Dog Shi- and Central Banks

Wed, Feb 12, 2014 - 10:32pm
Let’s compare dog shi- to a central bank’s product?
No, it’s not a movie line or a joke, although Dirty Harry is one of my all time favorite bad asses ever to grace the big screen. So, let’s examine this a bit.
Now, let me tell you about dog shi-. No, I do not refer to it as dog “poo,” or “poop,” or “dooty,” or “droppings,” which is my all time champion euphemism that I hate. It is simply, dog shi-, pure and simple. Decorum prevents me from spelling it out, but to this day, I only refer to it as dog shi-.
See, I am not a dog lover. And, I do not apologize for it at all. When I was a little boy, we had a dog. It was my mom’s really, but I did all the dirty work. That’s right, I had to pick up all the dog shi- all over the yard, dried, wet, stinky, flies and all. It was about as far from fun as an 10 year old boy could find himself. To this day, I still recoil at the smell of dog shi-.
Anyone who has a dog, great for you. But, all you dog lovers have a most unfortunate predilection: you NEVER pick up after your dogs! It stinks, and is gross, and why the hell do I have to be exposed to all of YOUR dog’s bowel movements?! Why cannot you pick up after your dogs? Some owners may be the exception here, but by and large, there are those that insist upon walking their dogs and letting the dogs shit wherever they want. It is horrible, gross, and I hate it.
And, then IT HIT ME! No, not the dog shi-. An idea hit me.
Dog shi- is EXACTLY LIKE A CENTRAL BANK’s waste product!
Characteristics of Dog Shi-:
(1) It is waste product from something that is generally thought of as being positive and which producer is beloved to those that own the producer;
(2) No redeeming social use, but yet it exists as a by-product of something beloved;
(3) It is everywhere, and tends to be found in places people do not want it;
(4) It is constantly being produced;
(5) No one ever accepts responsibility for its presence;
(6) No one wants to clean it up;
(7) Its presence tends to attract more of the same in a hyperbolic nature;
(8) Its presence at once tends to attract annoying vectors;
(9) Its presence tends to create a most unpleasant atmosphere;
(10) There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth to “do something” about it, but nothing is ever done and it persists;
(11) It is not spoken of in polite company;
(12) It is not acknowledged by those that lead to its creation as being a problem;
(13) Those that do not create it tend to dislike it immensely, and instantly, more so when it is fresh than when it is stale or has lost its freshness potency;
(14) There is no such thing as a shortage of it, or of stopping it, but there is a utopian fantasy that it can somehow be controlled and that the societal benefits outweigh the burdens;
(15) I could go on an on, but I believe I have made my point.
Now, ask those same questions about a Central Bank, and its product, fiat currency?
In all seriousness, though, it is paramount that the regular folks begin to look at fiat paper like dog shit from the central banks. The central bank, is beloved by those that own it. It is generally acknowledged by many to have societal values which are accepted as beneficial by many. Those that own the central bank, like a dog owner, love their dogs, and speak of none of the many bad things that their products produce, or the burdens imposed on others from their outputs.
Can we not all begin to have a simple discussion of fiat paper, comparing it to dog shi-? Maybe that is what it will take to get people to understand that only gold and silver are money, being a representation of value rather than a promise, all empty and smelly?
Prepare accordingly.
p.s. Yesterday, I picked up 2 gold buffaloes and a ten ouncer silver bar, using TF’s supplier on line. It was a breeze. Now that I have done that, expect prices to crater. Just saying . . .
Next week I will be digging into the recently filed case against JPM which lays out all the fraud, fines, what not. I saw a link last few days, and it seems interesting. Stay tuned.
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Dyna mo hum
Feb 12, 2014 - 10:36pm



So It Goes
Feb 12, 2014 - 10:43pm

I Love to read CA Lawyer

OK - I didn't read it but I got a first!!!!!!

My first and I am sure last time.

On a serious note to this thread - I have talked to many people about the importance of owning an alternative currency (gold and/or silver) to many folks as an insurance against a possible currency collapse. Very few have even listened - now they are losing their jobs - I am not going to speak about it anymore - I am beginning to feel like a target.


So it goes.

Fred Hayek
Feb 12, 2014 - 10:46pm

Another reason to dislike dogs and dog shi- . . pollution

CL, I live in Central Massachusetts. One of the biggest rivers here is the Blackstone river. It rolls through Worcester, Mass. then south into Rhode Island (which, truth be told is not an island and populated by very few candidates for a Rhode's scholarship) and through Providence into Narragansett Bay. 

