Ach Du Lieber!

Tue, May 20, 2014 - 2:07pm

Our pal, Koos, has unearthed a German television video that you simply have to see.

Here's a link to Koos' site and the post he created for the video below:

You should read the article ASAP as he is almost certain to get another DDOS attack for having the courage to bring the video to our attention.

Be sure to watch but, if you don't speak German, don't despair. Click the "CC" captions tab in the lower right corner of the YouTube screen. Pick your language of choice and subtitles will be provided.

The only disappointing part of the video is the interview at the end with some gigantic German dude. The guy dances around the story a bit and then recommends paper certificates over physical. Oh well, he'll get his in the end, I suppose.

Enjoy and forward.


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May 20, 2014 - 2:09pm


Quick, I need a hat tip!

May 20, 2014 - 2:18pm

Ahhh the 3rd

country i get to call home.

May 20, 2014 - 2:29pm



Great video, but what about silver?

R man J
May 20, 2014 - 2:39pm

When...not if

Growing clarity that the Fed is the enemy of sound money. As Dr Willie says, as the Eurasian trade zone is created, the Germans will be the linchpin to move the world economy away from NY-London control. This video supports their growing disillusion with those who have robbed them. The fruit of their labor will search out the gold. They will find it in Russia-China.

May 20, 2014 - 2:39pm

Well worth the time to view

I notice that she wore golden pants! A subtle, symbolic message?

May 20, 2014 - 2:59pm


the German expert Mr. Klinzing does suggest to buy gold certificates. I guess he is part of the problem, and not really a stacker.

May 20, 2014 - 3:03pm


that that has been aired.

May 20, 2014 - 3:05pm

The gold goes to China Analysis by Bernhard Klinzing - Part 2

The gold goes to China

Analysis by Bernhard Klinzing - Part 2

Statistics are another matter, especially Chinese statistics. Because some do not fit together. What is clear, however: In China collects gold, lots of gold. Exactly how much remains a mystery. Just this: The West sells, buys the east.

macro-studio guest Bernhard Klinzing from the Frankfurt Stock Report here for our gold interested viewers an overview of the gold market: What factors determine the price of gold? How important is the influence of China and the role of the mighty bullion banks?

Gold production expected Bernhard Klinzing from Frankfurt Stock Report, will go back tends in the coming years. The reason: There are rarely discovered new reserves that are economically attractive. The gold content in rock falls, costs rise, the field is harvested. A non-negligible factor is also the development of the dollar, in which the price of gold is traditionally given. A weak dollar can increase the price of gold usually and vice versa. (: One end of the bond purchases by the Fed and the drying up of liquidity flow associated concrete) depressed demand for gold in the last twelve as well as the prospect of an end to the ultra-loose monetary policy Moreover, it was months observed.

The West sells, buys the East

Where are we headed? The flow of gold from West to East will continue, Klinzing. For the price forecast in 2014 but the demand of China and India play a lesser role than last year. This has to do with the behavior of Western investors: 2013 they have repelled a large scale gold ETFs. These are popular on western stock exchanges Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that are backed by physical gold. Overall, the ETF holdings fell by 880 tonnes. That would not be repeated this year, so says Klinzing because the stocks are no longer large enough to give as much gold. Namely, Western investors have sold in China has the same advantage of the falling prices for the expansion of positions. It speaks with the strong Chinese purchases of anticipatory effects. Consequently'm less demand this year, suspected Klinzing. Moreover, China is threatening a credit crisis. While in the West Gold still enjoys a "safe haven" status and is bought in crisis situations rather, the mentality in Asia is reversed. It is sold gold to cover financing gaps.

The mystery of China's gold imports

Interestingly, imported China, the biggest supporter, consumer and importer is already in the world, suggest some quarters since more gold than the official statistics on the use. Since there are no government statistics on the Chinese gold imports, exports of supplier countries must be added so Klinzing. The gold sales were down slightly in the last month. In the long run, however, there is a discrepancy between imports and use. Can only be speculated about the whereabouts of the gold. Equally its origin. Located on the main futures exchange for gold, COMEX, the number of futures was swollen to 100 times the physically deliverable gold, so Klinzing. This has never happened before. If the bullion banks are actually used in the duty to serve the emerging of the futures contracts claims, they came quickly into trouble. So much real gold is not easily find.

