The Census and Their Crazy, Unconstitutional American Community Survey

Thu, Jan 16, 2014 - 4:14pm

I used to be skeptical of people who complained about Census workers coming to their door. What was the big deal?

Until now.

I have just received the American Community Survey, which is a highly intrusive, utterly unconstitutional questionnaire sent out to random homes in America. Supposedly the survey is to be used to help decide "where new schools, hospitals, and fire stations are needed." But why does the federal government need this information? Deciding where schools and hospitals are needed is the job of the city, county or state.

So, somehow, in order to figure out where to put schools and fire stations (as if a perusal of the Google Maps couldn't just tell you were a fire station might be needed), they need to know all sorts of personal, intimate details of the lives of everyone at the residence, including: what time a person leaves for work in the morning, what type of Internet service they subscribe to, how much is paid in utilities, whether or not they have health insurance (and with whom), whether someone is blind or deaf, and details on everyone's love life by inquiring about marriages and divorces in the past year.

When they first try to get you to fill out the survey, they mail you a letter pointing you to their website. I didn't bother with this, because first of all, I wasn't sure I wanted to respond, and second, they promised to send a paper copy if the Internet form wasn't used. I wanted to be able to see all the questions at once before deciding to respond to not, and you need paper for that.

Eventually, the paper survey arrived in the mail. A very thick packet, it dwarfed the other mail. On the front you are greeted with the following in big, bold letters: YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW.

I could not believe my eyes when I opened this package and read the questions. They want to know my income, my employer (with address), and all sorts of financial information about myself and the property. They wanted to know about the health of people living in the home. For immigrants, they wanted to know the date of arrival into the United States and whether they spoke English or not (trying to collect data on illegal immigrants - ahem, excuse me, "undocumented workers" - perhaps?).

Questions included:

  • a. How many separate rooms are in this house, apartment, or mobile home? b. How many of these rooms are bedrooms?
  • At this house, apartment, or mobile home - do you or any member of this household own or use any of the following computers? (The checklist includes desktop computers, "handheld computer" and "smart mobile phone" among others.)
  • a. Does this person have any of his/her own grandchildren under the age of 18 living in this house or apartment? b. Is this grandparent currently responsible for most of the basic needs of any grandchildren under the age of 18 who live in this house or apartment?
  • How many times has this person been married?
  • Because of a physical, mental, or emotional condition, does this person have serious difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions?
  • Does this person have serious difficult walking down the stairs?
  • When did this person last work, even for a few days?
  • How many minutes did it usually take this person to get from home to work LAST WEEK?

I'm not the only one amazed at these questions. Here's a YouTube report on it:

Perhaps I should put the name of the resident cat down:

First name: Leo
Last name: Pard
Age: 4 years
Race/Ethnicity: Cat/light brown tabby
Occupation: Causing trouble
Time of waking: Random times throughout the day and night, ideally when most inconvenient to sleeping humans and accompanied by strident meowing
Length of commute: Short hop from cat tree to floor
Does this person speak another language other than English: Yes, he speaks cat
Does he have trouble walking down stairs: No, but sometimes he gets overly excited and falls off the bed when he rolls over the wrong way

On one level, it is easy to make fun of this survey, because it is so completely over the top and ridiculous, but on the other is quite unsettling.

I have been speaking out quite a bit about the growing police state, and a survey may not seem like such a big deal. But it's the first time intrusive government has come to my doorstep, and now it feels real of a sudden. Really real. Frankly, I'm a bit freaked out that this sort of thing is actually going on in America, and that people are going along with it.

Now, this survey is not new. It has been around since at least the mid-2000s. What I'd like to know is this: Has the survey been changed since then to become more intrusive, or are the questions the same? I'd wager a guess that at least some of these questions are new, such as the one about health insurance. What's next? Questions about guns? Assets? What banks you keep your money in? How much of a precious metals stash do you have and where is it on your property? How much extra food do you store?

One thing is for certain. I am not filling this out and sending this in. It is way too personal. It is none of their business. And I can't say I'm for personal privacy and then cave just because they are threatening a fine over this.

Apparently, however, the threats are mostly bluster at this point. There will be more threatening letters. And then the next step is probably a visit by some Census agents. I don't answer the door anyway to strangers, so I will have no problem avoiding them. I have half a mind to open the door and ask the hapless worker whether they would have likewise worked on behalf of the Stasi, just to get a paycheck.

