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Mon, May 5, 2014 - 11:26am

My friend, Dan, sent me this video yesterday. It's a timely discussion of several items we regularly cover here at TFMR so I thought I should post it.

Once again, this is Dan Ameduri speaking with Marin Katusa of Casey Research. In this latest video, they discuss:

  • Current contrarian investment ideas
  • Some of the equities they've discussed in previous presentations
  • Default risk and other issues with China
  • Potential safe haven and "bug out" locations

I think you'll find this interesting so please give it a listen.


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May 6, 2014 - 11:02am


I am kind of blown away with how weak the dollar is and the rest of the market is shrugging....It surprises me, yet it doesn't.

We have been in a dollar decline since the dotcom boom. We got a big, brief rally during the 2008 crash, this peaked in Q4 2008, which was the bottom in PMs. Since then, things CRATERED '10-'11....but then for whatever reason - manipulation, intervention, algo's, PPT, whatever, the dollar has stabilized - until last Summer....and now - right now - it is cracking. like a huge tree before, timber...just a feint crack, then a bigger one, then all that potential energy released...You can either move out of the way or get destroyed. There is no middle ground.

The Comex limits thingie....Pretty smart. Of course they waited until they had squeezed every last drop out of the price. Don't want to put limits on crash days, do ya? Soon, the suppression....the tree crashing...will release price. And markets will close. Paper PM tools will pay folks out the one day limit only. Who knows? Silver could be at new highs and you will get the daily limit if you are know - 2%?

Miners? Should do well....of course, there is the risk that everything gets sat on by the gubmint.....mines nationalized....but I think that is limited....remember there are lots and lots of big money involved here. Soros supposedly bought gdx options. Ray Dalio, who manages more pension money (teachers, police, firemen) owns physical really think he will just ok confiscation or price suppression and not play the pension outcry card? Never.

Amazing. POSX blasting through lows (Marty! where for art though???), meaning nothing....

wait for it, wait....(good day to plant tomaters....)

sheeets gonna always do what they are supposed to just never when...

May 6, 2014 - 8:51am

We know the fiat dollar dies. Don't have a death date!

Once a person has this epiphany, action to prepare draws one to singleness of mind. The best voice out there personally is Willie. His take on well whens it going to happen, the dollar gets buried, it's already happening. It's a series of events and the fact he has said Ukraine is where the dollar goes to die has some valid reasons to accelerate your preparation. Some events on the way to the dollar morgue will be more apparent than others. The ones which become more apparent are those which may wake up more people. Beyond that the majority of people are not going to know it's a certain fact until they arrive at the funeral. All US citizens have an invitation to that. Most will have only comes after knowing the dollar had a heart attack and died suddenly. We here know it's terminal. Our invitations to the dollar funeral with it's final obituary has been known to our advantage as we take action and prepare. Without sound action upon this knowledge in preparing; what we know, has no more value than our fiat debt based currency in the end.

May 6, 2014 - 8:22am

Yup! USDinker dollar is goin down but?

Yellen is set to speak Wednesday on the economic outlook before Congress' Joint Economic Committee in Washington. ......................................................................................................................................................................

fed fud yak attack Wednesday=dollar up metals down. Sure would like to see this standard operating fed fud modus operandi get whipsawed reversed and take some bankstering, colluding theivin rat bastard heads off. One of these days? Why I oughta............................................................

Picking through all the disinfo propaganda deluged upon the public daily, is like having the dictionary blown up and the results generating a list of perpe-traitors. We do the best we can with what's out there! Good to have a sounding board here and throw out some possibilities we individually may not see. Then make certain some ones opinion is honored for any possibility of truth. One troll hitting below the belt shouldn't keep seasoned turdites from expressing and the trolls don't. We're quite thick skinned, some of us having been posting for many years since the internet erupted. It's a search for truth and it can get extremely heated at times when our egos rise above our common good sense. Oh I've learned from experience how much a waste it is, to climb into the sand box slinging pissing matches to fracture a blog site. Divide and conquer everywhere. Limited here but I see it from time to time. So the blog has human moments. Carry on!

May 6, 2014 - 8:15am

USD at 6 month lows, in the towdy and yet....

metals are down.. what else is new?

May 6, 2014 - 7:21am

Jim Garrow=whistle blower

What do agency personnel do to whistle blowers? Try to discredit them any way they can. What is an easy way to do this? Feed them wrong info that they then distribute. Jim Garrow wasn't a primary resource on the Malaysian flight, he is recounting what he believes to be the truth. Remember they already tried to kill Jim Garrow by sabotaging his car.