Well, about ten years back they announced that they were doing a study of the pollution in the Blackstone River. Those of us in the sane community, a persecuted minority here in Massachusetts, braced ourselves for the worst. We joked about the likely determination. 

"And in other news, Bob, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection announced the results of a year long study into the causes of pollution of the Blackstone River. It seems that legacy heavy metals from prior eras' mills are entrained in flecks of pure capitalism along the river banks and that hydrocarbons have been broken down into carcinogenic forms by the residue of the concepts of private property and the rule of law. State lawmakers vowed to continue doing all they can to root out any remaining vestiges of these anachronistic ideals."

Nope. What they actually found was that one of the biggest pollutants in the Blackstone River was the result of dog shi- washed off yards and streets into the drainage system and discharged into the river.

Mr. Fix
Feb 12, 2014 - 11:01pm

That's a pretty powerful visual, if it went viral, we win.

California Lawyer,

 that is a mighty fine post there, and I appreciate the analogy of dog poop to Fiat currency, particularly as it is mass-produced by the central banks.

 I think your investments in Buffalos and silver, will pan out well, it's looking like it can't go much lower, and there is one heck of a lot of upside potential.

 As far as the rest of the world is concerned, things are still degenerating at a rapid pace, and it will get far, far worse.

 And of course, your theory that things will just keep deteriorating for an extended period, will probably pan out, but I think we are looking at a fairly imminent currency reset, combined with an awful lot of chaos.

 The wheels are really coming off the economy, and not just in America, but everywhere.

 And you can trace almost all of it back to central banks, they are a blight on humanity.

When the smoke finally clears, placing the blame firmly on the bankers will be of the utmost importance.

 Mankind will never be free as long as they are allowed to exist. 

Feb 12, 2014 - 11:19pm

The smart ones are buying

Cal is adding to his stack- that's good enough for me! Time for more shiny. And in a year or three he will be proven a wise investor, regardless of what price does this week or next.

I have been thinking recently about how many people actually "get" the effect that central bank fiat printing has in them- we tend to get frustrated at how few understand, but I am beginning to suspect that truth is leaking out more than we know. The media never polls on this question for obvious reasons, but despite the total blackout of mainstream news, more and more are waking up- when both the Occupy movement on the left and the Tea Party on the right identify the same enemy (the Fed and Banksters) even if they differ in their ultimate goals (more vs. less gov), then I think the realization is more widespread than we realize. CL's analogy would resonate with a lot more than this small community... The tide is rising and is dangerous to those at the levers of power, and they know it. Hence the blackout and the deliberate demonizing of any anti-fiat heretics.

Feb 12, 2014 - 11:25pm

A legal question

CL- at some point could you explain the concept of having "standing" to bring a suit? I heard of a story the other day of a business that did not get an exemption to Obamacare but a (politically connected) competitor did. This unfair treatment/advantage to the politically connected seems right for a major suit, but the article said they probably didn't have or wouldn't be given standing to sue... Why the hell not, under equal protection laws? I just don't get it...

Feb 12, 2014 - 11:50pm

Caravan To Midnight...Episode 2 with John B. Wells...

This is good shit...just like CL's post!!!...

Here's episode 3 too!!!...

Video unavailable

Bag Of Gold

Feb 12, 2014 - 11:54pm

Gold holds near 3-month high; eyes $1,300/oz on technicals

By Reuters | 13 Feb, 2014, 10.10AM IST Gold, considered a safe-haven, often moves in the opposite direction to equities, seen as riskier assets. The metal has snapped out of that in recent days as it pushes towards $1,300, a level last reached on November 8 last year. 

SINGAPORE: Gold was hovering near a three-month high on Thursday, and appeared capable of breaking the $1,300 level on technical momentum and as hopes for a measured tapering of US stimulus offset any negative impact from firmer equities.

Spot gold was little changed at $1,289.56 an ounce by 0355 GMT, not far from a three-month high of $1,295.91 reached on Wednesday.

Gold, considered a safe-haven, often moves in the opposite direction to equities, seen as riskier assets. The metal has snapped out of that in recent days as it pushes towards $1,300, a level last reached on November 8 last year.

