnessed prices doubling every 34 hours.

3. In Zimbabwe, in the two year period from 2007 – 2008, prices doubled every 25 hours.

History is replete with examples of currency collapses and they typically follow very predictable patterns in which a nation unravels and social chaos, and many times, widespread violence and even genocide becomes part of the national landscape.

What Does a Currency Collapse Look Like?

It can accurately be stated that a lot has been written and rehearsed by the federal government on the topic of the effects of a currency collapse and its subsequent impact on society. NORTHCOM, DHS and FEMA as well as other federal entities have practiced for this eventuality. In each and every scenario, the facts remain the same, human beings and society follows a very predictable pattern of decline when the currency of the day collapses. And normally, the currency collapse comes without any warning to the general public. 

When George Soros recently pulled his money from the S&P 500 and from Bank of America, Citibank and JP Morgan, all Americans should have sat up and taken notice. Generally, when the currency collapses, a stock market crash is right on its heels. Because of the repeal of Glass-Steagall, a banking meltdown will immediately occur following the collapse of the stock market because since Clinton’s presidency, banks are now allowed to loan money for investment in the stock market and for down payments for homes. It was irresponsible of Congress to repeal Glass-Steagall, because it made surviving an economic Armageddon a near impossibility just as it did during the 1929 crash.

In a currency collapse, your life savings will be wiped out. From this point on, the effect cascades like a roaring tsunami racing across the open ocean.

Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy demonstrated that gas stations will be bone dry within two days following a complete collapse. Subsequently, commerce will not move. If you are on vacation, you may not make it home. On the second day following a currency collapse, being on the road will be a risky endeavor because of other desperate motorists who will lie in wait to rob other motorists of essential supplies and resources.

With no available fuel, the grocery and drug stores will be empty within one to three days. There will be no food to be had except for that which is decaying in your refrigerator and that in which you can beg, borrow and steal from your neighbors who will also be begging, borrowing and stealing. from your other neighbors. If you have an adequate food and water supply, you better have an adequate gun and ammo supply in order to defend your assets. And when will you sleep? The protection of your critical assets is a 24/7 proposition. Therefore, having a cooperative survival plan is critical.

Without gas, people will stop going to work. Corporations will disappear overnight. Hurricane Katrina showed America that the police cannot be expected to stay on the job more than 48-72 hours as they will be home protecting their families and foraging for food and water like everyone else. The emergence of former police, now operating as gangs, will become common in an effort to secure the products which will ensure survival. Therefore, when your home is under attack, there will nobody to call. Everyone will be on their own.

The elderly and the chronically ill will be the first to die. Too old to defend their assets, the elderly will find themselves overpowered as they will make easy preys of opportunity for the roving gangs. The chronically ill will have no way to procure their medication and even if they survive the looting rampage which will follow a currency collapse, these poor souls will perish without access to their life-sustaining prescriptions.

The money in your wallet will be useless. Cell phones will not work. Heating and air conditioning will not work either and depending on the time of year, the environment could prove deadly to untold numbers of people.

Water treatment plants will stop operating for the same reasons that you will not be able to find a cop during this crisis nobody will be manning the water treatment plants. Toilets will back up and diseases will spread like wildfire. Cholera will become the leading cause of death even surpassing homicide. Something as simple as toilet paper will become a prized commodity. There will be no trash pickup and more disease will result due to the increased rodent population.

looters 3Clean drinking water and hunger will become the dominant motivator in society. Roving bands of looters, turned murderers, will sweep through neighborhoods seeking to obtain these critical elements of survival. Young women will sell themselves for a can of food for their children. Society will see the widespread loss of human dignity and self-respect.

Infanticide and euthanasia of the weak will become common events because there will be decided efforts to reduce the amount of mouths to feed. There will be the stark realization that the lights are not coming back on and the ensuing sense of hopelessness will lead to murder-suicides within families and simple incidences of suicide will be used as a means to escape the horrendous circumstances.

Humanity’s Darkest Hour

There will come a time when all the available animals will be devoured and then there will be only one place to turn to for food. History shows that cannibalism will set in by the beginning of the third week. Extreme hunger will lead to humans hunting humans as an available food supply. There is a real possibility that this could begin to occur within 15-20 days following the currency collapse.

