Financial Apocalypse? What Financial Apocalypse?

Sat, May 3, 2014 - 3:29pm

Oh those Doomers! You know who I'm talking about! Those negative people who are constantly fear-mongering about the end of the world. Going on and on about how bad things are going to get, and how awful life is going to be in the future. Why, at their worst, Doomers are painting a picture of a world in flames!

These Doomers are so obsessed with their fear-mongering that it has almost become, well, cultish.

If you didn't know any better, you'd almost think they wanted it to happen.

At their worst, the Doomers seem to be profiting off of their fear-mongering, and encourage people to go out and spend extra money on things like water filtration, solar panels, and even (ugh) reusable menstrual pads.

The fear-mongering has gotten so over the top, that now our youth are beginning to suffer severe anxiety because of it.

You know who I'm talking about, right?

I'm talking about climate change activists.

Ha! Bet you didn't see that one coming, did you?

It is funny, because preppers and environmentalists do have a lot in common - both value living more sustainably, but for different reasons. But for whatever the reason - well, there is a good reason - preppers get maligned as being crazy whackjobs, while environmentalists are today's cowboys in white hats (except, well, they wouldn't actually be a cowboy, because that's racist, and a white hat is most definitely racist!).

The difference between a "crazy prepper" and an "enlightened environmentalist" is primarily media spin. The media mocks and scoffs at anyone who voices a concern about our future financial stability - or should I say, financial sustainability? - while climate change is the "acceptable" bogeyman of today.

Please be clear, I am not intending to bash environmentalists here. I used to be an active volunteer for Heal the Bay in Los Angeles, and my activities included taking water samples from the hills in Malibu above the polluted Surfrider Beach, and educating children on the local watershed.

Conservatives who completely deny the impact of people's behavior on the planet irk me. The air and water in Los Angeles is very polluted - each day, the morning dew would deposit particulates of smog on anything left outside. I regularly had to check the Beach Report Card before going surfing, because I did not want to be swimming in bacteria-laden water.

After taking a tour of the Hyperion sewage treatment plant in Los Angeles, I have a tremendous appreciation for waste water recycling technologies. People have no idea how much crap - literally - gets processed each day in these facilities.

It's a lot easier to deny the impact of humans on the environment when you live in a rural area surrounded by a lot of pristine land. It's another thing when you are in a city covered in smog and trash.

Try telling people in China that air pollution isn't an issue. We simply exported our industrial problems over to them, along with our jobs. (However, I'd like to point out that there is a huge, massive difference between airborne particulate matter and carbon dioxide.)

The Devastating Effects of Pollution in China (Part 1/2)

All that said, I believe the media has been hyping up climate change - and to the detriment of more practical environmental concerns such as, where on earth are we going to put all our trash? What are we going to do with our waste water? Climate change is the acceptable hysteria of today. And it makes for dramatic news stories when tornadoes hit.

Furthermore, if there was more money to be made in the trash business, then I suspect you'd be hearing more about our hidden trash crisis on the news. But it's a lot easier for the banking cartels to pocket a lot of money off of carbon credits than trash. Meanwhile, Al Gore has made a mint off of books and documentaries, all the while jetting around to his various mansions that could collectively provide energy for a small city.

And who wants to deal with trash anyway? Climate disasters are not only spawning entire home-grown industries of storm chasers (which, I confess, I love to watch), but make for damn good disaster movies. Trash? Not so much.

Trash: Boring and Gross

Storm Chasing: Exciting

Escaping the largest EF5 tornado in history - El Reno, OK - full dashcam sequence

The thing is, here in America, we are at a decades-long low for tornadoes and hurricanes. My simple theory is that the seeming increase in environmental disasters is more due to the 24 hour news cycle and increased suburban sprawl. When there were fewer people living in places like Oklahoma and Alabama, the tornadoes had fewer targets.

Still, seeing pictures of houses blown away tugs at the heart strings, and it is a lot easier to get people to understand the dangers of extreme weather than extreme financial policies. Weather is tangible - we all experience it every day - whereas money, as much as we have to deal with it every day, is still somewhat ephemeral and hard to grasp on a large scale.