"There doesn't seem to be any logic with gold going up when stocks and US Treasury yields are higher," said one Hong Kong-based precious metals trader. "But I think there is enough technical momentum to carry prices above $1,300 today when New York opens. There is room up to $1,310-$1,315 area." Asian markets held steady near three-week highs on Thursday, as investors were cautiously optimistic after upbeat trade data from China eased concerns over the global economy and helped take some of the sting off the recent emerging markets turmoil.

Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen said earlier this week she would not make any abrupt changes to the US central bank's commitment to gradually rein in monetary stimulus, boosting market sentiment. Investors are also hoping that the recent weak jobs data would prompt the Fed to slow the pace of the draw down of bond purchases.

"In the near-term, a convincing close above the psychological $1,300 level may lend additional support for bullion, while a failure to break this threshold may be seen as inviting for investor profit taking," HSBC said in a note.

Feb 13, 2014 - 12:06am

Central banks are tapeworms

The currency is the carrier mechanism. We all go fetch and get jerky-flavored treats, enabling the creation of more... Or perhaps we're the attendants in the Royal Kennel forced to pay the ever-growing cost of feed while the dogs multiply but keep getting thinner and thinner... as we get blamed & punished for the malnutrition and dull coats of the dogs. Interesting analogy, CaliLaw -- looking forward to your review of the Morgue case.

Feb 13, 2014 - 12:06am

Since we are talking dog poop

Shameless self promotion of my new invention.

Made in the US of recycled material.

No touch - No feel - Biodegradable.

Patented - now if only I can come up the funds to promote it nationally.

Any ideas?

Feb 13, 2014 - 12:08am


Pining: excellent question.

In the USA, our legal system is based on there being cases and controversies, in which parties with standing pursue/defend their positions in an adversary manner to conclusion.

A nice site defines standing, here:

All this means is that to be eligible to file a lawsuit, one must have a stake in the outcome, or, stated differently, be aggrieved and seek a remedy.

In your example, nothing is stopping the business from filing suit. But, depending upon the legal theory or theories asserted, the trial court could dismiss some or all of the claims.

For example, if your neighbor gets hurt from his lawnmower exploding from it having a manufacturing defect while you were sitting on the porch, you could not sue for personal injuries because only your neighbor was hurt. So if you filed a lawsuit anyway, seeking recovery for your neighbor's injuries, the court, in dismissing your case, would say that you had no standing to bring the lawsuit. See? You were not aggrieved. Your neighbor was, you were not; hence, you have no standing.

Constitutional law is similar. But, in your example, I see no prohibition in asserting an equal protection argument regarding implementation of the law against some groups but not others. I am not sure, because it has been quite awhile since I looked this up, but I believe that equal protection is adjudicated under the rational basis standard, rather than strict scrutiny because the protected class in your example is not a traditional minority group.

There are other interesting legal theories that can be brought to bear, but you can be sure that many legal challenges are pending. All I can say is stay tuned and watch the show.

Feb 13, 2014 - 12:26am

Actually, I find the dog poop preferable

It can be piled, let sit for a year, and then used as a natural fertilizer. 

Human poop too. 

Got that from the same PHD soil specialist that is a pro at decomposing cows.

Gold Dog
Feb 13, 2014 - 12:48am


Again, thanks...linear thought is such an uncommon thing writ wide these days.

Your friend,


Life is like a toilet bowl, either it is empty or full of shit-.

EDIT-Mod, I hat tipped myself, sorry.

Feb 13, 2014 - 1:14am

Fed stinks bad

The Fed had the world in its grip. But is losing its tight hold, as China emerges along with many other EM's. These EM's know what you an I know. So it is a matter of controlling their influence and keeping them within the Fed loop. Ain't gonna happen. US hegemony is fading fast. Who buys US Bonds? Answer: 60% plus is the US buying its own Bonds. And those that buy seem to finance endless wars....

The New Fed Head is also from Zimbabwe, same as the last two. Interesting? Naw, gotta football game on...later.

Feb 13, 2014 - 2:52am

@GL global warning, storms , earthquakes etc

There are more reasons to move the CAPITAL-There are more reasons to move the CAPITAL regularly- Florence->Protugal->Spain->France->Amsterdam->London->New York-> China - its to do with religion but in fact bankers know very well from experience over thousands of years that is a natural law , or law of God, call what you may. Some call it global warming. It is just a cycle humans create with their actions( not C02 actions) . Now you can also understand why this C02 and global warming is so fearful to bankers and why they want to fight it. They hope to escape the punishment for mortal sin.

You are quite right about storms its a Gods wrath gathering force and beware of staying close to Usury capitals like New York, their protectors in Washington and London immorality capitals like San Francisco. Right now storms are fittingly hitting England and New York and Washington. I think Rothschilds etc know this very well from earlier debt cycle experiences and are fleeing these places to China etc in order to fool the God without repenting the mortal sin. So that people of London get the problem while they safely establish themselves in pristine new locations. I think they will not succeed as whole Earth is involved, and no doubt Hong Kong is one of storm and bad weather prime targets. And these are only warning signals. 

And believe me I am serious. People's behaviors affect the physical state of Universe as they are linked via Platonic ideal being or eternal idea space and sometimes need to be corrected forcefully.

Most likely it will happen in the peak of debt cycle which coincides with astronomic Earth cycles so the question about egg or chicken is still open.

Its not even religious in the sense irrational or revealed. i am sure this connection will be rationally proved quite soon as first sciences in debt increase cycle has reached understanding that is I think enough for a new unified theory of mind and soul and physical Universe; secondly, Western civilization especially will soon be in dire need for such theory as revival of old Christian approach will not be enough to convince skeptics-to survive.

One more new thing is that current debt expansion cycle ( via usury as it is compound interest that creates exponential money supply growth and velocity combination driving growth and population growth as part of it) might cause hangover which will kill the patient ( i.e. humanity). So the need for new morality and religion or rational theory of morality will be question of the survival of humanity itself..and with it, the experiment that is current Universe. As ancient Indian etc creation myths explain, it will disappear in heat and fire and Vishnu will go to sleep again till next cycle. May be some of info and experience passes from one Universe to another. 

Feb 13, 2014 - 3:14am

Just to show sinners are

Just to show sinners are followed where ever they try to escape ( related to previous post) Tokyo has been hit as well. All Financial capitals of the world are suffering at the same time. Coincidence of course? No way. As this is the end of Global debt cycle, local movements of the CAPITAL no longer suffice. Sinners must now DISPERSE into all directions and nations and localities to protect themselves collectively. As it has happened in previous debt decline cycles.

I would expect storms hitting HongKong and Macao soon as well. 

There is one caveat though. We are at the same place in global weather as roughly 140 thousand years ago (the cycles are approximately 144 000 years long, with 12 12 000 year intermediary cycles, roughly, or 6th 24 000 year cycles-our current year length used to count may not be perfect over so long periods as Earth and Sun positions change ) . This is the end of MEGACYCLE, so old methods that worked during last 12500 years since end of glaciation will not be enough.. What is needed is very old method, may be older then Noah's solution, may be that could be enough as it seems from the storms and water and snow loads that flooding is the direction Earth is moving now to start next cooling cycle. So move to the mountains. 

Feb 13, 2014 - 3:19am

weather and shi_

Weather.....In Tokyo area right now and after Sundays snow event they are calling for more tomorrow as well...go figure

Shi_ ...CNBS may not be bs'ing on this one....

Does China plan to use gold to internationalize the yuan?

Really??? ya' think? Calling Gartman..... in 3...2...1...

Been pretty busy lately but always peeking in...glad to see everyone's doing well!

Feb 13, 2014 - 3:42am

scoopy pals

Good demo, but is it as good as a plastic bag for for lobbing into a hedge and dangling there for months.wink

As for being an attractive handbag, I know someone who works for Gucci in Milan.

Feb 13, 2014 - 5:04am

Its 'shit' with a t

shit shit shit

sorry couldn't help it but i find the underscore character quite distracting. We're all adult enough to use the word shit surely.

Its a good analogy though

Austin Powers in Goldmember - Moley Scene
Feb 13, 2014 - 5:11am

PAX romana:) or USA

A leading market and Obama action indicator:

Its coming to Washington and New York on Friday full scale!

We expect a swath of 5 to 12 inches of snow in a corridor from western and central Virginia and eastern West Virginia to parts of Maryland, southern and eastern Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey, the Hudson Valley of New York mainly north of New York City and New England. Higher elevation locations in New England, including the Berkshires, could see up to 18 inches of snow.

Significant snow will affect parts of the Washington, BaltimorePhiladelphia and New York Citymetros initially, before potentially mixing with or changing to sleet or rain. Accumulations of 5 inches or more are possible before any potential changeover occurs. As alluded to earlier, this will depend on the exact track of the low pressure system, so accumulations could be more or less. There could be a large snowfall gradient from northwest to southeast across the New York City metro area.

Locations north and west of the I-95 corridor will likely see the heaviest accumulations since they will have less of a chance of mixing with rain or sleet. Up to a foot of snow is possible through this corridor.

Same for UK and London..floods all over the place. 

Good that Riga did not succeed becoming into major banking center though it tried to . But we may got some of UK problems as they will most likely travel over Europe.

Feb 13, 2014 - 6:00am

Excessive fiat money excreted

Excessive fiat money excreted from the emitting banks' agency "outlets" ... as unadulterated dogshite .... is an apt description of the situation.

Every couple of hundred years people wake up penniless and starving and after much pain, and a few banker lychings and hangings excessive money manufacture gets made illegal, but when people around the inner circle of power are thrown a few bribe-treats they always revert to loving it, and then legalize it again.

I think the ordinary people will always fall sucker for this free money heroin. They always have accepted it in the past, though sometimes under threat from the sovereigns laws. If there was a way around it, (religious societal control anyone?) it has already been tried.

So the best we can do is hope they just get on with and finish their pillaging, and do our best to get onto the hard currency bridge, gold, land, food, water, energy supply, between the failing fiat currency and it's next variant, while avoiding the gatekeeper's capital gains confiscation by taxation.

Unfortunately it takes a long, long time for an empirical power to sink. The collective efforts of it's millions of inhabitants to survive and make a living all goes to prolong the process.

It will end firstly when the producers give up and close their businesses, but to do that they need to find another way to live, then they join the free stuff army. It ends secondly when the ability of the pirates to borrow is removed. To put it another way ... it's all about the bond market folks.

It seems significant in the circumstances that Mohamed El-Erian CEO of PIMCO the world's largest bond fund, resigns in two weeks time.

Feb 13, 2014 - 8:00am

The intellect here is massive or more importantly intelligence.

Knowledge rightfully applied. Just the kind'uv people I like surrounding myself with. You can not polish a turd, (fecal droppings). No matter which way it's packaged it never will shine; people of intelligence know to keep it pollutes them; dump it.

The law of the harvest of what you sow, so shall you reap. It doesn't take long to size up people when you see what they produce. Don't need to dig to deep, to see the candy coated skin over the fecal matter. politicians! fed fuds! So polished on the outside but nothin but dead men's bones inside. (Whited sepulcures) As with all walks of employ you may find gold, if you're inclined to know it's spread out and hard to find. It's rare!

Some beautiful writing styles of superior talent. Painting pictures so vivid with words, you can not miss such simplicity of complex topics delivered in plainness. From the sites author to those who contribute on the daily threads. 

I remember when I first began posting here and some thought I was a complete idiot; many parts still missing. Can't label any complete idiots when so many parts missing. We just take longer to express ourselves. Our intent to add to the high intelligence here keeps us reaching and wanting more. Adding to the mix a jewel here in time.

Is there any point to these ramblings? Other than stack on? Perhaps, make room when some come knocking. Let there always be room at the inn regardless the crowd. Some weary traveler may merely have followed the crowd and got lost in it. 

Feb 13, 2014 - 8:03am

Banking ...

I don't do business with a Central Bank, but, like everyone else, I do have local bank accounts.

This morning, my local bank's website is giving me a "SERVICE UNAVAILABLE" message. Been trying to get in for an hour. Never happened before. Not too thrilled about that. Of course, two paychecks get auto-deposited - one today, one tomorrow.

wax off

edit: Rat bastards!

Feb 13, 2014 - 8:35am

Apparently, and tragically, Cal never heard of...

"Next week I will be digging into the recently filed case against JPM which lays out all the fraud, fines, what not. I saw a link last few days, and it seems interesting. Stay tuned."

So, uhhhhhhh, next weeks article is on Whale Shit?

Feb 13, 2014 - 8:37am

@ Cali

Good post. The similarities are absolutely undeniable (although one can get rather attached to the smell of freshly printed fiat).

Hopefully, our leader (Turd) will not take offense at your work via extrapolation. After all, any medical marijuana user can tell you, "There's good shit and then there's bad shit" in, "Our president is a sorry piece of shit." and "The new FED chairperson, like the former, has shit for brains". (for the clueless, both examples are of "bad" shit.)

treefrog Gold Dog
Feb 13, 2014 - 8:39am
Feb 13, 2014 - 8:42am


Inverse head and shoulders breaking through neckline.

** Credit to 'Technician' on Trading View website

Feb 13, 2014 - 8:52am

legal action for damages or time?

years ago I was attempting a corporate acquisition and subsequently made a defendant to a lawsuit filed by attorneys on behalf of 2 plaintiff's actively engaged in this corporation, though in truth the suit was brought by these lawyers in order to buy them enough time to financially loot and sack the corporation that I was attempting to acquire from its remaining cash. Lessons learned, if the side bringing the action cannot prove their damages, they are bringing a frivolous action that will go nowhere, and eventually be dismissed, except to buy them the time, for what I learned is to do all the other nasty shi they do outside the courtroom sacking the corporation, collecting the legal fees they had billed the corporation over the past 2 years. The other thing I learned is find a lawyer who understands what the lawyers on the other side are really up to, and knows how to convey these unethical actions to a judge who is running late for his fishing trip. Do these two things and just maybe you won't find yourself spinning your wheels for 6months until your attorney gets up to speed and spending 50 k to dismiss yourself from a frivolous legal action. hows that for shi

Feb 13, 2014 - 8:56am

Yeah! Woo Hoo!!!

From Provident

Our entire allocation has been sold out in 18 minutes! We do not anticipate receiving any more 2 oz Zeus coins but will make future releases in the "Gods of Olympus" series available as they are released by the Perth Mint.

Limit 1 coin per order. Quantities are EXTREMELY LIMITED.

Worldwide Limited Mintage of 1,500. This high relief 2 oz silver coin of Zeus will arrive in a prestigious round display case with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Order your coin today while supplies last.

Guess who got 1 of 1500 of these? Yep, me, I can't wait to get it. Although, I am considering mailing mine to Gold Dog because I think underneath it all, he is really Zeus, ruler of Mount Olympus!


Unholy Dalliance
Feb 13, 2014 - 9:10am


Hello Everyone,

I left a post on TFMR a couple of days ago re. silver's strange (to say the least) trading recently. It was actually in response to Turd's opinion that silver would stay in the doldrums for another 4-6 weeks and I ribbed him about watching Groundhog Day ('…another 4-6 weeks of winter, friends!').

Well, here is something for you to chew on (as Turd would say - or not). Silver trading has now been positive i.e. more longs than shorts for an unprecedented NINE DAYS now. NINE DAYS! It hasn't moved up much but it also hasn't (interestingly) moved down much. I think this presages that something is about to happen. I say this because I told Turd I thought he was wrong about silver being 'subdued' for another month/month and a half. I mentioned that I thought something would happen when the Winter Olympics finish on Sunday 23rd February. What I didn't say is why I think that is an important date. It is important because the Olympics are an important INTERNATIONAL EVENT - the only INTERNATIONAL EVENT in the world when all national rivalries (especially the violent ones) are set aside. There is, as we know, a 'violent' currency war taking place at the moment. So, it is not beyond the bounds of speculation that a 'suspension of hostilities' has occurred to facilitate the camaraderie and bonhomie of the true Olympic spirit to flourish. Judging by all the hugging going on during and after the women's snow-boarding half-pipe competition, I think we can say that both camaraderie and bonhomie are truly flourishing in Sochi! Yes, you may be proud of your (US) contestants who won Gold and Bronze medals in that event. Australia took the silver. Ironic, that! I digress, however.

The point is, silver trading has not been 'natural', 'organic', let alone 'dynamic', for sometime - at least since the beginning of December 2013. It's bouncing up and down in a very narrow channel between $20.60 and $19.00, give or take a few US cents. Not normal, natural or dynamic. Flat, unnatural, 'controlled'. Controlled by whom and for what purpose, though? I offer an answer in my first post which you will have to find yourselves. The point of this post is to say I believe the picture will change after the Olympics finish. I believe we will see a change on Monday, 24th February. 

PS Another irony is that my post is below one stating that an edition of silver rounds depicting Zeus, the father of all Greek gods and goddesses who resided on top of Mount Olympus! As a beautiful Greek woman I know would say: HA!

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