The Government’s Version of the Final Solution

If the establishment military has properly planned, they will move into take control but they will not move quickly. The more death there is, the fewer people there will be to control. Government will typically move in with their solutions towards the end of the second week as has been the case in past economic collapses. The earliest the military could be deployed on the streets would be about four days from the event. Even then, the military cannot be everywhere. Christians should pay particular attention for when the Roman currency was debased in the third century, there was a revolving door for Roman emperors and Christians became the scapegoats for the economic issues. 

To fully understand the relationship that will exist between yourself and the government, Google “Executive Order 13603″. The reasons behind the creation of Executive Order 13603 will soon become readily apparent. You will retain ownership over nothing including food, water, guns, ammunition, your house, your car and even yourself. If you survive, you will be conscripted to work in some capacity in a specialty and location not of your choosing. The provisions for dealing with potential dissidents will go into motion under the NDAA which allows for mass arrest and secret incarcerations without due process. There is one ironclad thing that you can count on, food and water will be used to control the people following the collapse of the dollar

Who Will Help Us?

When past currency collapses occur, organizations such as the World Bank, the IMF, the UN and the US have appeared to render their predatory version of help in exchange for control of critical infrastructure and other capital considerations. Because of this aid, more people survived in the impacted areas. However, what happens when the top dog collapses? Who would be able to come and render aid in America? Even in a world disgusted by our imperialistic ways would offer help, could they? Not under the coming circumstances could anyone offer help because they will be in a worse situation.

In short, there will be nobody riding in to rescue the United States. Despite some rebelling against the dollar, the world is still dependent upon our currency. When the currency collapses it will pull the rest of world down with us. The subsequent collapse of global currencies will indeed constitute a major depopulation event and all the elite have to do is wait it out in places like the tunnels under Denver International Airport.

During this time, Americans will truly discover if there really are FEMA camps and what they will be used for. If people want to eat, they will be enticed to go where food is promised. Although you can count on the above mentioned events transpiring in the event of a currency collapse, what lies ahead is unknown to a large extent because the top dog will not have been economically obliterated in modern history.



In addition to what has previously been written, in an economic collapse, we can expect the government to impose travel restrictions and martial law. Life, as we know it will not be recognizable. 

Obama is willing to talk about the $17 trillion dollar deficit. However, you never hear the government nor the media discuss the real debt? Our real financial obligations total $240 trillion dollars through programs like social security, Medicare, public pensions and welfare. Subsequently, I want to make one thing abundantly clear; It is not a matter if we are going to have a currency collapse, it is when. And the when is much sooner than later. It could happen tomorrow, next month and even next year. We do not have two years left in the American economic engine. A currency collapse is nothing to look forward to, and people who intend on surviving the event should be in the midst of their preparations.

May 31, 2014 - 1:49am

Dagney, Do You See...

...What you just did?

"Of course breasts help. Force them to look themselves in the mirror."

May 31, 2014 - 1:49am

"What will happen when the dollar collapses"

Anyone get the text from The Common Sense Show article “What will happen when the dollar collapses?” If it was important enough to be pulled I would like to read it. I always like to read the “inconvenient truths”.

Edit: Thanks Precog!

Dagney Taggart
May 31, 2014 - 2:06am

Yes, Bugzy

Ignore, say nothing, and walk away.

If you must say something, randomly and repeatedly use the word "coercion" in various examples. I've lived this way for years. Of course breasts help. Force them to look themselves in the mirror ("them" is "they", not my breastswink).

Dagney Taggart
May 31, 2014 - 2:08am


wink I can blame it on the wine.

I was trying to hint that when "they" engage me for some sort of misconduct, "they" better make their point real fast because if I get the slightest sense of data mining, I will spin it into sexual harassment.

PS. Crap! I should leave. I was clarifying the previous comment and almost made it worse!

May 31, 2014 - 2:18am

Oh Canada

When the day comes that data-mining-backed thugs are looking for you, breasts will only help their hands, as they cart you away.

Dagney Taggart
May 31, 2014 - 2:23am


As I sue them to the curb and the clothes off their children's backs like a banker would to a muppet.

May 31, 2014 - 2:33am

Do You Really...

...Believe there is any rule of law? How does one sue when one is bound and shot?