I've now read quite a few online comments about this ridiculous survey, and how people have responded or not responded to it. So far my favorite response is this one:

Do what I did the last time I received one of those invasive information request. I took a black Sharpie and drew a big black mark where every answer was on the form that pertained to the information I was to fill out. I then included a printed note along with the form when I sent it in. The included note basically said the following “All personal and sensitive information on the response form has been redacted to protect my personal information. I used as an example the numerous forms that have been released by the US Federal Government reuested by the FOIA. Thank you and have a plesant day”

For some odd reason I have never gotten another form nor has anyone called about it.

Maybe it's also time to get a large, menacing dog.

P.S. If you'd like to respond to an intrusive Census request, you may be interested in this notice:

Stephanie blogs sporadically at a number of websites, including Freeople and Free Thinking Christianity.

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Jan 16, 2014 - 4:16pm

Reposted as ..might be interesting?

Quote: So here is what I have learned today. The Central Bankers have literally printed us into overpopulation, and now there are some pretty creative ways brewing in order to reverse that trend.

Not only CBs but Banker/lender/usury web in general; CB is relatively late phenomenon, at least officially ( Amsterdam, London, 17th century ) ; However, some like Medici Bank in late 14th century can be called first CBs as they in fact were managing sovereign money supply; the biggest Western European sovereign in Dark Middle Ages was Catholic Church; whoever took over its money supply was the first important CB.

In the face of this sequence is there really a coincidence New Amsterdam later New York was given the name and place in the history it has? That "Mayflower" Pilgrims were so determined in their actions? In swing capital and debt cycle ( long term, about 1800 years in length from peak to peak if we take Constantine and today as Peak Debt events, with minimum debt at around 1200 AD) quite a few things should have been predictable by those who understand this potentially very simple long term periodicity.

One can take it back to previous debt Minimum at 600 BC and Sparta and Greece arising; Previous Maximum at 1500 BC and start of collapse of mercantile Cretan civilization/growth of military Mycenaean Greece; New Kingdom in Egypt/end of Hyksos dynasty; Another debt Minimum at 2400 BC (followed by Akkadian Empire, decline of Egyptian Old Kingdom), and Maximum at 3300 BC (end of Uruk period , beginning of Sumerian civilization, beginning of Dynastic Egypt) .

These are just speculative thoughts, but Western civilization (?->Crete->Mycenaea-> Greco- Roman->Catholic->Current ) debt cycle kind of presents itself. We are at the end of debt maximum; History teaches that this should coincide with beginning of more disciplined civilization that will end in debt minimum.

May be someone thinks that by some actions this sequence can be interrupted and mercantile civilization prolonged even as debt reduces; kind of consolidation of gains; if such thought is present, actions could be quite drastic scale wise as the aim is to interrupt the cycle that has survived all attempts to consolidate positions achieved at maximums or minimums; but I think that wont help also this time; pendulum is swinging back and that is it.

But these consolidation vs pendulum of debt fights at peaks are usually a bloody mess proportional to the scale of reach of weaponry at that time.

Jan 16, 2014 - 4:20pm

2nd . . .

amendment! Saves all the others.

Jan 16, 2014 - 4:20pm

stephanie's post just exactly

stephanie's post just exactly describes how those in fear of losing control expand control at the end of debt cycle, at its maximum, to try to consolidate the gains.

Jan 16, 2014 - 5:00pm

Well, since the fourth

has been hanging out so long. I'll grab it

Understanding the Fourth Dimension From a 3D Perspective
Jan 16, 2014 - 6:46pm
Jan 16, 2014 - 6:48pm
Jan 16, 2014 - 7:19pm

I know exactly what you mean

I have similar letters from my own govt (uk) with similar heading in red font saying you are required by law to fill in this information, or some shit like that. I honestly am ignoring the letters and not responding for reasons i am not eloquent enough to describe but goes along the lines of 'lets see how far these fuckers go before they force me'. honestly fuck them

Jan 16, 2014 - 7:25pm

intrusive Gov survey

My son and I farm. You would not believe the "required by law" annual survey we are sent. Includes detailed questions about electrical usage and firearms. Listen, power only wants more power. The thugs want to control energy, water, and all elements of a free life. I will probably go down fighting.