China's statistical tricks

According to the IMF, China's official monetary gold reserves amounted in 2013 to 1054t. Since 2009, the People's Bank of China is called exactly that number. Prior years 600t were specified. This leaves all kinds of room for speculation -. Probably the stocks have long been higher because China's official gold demand rose last year by 41 percent to 1176t, the China Gold Association. The country is thus the largest gold consumer in the world. Even bigger than the official demand were imports and production of the precious metal. China imported last year, 1158 tonnes of gold via Hong Kong - More than twice as much as 2012 there are the not yet published imports over Shanghai.. The domestic gold production amounted to 428 tons. therefore China is also the world's largest gold producer. These figures show that China's gold consumption actually was over 1,700 tonnes - more than 500 tons higher than officially reported.

May 20, 2014 - 3:07pm

The big rip-off Analysis by Bernhard Klinzing - Part 3

The big rip-off

Analysis by Bernhard Klinzing - Part 3

In the last part of the analysis, we come finally to the gloomy powers. The bullion banks play an ancient game: How can I get the gold from other people? They play by their own rules. And they play this game perfectly. For the time being.

macro-studio guest Bernhard Klinzing from the Frankfurt Stock Report here for our gold interested viewers an overview of the gold market: What factors determine the price of gold? How important is the influence of China and the role of the mighty bullion banks?

Where will the bullion banks, especially the oligopoly from Barclays, German Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, HSBC and Société Générale, get the gold? If the owners of futures contracts existing at the end of the term on the delivery of physical gold and not be satisfied with the usual cash settlement, is good advice. Bullion banks can not simply abhedgen as with other contracts and the risk pass it on. The amount of gold is limited. The physically available amount of gold on the COMEX is even fallen to a new low of one million ounces. , Goldman Sachs published for a year regularly skeptical studies and speaks in a forecast of declining to below $ 900 gold price from. At the same time, the bank but their positions has expanded by 20%, says Klinzing. How does this fit together? The marginal costs of the mines are in the range 1100-1300 dollars. Among the mines do not make money. Should the price actually fall below this level, the supply would suddenly stop and move the price back up.

Manipulation by flash crash

On 15.04.2013 we saw the first flash crash in the gold market. Flash crash means that a price crash for a few moments into the depths. Contracts for 12 tons of gold were unlimited thrown on the market, reports Klinzing. In this way, stop-courses are fished, that is, many investors lose low prices their stocks. Exactly one year later again went contracts over $ 500 million unlimited in the sale (in a market that an average daily trading volume of only 240 million dollars has). Of these flash crashs there was amazing in the recent past, many. A former employee of the U.S. Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, accused on its Internet site the American Federal Reserve and the co-operating with their bullion banks targeting the flash crashs bring to the to stabilize the dollar and not to let the price of gold to rise above $ 1,400 (from there it would be really expensive for the banks). In addition, the bullion banks to replenish their stocks as low with the gold they abluchsen investors to poor prices. Quite a number left.

Bundesbank in front of closed doors

In this country, one wonders also why the emissaries of the Federal Bank of access to their gold reserves in the vaults of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was denied. There were no samples are collected, so Klinzing. Of the 3,400 tons of gold reserves in the balance sheet of the Bundesbank are officially 1540 tons in New York. , on the advice of the Federal Court, the Federal Bank has decided to bring back 300 tons of gold from New York. Since 1974, no one had checked the local stocks, says Klinzing. The schedule of retrieval has long been obsolete. So far, only five tons were recycled. , the Fed has no interest that American banks are sliding into a new financial crisis because they can not meet delivery obligations gold from the exploding amounts of futures contracts. The hedge fund manager William Kaye said in 2013 that Germany would see his bearings in the U.S. gold bullion never again.

Forecast: Calm before the jump

In Shanghai, currently being built a bearing point for 2,000 tons of gold. What if the demand but just lay in the boom year 2013 at 1054 tons and was processed mainly by the jewelry industry? Klinzings Forecast: When the mountain of gold contracts on the COMEX is broken down and delivered, gold will lie down a new rally. About the time, but currently let to say anything yet. This year the Frankfurt Stock Report sees the price of gold caught in the price range 1200-1400 dollar.

May 20, 2014 - 3:10pm

RE: Silverflower

I also watch 3Sat here in Luxembourg.

But yes, you are absolutely correct; its not a channel your average teenager would watch.

May 20, 2014 - 3:10pm

Just for your info, my good fellows in Turdland

3SAT is a German speaking television transmitter; it is the product of the contribution of different national television transmitters (located in Germany, Austria and Siwtzerland). It mostly concentrates on culture issues. It is not necessarily a mainstream television transmitter, which means that only a minority of the people is watching it. It is rather seen by (lets call it) well educated people. However, the fact that they publish something about gold manipulation is another brick in the wall, I would say. Isn't it?

May 20, 2014 - 3:13pm


Hacker Invoices DoJ For Prison Time; Refuses To Accept U.S. Dollars

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/20/2014 - 14:27

"I am owed 28,296 Bitcoins. I do not accept United States dollars, as it is the preferred currency of criminal organizations such as the FBI, DOJ, ATF, and Federal Reserve and I do not assist criminal racketeering enterprises."