May 31, 2014 - 3:21am

Whoops - just listed my bookmarks by mistake

Who Represents (celeb agent database)
Big Al's bowling alley in Vancouver:
Mole Station Nursery in Australia:
Pen Island customized pens:
Les Bocages (tree surgery in France):
Italian homepage for Powergen?:
Choose Spain (vacation company):
Experts Exchange (programmers' blog):
La Drape (hi-end quilted bedding):
American Scrap Metal (recycling firm)
Speed of Art (art designers):
Therapist Finder:

May 31, 2014 - 3:29am

learn by the burn..

...probably the best cure for my fear of bees or wasps would actually be to get stung

A lot of folks who trust the 'system' are about to learn by the burn, when everything on the Wall St. side of the charts comes unglued.

All this talk of currency collapse?  The currencies, except maybe the Euro, as "fiat" as they might be, will outlive all those charts, reports, and media stories that are all rolled up and sold as "Markets".

As for Elliot Rodger... valid points regarding video games being a time waster, -BUT- Super Wimpy kid whose reality is 99% virtual physically stabs and kills some people, then goes on a shooting rampage?

After Sandy Hook, The Boston Marathon smoke bomb, and all the other Hollywood productions.... ugh. i tried to read this one with an open mind, but it just didn't play. The Elliot Rodger story opened right before Memorial Day, and was headlined throughout. So instead of remembering fallen constitutional supporters we were blitzed with an anti-NRA production... how convenient.

And not to get into all the unrealistic personality and behavioral "true-to-life" flaws, but who didn't know he was going to kill himself before they were half-way through reading the pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-prepared news stories? He's probably already been flown to a Navy ship and buried at sea... or-

Beach House On Tropical Island wallpaper

Hey, I have no idea, nor will i defend any of the suppositions or implications resulting from my cumulative 10 minutes of research into the matter!!

May 31, 2014 - 3:49am

The trucker

An Aussie trucker walks into an outback cafe' with a full-grown emu behind him.

The waitress asks them for their orders. 

The trucker says, 'A hamburger, chips and a coke,' and turns to the emu, 'What's yours?'

'Sounds great, I'll have the same,' says the emu. 

A short time later the waitress returns with the order 'That will be $9.40 please,' and he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the exact change and pays.

The next day, the man and the emu come again and he says, 'A hamburger, chips and a coke.' 

The emu says, ' Sounds great, I'll have the same.'

Again the trucker reaches into his pocket and pays with exact change. 

This becomes routine until the two enter again. 'The usual?' asks the waitress.

'No, it's Friday night, so I'll have a steak, baked potato and a salad,' says the man.. 

' Same for me,' says the emu.

Shortly the waitress brings the order and says, 'That will be $32.62.' 

Once again the man pulls the exact change out of his pocket and places it on the table.

The waitress cannot hold back her curiosity any longer. 'Excuse me mate, how do you manage to always pull the exact change from your pocket every time?' 

'Well, says the trucker a few years ago, I was cleaning out the back shed, and found an old lamp. When I cleaned it, a Genie appeared and offered me two wishes.

My first wish was that if I ever had to pay for anything, I would just put my hand in my pocket and the right amount of money would always be there.' 

'That's brilliant!' says the waitress. 'Most people would ask for a million dollars or something, but you'll always be as rich as you want, for as long as you live!'

'That's right. Whether it's a gallon of milk or a Rolls Royce, the exact money is always there.' says the man. 

Still curious the waitress asks, 'What's with the emu?'

The trucker pauses, sighs, and answers, 'My second wish was for a tall bird with a big ass and long legs, who agrees with everything I say.'

May 31, 2014 - 4:06am

Shortest books ever written

by Hillary Clinton

By Bill Clinton



by O. J. Simpson

By Nancy Pelosi

by Barack Obama

May 31, 2014 - 4:25am

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then no good shopping here Wong fook hing book store

May 31, 2014 - 4:26am

Bleak stories or collapse

I've read many similar articles to the one above by progoc about currency collapse followed by the entire world falling into chaos with gangs of hungry thugs stealing and killing, running rampant all over the USA and no-one will help because the whole world will be worse. It is written as fact, it this to try and be the bee-sting to prompt people to become independant ? Or is it programming us to feel that we are inadequate to survive without the all powerful government swooping in to both save and enslave us.