Certainly, political activists often decry poverty, and when it comes to raising money for food aid in Africa, photos of starving children with big black puppy dog eyes is another puller of heart strings.

But that does not translate into a clamor for sound fiscal policy. If anything, it engenders the opposite - a populace who is demanding that we "do" something about the poor, which generally includes spending more on them. But how to get people to understand our precarious financial position when it comes to national debt?

How about a chart? Wasn't the global warming hockey stick chart effective in scaring people about climate change? (And isn't it interesting how climate scientists get the benefit of the doubt when their charts don't pan out, much more so than financial analysists? Hmm.)

Sure, we can show people graphs of U.S. debt, but concepts like "Debt to G.D.P. ratio" are a bit difficult for the average person to fully grasp. And it's just not "sticking." Maybe the debt chart needs a cute PR name attached to it. Instead of "hockey stick chart" maybe it needs to be named something like "volcano chart." You know, once it hits its peak, it's going to explode.

Mt. St. Helens Eruption May 18, 1980 720p HD

(By the way, Mount St. Helens is becoming active again. If that blows, that should give CNN something to focus on once the missing plane story is past its already overdue shelf life.)

Now, there are certain people who may have previously considered themselves "Doomers" of a sort, who waited around for a big financial apocalypse, and it did not happen on their timeline. Now they mock and make of fun of anyone who has not woken up to "reality" like they have. If anything, these people are probably the biggest critics of anyone who is still waiting for the End of the Keynesian Experiment. They think they have gotten smarter than you.

I will say, that waiting on a big apocalypse, whether environment or financial, is probably a wrong way to focus time and energy. It's not likely to happen with a big bang.

In my mind, the financial apocalypse is already underway.

We have a record number of people out of the workforce in America. Sure, on the surface, life goes on, but what about the people you know? In my immediate circle of friends and family, I know far too many people who are on the verge of disaster. One friend just told me that she and her family (of three children) had to do rice and beans for dinner. My stepfather's granite business was hit hard by the 2008 financial implosion and has been barely hanging on. People are taking on additional jobs to make ends meet.

The problem with a quiet financial apocalypse is that - unlike a hurricane - it does not provide an opportunity for Jim Cantore to show up in a blue rain slicker breathlessly reporting about THUNDERSNOW!!

Jim Cantore 4 Thundersnow Reactions

Sure, 60 Minutes might do an occasional sob story about a family on the brink, but it's still an individual pain being reported - not a collective horror like an environmental disaster.

Now, what can we do about it? Certainly, in the short run, we can try to warn family and friends to be more prepared. Most are probably not going to listen. When they do run into personal financial trouble, they are going to want more government to fix it, and they won't understand how our financial policies are causing our spending power to weaken dramatically.

For the long term, I think it's time people starting building up alternative economies for themselves. While I'm not suggesting "black market" per se, I think we need to start thinking about networks of local producers who can start creating opportunity despite whatever stupidity is going on with the central banks and deep state apparatuses.

Bill Whittle suggested this idea after the 2012 election. I realize for some of you he might be too conservative, but try to set your partisan leanings aside and think about what he's really saying here. We need to come up with alternatives and stop waiting for the politicians to change things, because they won't. They profit too much from the dysfunction.

A New Beginning...

We complain a lot about the government doing this and doing that, but we still continue to give our power away to them. With the quiet financial apocalypse already under way, we need to start figuring out creative ways to create something new and better outside the existing system.

Maybe it's as simple as bartering with friends and family.

Whatever you do, smart small but think big.

Stephanie blogs sporadically at a number of websites, including Freeople and Free Thinking Christianity.

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May 4, 2014 - 3:31pm


You got owned

May 4, 2014 - 2:54pm

@Les Baux - thanks for doing the math

And as a point of observation, I just thought I'd mention I have a friend who apparently has an entire 500 sq. ft. room in her family's home dedicated to her stuffed panda collection.