May 20, 2014 - 3:15pm

The gold-hungry dragon Analysis by Bernhard Klinzing - Part 1

The gold-hungry dragon



Analysis by Bernhard Klinzing - Part 1

The market for gold is special, very special. Well, that macro has a real specialist on board. Bernhard Klinzing says: Important are central banks, weddings and, clearly, the Chinese. And the gloomy powers.

macro-studio guest Bernhard Klinzing from the Frankfurt Stock Report here for our gold interested viewers an overview of the gold market: What factors determine the price of gold? How important is the influence of China and the role of the mighty bullion banks?

Gold is at first sight a useless metal. While it has some interesting properties, such as resistance to acids. It can be produced robust wires of little gold. Some waves are reflected perfectly by gold (which you have made ​​for example in lunar missions advantage). When dentures gold is the perfect metal. , however gold is too expensive for large-scale industrial use. But not too rare! Silver'm in nature, for example, much less so Klinzing but costs only a fraction of the price of gold (about 65:1). Half of silver funding is used for industrial purposes. In gold, this factor plays a negligible role. The gold ownership first raises no return from, no interest, no dividends. The capital employed is not working, as in alternative asset classes such as real estate, which constantly shed capital. Many commentators are critical accordingly voted in favor of the gold and see the lack of yield as a reason to buy gold in any case. Who followed this advice in the first decade of this century - missed one of the strongest value growth across all asset classes - and in the current year.

What drives the price of gold?

The triangle of key factors influencing says Klinzing, consists of China, India and the central banks. The two Asian countries combined, more than half of the global demand for gold rising to be trend. Gold has been there, in the absence of social security systems, as insurance a very different role than in Europe. At weddings and other important occasions it is often wasted. , India has regulated imports to get the balance of foreign trade in the handle. On black channels but still gets a lot of gold in the subcontinent. The devaluation of the rupee in recent quarters has gold from the perspective of Indian consumers even more expensive. The demand reacts relatively elastic. Put on the price of gold, it goes back, is the price of gold, the demand increases.

China: The appetite comes with eating

China: The appetite comes with eating from the consumption in China, the World Gold Council this year created an interesting study. It is predicted that China's consumption will increase from the current 1132 tonnes / year in 2017 to 1350 tons. This is mainly due to the urbanization (now home to half the population in the major cities) and the associated growth of the middle class (incomes above 50,000 RMB, which is about 5,000 EUR). This is from the current 300 million to 500 million People grow until 2020. Chinese save one-third of disposable income or care for their relatives. In view of the coming demographic disaster due to the one-child policy, the Chinese will be even more dependent on savings. As the real estate market, which has traditionally preventive character also faces a collapse, and foreign assets may be acquired only very limited, stay especially the gold as the goal of retirement, the World Gold Council.

Central banks on the buy side

The central banks were net in recent years on the buy side. In March there were a few taxes, but basically the swelling of the paper money supply makes because of the stimulus measures by central banks in the U.S., Europe and Japan for discomfort -. Positive for gold since the Washington Agreement of 1999, which regulated the sale of gold by central banks, has a stable upward trend in the gold price developed. Gold is especially popular because it such as paper assets can not be increased, but gets its value. however, the image of the inflation protection does not always. In the largest inflation in the Weimar Republic, for example shares had an even better inflation hedge than gold. Empirically helps the gold not so much high inflation to rising ratings, but a low or negative real interest rates (nominal rates minus inflation) of capital.

May 20, 2014 - 3:18pm

Hey Turd, better say:

"Ach du lieber Gott", which stands for "Oh my God"

Yeah I know, I am counting peanuts....

So nice to see that Turd speaks my mother language. I sometimes feel alone with my shitty school English in Turdisland

Hey, I always knew that we in Turdland are an international team. So brilliant to see that.

Viele Gruesse aus Deutschland

silverflower achmachat
May 20, 2014 - 3:20pm

Yes of course

I forgot to mention Luxembourg, but this country doesn't actively contribute to 3sat, right?

May 20, 2014 - 3:24pm

April 21, 2014 Episode- Gold Conspiracy

Americas Book of Secrets


For those on this site and have been diligent in their filtering of everything that is posted here may not find much new in this program. Some information that was posted did catch me by surprise, not a lot but some. For those that wish to have a family member get some more interest this is a good entertaining show.

It goes over Ron Paul wish to audit the Gold Reserves, details on which countries that have been refused their Gold on Demand, some of this dated as recent as November 2013. Of course the Strauss-Kahn debacle is talked about and why he may have been replaced by Christine Legarde as head of the IMF.

