Financial Apocalypse? What Financial Apocalypse?

Sat, May 3, 2014 - 3:29pm

Oh those Doomers! You know who I'm talking about! Those negative people who are constantly fear-mongering about the end of the world. Going on and on about how bad things are going to get, and how awful life is going to be in the future. Why, at their worst, Doomers are painting a picture of a world in flames!

These Doomers are so obsessed with their fear-mongering that it has almost become, well, cultish.

If you didn't know any better, you'd almost think they wanted it to happen.

At their worst, the Doomers seem to be profiting off of their fear-mongering, and encourage people to go out and spend extra money on things like water filtration, solar panels, and even (ugh) reusable menstrual pads.

The fear-mongering has gotten so over the top, that now our youth are beginning to suffer severe anxiety because of it.

You know who I'm talking about, right?

I'm talking about climate change activists.

Ha! Bet you didn't see that one coming, did you?

It is funny, because preppers and environmentalists do have a lot in common - both value living more sustainably, but for different reasons. But for whatever the reason - well, there is a good reason - preppers get maligned as being crazy whackjobs, while environmentalists are today's cowboys in white hats (except, well, they wouldn't actually be a cowboy, because that's racist, and a white hat is most definitely racist!).

The difference between a "crazy prepper" and an "enlightened environmentalist" is primarily media spin. The media mocks and scoffs at anyone who voices a concern about our future financial stability - or should I say, financial sustainability? - while climate change is the "acceptable" bogeyman of today.

Please be clear, I am not intending to bash environmentalists here. I used to be an active volunteer for Heal the Bay in Los Angeles, and my activities included taking water samples from the hills in Malibu above the polluted Surfrider Beach, and educating children on the local watershed.

Conservatives who completely deny the impact of people's behavior on the planet irk me. The air and water in Los Angeles is very polluted - each day, the morning dew would deposit particulates of smog on anything left outside. I regularly had to check the Beach Report Card before going surfing, because I did not want to be swimming in bacteria-laden water.

After taking a tour of the Hyperion sewage treatment plant in Los Angeles, I have a tremendous appreciation for waste water recycling technologies. People have no idea how much crap - literally - gets processed each day in these facilities.

It's a lot easier to deny the impact of humans on the environment when you live in a rural area surrounded by a lot of pristine land. It's another thing when you are in a city covered in smog and trash.

Try telling people in China that air pollution isn't an issue. We simply exported our industrial problems over to them, along with our jobs. (However, I'd like to point out that there is a huge, massive difference between airborne particulate matter and carbon dioxide.)

The Devastating Effects of Pollution in China (Part 1/2)

All that said, I believe the media has been hyping up climate change - and to the detriment of more practical environmental concerns such as, where on earth are we going to put all our trash? What are we going to do with our waste water? Climate change is the acceptable hysteria of today. And it makes for dramatic news stories when tornadoes hit.

Furthermore, if there was more money to be made in the trash business, then I suspect you'd be hearing more about our hidden trash crisis on the news. But it's a lot easier for the banking cartels to pocket a lot of money off of carbon credits than trash. Meanwhile, Al Gore has made a mint off of books and documentaries, all the while jetting around to his various mansions that could collectively provide energy for a small city.

And who wants to deal with trash anyway? Climate disasters are not only spawning entire home-grown industries of storm chasers (which, I confess, I love to watch), but make for damn good disaster movies. Trash? Not so much.

Trash: Boring and Gross

Storm Chasing: Exciting

Escaping the largest EF5 tornado in history - El Reno, OK - full dashcam sequence

The thing is, here in America, we are at a decades-long low for tornadoes and hurricanes. My simple theory is that the seeming increase in environmental disasters is more due to the 24 hour news cycle and increased suburban sprawl. When there were fewer people living in places like Oklahoma and Alabama, the tornadoes had fewer targets.

Still, seeing pictures of houses blown away tugs at the heart strings, and it is a lot easier to get people to understand the dangers of extreme weather than extreme financial policies. Weather is tangible - we all experience it every day - whereas money, as much as we have to deal with it every day, is still somewhat ephemeral and hard to grasp on a large scale.

Certainly, political activists often decry poverty, and when it comes to raising money for food aid in Africa, photos of starving children with big black puppy dog eyes is another puller of heart strings.

But that does not translate into a clamor for sound fiscal policy. If anything, it engenders the opposite - a populace who is demanding that we "do" something about the poor, which generally includes spending more on them. But how to get people to understand our precarious financial position when it comes to national debt?

How about a chart? Wasn't the global warming hockey stick chart effective in scaring people about climate change? (And isn't it interesting how climate scientists get the benefit of the doubt when their charts don't pan out, much more so than financial analysists? Hmm.)

Sure, we can show people graphs of U.S. debt, but concepts like "Debt to G.D.P. ratio" are a bit difficult for the average person to fully grasp. And it's just not "sticking." Maybe the debt chart needs a cute PR name attached to it. Instead of "hockey stick chart" maybe it needs to be named something like "volcano chart." You know, once it hits its peak, it's going to explode.

Mt. St. Helens Eruption May 18, 1980 720p HD

(By the way, Mount St. Helens is becoming active again. If that blows, that should give CNN something to focus on once the missing plane story is past its already overdue shelf life.)

Now, there are certain people who may have previously considered themselves "Doomers" of a sort, who waited around for a big financial apocalypse, and it did not happen on their timeline. Now they mock and make of fun of anyone who has not woken up to "reality" like they have. If anything, these people are probably the biggest critics of anyone who is still waiting for the End of the Keynesian Experiment. They think they have gotten smarter than you.

I will say, that waiting on a big apocalypse, whether environment or financial, is probably a wrong way to focus time and energy. It's not likely to happen with a big bang.

In my mind, the financial apocalypse is already underway.

We have a record number of people out of the workforce in America. Sure, on the surface, life goes on, but what about the people you know? In my immediate circle of friends and family, I know far too many people who are on the verge of disaster. One friend just told me that she and her family (of three children) had to do rice and beans for dinner. My stepfather's granite business was hit hard by the 2008 financial implosion and has been barely hanging on. People are taking on additional jobs to make ends meet.

The problem with a quiet financial apocalypse is that - unlike a hurricane - it does not provide an opportunity for Jim Cantore to show up in a blue rain slicker breathlessly reporting about THUNDERSNOW!!

Jim Cantore 4 Thundersnow Reactions

Sure, 60 Minutes might do an occasional sob story about a family on the brink, but it's still an individual pain being reported - not a collective horror like an environmental disaster.

Now, what can we do about it? Certainly, in the short run, we can try to warn family and friends to be more prepared. Most are probably not going to listen. When they do run into personal financial trouble, they are going to want more government to fix it, and they won't understand how our financial policies are causing our spending power to weaken dramatically.

For the long term, I think it's time people starting building up alternative economies for themselves. While I'm not suggesting "black market" per se, I think we need to start thinking about networks of local producers who can start creating opportunity despite whatever stupidity is going on with the central banks and deep state apparatuses.

Bill Whittle suggested this idea after the 2012 election. I realize for some of you he might be too conservative, but try to set your partisan leanings aside and think about what he's really saying here. We need to come up with alternatives and stop waiting for the politicians to change things, because they won't. They profit too much from the dysfunction.

A New Beginning...

We complain a lot about the government doing this and doing that, but we still continue to give our power away to them. With the quiet financial apocalypse already under way, we need to start figuring out creative ways to create something new and better outside the existing system.

Maybe it's as simple as bartering with friends and family.

Whatever you do, smart small but think big.

Stephanie blogs sporadically at a number of websites, including Freeople and Free Thinking Christianity.

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May 3, 2014 - 5:57pm

IMF decides to lend $17.01 billion [in SDR ]to Ukraine

The loan is in SDR, not US dollars.

Print version

May 1, 2014, 10:01 a.m. | Ukraine — by Interfax-Ukraine

IMF has approved 2-yaer Stand-By Arrangement worth SDR 10.976 billion for Ukraine

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has approved 2-year Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) worth SDR 10.976 billion (about $17.01 billion, 800 percent of quota), for Ukraine, the IMF's press service said in a statement.

Ukraine Unveils IMF-Backed Fiscal Reforms

by Tatiana Smolenska,, Moscow

01 May 2014

Ukraine has unveiled a comprehensive program of economic reforms, backed by a USD17.01bn International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan which was approved on April 30.

The program aims to restore macroeconomic stability, promote sustainable growth, and strengthen economic governance and transparency. One of its key goals is to meet near-term fiscal obligations and gradually reduce the fiscal deficit, Reza Moghadam, director of the IMF's European Department, said. Authorities aim to stabilize budget revenue and embark on a medium-term fiscal adjustment path that distributes the burden of adjustment equitably.

Moghadam said that the program involves reforming tax administration to help reduce corruption and improving the business climate, to thereby achieve high and sustainable growth.

The government will enhance revenues by eliminating fraudulent tax evasion schemes, shifting to uniform (and thus less abuse-prone) excises on fuel, raising excises on alcohol and tobacco, and closing value-added tax loopholes, Moghadam said. The Government earlier announced that the corporate income tax rate, which was due to fall to 17 percent in 2015, and 16 percent in 2016, will remain at the current 18 percent rate indefinitely. Likewise, VAT, which was due to fall to 17 percent in 2015, will remain at 20 percent.

The IMF pointed out that without the reforms the combined deficit of the government and state-owned oil company Naftogaz would have reached an impossible-to-finance 12 percent of gross domestic product in 2014, undermining confidence in public finances.

The IMF approved a two-year Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) amounting to SDR10.98bn (about USD17.01bn) for Ukraine. The approval of the SBA enables the immediate disbursement of SDR 2.058bn (about USD3.19bn), with SDR1.29 bn (about USD2bn) being allocated to budget support. Future disbursements will be subject to a satisfactory performance review.

Also mentioned in Greg Hunter's weekend report.

May 3, 2014 - 7:24pm

Mt St. Helens

Mt St Helen's blew her top (May 18, 1980) on our way to church 60-70 miles away and it was in-freaking-credible! Dad drove us to the top of the hill we were on and remember how incredibly small I felt. Truly just an ant on an angry anthill! Sky went darkish in our area and we got ash but most went eastward fortunately. The scene of a brand new baby forest is amazing too as all the healthy trees that were planted/seeded were all around the same heights for miles and miles. Looking forward to visiting Mt St Helen's this summer again if she isn't acting up!

May 3, 2014 - 9:07pm

Let them eat Xanax.

"The fear-mongering has gotten so over the top, that now our youth are beginning to suffer severe anxiety because of it."


Don't worry about it. Our youth have been dumbed down by the NEA until one with the IQ of a piss ant is called "gifted & talented."


We are so screwed.

May 3, 2014 - 10:02pm


It becomes more difficult each day to find things that are based on truth and fact. We are able to discern some things in life that have not been altered from the beginning. I love to see the sun come up, the birds singing at my organic garden, the peas sprouting upward and even the fish swimming in our pond. There is just something "good and truthful" within these views of life. It does not matter to me what expert may come to my home, the amount of PHD's he may have or his many articles he has written on these subjects. He may see my fish,birds, peas and even the sun in a different light and a different view but I will keep my view.

We are continually bombed with experts from all quarters. Some are in P.M.'s, politics, economy, wars, Israel, PLO, NOW gang, and many in the religions of mankind. Experts are everywhere. We listen to them on talk radio, forums, t.v. and texts are flying minute by minute.

There are many traps laid out before us. I was listening to a "so-called" expert on "deliverance ministry" and he has a huge following. Then it happened. He slipped up and exposed himself as one who had been deceived. He will lead many down the path of destruction and they will follow like sheep and a great price will be paid in the end.

Yes we have blind secret agents, well meaning in some cases and many who are agents of the true EE. Many things do not really matter in the end. One may have a square cave and another a round one. Some may be overstocked with grains and another with corn and fish. But when the last day comes we do not want to be like Adam and Eve who were shown the way out from the garden because we had believed a lie rather than the truth. That old deceiver was and is still a local expert. jmo

DayStarMr. Fix
May 3, 2014 - 10:03pm

RE: Line Jumping

Mr. Fix wrote:

PS, how did DayStar jump in my place while I was editing?

I know I started out fifth, by the time I wrote my "doomer rant", I was only sixth.

that's never happened before, it must be a harbinger of things to come.

You snooze, you lose, Mr Fix.

BTW, good rant. It was a lot more popular than Harvey tonight, even though I had a clip in there from James Wesley Rawles. I thought that was really good, and something I worry about living in Suburbiaville. Sooner or later somebody is going to come kicking down doors, and even if you win that round, they are likely to be back with more guys and worse weapons, and even if you hold them off, they may decide to burn you out, and that is an awful way to go. I have a clip from Selco who survived a year of what he calls hell in the Serbia war. He participated in many gun battles and somehow came out alive, but many did not. However, we do not have stone and concrete houses like they do in Europe, and many bullets would go all the way through most houses here in America. They sure are not substantial buildings that can be easily defended. They are really not much better than Japan's paper houses as far as fire fights are concerned.

One thing I disagree with Stephanie about is peak people. If you took all the people in the world and gave each of them 6 sq ft, you could place them all in an area about the size of Texas. The problem is not too many people. The problem is government trying to fix a problem they defined as too many people and messing it up. God's planet can support more people; a lot more people. People just need to be free to innovate and make the deserts bloom instead of getting a visit from the MIB if they happen to invent Mr. Fix's ZPE device. Think what HAARP could do if it was directed toward the Sahara and making it rain there. The elitists have purposely shut down a multitude of free or nearly free energy devices that could provide desalination for coastal cities.

As far as China goes, if the society is free, a man can file big lawsuits against companies that deposit unwanted green goo on his property. It is called a tort and in free societies, it is a big incentive to businesses to literally clean up their act. When government won't let businesses be sued or the government is the one causing the problem, then you get environmental nightmares. But according to Tom Bearden, HAARP-like devices can clean up a lot of those problems as well, if they would let it happen (they won't). IMO, the problem is not too many people. The problem is elitists defining a problem (they define it to be a problem, so they can "solve" it and take your stuff), and then taking it upon themselves to solve it. Part of their solution is social engineering to make us believe there are too many people. Then they give us their solution to the problem they invented. Then of course in addition to forcing natural food producers out of business, they kill the bees; spray the skies with barium, aluminum and pathogens; poison livestock with antibiotics; infuse the food chain with sterilizing GMO foods; infect people with vaccines; afflict people with bioengineered pandemics; forcibly abort the babies of women who exceed their quota of children; induce famines, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornados and hurricanes with HAARP; and various and sundry other nefarious deeds like terrorists, EMPs, nukes, world wars, asteroids, and fake alien invasions.

So, instead of trying to help people, and giving incentives in a civilized society to people to not have more children, they just sit around thinking of ways to kill them and then go out and do it. These are bad, bad, bad people, and they have gained control of the planet, and they intend to remove most of us from the land of the living. The Sibyls say we will all die if God does not help us (e.g. look at Dave Hodges articles on bioengineered people who no longer have free will and look at his descriptions of the development of virtually indestructible soldier androids and the technology to monitor everything). I spend a lot of time petitioning God to remember us and what we are up against. If He does not help, few or none of us is going to make it (See the Georgia Guidestones objective #1).

It's not too many people that's the problem. The problem is the kind of people that have gained control of the planet. If God does not intervene, there won't be any room left on the planet for the rest of us, and for the poor man, God would have to build another world (Sib. Orc., Book VIII). The fact is, though, this is God's world, and He will intervene to preserve a remnant of His people. My chances are greatly enhanced to be part of the remnant He preserves, if I am on His side. He calls all of us to forsake evil and serve Him. He is a much better Master than the other guy. You have to serve one or the other, so you might as well pick the one that cares for you and will actually work things to your long term benefit. Since He is ultimately going to win (it's His world), you can pay Him now when it will do you a lot of good or pay Him later when it won't.


May 3, 2014 - 10:29pm

The planet can support way more people!

Tell that to last remaining fish in the sea. Or the mineral depletion of our soil. Or the amount of fossil fuel burnt each day. Read Thomas Malthus.

Maybe God just wants more people? and he is testing us or something?

Ok - enough of this, time for my weekend slurp

May 3, 2014 - 11:11pm

Nuisance Lawsuits

A Dallas jury recently awarded nearly $3 million to a family who said they were poisoned by a natural gas drilling operation near their North Texas ranch. The verdict, reached on April 22, is being called a landmark by opponents of the drilling technique, called hydraulic fracturing or "fracking."

Bob and Lisa Parr have been telling their story for a while. They even appeared in the anti-fracking documentary Gasland II. But since the verdict, Lisa Parr says it feels like she's been telling it nonstop.

It started in 2008. She had just married Bob and moved with her daughter to his North Texas ranch. "I started feeling bad. I blew it off as flu," she says. But months went by, and she kept feeling sick. "I had a rash throughout my body," Lisa Parr says. "My lymph nodes stuck out in my neck like the size of pecans. There was four of them on each side." Bob Parr and their daughter eventually developed symptoms as well, including dizziness, nosebleeds, rashes, stomach problems and difficulty breathing.

"The interesting aspect of the nuisance claim is that it is specifically in addition to the public law," says professor Hannah Wiseman, who studies fracking regulations at Florida State University. She says nuisance claims are increasing in parts of the country where oil and gas drilling happens near people's homes. "They allow this very broad argument that property use has been unreasonably interfered with, and I think they in part fill in what some people see as gaps in the regulatory regime," Wiseman says. She expects more nuisance claims, especially in places like Texas, where regulations are relatively lax. The Parrs' lawyer is already getting calls from other property owners.

Fred Hayek
May 3, 2014 - 11:23pm

Skeptics and AGW true believers, please read this book!

A couple years ago I read the book at the link below.

What a freaking eye opener!

What do you think peer review of papers by scientific journals is? It's not what you think. When he got to be a reviewer for one climate science publication, Stephen McIntyre asked for the data that was the subject of one paper. The editor of that journal told McIntyre that they'd never had a reviewer actually request to see the data used in a paper.

And wait till you read the real story about "climate scientist" Michael Mann, the guy who produced the famous "Hockey Stick" graph. All it took was a little honest questioning by a Canadian mining engineer, Stephen McIntyre, to show that, Mann and his "research" are quite a bit less than represented. In fact, you'll find that it's McIntyre who behaves like a scientist, respecting evidence and demanding reproducibility while Mann, over a period of several years refuses to provide either his data or the formulas he used to process them. He never did. And, remember, this is a guy, Michael Mann, who wanted his graph to be the fulcrum around which environmental policy worldwide would pivot.

I think it is impossible to read this book and the behavior of the true believers in anthropogenic global warming and not come away skeptical of them. Now, please do not immediately apply the false dichotomy template to either the author's views or mine. A refusal to accept the hysterical anti-scientific blathering of many true believers in anthropogenic global warming does not mean that I (or I think the author) do not believe that there might be some warming taking place. Refusing to accept AGW hysteria does not mean that you *hate* the environment or any such cartoonish thing. Let's be adults here.

But I challenge any devotees of the theory of AGW to read that book and come away with the same casual us versus them white hat environmentalists versus black hat everyone else take on things.

Dagney Taggart
May 3, 2014 - 11:40pm

A Rant

Just relaxing around the house this weekend catching up on some recent podcasts and videos. Too bad what I found was mostly crap....

First, Jim Rickards. The man is playing the well-spoken messenger role quite well. Talking up SDRs and Euros, pimping his books, and repeating what we already know about gold (nevermind silver). All he's every said about SDRs is that they are based on a basket of currencies. So what are they really? Just another counterfeit currency based on a pile of existing counterfeit currencies. Another scam to replace the dying ones. Just great, Jim. Please try harder.

I only bring this up because of:

Next, Chris Duane. This is how you pimp your coins, Turd! Be prepared to die laughing or become infuriated because this has to be the most disinforming and illogical video he's ever produced (and this only Part 1!!).....

The Batchelor radio programs regarding the Ukraine were interesting. Thanks, Turd. Good evening all.

John GaltDagney Taggart
May 4, 2014 - 12:35am

@ Dagney re: IMF SDR

That IMF link is interesting in that it shows the Ukraine "bailout" is $US terms and equivalent SDR, which calculates at a roughly 35% differential. There are plenty of USPS forms available online that also show similar ratios between the two fiats.

At first glance it looks like a minimum and immediate haircut of roughly 35% has already been baked into the $US cake. Then again, who really knows what this SDR bogey currency really is?

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