So are all agency guys, military and CIA beyond reproach? If they were they wouldn't be trying to kill Jim Garrow would they?

I know this is slightly different but Clive Bundy should be fresh in the memory. That is a classic psyops spin meant to make mainstream turn against Mr Bundy. Words taken out of context or even just made up. I don't say all Feds do this, absolutely not. But it is also niave to think every Fed guy is a good guy. "Intelligence" frequently dictates the spin. So it is plausible Jim Garrow is in no way a schill but recounting data that was fed to him and is not quite factually correct either. Or maybe it all is correct, who knows? Opinions will differ and they should be allowed to differ, not stifled.

Edit: US Dollar Index on a fall, currently $79.13

Safety Dan
May 6, 2014 - 6:28am

Alphabet Agencies & The Men Who Work For Them..

After reading several negative posts on Garrow and another's comment 'no such thing as an ex-cia employee', I thought it time to comment. I beg to differ with those comments. The first FBI & CIA personnel I met was in 1987. In fact one of my closest longtime friends worked for the agency for 8 years and left. He was an analyst as well as field agent. He worked in Russia, among other places for years. This man is now employed for a Defense Contractor, as is another ex-fbi retired friend. Both men have shown me decorations, awards and pictures of situations validating their past employ. Neither are employed by their respective agencies, and are 'under contract' regarding their past employ. I've met active 'Bob's' and 'Jane's', (the names most often used), of the secret squirrels and worked on several 'spook' bases and compounds. Another of my friends is actively working in an alphabet agency in Afghanistan. I know the base he resides and his duties. He continues to keep me informed of his whereabouts, post operations. The agencies tend to subcontract out more often now, even using former SEALs.

I don't know everything about these brave men and women, nor all they do. I am not an expert in their missions or jobs. While I personally don't approve of the 'hit teams', or other such methods of the various secret squirrel(s) bunch, I will do my best to stand up and speak truth as I know it. Truth; Dr Jim Garrow revealed to the public the 'Litmus test' Military officers were given by the Obama administration. Garrow was outed from the agency for his efforts by the administration thanking him and his 40 plus years in the agency. I happen to not agree with everything Garrow says, but that doesn't make him a shill. Maybe me? I will give the man his due respect.

I watched as a "civiy" friend rescued 2 Navy SEAL's weapons from a secret squirrel compound; a burning building connected to a tent, due to incoming. SEALs who lose their weapons are terminated in their employment. The SEALs gave him every dollar in their wallets for the fireman's heroics. Coffee Head, as we affectionately called him, returned the money. They, secret squirrels/Military, can make mistakes under fire; we are all human. I've had the honor of witnessing the returning of those agents who passed and load out of the body.

Do you think our President would rescue those on the downed flight, if he didn't rescue Benghazi? - My opinion... I know, I know, opinions are like armpits, everyone has got one, and most of them stink.

We all have opinions, and as far as I know we are free to voice them. Something new we may wish to consider, NDAA is now law and indefinite detention without due process legal. It might serve to do your own research before commenting, especially if its negative of another and his service to our Nation.

For me, I am most grateful for the men and women of the Military and Department of Defense who stand first in harm's way, so I can speak - almost freely.

May 6, 2014 - 5:06am

Trade Union Building Fire Deaths Misrepresented

"Odessa's large Soviet-era trade union building was set alight on Friday as the pro-Ukraine activists mounted an assault as dusk fell. Police said at least 31 people choked to death on smoke or were killed when jumping out of windows after the trade union building was set on fire."

If the pictures in ELPICADOR post truly are from the trade union building as they appear to be, these folks were murdered as the pictures plainly show, they were NOT "choked to death on smoke or were killed when jumping out of windows".

May 6, 2014 - 3:24am

gruesome post-mortem examination comments of photo essay above

Some observations from a person just looking at the photos...and who knows if the photos are from the scene or not...

(Move on if you are not interested in the forensics of the victims of the Odessa fire).

The dialogue translated with those photos is weak.

I do not read Russian and can not vouch for the quality of the translation.
If the translation is correct, then the analysis is weak and by a person who had never dealt with gun shot wounds.

Those are exit wounds not entry wounds. When a round enters the body, the entry wound is small. The exit wound is large. Those photos show exit wounds. The victims are largely on their back but in a variety of slumped positions.

Based upon the location of the wounds and the fact that the wounds were in identical places in each corpse, my initial instinct is that they were executed at point blank range by a gun shot to the back of the head. It looks like the victims were kneeling and then shot from behind. The body collapsed backwards and then the criminals attempted to cover up the crime because of the drag marks on the floor. This is why some of their legs are contorted into strange positions.

The scenario I see is that some small group entered the building, ran up the stairs, lined up the victims, shot them from behind, and then doused the victim's bodies with gasoline. The fires are set in the building in the hopes that the building would burn down and burn the evidence of the murders with it. The criminals who did this massacre did not expect that the building would emerge largely intact on the upper floors and that photos would be made.

The criminals also did not have very much accelerant (gasoline or ethanol). Clothing is usually flame and fire retardant in order to protect the wearer from open flames. This is why the clothing is often intact in the photos.

The criminals tried to burn the heads and hands to cover up the medical evidence of the struggle (hand injuries) and of the gun shot wounds (entry/exit wounds). There are probably rounds still in the walls (especially if it is a rifle round from a Kalashnikov, M-1, or other). Odessa police should do the work but the Ukraine police no longer exist, if what I am reading is correct.

Full autopsy is possible on each victim in order to verify the exact facts involved. However, with the Ukraine descending into civil war, I doubt that the autopsies will be done objectively. In the USA, we would take Xray of the heads and bodies in order to fully identify if a round is still in the victim's body. Sometimes rounds or fragments travel away from the trajectory down into other areas of the body. Rounds also fragment when it ricochets. Plus, you can evaluate the entry/exit by the Xray also (won't get into it here).

Still, if those photos are real, the victims were shot from behind not the front. My conclusion sadly is that they were executed.

Genuinely, I hope that peace can come to Ukraine. The video tonight on CNN International is horrible to see. Very sad for all the Ukrainian people tonight... peace be with them... my prayers for them all.

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May 6, 2014 - 2:01am
May 6, 2014 - 1:35am

First they killed all the accountants

How big banks, corporations and government made themselves unauditable

The response to scandals has been to gut auditing power -- when we most need transparency from banks and government Jacob Soll.

Excerpted from "The Reckoning: Financial Accountability and the Rise and Fall of Nations"

In the late 1980s, ratings agencies aggressively analyzed countries’ creditworthiness in order to rate the value of their currency, as well as government debt bonds (the capacity of a country to successfully pay its debts), moving from three rated countries to fifty. Before 1985, most countries received a AAA bond rating, but that changed in the early 1990s, when government debt and currency value became ever more complex and difficult to assess. The ratings agencies and their critics recognized that assessing sovereign debt (government bonds issued by a government to sell to foreign investors) to determine a country’s credit rating was highly speculative. Nonetheless, ratings companies maintained a sacrosanct status.

The reputations of auditing companies were damaged, however, by the perceived conflict of interest in their active role in corporate consulting. The Metcalf Report had criticized the consulting services of the auditing companies, calling them “particularly incompatible with the responsibility of independent auditors and should be prohibited by federal standards of conduct.” Auditing companies continued to provide this service, insisting it was compatible with their roles as independent auditors of the same companies for which they consulted, often for fees ranging in the tens of millions of dollars. In 1981, the journalist Mark Stevens wrote a savage critique of what was happening “behind the pinstripe curtain,” as he called it, of the Big Eight, accusing them of having “a lock” on the massive auditing accounts, and in spite of the Metcalf Report, he called the industry “derelict in its duties.” Accounting was a damaged brand, yet the big accounting firms remained the only ones with the expertise for audits on such a massive scale. As mistrusted by the public as they were valued by corporations, the Big Eight dominated the auditing industry.

In 1989, Ernst & Whinney merged with Arthur Young to form Ernst and Young, and Deloitte, Haskins & Sells merged with Touche Ross to become Deloitte & Touche (there were different mergers in the United Kingdom); the Big Eight became the Big Six. In 1991, Stevens wrote yet another attack on the profession, “The Big Six: The Selling Out of America’s Top Accounting Firms.” Unchecked, he argued, the Big Six “behemoths” were lining their pockets by working as consultants for the companies they also audited. A good audit meant higher corporate value, which, in turn, could mean a payoff for the consulting arms of the accounting firms. According to Stevens, the accountants were even robbing the bankers by providing misleading audits. Wall Street, he went on to charge, sustained a naïve faith in auditing firms to look after anyone’s interest except their own.

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