May 20, 2014 - 3:31pm

Turd's limited German

"Ach du lieber!" is just what my Old Man would say whenever he was pissed off or otherwise frustrated. I thought the loose translation fit the thread, however.

May 20, 2014 - 3:40pm

German gold expert

The German gold expert didnt seem to bullish on gold. He didnt think it would get over $1400 this year.

May 20, 2014 - 4:03pm

Gaming Gold

BNN, the major (only) Canadian business network, ran this story of "gaming" the pm gold fix recently.

As TF has remarked it is now acceptable to talk about collusion in the fixing of benchmarks (LIBOR, Gold fix), but the more broad market manipulation, such as today's dump at or just prior to the NY open, has yet to hit the MSM.

May 20, 2014 - 4:06pm


Okay, I will translate into English. (yes, I lived in Germany many years ago)

SHIT or better yet, where it came from S.H.I.T.

(S)hip (H)igh (I)n (T)ransit

yes, keep the manure high on the ship so the methane can be released into the open rather than blow up the ship.

That said Look at the gold and silver charts. Up this morning and fully controlled since then.

I say this Shit needs to blow up.

May 20, 2014 - 4:19pm

China now Forbids Use of Windows 8 - Armstrong

China now Forbids Use of Windows 8 – When Will Microsoft Divorce with the NSA?

Posted on May 20, 2014 by Martin Armstrong

China has outright forbid the use of Windows 8 on all government computers. The back-doors are way too dangerous. China is now following Germany. Hello Microsoft! Can you Hear Me Now? That is via Verizon of course so you should get this twice – one directly and the other from the NSA’s tap on Verizon.

May 20, 2014 - 4:42pm

prosperity=justice . . .

"Whether we compare different nations, or simply look at the same nations over time; our analysis always yields the same results: justice = prosperity. As the Traitor Governments of Canada and the U.S. allow the Fat Cats at the top to continue to be overpaid by as much as 10,000% (and rising), the equally corrupt Corporate media demonizes those on the bottom simply trying to get back what they have lost in the past 40 years."

@KoosJansen silverflower
May 20, 2014 - 4:57pm


Can you check in Germany the number of people that watched this broadcast? Would be interesting to know, in The Netherlands these type of numbers are daily published.


John Galt TF
May 20, 2014 - 5:15pm

@ Turd re: Ach du lieber

For many years I had an old German fellow working for me who used to say "Ach du lieber" all the time. This was usually followed it up with (what sounded like) "Mein O Fresse".

He was an interesting fellow - very dedicated and hard working, and he had more than a few stories to tell from what the war was like from the German perspective. He was a boy who survived the firebombing of Dresden, and he remembered many atrocities committed against the Germans, including the deliberate starvation and mass exterminations of many who survived the war. By some accounts for every 100 German soldiers that went into battle only 3 managed to return. Many POWs were either executed or shipped off to Siberia to be worked to death as slaves, or be used for medical experiments.

(Incidentally there is also plenty of evidence that many American MIAs from not only WW2, but also the Korean and Vietnam wars also ended up in Russia).

The book "Kiss the Boys Goodbye" is but one book that tells the story of how the American government betrayed its own troops in Vietnam.

Our history books are filled with the many sins committed by the Germans, but acts of evil were not the monopoly of one side alone.

Sadly, very few are left from that generation who have first hand knowledge of the war and can remember its horrors. We are now once again at risk of failing to learn from the lessons of history...

May 20, 2014 - 5:18pm


3sat is watched, in average, by 1,1% of all German TV watchers. That's around 365,000 watchers.

Lamenting Laverne
May 20, 2014 - 5:58pm

For me the title instantly translated into humming

Ach du lieber Augustin - alles ist weg weg weg - Aaaaaaach du lieber Augustin alles ist weg.

a song we learned as kids. It is not the proper version, but this is how we learned it as kids - and it seemed quite apropos considering the current situation of lost gold.....

Sometimes I wonder just how many different nationalities and mixes of origins we have in this community ;-) It has got to be an impressive number.

I Run Bartertown
May 20, 2014 - 6:12pm

Germans v. Banks

No, not the gold.


Just Rammstein

Video unavailable
May 20, 2014 - 6:17pm

"The precious metal is

"The precious metal is regarded foremost as protection in times of crisis."

No, foremost it is money, and it has been for thousands of years.

May 20, 2014 - 6:47pm

aawww. Same old

aawww. Same old story..different language. Wake me up when silver is back above 30$ and gold above 1600$. In the mean time everything is just noise.

May 20, 2014 - 7:09pm

Could have been good

That big slimey banker shill spoiled it


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