Even if you could fit everyone into Texas with a full 1,000 sq. ft (the size of a small two-bedroom apartment), and feed them all, you're going to see a lot of people going absolutely bonkers because they won't have room for their shoe collections or whatnot.


May 4, 2014 - 2:53pm


our youth are beginning to suffer severe anxiety because of it.

So, what? so they can apply for disability from the socialist in charge of hope, probably unworkable, because prozak is the cure, or is it CO's pot, or some other singing siren? Is not that what the youth are suppose to feel, and then do something External about it? The youth has been corrupted as well, and they wont believe it for a second.


Chinese tax evasion? There is always a good side to every story.

=== speaking of the rat race, see below.

USA Nova Slang, Posted Monday, June 03, 2013 4:23:25 PM

Just in case you aint hip to the latest slang sweeping the nation, thought a list, to set your mind straight, might be in order. Enjoy

Crimex: The NY Comex exchange

COT: Commitment of Thieves

Banksters: Wall Street ATMs Paying Out Obscene Bonuses

Greedsters: TBTF TBTJ Bullion Banks Flushing Traders, Crimex Rigging Selling Traitors and Undue Influencers

Front Running: Market ordering signals to gold cartel members for timed group rigging of bullion markets.

Holy Spinners: US Corrupt Politicians and Farcical Habitual Campaigners

Black Robe Reapers: US Corrupt Judiciary and Plain Language Interpreters

Blue Skies: USSA National Debt, USSA Fiscal Budget, Credit Card Debt, Unemployment Lines, Household Debt, Credit Card Rates, Banksters Fees and Workers Compensation

Double Dutch Bus: The Honorable Legal Profession Seeking Currency At All Costs and full of Ethically Driven Shotgun Claim Jumpers

Sharks: Self Interested Litigators with Clients Seen Coming and Despicable Dispute-Resolution Licensed Monopolists

Smear Merchants: Main Stream Media Anchors profiting on Libel and Slander

Gaucha Pundits: Communists profiting off Innocence and Harmless Errors

Contradictions: Republican Party and Republic Restoration, Democratic Party and Voter Fraud, Land of Free and Totalitarian Government, and, Real Money and Paper Money

Monetary Inflation: Printing Presses, FED Balance Sheets and QE to Infinity.

Price Inflation: Printing Presses, FED Balance Sheets, QE to Infinity, Bullion Price Discovery, and USSA Employment

Currency Warriors: Paper Printers, Neighborhood Beggars, Currency Manipulators, Trade Warriors, Domestic Subsidisers, Deficit Spenders, National Debt Raisers and Bond Vigilantes.

Intrinsic Value: Gold Money, Silver Money, Constitutional Money, Real Money and Labor Added Value Commodities Money

Inherent Value: IRS Tax Money, Paper Money, FRN Money, Evasion Jail Time Money, Monopoly Money and Con Game Money

Commander in Chief: Totalitarian Socialistic Fascist Racist Golfing Vacationing Farcical-Habitual-Campaigner

Fascists: Campaign Contributing Banksters, Undue Influencing Greedsters, USSA Senate, USSA Commander in Chief, USSA Judiciary, and United Socialistic States of America

Enforcers: Totalitarian Henchmen, MSM Pundits, Press Secretaries, USSA Senate, Panzer Corps, Lock Down Wardens, USSA Police State and DHS

Evil Empire: Banksters, Greesters, Black Rope Reapers, and Fascists.

Ponzi Coupons: Irredeemable Federal Reserve Notes

Taxpayer Gifts: ZIRP for Greedsters and QE for How Now Dow Cows

Fraudsters: Targeted Inflation Rate Banksters, Holy Spinners, Paper Printing Banksters, and Naked Short Selling Greedsters

Honest Money: Freedom Fighters, Constitutional Money, and US Minted Gold and Silver Coinage

Mouseketeers: US Governments Agencies, Justice, FED Bank, and CFTC

Totalitarians: USSA Government Administration, DNC and RNC

Totalitarian Tools: IRS RICO Thugs and FRN Paper Printers

Bullion Riggers: John Pierpont Manipulator and Hideous Sperpentine Bozo Clowns

Puppeteers: Goldman Socks and Tinananmen Squares

Enslavers: IRS, RICO Thugs, Pick Pocketeers, Privacy Spies, Highway Robbers, USSSA, USDA, Poor Entrappers, Circus Masters, and Bread Throwers

