Ides of March

Sat, Mar 8, 2014 - 5:21am

Pretty much everyone here knows (or should know) the story of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, and the sealed train provided by the German government that brought him to St. Petersburg. Whether it truly WAS the government itself, or industrialist and bankers matters little – the Soviet propaganda films did not lie about the fact that the shot from the Aurora truly WAS heard around the world.

Thus began a new era in history with the birth, metastasis and further mutation of the original proletarian dictatorship – and continues to this day.

However, here’s a fun little fact I am pretty sure most people don’t know:

The Hungarian Soviet Republic, the second Communist government in Europe after Russia itself, was established on 21 March 1919. […]

In the Russian Civil War in 1918, Kun fought for the Bolsheviks. During this time, he first started to make detailed plans for exporting Communism to Hungary. In November 1918, with at least several hundred other Hungarian Communists and with a lot of money given to him by the Soviets, he returned to Hungary. […]

In Hungary, the resources of a shattered government were further strained by refugees from lands lost to the Allies during the war and that were due to be lost permanently under the projected Treaty of Trianon. Rampant inflation, housing shortages, mass unemployment, food shortages and coal shortages further weakened the economy and stimulated widespread protests. In October 1918, the so-called "Aster Revolution" established a shaky democratic coalition government. Kun founded the Hungarian Communist Party in Budapest on 4 November 1918. […]

Such was the desperation for them to have Kun receive promised Soviet support that it was Kun, a captive, who dictated the terms to his captors. This was despite the Red Army's full involvement in the Russian Civil War and the unlikelihood that it could be of any direct military assistance.[…]

The first act of the new government was to nationalize virtually all private property in Hungary. Contrary to advice from Lenin and the Bolsheviks, Béla Kun's government refused to redistribute land to the peasantry, thereby alienating the majority of their support in Hungary. Instead, Kun declared that all land was to be converted into collective farms and former estate owners, managers andbailiffs were to be retained as the new collective farm managers. […]

The Soviets promised to invade Romania and link up with Kun and were on verge of doing so, but military reversals suffered by the Red Army in Ukraine stopped the invasion of Romania before it began. The Romanians then invaded Hungary, took Budapest, crushed the Communists and on 1 August 1919 forced them to hand over power to the Social Democratic party. -- Wiki

The whole thing lasted only 133 days. Yet during that time the government was able to confiscate all of the citizens’ land, a good portion of their food and livestock, and summarily executed around 600 people. Romanians eventually withdrew to the newly painted international border demarcation line (which gave them territory equallying ca. ½ the of what remained of the country after the Trianon borders were established. They took all the copper, silver and gold mines, too…). The icing on the cake: after the Communists were thrown out of office and into jail, this joker was installed as the head of a ‘constitutional’ monarchy:

“His Serene Highness the Regent of the Kingdom of Hungary”

Lessons to be learned:

Never get involved in a land war in Asia

One must always beware revolutionaries who come bearing moneybags denominated in foreign currency, bringing the good tidings of a superpower, whether neighboring or far, far away. One possible exception might be all the Poles and Hungarians who joined the American Revolution (having failed to secure their own countries’ independence, though not for lack of trying) with French financial and logistical support.

Just because a revolution/coup/putsch/defenestration/stabbing gets rid of a despised, despotic, exploitative, murderous ruler does not mean the next guy will be any better. Or the guy after that…

Military assistance promised by a superpower that is actually DELIVERED to the country requesting it on the basis of some ‘treaty’ or ‘pact’ has caused a few problems in the last century or so… world wars being among them. But even when the consequences are not quite so dire, the 'aided' country most often gets invaded and occupied -- by the liberator, or by the aggressor because the liberator fails to show...

And some pacts are made for the explicit purpose of allowing one side (or both) time to prepare to ambush the other. The namesake of the German-Soviet agreement was especially popular in some parts of Northern Europe:

“The name "Molotov cocktail" was coined by the Finns during the Winter War.[1] The name is an insulting reference to Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov, who was responsible for the setting of "spheres of interest" in Eastern Europe under the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in August 1939. […] When the hand-held bottle firebomb was developed to attack Soviet tanks, the Finns called it the "Molotov cocktail", as "a drink to go with the food".

Soviet cluster bomb ironically called a "Molotov bread basket". The "Molotov cocktail" was the Finns' response – "a drink to go with the food".

As we continue to watch the developments out of Ukraine over the next days and weeks, let’s try not to forget that just because one spot on the stage is illuminated, the rest of the stage does not go away. The recent events aimed at China MIGHT be coincidental. (Mass stabbing, and Malaysian airliner missing) If one were to believe in coincidences.

Stay safe, enjoy the weekend, and keep stacking. Our times keep getting more and more interesting by the day.

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gold slut
Mar 8, 2014 - 5:36am


Another thought provoking piece. Thank you. A real lesson that 'those who fail to learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them'.

Nothing new under the sun.

Oh, and... SIXTH!

4 oz
Mar 8, 2014 - 6:10am

Thinking prices for stacking

Thinking prices for stacking are going to be good still, and for a while yet. I love adding at 2010 prices! Can't help but think that one day--and maybe soon too---it's gonna be tougher and tougher to find even PM's.

Mar 8, 2014 - 6:55am


As the fiat ponzi schemes around the world run thin on new "members", coercion turns more violent. The bankers are starting another war. There is no happy ending in sight. I should be able to get some maples for $23.40 Am Eagles are $0.80. I have not stacked much since a canoe accident late last fall. With the lake being frozen all winter, I did not want to take the chance on the ice!! I did however move some DIGITS on a piece of paper from a mutual fund to PHYS and PSLV! Lets see if I can get anything out of that in 5.35 years.

Stack on the clock is running.

Edit prayer to all caught in the Ukraine whose only fault was being born there.

PS. thanks JY..

gold slut
Mar 8, 2014 - 6:59am

Too late for the Irish...

'...beware revolutionaries who come bearing moneybags denominated in foreign currency bearing the good tidings of a superpower, whether neighboring or far, far away.'

Such a shame that the Irish fell for this with the EU. For a short time the moneybags produced the 'Celtic Tiger' and now they are reduced to the Celtic Basket Case, owned lock stock and barrel like financial slaves.

Beware Ukraine, the wolves are circling...

Mar 8, 2014 - 7:40am

Harvey's Up! (TFMR)

  • Koos Jansen reporting on Zhang Jie, Chinese gold commentator: China can use its increasing foreign exchange reserves to buy gold continuously. When the US and European central banks are continuously leasing and short selling gold, China can buy this gold and take possession, adding them to domestic reserves. Also, it’s best to let domestic financial entities acquire gold rather than the PBOC, and let them create multiple positions in the domestic gold futures market. This creates the impression of forced buying by private hands so as to shut off international opinion. Purchased gold is withdrawn from the futures market, stored with reserves held in core financial entities, and then moved to the PBOC for domestic safekeeping. Just like Western central banks use gold leasing and short sell gold, China also needs to employ deception to secretly accumulate gold in a timely manner. It is a good time for China to use surplus foreign exchange reserves to purchase gold when central banks around the world are secretly leasing gold and short selling gold to prop up currency printing. With China acquiring gold till a currency crisis erupts and short sellers need to cover their position, international gold price will certainly rally, possibly resembling the eighties-like fluctuations. It is therefore a tremendous opportunity for China to buy gold now to hedge against risk from a global currency crisis. China is in possession of large amounts of gold. China has secretly accumulated more gold as a way to fight developed countries that are depreciating their currencies with quantitative easing.
  • Zero Hedge: It's happened - China has suffered its first domestic corporate bond default as Chaori fails to meet interest payments on schedule and rather more surprisingly failed to receive a last-minute mysterious or otherwise bailout. Citic Bank won't help Chaori make its interest payment (21ST HERALD). Chaori defaults on bond interest payments, the WSJ says, but, hey, don't sweat it, Moody's think it's great news. Moody's: default by Chaori Solar would advance China's bond mkt. Maybe tell the issuers that couldn't get their deals off today!!! Of course what they mean is - maybe the market will finally start pricing in some real risk...and there are a lot more risks to come. We believe that during April to July the market may see many trust products threatening to default, especially those related to coal mines.
  • GoldCore: There are increasing signs that the London residential property market is displaying bubble like qualities. Authorities such as the Bank of England have denied that a house price "bubble" is developing due to ultra-loose monetary policies. However, if present trends continue, national house price inflation may rise above 10% within a few months, far higher than the current rate of CPI inflation, which stood at 1.9% in January. These are the four most expensive words in financial history. Yet, this is the mantra regarding London property prices. The same thing was said about Dublin property prices in 2006. Dublin? But Dublin is not a financial capital. That is correct, however it is worth remembering that the same things were said about Zurich and Tokyo before the property bubbles in these two financial capitals burst.
  • Zero Hedge: Chinese Copper Financing Deal (CCFD) is in panic mode as copper prices free fall as a result of the vicious circle of China's commodity-collateral-backed shadow banking system's unwind hits home. This is the biggest copper price drop since Dec 2011. Copper, as China pundits may know, is the key shadow interest rate arbitrage tool, through the use of financing deals that use commodities with high value-to-density ratios such as gold, copper, nickel, which in turn are used as collateral against which USD-denominated China-domestic Letters of Credit are pleged, in what can often result in a seemingly infinite rehypothecation loop. The importance of CCFD is "not trivial" - that is an understatement: with the implicit near-infinite rehypothecation in which the number of "circuits" in the deal is only a factor of "the amount of time it takes to clear the paperwork", there may be hundreds of billions, if not more, in leverage resulting from this shadow transaction that has been used in China for years. Now, that loop is about to end.
  • Harvey: As promised to you last night, the boys were ready to whack gold and silver with the release of the NFP they did not disappoint us again with their antics. Gold and silver got a good boost at the end of the day with news that Russian troops entered the Ukrainian Air Force buildings in Sevastopol. The other big news from the Ukraine was the warning issued by Gazprom to the government of Ukraine to pay their overdue $2 billion USA or else. The else may be the turning off the valves to the pipelines which serve not only the Ukraine but all of Europe. Europe purchases 30% of all of their needs from Gazprom. GOFO rates are all positive and trending positive except for the two month.
  • RT with James Turk (GoldMoney): Turk thinks that people are losing confidence in paper money. He observes the super-rich moving out of currency and buying up tangible assets. Their moving money to tangibles is because of the loss of confidence. He further argues that gold allows you to avoid the risks of political manipulation or economic warfare. Turk talks about the advantage gold has over fiat currency and explains why he is bullish on silver right now, but gives reasons why it is less desirable than gold. The silver:gold ratio is 16:1 historically. Right now 62-65. Gold is a good store of value and is cheap, but silver does the same as gold and is even cheaper. Because silver has an industrial role, its dollar price tends to fluctuate more than gold. If you can accept volatility, silver is a good buy. He recommends allocating purchases to 1/3 silver and 2/3 gold. Avoid paper at all costs. If you are a safe haven buyer, you have to hold the physical metal. If you are a speculator, you can buy paper. Average person should buy physical gold and silver and leave the paper to professionals. The SLV ETF prospectus has so many loopholes, he questions if the metal is really there. Turk is concerned with hyperinflation. The Government spends money and borrows. Eventually people are unwilling or unable to loan the government more money. Then the government turns to the central bank and has it print money to buy government debt.
  • Chris Powell: Timothy Massad, the Treasury Department official named to head the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, said he would work to approve speculation limits in oil, natural gas, and other commodities that have been resisted by banks and parts of the energy industry. Massad and commission nominees Sharon Y. Bowen and J. Christopher Giancarlo told Senate Agriculture Committee lawmakers at a confirmation hearing today that they would look to review data and public comments on a current CFTC proposal to set limits on how large a position a trader can have in commodity markets. "It is very important that we work to finalize that rule," Massad, 57, said at the hearing in Washington. "They are a very important tool in the toolkit, and Congress obviously has directed us to take action in this regard. I will make that a priority."
  • Chris Powell: "Free markets are a myth," GoldMoney research director Alasdair Macleod writes today, "since capital markets are no longer where buyers and sellers meet to buy and sell things based on perceptions of value. Instead it is all about trends and trusting the Federal Reserve." He adds that since markets are still elevating even as the Fed purports to be reducing its bond purchases, the money pumping may have been picked up by a revival in bank lending.
  • SRSRocco: It looks like the official sources grossly underestimated the amount of Indian silver buying in 2013. When the Indian Government put restrictions on gold imports in 2013, their citizens switched to buying silver. Thomson Reuters GFMS estimated that total Indian silver imports would be 5,200-5,400 metric tons in 2013. However, Koos Jansen at InGoldWeTrust, recently published an article stated that the Indians actually imported 6,125 metric tons of silver in 2013. Indian silver imports hit a record 6,125 metric tons in 2013 due a huge amount brought in during the last month of the year (DEC = 825 metric tons). 6,125 metric tons are nearly 200 million oz of silver.
  • Eric Sprott: Sprott says we’ve reached an inflection point in the precious metals, where he believes a prudent speculator may find great opportunity. There have been some very interesting developments in the precious metals markets. I would say the most interesting one is the fact that the equivalent to the SEC in Germany, the acronym is BaFin, came out on – I think it was January 17th, and said that the main regulator said that precious metals are manipulated worse than LIBOR and that word “worse” is a very significant word in my mind. if you think about manipulation, there’s only one reason in my mind that bankers manipulate things. They don’t manipulate them for the bank to make money. They manipulate them for the employees to make bonuses. What we have analyzed over the years, the flows of physical metals, which has suggested to us that there’s so much buying of physical metals that the central banks must be active in this market on the sell side not declaring their sales because I honestly think that demand for gold is twice the annual mine supply. I think we could see a massive run up in the price of silver and gold, both to new highs.
  • Gold Silver Crypto News: Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, a Japanese-American resident of Los Angeles, found himself thrust into the the limelight just a day ago whenNewsweek reporter Leah McGrath Goodman claimed the anonymous, or pseudonymous, man who released bitcoin on the world had been found at last. Newsweek ran the story on the front cover of its print edition, but after being pursued through the streets of LA by reporters for a day, Nakamoto said: “I got nothing to do with it”. Yesterday, Newsweek quoted Dorian Nakamoto as saying: “I am no longer involved in that and I cannot discuss it … it’s been turned over to other people. They are in charge of it now. I no longer have any connection.” This matches closely what the ‘real’ Satoshi Nakamoto posted on the Bitcoin Talk forum in April 2011, when he claimed not to be involved in the bitcoin project any more and had “moved on to other things”. However, when Dorian went to lunch yesterday with a reporter from the Associated Press, he claimed his comments had been taken out of context.
  • Harvey: China is the money and Russia is the muscle. The two will side with each other on the Ukrainian matter and no doubt on all other issues.
  • Tyler Durden: So much for the weather. As we warned earlier today, when we said that with everyone expecting a miserable print the only possible result would be a large "beat", sure enough that's precisely what happened. The February Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) was 175k, and that beat expectations of 149k, while the unemployment rate rose to 6.7%. More than half of all February job gains are in education, leisure, temp help, and government. The scariest chart of today's nonfarm payroll report was the plunge in average weekly earnings. Finally, that US manufacturing renaissance? Stick a fork in it, with just 6K jobs added in February, the exact same amount as the month prior. Here is the full breakdown of "young vs old" jobs since the start of the Depression in December 2007: those 55 and older have gained 4.9 million jobs. Those under 55 are still some 3.1 million jobs below their December 2007 level.
  • Richard Russell: "The US economy remains in recession. And once the truth breaks out, the stock market will slip into crash mode. The stock market is up on Fed manipulations, and the economy is up on lies and propaganda. It’s a poisonous combination."
  • Silver Doctors: In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy and fears of new control control legislation from the Obama administration, extreme shortages of ammunition have been sustained over the past 12-24 months, as panicked Americans have raided the shelves of Cabelas and gun-shows across the country buying literally every round they can get their hands on. Combined with multi-billion round purchases from gov’t 3 letter acronyms such as the DHS and FBI, (including even the USPS and IRS), the shortages have continued even as manufacturers have responded by drastically increasing production. Over the past 6-12 months, shortages of some calibers such as 7.62 used in the popular AK-47 semi-automatic weapon have been alleviated somewhat via massive imports of Russian production. That is about to change. The largest wholesale gun & ammo distributors in the US have informed us in private conversation today that a massive scramble is on for all 7.62 as Russia has reportedly halted all exports to the US of Russian made ammunition. Our distributor source informed us that yesterday they had several hundred thousand rounds of Russian made 7.62 TulAmmo, and after receiving word early today on the halt of Russian exports to the US, they have been completely wiped out of every last round in the past 10 hours!

All this and more on...

The Harvey Report!


Mar 8, 2014 - 7:56am

Ides of March

in Venesuala while the world is focused in other directions. Plenty of gunfire cracking off while they riot and burn, they are reporting food shortages and rising costs keeping your pantry stocked.

Green Lantern
Mar 8, 2014 - 8:14am

JY,Thinks alot like me.  The


Thinks alot like me. The mass stabbing in Kuming got my attention. Very very strange. We do not have any events I can think of that has a parallel.

Bunch of masked individuals, walk into train station, no automatic weapons and begin slashing killing 28? and injuring over a 100. People face down in pools of blood. Pictures immediately removed from social networks by censors. When is the last time the west has experienced a terrorist event and moments afterwards the government line is uhhh we ain't sure who done it but probably a just some ethnic minority group. Islamic fundamentalists. Anybody recognize that line?

They are calling it the China 9-11 while most westerners might see the story, note it while eating their pork chop, and move on to something more relevant. There is Unrest in China and most of the unrest (alot of it economic) never gets reported. Just an ethnic war or something more?

And yeah planes just falling out of the sky, not usually just mechanical.

And now with Ukraine stories plastered all over main stream media, and a full fledged propoganda war, you have to ask what is it they don't want us to see? The oldest magician trick. Distract the audience. What other little skirmish's might be happening in the open sea's far away from Russia and Ukraine?

Now, US threatening sanctions and Russia yelling Currency Wars is upon us? So am I to believe that the US doesn't understand what happens if they start f&*cking with other people's economy?

Anybody have a list of the so called Assets that are being frozen? Anybody know the 18 individuals the US is apparantly revoking Visa privileges?

It doesn't seem like Obama is that freakin' nuts to start freezing Russian assets because that is an end game move. Carter made that mistake by screwing with other people's money. Seems euro and US they are targeting a very specific group within the Ukraine if I understand correctly. Of course, they won't release the names.

Anybody wish they were a fly on the wall listening to Putin/Obama talk. Should we accept the MSM version? IS there something being worked out here or do ya really think it's the kind of conversation that goes, hey Putin, step over this line and I'll spit in your face? With Putin responding На колени, сука

Mar 8, 2014 - 8:15am

JY896--great post--again

Top Ten to start the weekend

History sure rhymes!

I will be looking elsewhere this weekend to figure out what they don't want me paying attention to. I tell my children, if the media tells you to look over here, then you should look over there(180 degrees the other way)


Green Lantern
Mar 8, 2014 - 8:26am

Conversation with tower when

Conversation with tower when plane has mechancial problems.

Plane: OH No, this ain't good tower. Just lost engine number one

Tower: Closests airport 500 miles to the south east

Non mechanical failure


Tower. Hello?

Safety Dan
Mar 8, 2014 - 8:32am

... the equivalent to the SEC

... the equivalent to the SEC in Germany, the acronym is BaFin, came out on – I think it was January 17th, and said that the main regulator said that precious metals are manipulated worse than LIBOR - From Admiral Eric Sprott above in "Harvey's Up" of DayStar's post. Thank you for your post DayStar..

It didn't take the German's 5 years of research and investigation like Bart's bunch of the CFTC

It sure seems like the PM market is stacked against us stackers by the CFTC, PPT, BIS, IMF, TBTF Banks - not to mention the challenge of every day market movements. Still I believe fair markets will prevail and the price will rise in time.

Now if I could remember where my boating accident was...

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