Is human existance so fragile? Will be all regress to these violent methods of survival at all cost. Or perhaps communities will spring from nowhere, HELPING each other? Perhaps the journey will be pleasant discovery of simple pleasures in life ? Maybe charity and humanity will rise out of the chaos and it won't all be killing old people to survive. I'm sorry but I'll be helping old people if I can not killing them, is that unusual reaction for a human on this planet ?

May 31, 2014 - 4:37am

Game theory, fashion, and the markets

When Does the Story Break?

May 25, 2014

"The most common question I get from Epsilon Theory readers is when. When does the market break? When will the Narrative of Central Bank Omnipotence fail? To quote the immortal words of Devo, how long can this go on? Implicit (and sometimes explicit) in these questions is the belief that this – whatever this is – simply can’t go on much longer, that there is some natural law being violated in today’s markets that in the not-so-distant future will visit some terrible retribution on those who continue to flout it. ...

Where am I looking for a political shock that would be big enough to challenge the common knowledge that Central Banks are large and in charge, capable of bailing us out no matter what? It’s not the Ukraine. On the contrary, events there are public enough to give Draghi an excuse to move forward with negative deposit rates or however he intends to implement greater monetary policy accommodation, but peripheral enough to any real economic impact so that the ECB’s competence to manufacture an outcome is not questioned. It’s China. If you don’t think that the territorial tussles with Vietnam and Japan matter, if you don’t think that the mutual accusations and arrests of American and Chinese citizens matter, if you don’t think that the HUGE natural gas deal between Russia and China matters, if you don’t think that the sea change in Chinese monetary policy matters … well, you’re just not paying attention. "

Mr. Fix
May 31, 2014 - 8:35am

Update on Dave Hodges “The Common Sense Show"

I just found this on Steve Quayle's site, top of his alerts section:



Please keep him in your prayers, he has been working hard to expose the Evil Empire's plans, and it is no small surprise that his site would be one of the first to go down. I suspect there are many more to follow.crying 

May 31, 2014 - 10:28am

Wow - a must-watch from BrotherJohnF

Just check out the charts he shows here!

Silver Update 5/26/14 Catastrophic Crash

"...this is going to be an absolutely catastrophic crash"

May 31, 2014 - 10:53am

Morning gossip fear mongering

My sister-in-law drove up from Phoenix yesterday for my wife's birthday. She is Mrs Super Prepper, refocusing her shopping impulse from clothes and crafts to all sorts of prepping supplies. But amongst all the laughing the two sisters did, she told us that a vendor who owns a gas station (she is in the auto parts business) was advised by his supplier that gas prices would be going up, radically, soon. Two other vendors (gas station owners) told her the same story. One was advised to go to the bank and increase his line of credit.

But to make matters worse, and take this one with a grain of salt, her husband (a phoenix police officer) came home with his riot gear the other day. She knew he had all the training, but he has never brought any riot gear home. He asked her if she understood what martial law is all about. Now he has come home and talked about scary things before, but nothing has happened. She isn't able to get much detail out of him, unfortunately. The force has changed him. But we won't go into those stories.

I take all such stories as these to be the kind of "chatter" that increases before big events... so I pass them along.

Urban Roman
May 31, 2014 - 12:03pm


you should always keep your lesbos in cages.


May 31, 2014 - 12:30pm


I hear you. My plan is to await the big earthquake, you know, where the San Andreas cracks wide open, and the western part slips beneath the waves. I'll have beach front property!

Just kidding.

I am working on an exit plan, believe me.

Idaho, Texas, Northern Arizona, all are candidates.

If I hit a really big case, I may even take a year or longer sabbatical and zip off overseas somewhere with the family, them kicking and screaming the whole time . . .

p.s.: I saw this excellent 5 DVD set on the 9/11 conspiracy. It is made by an Italian director. It is REMARKABLE. At the risk of sounding like a total crackpot, I have zero doubt that the twin towers were brought down in a controlled demolition. The economic incentives were amazing: $3 Billion in costs to remediate the asbestos, the sale just before, etc. Now that I know that, without a doubt, all of the other things I suspected are true, are almost certainly true, so I just keep on prepping. 

Thanks for all your comments, I love it.

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