Gold Bugs: Freedom Lovers, Turdites, Le Menu Readers, Austrian Economists, Real Money Believers, Plain Language Constitutionalists, Republic Restorers, Libertarians, and Bonnie Blue Flag Waivers

Paper Pushers: Central Bank Currency Printers, Kenynesian Economists and Debtor Prison Wardens

One Percenters: Greedsters and Banksters and Diamond Backed Snakes and She Head Madusas

Ninety Nine Percenters: Tax Mules and State Dependents

Monsters: Freedom Fighters Locked and Loaded with 500 Rounds Each

Pump Machines: How Now Dow Cows, Paper Printers, and Feel Good Be Happy Crowds

Printer Credits: TARP ZIPR and QE1 QE2 QE3 QE4 QE5 QE6 QE7 QE8 QE9 QE10 to QE-Infinity

Extend and Pretend: Green Shoots, Kick the Can, Robust Recovery, USSA Manufacturing Dominance, QE-Infinity and USSA Government Statistics

Employment: Participation Rate Participants, Couch Potatoes, Bench Sitters, Part Timers and USSA Government Statistics

Real Rates: Real GNP Kaplop RORs and Bonds Real Valued Added RORs and Saving Deposit Negative Interest Rates

Enlightened Electrorate: Ninety Nine Percenters, FRN Bond Holders, FRN Savers, Stagnant Joe Six Packs, and Busted Moms and Pops

MOPEd Dopes: USSA Statistics Believers, Enlightened Electrorate and Foolish Economists

Extremists: Freedom Lovers, Gold Bugs, Freedom Fighters, Plain Language Constitutionalists, Libertarians, and Old Glory Waivers

Gang of Four: WW and the Printers and Thugs, FDR and the Raw Deal, LBJ and the Corrupt Society, and BHO and the Ponzi Scheme

Rat Race: One Percenters Hiding Loot Off Shore, Bahama Yacht Sailing Greedsters, IRS Agents and FRN RICO Thugs

District Courts: Medical Malpractice Lotto Parlors and Illegal Alien Swearing-In Chambers

Hue and Cry: Tax and Spend, Take and Give, Inflate and Rob, Incentivize and Control, and Socialize and Corrupt

Slogan: Vote em Out or Take em Out, for a Free Lunch

Problems: Greed, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fraud, Immigration, Fascism, Electioneering, Greed, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fraud, Immigration, Fascism, Electioneering, Greed, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fraud, Immigration, Fascism, Electioneering, Greed, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fraud, Immigration, Fascism, Electioneering, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, and More-Government, To-Much-Government, and Way-To-Much Government.

Solutions: Abolish all Federal Social Programs, Federal Pay-and-Forget Sales Tax Exclusivity, State In-Rem Property Tax Exclusivity, Real Gold and Silver Coinage Money Exclusivity, Pay Off All Federal and State Present and Future Obligations with 100T FRNs, State Social Safety Nets, Out Law Federal and State Bonds, Out Law Federal and State Debt, Out Law Federal and State Fiscal Deficits, Abolish Paper Money, Abolish Federal Reserve Notes, Redeem FRNs at more than $1,000,000.00 per gold ounce, Abolish the Federal Reserve System, Reward Productivity, Penalize Unproductivity, Free the People From Government, and Restore the Republic.

Les Baux
May 4, 2014 - 2:50pm

Sorry to intrude on a laughable conversation...

...but I can't stand poor math. If you moved all 7 bill people in the world to Texas, they could each have over 1000 square feet, not 6. I'm guessing whomever came up with that statistic forgot to multiply by 5280^2 when converting square miles to feet.

If you have them 6 square feet, they could fit in the Dallas metro area.

Pretty silly statistic, though, can't imagine someone trying to make a coherent point from it.

