Comparative Assessment: The Military Option

Thu, Feb 6, 2014 - 12:31am

Any true analysis of near term predictions must take into account the various military options and capabilities of the world's current powers.

Recently, and I apologize in advance for not taking the time to go back and link to it, a post appeared here discussing the Chinese military reality. There was mention of a submarine that sunk, and that the Chinese troops do not seem to have any real ability to endure field conditions or hardships.

I found that fascinating, because I am a former soldier, and nasty, miserable field conditions are just no big deal. We call that camping, and even pay dearly for the privilege.

Thinking on a macro level, though, I began to wonder about the concept of an actual outbreak of a shooting war somewhere in the world.

Going beyond the concept of currency wars, which are playing out in real time right in front of us, what would happen if shooting really started?

This thought lead to a cascade of simultaneous war game scenarios, all of which lead to a most startling question: why is there NO discussion at all about the role of an increasingly capable Chinese fighting force or the denigration of US fighting forces from logistical and personnel decreases or budgetary concerns?

Is this subject so taboo as to warrant NO MOPE at all? Or, have TPTB realized that any mention of the USA military capabilities via a via the Chinese would lead to polarization beyond that which we have now, or worse, to an honest critique of the true dire situation that the failure of western fiat paper has created?

Or, is it just that the Chinese are truly ass backwards when it comes to military capabilities? It is true that they have no professional military. But, the Soviets had their one party system, yet they fielded a most formidable military, even with conscription and less than perfect weapons systems as compared to the Americans.

Or is it something else entirely, like for example, the Chinese play a longer time frame, easily out maneuvering the hasty Americans who are bound by managers on a quarterly return basis, and by politicians focused on a narrow, two year time cycle? If this is the case, then is it not a compelling conclusion that the Chinese are playing a physical gold accumulating, hegemony altering, world commerce dominating game of thrones?

Is this not obvious who has played the best hand, and that the game is revealing itself?

Think about why Bill O'Reilly had Ms. Bartiroma as a guest tonight? Was she advocating something real, or managed? Why is she on TV, right now, advocating continued buying of the USA stocks?

I am more convinced by the day that 2014 is it. The collapse is afoot. I'm buying more gold.

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Green Lantern
Feb 6, 2014 - 9:39am

Here is my observations of

Here is my observations of Chinese people being married to a Chinese Chick, being embedded in a city with over a million Chinese people including the surrounding area, working for a Chinese company (aggressive bastards) who helped American companies earn the Chinese consumer and helped American business man find a manufacturer for goods in China.

Chinese pay for today, with the efforts of yesterday. Americans pay for today, with money they haven't earned yet. I have no Chinese friends with a mortgage. They take their hard earned money, put it in the suitcase, walk over to the wealthy residential section and slam the money down on the table. They don't mind waiting ten years to buy shit and know it's theirs. They don't get married, get a job and run to the bank.

American's go to a US banker, fill out a form asking how many pairs of under wear they wear, and wait for the banker to drop scraps on the table.

Robert Kiosaki says it another way. If you want a lesson in economics, go to China, where they work for food. Go to the Us where they work for Ipods and glow in the dark sneakers, then go to France where they don't work AT ALL. Hey, I didn't say it.

The American dream designed to enslave. Mission accomplished. My wife keeps me grounded in the ways of good monetary habits. Save every scrap. And I deprogram her from the brain washing of the Communist Party. Good deal. All of her friends and business colleagues all have some programming even if they are unaware of it. Americans and Chinese are equally programmed.


Having second thoughts on those Ruskies. Couldn't build roads and have rooms ready in time for the Olympics.
And they royally screwed the snowboarding course. The top competitor dropped out because the course was screwed up, and there have been multiple injuries. Oh yeah, Putin gonna be knocking some heads together. Russian style.

Feb 6, 2014 - 10:14am

Found this link yesterday - good timing CL

US Army Report on China to Congress

GL thanks, clearly the US post office must be running second comparatively and trying to catch up; I worry about mail trucks with mounted flame throwers - drive right up to your door

Feb 6, 2014 - 10:22am

Chess vs. Goa


Some things never change. America fight wars like the game of Chess and China fight wars light the game of Goa.

Feb 6, 2014 - 10:37am

Good discussion, Mr. C.