Jan 16, 2014 - 7:36pm


i hope you're one of us, peace bro. i love your posts and respect your culturally divergent viewpoint

ps where do you see cyrpto coins especially bitcoins developing over the next few years?

Jan 16, 2014 - 7:42pm

Census Worker

Have you seen this Census worker?

Interesting that Zero Hedge just posted a couple consecutive articles with these as pictures and I found the similarities very interesting. Cowinkydink?

As far as answering that survey, the black sharpy "redacted" method is an excellent idea.

Jan 16, 2014 - 8:00pm

We don't need a large menacing dog

My wife put the fear of God into the census workers that came to our door when the only thing we filled out at the last census was the number people living in the house. Everything else that was asked was unconstitutional.

Jan 16, 2014 - 8:12pm


Laughed tears.

And informative for us not living in the US.


Jan 16, 2014 - 10:04pm

Perfect Stephanie!

Some asked you to make sure you reference where you got all your information, so they can better research your articles.

Firsthand is firsthand.

We must be open to quickly evolving societal changes. Those that expect everything to be in print thoroughly researched by Phds will be desperately behind the powercurve.

Jan 16, 2014 - 10:10pm

Harvey's Up! (TFMR)

  • Mike O'Byrne: Technically, gold is looking sounder. Support is at $1,220, $1,200 and of course what appears to be a double bottom at $1,180/oz. A close above $1,270 could see gold quickly move to test resistance at $1,300 and $1,330. Comex gold stocks have fallen to new record lows showing demand for physical bullion remains very robust.
  • Bill Haynes: According to Fed minutes, our central bank cut back on printing to $75 billion in December, with a promised reduction to $65 billion this month. However, speculation abounds about whether the Fed will “taper the taper,” which means reduce the taper or even eliminate it some months. With last week's report that December non-farm payrolls gained only 74,000 after expectations of 200,000, a taper of the taper may be in the works. Probably, though, the Fed will wait on January's report (due February 7) before deciding. Each round of money printing eventually feeds back into the price system, creating demand for another round of money printing... and another... and another, with each successive increase larger than the previous one.
  • Harvey: GOFO is still showing major stress as we have the first one month in backwardation and the big 3 month contract is still slightly out of backwardation.
  • John Hathaway: Despite the painful decline in gold and gold shares that persisted throughout the entire year, we believe that the fundamental case for both remains strong. It seems to us that the correction has left the entire sector sold out and friendless. As contrarians, our experience has been that attractive investment returns arise out of such circumstances. We therefore encourage investors to maintain their commitment and wherever possible to add to positions. At the current gold price, construction of new mines in most cases does not make sense.
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  • Ronald-Peter Stoferle: Financial markets have become highly dependent on central bank policies. Grasping the consequences of the interplay between monetary inflation and deflation is crucial for prudent investors. The natural market adjustment process of the current crisis would be highly deflationary. The reason for this lies within the fractional reserve banking system, as the largest part of money in circulation is created by credit within the commercial banking sector. The much smaller portion is created by central banks. As the financial sector in most parts of the world reversed its preceding credit expansion, overall credit supply is reduced significantly. This (credit) deflation, respectively deleveraging, is compensated by very expansionary central bank policies. The unintended consequences of these monetary interventions will result in increasing volatility, potentially further disinflationary/deflationary phases and eventually (highly) inflationary phases!
  • Dave Kranzler: Premiums on "good delivery" bars are now above the spot price of gold, something which is rarely observed in London. With "gold forward" rates having been negative for a predominant part of the last half of 2013, I was wondering when a shortage of London bars would be reported. A negative "gold forward" rate means that the entity (bullion bank) who is borrowing or leasing the bars today in order to deliver them into buyers will pay more today for the ability to take delivery of bars now than it would cost to buy them for delivery in the London "forward" market - i.e. anywhere from a month to a year from now.
  • Stephen Leeb: China is a country seeking to dominate the world’s monetary system, and they obviously see gold as a way of doing this. China continues to do everything they possibly can to accumulate as much gold as they can because they see it playing an increasingly important role in the world’s reserve currency. Also, China has just become the world’s largest trading country, surpassing the United States. The imports and exports from China are now larger than anybody else’s. Now if you read through history you will find that the country which is most likely to have the reserve currency is most likely to determine the prices for most goods in this world and is going to be the country which has the largest trade. This is now China.
  • Chris Powell: Mike Kosares of Centennial Precious Metals today begins to address gold's performance during economic environments ranging from deflationary collapse to hyperinflation. Of particular relevance to GATA's work, Kosares notes: "Governments seize gold not because they need the money; they seize it to cut off the escape route and force capital flows back into banks and financial markets. As an aside, that is precisely the reason why governments have an interest in controlling the price of gold.
  • Richard Russell: In the year 2014 our greatest enemy will be debt. The Fed’s debt basket has now increased to over $4 trillion, and is almost beyond the scope of the average mind to digest. Meanwhile, gold sentiment is beginning to change, and stories are heard of certain funds returning to gold. This presents a problem for those gold bugs who are still on the sidelines. To buy or to wait? My guess is that true gold-philes will begin to buy as long as gold continues to stand its ground. It appears that 1250 is the major support line for gold. The longer gold holds above 1250, the stronger it will appear. I continue to believe that the US dollar is KEY to this market. As long as the dollar index holds above 78, all will be well. My guess is that Janet Yellen will have to open the spigots ever wider to counteract the deflationary forces of debt.
  • Karin Matussek and Oliver Suess: Germany's top financial regulator said possible manipulation of currency rates and prices for precious metals is worse than the Libor-rigging scandal, which has already led to fines of about $6 billion. The allegations about the currency and precious metals markets are "particularly serious, because such reference values are based -- unlike Libor and Euribor -- typically on transactions in liquid markets and not on estimates of the banks,"
  • Zero Hedge: For the past 12 hours, the so-called PM2.5 level (or China's new pollution threshold) has been above the "serious" level. Bear in mind this is the newly adjusted-upwards threshold that already far exceeds the WHO's health-threatening levels. BEIJING WARNS RESIDENTS TO AVOID OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES ON SMOG. BEIJING MONITORING CENTER REPORTS `SERIOUS' AIR POLLUTION TODAY. Levels are officially "beyond index" today (with a peak at 613 so far compared to 500 "hazardous") and the streets are empty! World Health Organization recommends 24-hour PM2.5 exposure of no more than 25.

All this and more on...

The Harvey Report!


Jan 16, 2014 - 10:14pm

Here's one survey people

Here's one survey people didn't seem to mind answering.

More Americans Worse Off Financially Than a Year Ago

Yet most expect to be better off within a year

by Andrew Dugan

WASHINGTON, D.C. - More Americans, 42%, say they are financially worse off now than they were a year ago, reversing the lower levels found over the past two years. Just more than a third of Americans say their financial situation has improved from a year ago.

These results come from Gallup's annual "Mood of the Nation" poll, conducted Jan. 5-8. Gallup has found that Americans' economic confidence, self-reported consumer spending, and perceptions of job creation improved in 2013. Despite Americans' more positive views of the overall U.S. economy in 2013, nearly two-thirds believe their personal financial situation deteriorated or was stable over the past year.

Though down from mid-2013, the percentage of Americans saying they are financially better off than a year ago is nearly in line with the historical average (38%), spanning 1976-2014. On the other hand, the share of Americans saying they are financially worse off compared with a year ago is, by historical standards, high -- eight percentage points above the average. The record high of 55% occurred in May and September 2008, the year (and, in the latter case, the month) of the global financial meltdown.

Fred Hayek
Jan 17, 2014 - 12:08am

I refused to respond to the last census

I refused to send anything back at the time of the last census, 2010, and eventually a nice enough young woman came to the door. She started into her memorized spiel with clipboard and pen at the ready. I reached over by the door for my copy of the constitution. I said, in a very nice tone of voice, pointing to the relevant section, "I'm sorry, but the Constitution only says that you're supposed to carry out a census which counts how many people are here and distinguish as to whether or not they're Indians." I gave her the correct numbers and waited for some sort of argument but she just sort of wandered off and didn't try.

Jan 17, 2014 - 7:10am

Just a little throw over from

Just a little throw over from the pay attention thread that i thought I would post here as this is the latest thread going into the weekend

Testing out the Monty Hall problem
Jan 17, 2014 - 7:29am
Jan 17, 2014 - 8:40am


I just had to zoom out on the silver chart.

what a pleasant surprise.

Jan 17, 2014 - 8:52am

American science at its best

The discovery of what is essentially a 3D version of graphene – the 2D sheets of carbon through which electrons race at many times the speed at which they move through silicon - promises exciting new things to come for the high-tech industry, including much faster transistors and far more compact hard drives. A collaboration of researchers at the DOE's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has discovered that sodium bismuthate can exist as a form of quantum matter called a three-dimensional topological Dirac semi-metal (3DTDS)

Read more at:

But where could the real loyalties of these people lie? No one can know that...

Chen is the corresponding author of a paper in Science reporting the discovery. The paper is titled "Discovery of a Three-dimensional Topological Dirac Semimetal, Na3Bi." Co-authors were Zhongkai Liu, Bo Zhou, Yi Zhang, Zhijun Wang, Hongming Weng, Dharmalingam Prabhakaran, Sung-Kwan Mo, Zhi-Xun Shen, Zhong Fang, Xi Dai and Zahid Hussain
Jan 17, 2014 - 9:43am

Haha, and to think we used to

Haha, and to think we used to look at our "poor rural folks" as being backwards and ignorant when it come to welcoming in the government in their lives.

My grandfather, born in 1903, would tell me stories about how when he was in his 20's they'd see men in suites coming up the "holler" and most would not answer the door. Some during that time were "revenuers" and others during that time were there to let folks in the communities know that they could sign up for government assistance. I know my grandfather wanted nothing to do with government assistance and turned it down for his family (which consisted of 9 children) later in life as not only was he "doing just fine" (they were poor but no one told them they were poor, all the neighbors were poor also) he felt that the minute that you accepted a hand-out from anyone was the point that you had to answer to someone and from there it only permitted intrusion into your life. He felt that President Roooozyvelt was the devil himself.

Along the lines of the census my 9 year old son was asked during his yearly doctor checkup what things he enjoys doing. He said "I like shooting guns with my dad". From there the doctor started asking what type of guns and my son says "We have all kinds, I like the one with the silencer on it the most". At about the time the Dr asked "Does your dad keep the guns locked away so you can not get them" wife interrupted and told the Dr that he had answered enough questions at this point.

Be weary of "nice folks" asking questions, you know the "carpetbaggers".

Jan 17, 2014 - 10:20am

Brainwash Update

The new NDAA makes it legal for the Gov. and all it's subsidiaries to use propaganda in every media and forum to influence the public. The Pentagon has budgeted 4 Billion to the effort to mis-inform the public.

RT 6 min:

CIA Media Infiltration & Operation Mockingbird | Brainwash Update
Jan 17, 2014 - 10:43am

Deutsche Bank to Quit PM Price Setting Due to Manipulation Inves

Deutsche Bank will withdraw from gold and silver benchmark price setting, it said on Friday, as European regulators investigate suspected manipulation of precious metals prices by banks.
What could this all mean as the whole debt based system begins to unravel as colossal epic blatant fraud. I'm thinking collapse the terminal system! What do I know other than we'll have over 1 trillion in reverse repos by Monday and the last 30 days has been reverse repoing from hell by the dead head fed fuds. Oh the criminal banksters know it's time to exit the criminal stage. Pack it up and get out of the blowup ponzi.

nixy buzlightening
Jan 17, 2014 - 11:15am
Jan 17, 2014 - 11:18am
Jan 17, 2014 - 11:44am

...all enemies foreign &

...all enemies foreign & domestic.....

Quite, who's the greater threat to those who might dare to withhold taxes ..... perhaps someone would dare to test the notion......?

Who will come to your door demanding money with the threat of lethal violence?..... it won't be 'terrorists'.

Urban Roman
Jan 17, 2014 - 12:01pm

Did you ever tear the tag off

Did you ever tear the tag off a mattress or pillow?

Jan 17, 2014 - 12:29pm
Jan 17, 2014 - 12:33pm


3 day weekend with martin luther king day Monday. Perfect time for a global currency reset; SUDDENLY OVERNIGHT? Check your cash on hand and other supplies for this could morf into monetary disaster SUDDENLY. The criminal banksters have taken no thought as to the publics suffering when a debt cycle blows up as in the 30's. Sure lil scamBO lock steps neoCONzi fascism next to fdr. The last overnight surprise with a monster USDinker dollar devaluation against gold; April 6, 1933. OOoops there goes history trying to ryhme and repeat?

Jan 17, 2014 - 12:49pm

Excellent work, Steph!

Thank you.

Here's something new from Gary Christenson that he asked me to post:


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