May 4, 2014 - 2:46pm
May 4, 2014 - 2:45pm

Wish it was only crickets chirping out of Ukraine.

Jim Willie said Ukraine is where the dollar goes to die. Appears there's more than human blood and death behind the Ukrainian piss pot boiling over. It's nothin but escalation since Willie's comment. Where to Ukraine next week? Monday for that matter? Just be prepared for a dollar death dance as this is what it really is all about. Distraction, while the EEE gets enough scape goats lined up to shoot the dollar in the head. Execution time folks.

May 4, 2014 - 2:43pm

BTW, that tornado was the one Tim Samaras died in

A bit off-topic, but I did not realize when I linked to that tornado video in my piece that it was actually the tornado storm chaser Tim Samaras (and his son and friend) died in. I learned more about the video afterwards when reading the YouTube comments.

The guy who did the video above had two cameras on that car - one in front and one in back. The video in the back actually recorded what happened to Tim Samaras, but out of respect for the families, he has kept that part of the video private.

You can read more about what went on in the video (with a transcript of what he was saying) at these links:

Escaping the El Reno, OK EF5 tornado - full HD dashcam sequence - May 31, 2013

Close call with the historic 2.6-mile-wide El Reno, OK EF5 tornado

El Reno tornado incident Q & A

If I had realized that the video linked above was recording the same storm that killed Tim Samaras, I might have chosen a different video to post - I did not intend to make light of the death of a storm chaser who was a scientist and great contributor to our knowledge of tornadoes. RIP Tim Samaras.

May 4, 2014 - 2:32pm

@DayStar - "Peak People"

You wrote: One thing I disagree with Stephanie about is peak people. If you took all the people in the world and gave each of them 6 sq ft, you could place them all in an area about the size of Texas.

OK, sorry to bust your balls on this, but I see a lot of people posting this "fact" online without any source or attribution. It also fails to answer the question: How do you feed these people, give them clean water, deal with their sewage, and provide them with clothing and housing in 6 square feet per person? IT CANNOT BE DONE.

This to me is one of those disinfo memes that is spread around to try to make conservatives look bad. I see it posted everywhere and I want to smack my head each time I see it!

I'm not saying we have to buy into global warming hysteria, but the idea that Texas as a state could handle the entire world population is so ludicrous as to be laughable. Never mind the fact that most of Texas is not easily inhabitable by large numbers of people due to the desert-like conditions in the western part of the state.

Here in Austin we're going to have major water issues if the influx of Californians (like myself) continues unabated. The land here is also primarily rocky and not the best for growing things, unless you go east a little bit.

Go take a walk in a large-sized Walmart and look at all the junk on the shelves. Then consider the population of Africa or India and think about what it would take to put a Walmart within reach of every person on the planet. Making all that junk requires resources and energy. When people use up that junk, it mostly goes into the trash, where it becomes completely useless.

Sustainability environmentalists are right to posit that our planet simply does not have bottomless resources to fuel an ever-growing materialistic populace ad infinitum. It's not really feasible on a universal scale. But once again, I'd caution against conflating carbon alarmists with reasonable people who understand that consumerism as it is now implemented is not the wisest (or most tenable) use of resources.

God made a planet in which everything naturally recycles itself. Man comes along and sets up a stupid one-way system where things are used once and discarded. Electronic trash is the worst. What do you think is going to happen with your iPad when it is finally dead? It's going to sit in a landfill somewhere, with its components rotting.

I'm all for smarter ways to use resources, and that's one reason why people who are figuring out ways to live off-the-grid either for prepping or sustainability reasons are some of the smartest people on the planet to me.

May 4, 2014 - 2:31pm

Speaking of Funnies

*zerohedge... One Million People Dropped Out Of Labor Force In April: Participation Rate Plummets To Lowest Since 1978. Tickled pink!!!

May 4, 2014 - 2:28pm

Don't shoot the messenger.

Lots'uv voices besides Williams been shakin and bakin out there. Being prepared is all I said in too many words some failed to read. You don't need anyone but your own eyes and ears to know we're close to shtf.

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