Does anyone else remember this little bump in the road?

It was a big deal...for about 48 hours...then *blip*! It went down the memory commode. When the authorities see something like that, and respond, "let's wait and see what the military authorities say about this", they're really saying "Oh ^&*$! Um....I haven't been quizzed on the official lie, so you'll have to get the official lie from them, I'm afraid! Sorry!"

Now that China and Russia are both holding massive drills in east Russia, as well as navy drills in the freaking Mediterranean...all the while passing multi-billion defense budgets to upgrade their standard army weaponry and tactical gear(completely overhauling standard gear they've used since the Soviet era) know someone means business.

Germany was a major world power in WWII. They crossed a line invading Kievan Rus that proved fatal. Did it matter that the Soviets were broke? Did it matter that they didn't have cutting edge technology? Or the most $? Or personal liberty to fight for?

No. All that mattered was that the every-man Russian saw a threat to their Folk's very survival as a nation and culture.

Russia was "all-in".

Same with Vietnam. We won every battle, but that didn't matter did it? Their Folk had an unshakeable, relentless desire to drive out the strangers, and they did. Technology and wealth didn't make the difference.

Technology has its limits, furthermore, it is highly unstable and subject to vulnerabilities. What separates victors from conquered is not simply manpower, or technology, but far more importantly it is the unbeatable power of will and state of mind(and of course, the will of God). But, I'm speaking strictly on the human level here.

Sun Tzu said that to be unbeatable lies within yourself, but to be beatable lies with your opponent.

It would take an invasion to bring either China or Russia to heel. There will not be a repeat of the 19th century European occupation of China(which required all of European powers' forces to pull off, with great difficulty). China's and Russia's will to be free from us, is indomitable.

Feb 6, 2014 - 10:40am

Now this is clear

Now this is clear bluff:

Quote: No, Mario Draghi just plain isn’t that worried about deflation.

He reiterates that price declines aren’t anything like what was seen in Japan as it entered its long deflation spiral and that inflation rates in the euro zone aren’t terribly lower than in the U.S.

That said, the longer inflation remains extremely low the more it becomes a risk in itself, he says. But he notes that the low inflation is driven mostly by low food and energy prices, while weak demand, which would be a more troubling cause, is probably secondary. And economic activity is slowly picking up, he notes.

Also, there’s little evidence people are postponing spending plans. People delaying purchases in anticipation of lower prices is a characteristic of a deflationary environment.

He is worried like hell about deflation I bet. But it is clear that all other banks have agreed to give no front warning of what FED most likely will do.

In this situation where so many parties have made agreement You have to check that the other side has done a) before you do b).

For central banks to act they need from USG or Obama tomorrow an NFP below 6,5%. That would be a) .

After a) will be said, b) will follow. FED will act first, BOE and ECB , BOJ, POBC follow.

If a) is below 6,5%, FED will tighten , UK will tighten, ECB ease, China ease but fiscally.

China is the one heading in for hyperinflationary crash in that below 6,5% scenario, believe me or not. Within 7-8 years. Starting ASAP as FED tightens China will fiscally ease Remnibi vs. USD will fall and it will continue falling for these 8 years.

China economy can not withstand Western recession. No way. It will fall apart as they did not succeed to create local economy. What they have is enormous private credit bubble that will blow apart ASAP. And State will go into huge public debt and PBOC will ease like hell. Until military take over.

And as a result, the scenario CL touched upon with China turning into French revolution pattern from 2014 ( 1789 in French history) , and then launching Chinese Napoleon around 2023 -2025 into war in Asia and few years later with the USA will be fixed.

So Tomorrow is SO CRUCIAL. On many fronts, but NFP below 6,5% will signal the turning point for all events that will follow. Bankers and others would have made choice to tighten reserve currency money supply. Everything else is derived, I really believe in it. NFP much below 6,5%, like 6,2% I expect will be deadly for future. Obama still has a choice not to publish such bullshit. But looking at the sun activity pattern and indications of irrationality winning over rationality ( which would be to say honestly we have shit unemployment situation in the USA, above 9%) - I think he will publish low unemployment figures and make his choice to send humanity into another World War in near future. Its not accidental he got Nobel peace prize before he even started. That is a joke fate often plays on humans.

But its no joke what will be put in motion tomorrow,on February 7th, 2014.

Mr. Fix
Feb 6, 2014 - 10:47am

First, this has to be fixed....



When the Federal Reserve drops the yield on savings to near-zero to funnel all that stolen wealth to its cronies on Wall Street, how is that not theft? Monopoly power in all its forms–in our system, crony capitalism and its partner, the neofeudal state–enables theft on a systemic scale.
1) Thieves control the government; 2) Which results in increased stealing; 3) Deflation results from that; 4) Which gives the thieves a reason to print money and give it to themselves; 5) Which enriches the thieves some more; 6) Which gives them more resources they can use to consolidate their control of the government; 7) Back to step 1.
Many people seem confused about how there could be deflation in the paper (or digital) money era. If they would recognize how much stealing is going on, and if they understood the powerful deflationary effect of stealing, then perhaps they would not be so surprised to observe price decreases, particularly in wages and the prices of manufactured products. [Read more...]

Feb 6, 2014 - 11:42am

Military Balance report

Just saw a report on KCET aired from NHK on the topic of this thread.
1. Chinese military spending is significantly accelerated compared to previous years. This report was being announced via press conference. The report appears to detail military spending by various governments globally. (
2. Acceleration of the military spending has been a mechanism used by bankrupt governments to (1) divert the citizen’s attention from the bankruptcy and (2) to falsely elevate GDP through military spending.
3. I can illustrate the diversion of citizen attention from bankruptcy or other domestic political issues by pointing at the behavior of nearly every major national government over the past 150 years. In each case, the governments obtained loaned money from international banks (primarily London based banks). The nations who did not create debt with those London based banks failed. The London banks were creating debt slaves and a national regime which disagreed essentially failed because that government was threatening the stability of the game. The start of nearly every war over the past 100 years can be aligned with the money games and these government loans.
4. Military spending can create an artificial bump in GDP. This was seen in all of the major conflicts over the past 100 years also. But, these temporary surges in GDP have eventual debt that must be paid. Guess who loans the money up front and guess who gets paid in the end?

Feb 6, 2014 - 11:47am

The main problem with a

The main problem with a shooting war is always LOGISTICS:

*How to move your troops & equipment to where you need.

*How to support your troops (Food) & Equipment (Fuel, Munitions, Repairs, etc.).

*Where and how to acquire all of these to support the troops & equipment.

Another food for thought: Every wonder why almost all of the US Special Forces (Delta, Seals, Recon, etc.) are located all over the world, and not in the Continental USA? Aside from the obvious answer - They are there to do the fighting (Dirty Wars). My thoughts ..... These special forces are our elite fighters. They have undergone intensive training in all forms of warfare, including torture/capture, are highly resistant to external influences against their imbedded loyalty to our idea of the US ideal nation (democracy, freedom, US constitution). With the curent corrupt people in power, and all the conspiracy theories (facts?) about the destruction and selling our of our country by the bankers/cabal/etc - Do these evil people want RAMBO & CO. back home, when they give the command to shoot our own citizens? Only the bullies would do so, without hesitation, and we know who these are.

Feb 6, 2014 - 12:06pm

Danger from Asia

The most life threatening danger presently is not China - it's the deadly radioactivity out of Fukushima, Japan.

While the forces of the world should unite to contain the leaking of radioactive material in the sea, what are we doing ? Focusing on a Superbowl or staging Olympic Games for distraction...

Humanity is too stupid, and will probably disappear without understanding how or why.


Feb 6, 2014 - 12:07pm

Why does U.S. Army need AK-47 magazines?

"Assuming an individual, unloaded magazine weight of 0.95 pounds, all of these magazines combined weigh more than the operating weight of a Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy, one of the largest aircraft in the world.

The C-5 Galaxy wouldn’t even be able to carry all of these magazines. Two trips would be necessary.

To put it in another perspective, all these magazines combined weigh more than seven 18-wheelers at the maximum legal weight of 80,000 pounds.

The U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) made the request for the immense amount of magazines, which seems excessive for only research and development purposes.

Chances are these magazines will end up in one of the numerous conflicts around the world."


Or, maybe some will be used to outfit the 60,000 Russian troops now camped here.

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