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Mon, Dec 23, 2013 - 1:04pm

This essay was inspired by a deceptively simple question: At what point will people decide they have had enough? By this, I mean at what point will a plurality of citizens look around them, examine their situation, and come to the realization that the present system is not working to their benefit and indeed, is likely working to their detriment? Does the frog really sit in the pot while the heat is slowly turned up, content until the moment where it is too late and he cooks to death? Or does the frog in fact realize at some point that heat is on, he is getting extremely uncomfortable, and that he better jump if he wants to live?

Here’s why I wonder about this.

Just six short years ago, the median net worth of middle class US households was $120,000. Today, it has fallen a whopping 45% to just $66,000 (https://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/19/business/americas-sinking-middle-class.html?_r=0). The number of working-age Americans stuck in part-time employment has more than doubled during the last six years from four million to nine million, and this number is about to take another major leap upwards as Obamacare mandates incentivize companies to cut previously full-time worker to below 30 hours per week, above which the government now requires companies to provide coverage. Speaking of Obamacare, its initial impact has been to raise premiums nationwide, amounting to a massive middle class tax-hike, while five and a half million people who used to have health coverage have now lost it. When the employer mandates really kick in next year, some estimate that based on numbers provided by the Department of Health and Human Services, between 50 to 90 million additional Americans may lose their current coverage (https://hotair.com/archives/2013/10/31/did-hhs-estimate-that-93-million-...). Hope and change!

So play along with me here. Pretend you are an average Joe. Joe has just seen his net worth nearly halved in the last six years. He just lost the health insurance that his employer used to provide, and because Joe has a spouse and kids he is suddenly looking at an additional 15% of his yearly salary to cover health insurance. Joe didn’t expect or plan for this. He starts doing the math and realizes that he already pays 1/3rd of what he earns in State, Federal, and various local taxes. Now Joe suddenly has all these additional health care costs, real inflation is making everyday items like gas and clothing more expensive, and at this point, he doesn’t honestly know how he is going to pay the bills… assuming Joe is able to keep his job. In the past, Joe managed to set aside about five grand per year because he foregoes expensive vacations and always buys used cars, yet he has seen the real purchasing power of the money he set aside ten years ago decline by 30% over that time… $1,500 of every $5,000 he managed to save has been confiscated via inflation and lower purchasing power. But the futility of saving doesn’t really matter much to him right now, because not only is he not going to be able to save anything this year, he may have to start cannibalizing what savings he does have. Joe starts to get scared because he just doesn’t know how he is going to make this work. He hasn’t done anything wrong, he is working harder than ever, yet he is drowning.

So how about it, Joe? Still think the system works to your net benefit? Just how long are you going to keep taking this? How much more CAN you take?


Joe may indeed be pissed. He might be mad as hell and isn’t particularly inclined to take it anymore. But here’s the problem: chances are that Joe doesn’t even know who he should be mad at for this. Depending on his previous voting history, he might blame one party or the other but he needs to understand that neither party is going to fix this thing under the present system. He might want to blame general groups like “welfare queens” or “greedy corporations” but he needs to understand that ultimately they both feed from the same trough- him and his labor, through the inherent wealth confiscation of fiat creation over time.

This is where, dear Turdite, you come in. Joe probably doesn’t quite understand the symbiosis between the Federal Reserve, big banks, and big government. He knows he is being screwed by the system in some way, but he doesn’t really comprehend that it is fiat money creation that is both causing his current difficulties AND is strengthening and enabling the Leviathan powers beyond his control to screw him at every turn. He doesn’t yet get it… but for the first time in his life, he might be ready to hear a few things and not dismiss them out of hand. Maybe, if you see him this Christmas, you can gently direct Joe to Mike Maloney’s series on money. Maybe you can buy him a copy of The Creature from Jekyll Island. Maybe you can just quietly talk about why these things are happening and how sound money acts as a check on both corporate AND governmental power, each of which is accrued at his expense. Who knows, maybe you can even sneak the word Liberty into the conversation.

Small things like this might just have a bigger impact than you can imagine. In his bestselling book The Tipping Point, author Malcolm Gladwell notes that social changes often take place with surprising ferocity, when an invisible but crucial point is reached that destabilizes the current paradigm. Everyone takes the status quo for granted… right up until the moment that a critical mass of people (nowhere near a majority, just a sizeable percentage) shift their behavior. Then a tipping point is reached and everything changes.

Gladwell notes three major factors that precipitate such tipping points. First, he describes the “Stickiness Factor”, referring to the power of a simple slogan or idea that distills the movement into a memorable and instantly comprehensible core. Additionally, he ascribes great importance to “The Power of Context”, outlining how such sweeping changes can take place only in an atmosphere fertile for change where people are receptive to new ideas or practices.

Finally and most crucially, he notes “The Power of the Few”. It doesn’t take many to precipitate a tipping point, but those involved have special skills that Gladwell breaks into three categories. Connectors are people who thrive on social information and interpersonal relations, and they have a unique capacity for making connections between large numbers of people with complementary skills. Connectors function as the social equivalent of a computer hub- they always know a guy who knows a guy, and are great at putting people together. Salesmen have the special knack for communicating a message and getting people to go along with them. Charismatic and persuasive, they are powerful negotiators and have an indefinable knack for influencing people to agree with them. Finally, Mavens are amazing repositories of information and knowledge. They possess a deep understanding of issues and facts, and are exceptionally skilled at solving problems.

It sure seems like we have a whole bunch of people who fit these descriptions perfectly, knocking around in the comments section at TFMR every day, doesn’t it?

Here's the deal: If the Great Keynesian Experiment really is in its death throes, if seventy years of malinvestment and easy money really are coming home to roost in a decrepit and dying system, then something is going to have to take its place. Maybe the motto “Prepare Accordingly” might not just be solely applicable to gold and silver investing. Maybe we should be out there trying to plant some memes and prepare some intellectual battlespace. Maybe we should do our best to talk to a few folks, if we have the opportunity. Maybe they’re ready to listen.

Hey, Joe.

. . .

Enjoy your holiday, my friends.

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Dec 23, 2013 - 11:52pm

Hey Mountain man

You can't just cite the the eternal optimism of King world news as your evidence.

Why do you believe metals are headed lower? if you are basing your trades on the positive or negative attitude of KWN, then God help you.


Dec 23, 2013 - 11:46pm

@ ClimbThatHill

In that case, I'll raise my glass and have a "bacon & bourbon" in your honor while I tip my hat.

Dec 23, 2013 - 11:43pm

Thanks Pinning

Great thread and fantastic discussion, thanks Pinning for getting it all started. Makes me think of one of my favorite quotes...

"You May Know When Your Society Is Doomed" **When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion **When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing **When you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors **When you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you **When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice — you may know that your society is doomed. ~Atlas Shrugged : Ayn Rand
Dec 23, 2013 - 11:37pm

@ AlienEyes

I think you misunderstand me.

I do not say that only the holocaust matters.

I do say that as well as looking at the holocaust we should also look at the stalinist purges and gulags. Both killed millions. Both nazism and marxism are oppressive totalitarian systems. Both should be opposed.

As for such slaughters, wherever we see such happening, we should not hesitate to label it as evil. And yes - the slaughter of the Armenians was evil too!!!

Dec 23, 2013 - 11:32pm

@ DayStar and SS121

Great post even if few are willing to admit it.


That is certainly one school of thought and it seems that you have the MSM on your side (not such a good thing). It might be that decades of howling from the 'only the holocaust matters' group has left most of the rest of America deaf and numb to the point of being completely unable to think for themselves. What I am talking about is this....you never hear a word about the Turkish slaughter of over two million Armenians. The Armenians don't seem to matter as much as the Jews. I'll grant you that with the present Kardashian kooks making asshats of themselves, there could be some tiny bit of logic to that.

As for the UK, I hope you are right and your government is forced to stop their unrelenting drive to make the UK a third world dump station. Your people have been asleep for a very long time and it's about time they realized that they are expected to pay for the "free sh!t".

Dec 23, 2013 - 11:25pm

A British View

"Social changes often take place with surprising ferocity, when an invisible but crucial point is reached that destabilizes the current paradigm. Everyone takes the status quo for granted… right up until the moment that a critical mass of people (nowhere near a majority, just a sizeable percentage) shift their behavior. Then a tipping point is reached and everything changes."

It is looking increasingly like the UK has reached this point. More interesting data this week:

  • A chain store - Marks & Spencer - allowed a Muslim member of staff serving on the till to reject customers wanting to buy pork or alcohol - they would then have to go to another till. Sine the customer had already queued to reach the till, this would be somewhat annoying for the customer. There has been an IMMEDIATE and MASSIVE backlash against this policy. M&S have promptly issued a public apology in the face of a sudden boycott of their stores. Now, if staff will not handle pork or alcohol, they will be redeployed to other duties within the store. The public are really starting to push back against cultural marxist political correctness and identity politics instead of being scared to challenge it. In case you haven't seen this story in the US:
  • 6 days to go until we have a large wave of new immigrants (tens of thousands in Q1) from Romania and Bulgaria. The government is desperately scrabbling to reduce their access to welfare benefits - now they cannot claim on arrival but must wait 3 months. Since benefits can be more than the average salary, a sceptical public is not buying it and there is pressure on the government to do more. The EU is wading into the argument saying that the British government cannot restrict access to its welfare system... With European elections (to the token European parliament - in reality it cannot propose legislation - only the bureaucrats can do that) due in May, expect the anti Europe party (UKIP) to do well. Watch for the ensuing political storm in the UK.
  • Labour (the Socialist spend-other-peoples money until it runs out party, currently in opposition) have announced that their future policies will be based on austerity and cuts in budgets. This is a 180 degree turn from its previous policy of increasing spending. All parties in Lib/Lab/Con are now proposing to cut government expenditure to get the deficit under control. Finally. Of course, rhetoric and actions may go in different directions. The coalition currently in government - Conservative (supposed to be traditionalist but deeply infected with the cultural marxist meme) + Liberal (wishy washy green socialists who promise all things to all people regardless of the inherent contradictions) - was also supposed to eliminate the deficit but haven't made much headway in 3 years of government.
Dec 23, 2013 - 11:06pm

Harvey's Up! (TFMR)

  • Harvey: First let us see how London set its GOFO rates this morning: OH OH...now the first two months are in backwardation. GOFO rates are still slightly positive for the 3 months and 6 months but negative for the one month rate and the two month rate, which means backwardation. We are increasing in negativity and thus heading for complete backwardation. GLD: Gold lost a huge 8.4 tonnes and stands at 805.72 tonnes. This is real gold leaving the London vaults for Shanghai. SLV: Silver was unchanged at 10,139.78 tonnes.
  • Mark O’Byrne (GoldCore): Volumes traded on the increasingly important Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) overnight on their benchmark 99.99% pure gold contract were a robust 14.83 tonnes. Chinese premiums edged up $2 - from $16 on Friday to $18 today. Allegations that banks are rigging the gold and silver markets continue to gain credence and Bloomberg has published an article by Rosa Abrantes-Metz entitled ‘How to Keep Banks From Rigging Gold Prices’.
  • Rosa Abrantes-Metz (Bloomberg): Authorities around the world are gradually piecing together a shocking picture of how banks have manipulated benchmarks that influence the price of everything from mortgage loans to foreign currencies. Another area deserves their scrutiny: gold and silver. In recent weeks, Bloomberg News and others have reported on concerns, among market participants and regulators, that the process for establishing the price of gold may lend itself to insider trading and other forms of unfair dealing.
  • Rosa Abrantes-Metz on gold price fixing: Dimitri Speck combines minute-by-minute data from most of 1993 through 2012 to show how gold prices move on an average day (see attached charts). He finds that the spot price of gold tends to drop sharply around the London evening fixing (10 a.m. New York time). A similar, if less pronounced, drop in price occurs around the London morning fixing. The same daily declines can be seen in silver prices from 1998 through 2012. For both commodities there were, on average, no comparable price changes at any other time of the day. These patterns are consistent with manipulation in both markets.
  • Harvey on Koos Jansen: So far this year, the physical SGE (Shanghai Gold Exchange) has delivered upon 2073 tonnes of gold. From April through October it delivered 40 tonnes a week or 160 tonnes per month. However, from Dec 9 to Dec 13 a huge 50.4 tonnes have been delivered. Koos Jansen uses a figure of 2700 tonnes for global production of gold. He should remove Russia and China's tonnage as these two nations do not export one oz of gold, and global production would therefore net out to be 2200 tonnes of gold. No doubt the entire global production is heading into Shanghai.
  • Koos Jansen: Premiums in Shanghai have remained around 1% over international spot in recent weeks for what bullion is available. USGS estimated total world mining production would be 2700 tons this year [DS: The 2700 tonnes includes production from Russia and China, but they do not export any], but this estimate was made before the price collapsed in April. After the price drop, numerous mines were shut down and thus total world mining production will be far lower than what was expected in January.
  • John Embry: I was fascinated by an op-ed piece in the New York Times, written by none other than Gordon Brown, the former British Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer. This is the very guy that sold Britain’s gold back in 1999 in that infamous auction that bottomed the gold price at $250. But in this op-ed piece he said we are headed toward another crash because there hasn’t been enough cooperation globally between all of the various countries. The interesting thing here is he is an insider, and what he is saying is at complete odds with all of the propaganda you are seeing in the mainstream media. I was absolutely amazed to read the truth coming out of somebody like Gordon Brown.
All this and more on... The Harvey Report! https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/comment/610802#comment-610802 DayStar
Dec 23, 2013 - 11:04pm


Headlines like these will rule 2014's news cycle and I think it'll make for a long year moving forward in gold if the strong negative gold perception (2012-13 were terrible) and the Feds willingness (necessity) to strongly jawbone the market about tapering and possible rate increases 2 years from now.

But then again, maybe JPM's long position is the fuel that propels gold's rocket if the current data is reliable or relevant.

If so, they 'll need to go against the historical grain and reverse decades upon decades of US gold price suppression policy and potentially submarine the USD by doing so.

Is a counterintuitive and historical market move by JPM likely in 2014 ? Idk about that...but articles like these gaining traction are not gold friendly and the MSM and Fed messaging is strong in the investing publics mind while the S&P seems to rocket. GLD shedding tonnage consistently while the MSM blares it just adds to the overall sentiment.

Of course, none of this really matters if your stacking it and your timeline is flexible. Mine is and at this point in time I want to see $1100 so I can purchase it there. Maybe that happens, maybe it doesn't but no one knows for sure except TPTB and the trend obviously seems to be downwards again like it was last year.

We'll find out in 2014 if a true physical shortage is indeed factual or if JPM truly has golden aspirations or if it's just another example of a distorted paper game that will continue to go on like it has for decades. Time will tell the tale.

Gold role as
safe haven is over: strategist
Gold's collapse is one of the top market stories of 2013, as the metal loses its role as a "safe haven," says strategist at Société Générale.
Gold tumbles further below $1,200 an ounce


Lacker: Fed funds rate could hit 2% by end 2015

Getty Images

Richmond Federal Reserve President Jeffrey Lacker believes the central bank will begin raising its target policy rate in early 2015, with 2% possible by the end of that year.
Fed's Fisher pushed for $20 billion taper
Fed proposes limits to emergency-lending role
Treasurys fall as market focuses on fed funds


Dec 23, 2013 - 10:52pm

Nazis vs Marxists

Both totalitarian systems. Both support a parasitic elite. Both responsible for millions of deaths. Both evil and nasty.

By the way - there are some aspects to the EU that are fascist. It is a corporatist, undemocratic, totalitarian tyranny. It just lacks the jingoism and the Leader, instead providing a faceless bureaucracy to rule.

Given that the current president of the EU is a 'former' communist I would suspect that the differences / similarities between marxism and nazism are more slippery than AlienEyes recognizes. Outwardly different but in reality just 2 sides of the same totalitarian coin. Yes - Nazi's and Marxists hate each other. But then Stalinists and Trostkyites also displayed the same level of ideological hatred.

PS. Some may think my description of the EU is unduly harsh so here are a couple of definitions:

  • Totalitarian - seeking to control all aspects of behaviour
  • Tyranny - illegal usurpation of power
Dec 23, 2013 - 10:49pm

Silver Strikes Back!

This post pulls back the curtain on the WHOLE con game, this is huge, please read.

I’m not a writer, so will just dump this whole thing right here on the table and see how it goes.

Here’s the deal-

All of the banking, precious metals, and economic “stories” that have been headlining in the financial, alternative and other media, most of which do not pass the smell test on their own, are all lies or purposeful misinformation, but they ARE NOT individual stories, as you are about to see.

They are all individual contributing parts to what is one single HUGE specific con that is set to go down in the very near future. Once you see what's going on in this context, it changes everything.

Here are some of the stories…


Again, even on an individual basis these stories really do not pass the smell test, or are only validated by each other ( E.g. Con man “A” vouches for con man “B”, and con man “B” vouches for con man “A”), or are just accepted as probably being legit if for no other reason than “why would anybody lie about that?” But picking them apart on an individual basis just leaves things in a “who really knows anyway?” state of limbo that fades back to the media driven line over time. No longer.

This is about ALL of the stories, Why are we being told all of these things? How do all of these stories play together from the Silver perspective of Real Money Silver, returning to it’s world Monetary Role?

The answer, which will become completely obvious as we work our way through all the parts, is this-

The London Bros. are preparing to execute a controlled demolition (like they did on 9/11) of their World Fiat Currency system and stand up a new digital gold”related” currency in it’s place.

Yes, the owner’s of the World Fiat Currency and Central Bank system are preparing to roll out a new digital gold backed (gold associated?/whatever) currency so they can remain in control while and after their now dying fiat system is intentionally killed in a coordinated effort to facilitate the transition from their current World Fiat Currency (WFC) system, to a New World Currency (NWC).

We’ll get into all the details in a bit, but real quick here’s their plan in the simplest ‘big-picture’ monetary context--

Remember The Law of Money/Monetary Cycle info that’s been posted here a zillion times? Only Silver and Gold are Money. Any time Silver and Gold are displaced by a monetary substitute, Silver and Gold will ALWAYS return to their Monetary role, destroying the monetary substitute in the process.

Silver and Gold are currently displaced from their monetary role by the World Fiat Currency system (owned and operated by The London Bros.) and the pressure from Silver and Gold (especially Silver) is becoming unbearable for The London Bros. They know how this all works, they know what time it is and “they’re feelin it”.

Their objective, in the Monetary Cycle context, is to take the place of Silver and Gold in the return phase of the natural Monetary Cycle. First with a pre-emptive sacrifice of their fiat system, then the implementation of their New World "digi'gold'" Currency.

Again, rather than have their fiat system die a natural death as Silver returns to it’s monetary role, they are going to try and avoid the inevitable with a controlled demolition of their fiat system followed by the roll out of their digital gold’related’ NWC which will fill the void of the dying WFC, as Silver and Gold naturally would.

All of the banking/econ/market/china/gold vaults/gold holdings/gold reports/de-Americanization stories being played over and over in the London Bros. owned media, and that are regularly coming to us from The London Bros. misinformation agents… they all contribute to this single objective.

… that’s the London Bros. simple plan in the big-picture monetary context-

1- Speed up the natural Monetary Cycle with a controlled demolition or sacrifice of their World Fiat Currency system, and

2- Coordinate it with a well timed rollout of their new digi’gold’ currency thereby preventing Silver (and Gold) from returning to it’s monetary role.

This IS what The London Bros. are doing.

(The London Bros. = Owners of World Fiat Currency system)


Silver WILL return to it’s Monetary Role. (and it’s going to be like nothing this world has ever seen)

These stories ARE all being manufactured and sold in coordination with this London Bros. New World Currency (NWC) objective.

How the minor details of how these stories fit into the overall plot may vary slightly, and will likely continue to become more obvious in the days ahead, but for the sake of discussion let’s throw a few of them out here….

De-Americanization (the hype) The London Bros. media story is that the FED is ‘money printing’ too much (who isn’t?) and that this cheapens foreign holdings, so they suddenly want to dump the USD as the reserve currency.

De-Americanization- (The real story) The London Bros. plan to make their New World Currency (NWC) the World Reserve Currency, sort of starting out at the top. Then the plan will be to convert people away from their national currencies, and to the NWC. This will be pushed with a great sense of urgency (CONVERT NOW OR HAVE YOUR WEALTH DESTROYED)

This transition effort will be when the dollar price of gold will get revalued much higher. For example, they might leave the NWC price of Gold at a fixed rate, while continuing to drive up the USD gold chart higher and higher and higher. For obvious reasons. To make people think.. “fiat currencies are failing… better convert to NWC”… “before it’s too late”… “like they said”. (don’t buy in, or even think about trying to play it, there won’t be time, stick with Silver, we’ll get there)

All The Gold Went to China (the hype)- The false store-front media story is that all the London Gold was sent to a Swiss(?) refinery, where it was all refined and re-minted into Kilo bars, and then sent to China, never to return. This was classic London Bros. hype. Super knowledgeable insiders and misinformation agents delivered this info to the precious metals community. It was later ran on Bloomberg (LB Owned), all with the same set of talking points (It was London gold… “old bars even, so you know it came from the back of the vault”… melted into “Kilogram” (METRIC SYSTEM!!) bars and sent to China, which of course must be true because China does use the metric system.

All agents saying basically the same thing to their target audience. Alasdair M reported that Koos ?Lastname came to him ‘out of the blue’ asking for help with research, and the next thing you know ole Koos was providing Alasdair with all kinds of inside information about ALL the London gold being sent to China. Strange huh?

The Bloomberg reporter rattled off all the talking points in the first 30 seconds of his report.

Our resident information source, Agent Maguire, has been feeding us “All the Gold is going to China” for months. Long before this, it was ALL THE SILVER IS GOING TO CHINA, but Silver is in London Bros. blackout mode, which we’ll discuss later, so for now all we get is China-gold “stories”. Oh, and China is building vaults, (which would hold a lot of gold), and this gold is NEVER TO RETURN,(which is true, since it never went there in the first place)

Too much time on this, but last thing- Notice that ZH printed TFs article that reported the details of these China Gold reports. But when he advocates a Silver position or provides solid evidence that the JPM vault numbers indicate it’s likely a paper-only farce, he is ignored.

All the Gold went to China- (the real story) The London Bros. are setting China up as the bad guy. To catch any blame for the 1-Controlled WFC Demolition part of their plan. (Like they did the Arabs regarding 9/11)

They’ve been doing this for years,… framing all our problems that are really attributed to Fake money, as being “economic” problems, often caused by China. The ecnonomic "All the Jobs went to China” BS, is now “All the Gold went to China”. The London Bros. are never in the headlines. Why? because it's "Their" headlines.

China is more aware of The London Bros. plan than most, and yes they are acquiring gold as fast as they can, but they aren’t getting one ounce from the London Bros. They have to mine it, and they are mining it, anywhere and everywhere. They’re prepping now, and plan to ‘burn their boats/go behind their wall’ when things fall apart. (That’s what they do. They don’t get into the business of issuing gold backed currencies or setting up gold based alternative world trade systems, regardless of what The London Bros. voices might say)

China is prepping and aware, but they are also in a bind. They bought into the London Bros. Central Bank franchise system and now have a few billion people working within the London Bros. current World Fiat Currency (WFC) system.

China pushed back, a little, a few weeks ago by officially speaking out against Bitcoin.

This didn’t really worry The London Bros. though, because if retail sites are selling Chinese made stuff for Bitcoin, then who cares what the Chinese official guy said. Besides, Bitcoin, in it’s current form, isn’t the NWC anyway, and when the NWC is officially rolled out, and when it is the World Reserve Currency,… China won’t have a say in the matter. Or so the London Bros. think, and that’s where it is, for now.

China was the scapegoat for the empty London gold vaults. That got the Gold out of the current WFC. Where do The London Bros. have their gold now??.... Maybe we’ll find out when it’s time for them to roll out their New World Currency (NWC)

COPPER- (Why the copper market has been getting so much attention, and where Copper fits into the London Bros. NWC plan) The London Bros. are going to use Copper to keep the attention away from Silver when they kick off the revaluation of the metals. Gold they will claim to hold and they will be using Gold in all their headlines, but they will have to also revalue Silver for a number of reasons. Copper will be used to show a much greater relative percent increase during the revaluation. For example, let’s say they revalue Gold x10 to 12,000 and Silver x40 to 800. Gold went up the most, but Silver increased by the highest multiple. Enter Copper, they might revalue Copper x200!! