Stacking is Like Golf

Thu, Mar 20, 2014 - 12:10pm

Who needs some irreverence? Good, me too.

Golf is exactly like stacking. There are pundits aplenty that extol the virtues of the game, the relaxing nature of it, the serenity of the courses, the simplicity of hitting a stationary golf ball, watching it travel in flight, alight gently upon the grass, roll softly across the manicured green, and fall into the cup with that unmistakable sound.

But, in reality, golf is FRUSTRATING. It is super technical. It is maddeningly able to dishevel even the most humble of souls. There are countless tips, pointers, magazines, blogs, websites, etc., all designed to keep the average hacker out on the course. The golf product marketers are wizards at getting the average joes to buy the latest, greatest golf balls, shoes, clubs, tees, whatever, year after year, after year, while the poor slob hacker golfer NEVER, and I mean NEVER has a chance to improve.

What happens instead is the golfer HOPES to improve. "If only ________________." Fill in the blank. E.g., "If only I could take lessons and improve the driver . . . If only I could get better, more expensive clubs . . . If only I could get out on the course more often, instead of going to soccer games with the kids, or doing errands, or working . . . Etc." In the end, nothing matters.

Your same sorry lame excuse for a golf swing dooms you to perpetual mediocrity. But every once in awhile, you do manage to hit a great shot. That memory alone spurs the constant desire to play golf, with the irrational thought being that the entire round can be as good as that one, six deviation perfect swing.

How many missed two footers did you make on the last round? How many greens in regulation did you hit? Really, be honest, don't count the fringe as hitting the green. How many fairways did you hit? How many long iron shots actually hit the green and stayed on? How many balls did you lose, but not claim the stroke penalty, but took a drop to "speed up play?" See?


We stack, HOPING price will recover past the point at which we purchased the coins originally. We rejoice when there is a price spike, believing that today is the day we will have a significant price upswing, thus allowing us to reclaim our glorious reputations for financial genius, which were so aptly bashed during the price smashes of the past three years for sure.

I could go on and on about the comparisons, but there is one more point to this story.

Let us not forget that we chose freely to partake in this activity. We do so for reasons as varied as wanting financial security, to a belief that financial collapse is imminent. Some of us enjoy hunting down bargains. Some of us enjoy collecting different coins. Some of us enjoy the raw beauty of the precious metals simply because they are in fact precious metals. Face it, we enjoy the activity, for many reasons.

So, like golf, let us not be frustrated when price drops. Let us all be happy for engaging in the activity that has given us so many fond memories. Let us all remember that stacking is enjoyable, and that eventually, over time, the price of the metals, like the actual scores on the score card are not what matters at all in the long term.

It is the peace of mind and experience that have enriched us all. Remember that as things get crazy in the next few months.

Oh yeah, keep stacking.

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Hunt brother
Mar 20, 2014 - 9:10pm

I am terrible at golf...

Golf is not my sport, I like to catch falling knives.

Purchased Fortuna Silver Mines FSM for $3.98 after the Monday plunge from $4.80.

Stock drops to $3.60 yesterday to the 200 day ma and bounces back to the 50 day ma of $3.98. Metals markets are dominated by technical traders. I am an investor more than trader, but I have learned what these technical traders like to do.

FSM went down 25 percent in three days. I like to buy into weakness with the understanding I will likely go under water immediately after the purchase. This tends to work better than chasing strength.

Safety Dan
Mar 20, 2014 - 9:34pm

Coming Soon To A Nation Near

Coming Soon To A Nation Near You!

It would appear the IMF's dirty little fingerprints are all over this latest piece of legislation in Ukraine. The Ukraine Finance Ministry is proposing to take a very-similar-to-Cyprus approach to bailing in its despositors:


This would appear a measure designed to stabilize the budget for potential IMF negotiations and fits perfectly with what the IMF has consistently hinted as the next steps for many nations.

This is further to the news last week that a 25% deposit "tax" was being considered...

Via Tax News,

Ukraine's parliament is to consider draft laws which would ban foreign-currency bank deposits and introduce a 25% tax on interest on deposits in banks and other financial institutions in circumstances where the interest received is more than 5% above the rate set by the National Bank of Ukraine.

Ukraine Goes Cyprus 2.0, To Tax Deposits Over 100,000 Hryvnia (To Appease IMF?)

And here's a potential idea for IMF Banksters

Mar 20, 2014 - 9:40pm

@Fix re: Russian troop removal . . .

Even if he wanted to, Obama can never say one of his "sanctions" is to eject Russian troops from our shores, because that would be an admission that he allowed them here in the first place.

I was hoping my question would spur those people who live in the areas where they are reported to be stationed, such as Gatlinburg, to report if they indeed are still there. I assume they still are . . .

I also wonder why we don't hear anything from our own military members about the Russian and Chinese troops stationed here, and how they feel about it.

Mar 20, 2014 - 9:57pm

Harvey's Up! (TFMR)

Get the full, unvarnished Harvey Report (TFMR) at

  • Mark O’Byrne: Gold traded near the lowest in almost three weeks as momentum traders and nervous longs pushed prices lower. Some participants interpreted the Fed’s policy statement as more hawkish than expected. Traders weighed the U.S. Federal Reserve’s indication that it may raise interest rates next year against the crisis over Ukraine. The short term trend and momentum is now down and gold is vulnerable to further falls. Gold had become overbought after its surge to 6 month highs and was due profit taking and a correction. Indeed, gold’s 6 month highs last week had led to a 14% gain so far in 2014 which if it had retained those gains, would have been gold’s best start to a year and the best first quarter for gold since 1985. Gold is up 11% this year and reached a six-month high of $1,392.22 an ounce on March 17.
  • Harvey: Gold was thrown under the bus again today as soon as the first fix in London was announced at 3 am and gold continued to falter to $1321 until 8 am when gold advanced during the physical times zones to $1332, only to be beaten down again in the paper phase of the precious metals market to finish at $1330 Comex closing time at 1:30 pm and $1328.00 access closing time. The big news today is the fall in the Chinese yuan to over 6.229 yuan to the dollar. This collapses the yuan /dollar carry trade by hedge funds and many Chinese investors. Copper fell again today as collateral values are dropping like a stone. Chinese investors are in a mad scramble for cash as they are selling their off shore properties in London and Hong Kong.
  • GoldCore: Banking operations globally, including ATMs throughout the world, are threatened as support from Microsoft for Windows XP operating system will end from Tuesday, April 8. Windows XP also powers medical devices, industrial control systems and some of the hardware used for swiping credit cards. More than 95% of ATMs also run the operating system, according to NCR, the largest provider of ATMs globally. It expects only a third of ATM providers will upgrade before Microsoft’s April 8th cut-off according to the Financial Times. Banks are being asked to take immediate steps to prevent their ATMs becoming inoperational. The end of support for Windows XP is likely to increase the probability of attacks on such antiquated systems and may affect ATM operations according to Microsoft.
  • Jamie McGeever: British regulators are examining evidence relating to a 2012 meeting of currency dealers and Bank of England officials that potentially challenges the central bank's assertion it had not condoned sharing details of client orders. The practice of sharing details about such orders is at the center of a global rigging probe. Transcripts of a foreign exchange chatroom, now in the hands of Britain's Financial Conduct Authority, reveal that an unnamed senior dealer who attended the meeting told fellow traders the next day that Bank of England officials had agreed that there were advantages to sharing client order information to minimize market volatility around daily reference rates known as "fixings," two sources familiar with their content told Reuters. By sharing information during these fixings, traders are able to match trades and minimize price swings, thereby lessening the risk they take on big transactions.
  • Siddesh Mayenkar and Neha Dasgupta: India has allowed five domestic private-sector banks to import gold, in what industry officials say could be a significant step toward easing of tough curbs on the metal imposed last year to cut the country's trade deficit. The move could boost gold supplies and bring down premiums for the metal in the world's second-biggest consumer after China. The Reserve Bank of India has allowed gold imports by HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, IndusInd Bank, and Yes Bank, officials at the respective banks told Reuters.
  • Chris Powell: Chinese gold market researcher and GATA consultant Koos Jansen has been interviewed for Matterhorn Asset Management's GoldSwitzerland Internet site by the German financial journalist Lars Schall. Jansen sees the growth of China's gold market as the manifestation of the shift of economic power from the West to the East. He explains how Western news and research reports about Chinese gold demand underestimate it.
  • Hans Bentzien (The Wall Street Journal): European central banks may end a 15-year-old restriction on sales of their gold holdings this year, a top German central banker said. "The negotiations are still ongoing," Deutsche Bundesbank board member Carl-Ludwig Thiele said in a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal. ... Mr. Thiele indicated that one reason the agreement may not be extended is because over the past five years central bank gold sales have decreased significantly.
  • Shivom Seth (Mineweb): Even as gold imports fell substantially last year, those of silver soared to a new high in 2013. India imported around 5,500 tonnes of silver, 180% more than the previous year, a sectoral analysis of the white metal has shown. As of 2012, India had brought in 1,900.39 tonnes of silver. This was however, a massive drop from the 4,087 tonnes of silver imported in 2011. In 2009, India imported just 1,284 tonnes of silver, which then shot up to 3,029 tonnes the next year. India's 2013 silver imports are similar to those back in 2008 when India imported around 5,048.02 tonnes, recent data shows With lower prices as compared to gold jewellers restocked on silver to ensure cheaper silver jewellery and smaller pieces are available to consumers, traders said. "The price of silver averaged $23.85 an ounce in 2013, from $31.17 in 2012, leading to higher demand. In the international market, the price of silver has climbed a modest 10% in 2014, but in India, the price is further down now," said Pradeep Rajeshnath, a bullion analyst with a broking house.
  • Tyler Durden: "Many mainland buyers bought lots of properties in Hong Kong when the market was red-hot three years ago," said Joseph Tsang, managing director at Jones Lang LaSalle. "But now they want to cash in as liquidity is quite tight in the mainland." Once the Hong Kong liquidation frenzy is over, and leaves the city in a state of shock, watch as the great Chinese selling horde stampedes from Los Angeles, to New York, to London, Zurich and Geneva, and leave not a single 50% off sign in its wake. The good news? All those inaccessibly priced houses that were solely the stratospheric domain of the ultra-high net worth oligarch and criminal jet set, will soon be available to the general public. Especially once the global housing bubble pops, which may have just happened.
  • Zero Hedge: Following the default of 2 more corporations last night,Hang Seng's index of China Enterprises plunged to 8-month lows and officially entered bear market territory. Overnight angst in the Chinese currency markets (which saw the Yuan trade back to 1-year lows) has sparked broad commodity weakness (as CCFD unwinds en masse) with copper giving back most of yesterday's major short squeeze gains back. Chinese corporate bond prices also tumbled to one-month lows.
  • SRSRocco Report: So where is China getting all of its gold? One of the large sources turns out to be the United States. The U.S. experienced another record year of net gold exports in 2013. Not only were gold exports at record levels, imports into the U.S. fell nearly half compared to 2010. U.S. gold exports in 2010 were 383 metric tons (mt), however by 2013, they increased 81% to 692 mt. In addition, U.S. gold imports fell 48% from 604 mt in 2010 to 313 mt in 2013.

All this and more on...

The Harvey Report!


Mar 20, 2014 - 10:03pm

Hope for tomorrow

I do not purport to be a great chartist like Turd and some of you others, but even I can see some hope in today's chart.

  • We have bounced off the bottom of the channel three times now.
  • We have bounced off 1320 today and 2-28--just as Turd predicted yesterday.
  • Coincidentally, the lower edge of the channel touched 1320 today. Imagine that?
  • Perhaps most importantly, the 50 DMA reached the 200 DMA today and will cross by morning.

Now I must admit that if the cartel wants it to break down out of the channel, they can probably do that overnight. but a lot of traders worldwide are looking at similar charts, and their algos are programmed to see the 50 day cross the 200 day, so taking it lower might be more expensive than they like.

I am going to hit the sack with a bit of hope for tomorrow.

Safety Dan
Mar 20, 2014 - 10:22pm
Mar 20, 2014 - 11:57pm

When stacking I'm always watching my pennies

Finally, a proven use for pennies. The $383.00 Paint Job. And it wont scratch.

49 Cadillac,Completely Covered With 38,295 Pennies! Pennies Were Adhered One By One Using Silicone,They Added Over 200 Pounds To The Weight, The Entire Project Took 6 weeks,Pennies are American,and include 1817 ''Big Cent'', Two Error Pennies And Four 1943 Steel Pennies

Mar 21, 2014 - 12:33am

Whenever I get bummed out

Whenever I get bummed out about a price drop in PM's, like many others, I try to remind myself of the bigger picture.

I try to remind myself that all of this "seemingly" worthless metal that I've been collecting through the years is truly precious indeed. These metals arrived here on Earth billions of years ago as the result of a bombardment of meteorites when our planet was still forming. As far back as 3100 BC, gold and silver have been used as money...and it's only been in this last (tiny) 100 years of human history, that all this ancient precious metal has been priced in a rigged, US ponzi Dollar system. Also, these metals that I own had to be physically mined, by real people, who were willing to sweat and break their backs and even I could own a little bit of it. It wasn't just spawned into existence by the hand of some nerdy geek punching a few buttons on a keyboard, the way our worthless FED money is created.

Safety Dan
Mar 21, 2014 - 1:25am

NASA-funded study: Over 32

NASA-funded study: Over 32 advanced civilizations have collapsed before us, and we’re next in line.

As any long-time reader of this column knows, we routinely draw from historical lessons to highlight that this time is not different. A recent research paper funded by NASA highlights this same premise.

Please read the linked article and research paper.. Be sure to see section 6 and page 22 for Summary. There are options and ideas. See below for other thoughts.

Kenneth Rogoff; This Time Is Different.. . Discusses sovereign and bank defaults. See this 3 min video of the future for bankers jobs.

The Job ( desperate bankers on financial crisis)

More importantly what areas were impacted and other areas least impacted..

From a Rogoff research paper written Dec of 2008:

III. Concluding Remarks

An examination of the aftermath of severe financial crises shows deep and lasting effects on asset prices, output and employment. Unemployment rises and housing price declines extend out for five and six years, respectively. On the encouraging side, output declines last only two years on average. Even recessions sparked by financial crises do eventually end, albeit almost invariably accompanied by massive increases in government debt.

He sure hit that one squarely on the head... A simple question of; if we knew this and have such powerful tools as Central Banks (Fed) and US Government, why is it we are now in the 6th year of mounting problems?

Mar 21, 2014 - 1:52am

Yellen smellen

Sure 10 billion cut, but she said roll overs would continue, so that is more QE added after the cut...has been like this for years...just few mention the roll overs...then the secret money sent to Canada and The EU for Bank bailouts...that is not spoken of much....

US is smoke and mirrors...

Charlie Rose (bilderberger) on Bloomberg is chatting with the head of the CFR- the council on foreign relations, and 2 puppets who are all over 'Russia is bad.' War mongering.

Smells real bad. Gold shines more.

Mr. Fix
Mar 21, 2014 - 2:34am

I love the Cadillac,

I'm surprised they didn't take the time to polish all those pennies, it would look spectacular with a good buffing.

Mar 21, 2014 - 3:04am

Coin Cleaning...

Now you are going to get another discussion going about coin cleaning! ;-)

Mar 21, 2014 - 5:30am

CNN - Celente: "the Cartoon News Network"

CNN : 24/7 anti-Russia, anti Putin.

- war mongering....

U pay citizens, U pay for all the coups and invasions that just never stop....hey, can I ask, what did U, yes U, get from these military ops?

Korea, Vietnam, Granada, Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Kiev, Yemen, Pakistan etc....your gov't has overthrown 60 countries far...Ukraine may be next.

What did U get from it all?

Nothing but debt and a world that is fed up with your style of power.

U get zip....maybe worse...

Mr. Fix
Mar 21, 2014 - 7:52am

Something to contemplate during your game of golf:

Guest Post: Take These Steps Today To Survive An International Crisis

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/20/2014 - 21:31

With the Crimea referendum passed and Russia ready to annex the region, the United States and the European Union have threatened sanctions. The full extent of these sanctions is not yet known, and announcements are pending for the end of March. If these measures are concrete, they will of course be followed inevitably by economic warfare, including a reduction of natural gas exports to the EU and the eventually full dump of the U.S. dollar by Russia and China. As I have discussed in recent articles, the result of these actions will be disastrous. For those of us in the liberty movement, it is now impossible to ignore the potential threat to our economy. No longer can people claim that “perhaps” there will be a crisis someday, that perhaps “five or 10 years” down the road we will have to face the music. No, the threat is here now, and it is very real.

Pattaya7 Blythesshrink
Mar 21, 2014 - 8:26am

Buy the miners on the dips

The most under valued stocks ever.

This will be the trade on the century.

Buy and forget and collect the dividend.r

Mar 21, 2014 - 9:02am

an argument

I have to take up an argument with this statement from Tyler, (from the Fix post above);

''If these measures are concrete, they will of course be followed inevitably by economic warfare, including a reduction of natural gas exports to the EU and the eventually full dump of the U.S. dollar by Russia and China.''

I would suggest Tyler is thinking like a Bush or Cheney there, (Ob never had a thought - he's pure puppet). Russia will not cut off gas and oil. That would just penalize themselves and alienate the Europeans. No, Russia will offer MORE gas and oil and at a discount rate, with the stipulation that NO(!) USD's are used in the exchange. Send me yur Rupees your Pounds, your German cars or whatever - just not stinkin pig skins. That gets everyone else to dump their USDs - where ever and however they can. The USD proceeds into the toilet, where it belonged a long time ago. That's how Putin plays. He is a chess player - not a John Wayne wannabee.

Let the Europeans have some sorta cheap gas (winner) and Russia gets new happy trading partners (winner).

How about that? Win-Win instead of Bomb-bomb. Imagine that

Mar 21, 2014 - 9:22am

"Big Cent"?

"Big Cent"? They were called "Large Cents" or "Largies" until the Flying Eagle pennies arrived in the 1850's. Ive dug quite a few of them, but I have never heard them called a "Big Cent". I went out detecting one time and was absolutely shocked to find an 1847 Large Cent Lying right on top of the ground.

I also dug a 1795 Half Cent at only 2" down.

Mar 21, 2014 - 9:32am

Prices Falling Before Gold/Silver Set Free

MF and Ancientmoney:

I appreciate the counter point of view, thanks for sharing. My question, though, is do you believe that gold will not be revalued higher as a means to perpetuate the fiat system for a time being?

I have a most difficult time believing that the fiat system moves from one extreme directly to another without marginal changes along the way. Nevertheless, what sort of stacking plan do you have with your belief system? Do you just stack regardless of price, or do you buy more or less as price drops?

ancientmoney California Lawyer
Mar 21, 2014 - 9:43am

@Cal Lawyer re: pricing before PMs set free . . .

Certainly, paper gold/silver could be revalued higher for some time, in order to perpetuate the current system, but will never achieve their true, real values so long as paper trading (selling 100 times what exists) exists.

Extreme changes don't happen often, but in something as important as a new currency/monetary system, the hordes cannot be tipped off beforehand. As many as possible must be on the wrong side, so the insiders can keep wealth and control. It has always been this way; that is why they work so hard to keep people in the dark about gold and silver, and keep them from wanting to invest.

I buy some every phyzz every chance I get with fiat not needed for everyday life. I live on 40 acres, have a well, guns and lead, along with food and a year supply of diesel for a diesel generator. I have a solar electric system with batteries, which I use now to sell electricity back to the utility.

Mar 21, 2014 - 10:08am

PetroYuan Alert:

Petrodollar Alert: Putin Prepares To Announce "Holy Grail" Gas Deal With China

"To summarize: while the biggest geopolitical tectonic shift since the cold war accelerates with the inevitable firming of the "Asian axis", the west monetizes its debt, revels in the paper wealth created from an all time high manipulated stock market while at the same time trying to explain why 6.5% unemployment is really indicative of a weak economy, blames the weather for every disappointing economic data point, and every single person is transfixed with finding a missing airplane."

Mar 21, 2014 - 10:26am

Always been a fan of Santa

along with many others.Yet lately i find his site has become regurgitation of news,articles from other feeds with a one line comment.Even the one-liners are rare.

I have a few ideas why but i'm interested in the collective wisdom of Turdville.

Great trading opportunity with gold seeing a slight pop, just do not get caught holding a position you need flat over the weekend.My mantra of not holding over night on my swing trades has served me well.Yet one of my babies GDXJ closed yesterday at $39.90,opened this morning at $40.78 with it now trading $40.30.You can not win 'em all.

Mar 21, 2014 - 10:51am

I think you are ont to something


What you suggest makes lots of sense. Russia wants to sell their commodities. But they'll do it in a way that punishes the US...

Mar 21, 2014 - 10:54am


Credit bubble debt expansion dolts have lost all golf balls out of bounds and need return to the club house and scrap the ponzi game. Now that gma yellens spot light premiere of the same psycho babble has passed, we return to reality the next few weeks into the close of March. By April, the MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE, vane attempt to hold up imploding debt bubbles will in earnest collapse. Trouble in the fiat ponzi bubble will manifest in self evident disasters arising on all ponzi fronts. You don't need any crystal ball to see the fruition of the death of another debt based currency. This time it's the most saturated debt soaked currency on the planet. THE USDINKER DOLLAR! China is doing absolutely nothing with credit; debt defaults which will daisy chain implode the banksters web of derivative deceit globally. FX currency mkts will begin to reel. Credit markets will begin to lock up. People will sit up and take notice regardless the fane stream media droning nothin to see here BS. PANIC will ensue! April we go with liar, liar, pants on fire; debt monster sired. It is one huge horrendous furious beast awakened, with an all consuming appetite for paper assets. Paper assets will disappear right before our very eyes as illusions do; these having no substance. Unless China comes out to guarantee all things, as our government did in '08 debt crisis, and prints to infinity, it's all over folks for the debt based willy wonker black magic illusionist dolts. China won't do squat! WHO HERE DIDN'T KNOW ALL THE PRINT TO INFINITY AND BUY YOUR DEBT BASED WAY TO PROSPERITY WOULDN'T END IN AN EPIC FINANCIAL DISASTER? REALITY BITES! It's here folks! READY OR NOT!

Mar 21, 2014 - 10:55am
Coin Explorer
Mar 21, 2014 - 11:40am


"Golf" is "Flog" spelled backwards. Of course, with the flogging we get from TBTF in the metals market (hopefully not for too much longer), it's a game that speaks to us.

All I know is, I took a semester of golf at college in the 1980s, and my instructor told me that with a slice like mine, I should bake bread!

These puny sanctions against Russia (or perhaps the threat of "real" ones down the road) are starting to bite. The Russian MICEX index is down over 15%, and the rouble is down 10%, and nothing has really happened yet. If the Euros man up and actually pass real sanctions, the Russian economy is going to tank. Don't think the Chinese won't squeeze the hell out of Putin on the price for natgas, if they're his only big customer.

Also keep in mind that Russians will gladly suffer if their national pride is on the line.

Mar 21, 2014 - 12:06pm
Mar 21, 2014 - 12:11pm

CNY scramble for Bitcoin (CNY = China Yuan)

observing this morning I noticed that there is a large amount of CNY going into BTC. This may be caused by a large number of CNY holders needing to exchange money and BTC is a useful way to make that happen.

Mar 21, 2014 - 12:12pm

Why it's called golf.....

......because f*ck was already taken!

FreddyKrugerrand metalsbyamile
Mar 21, 2014 - 12:17pm

Penny Cadillac

The owner should submit this car to PCGS. It looks AU to me.

Mar 21, 2014 - 12:49pm


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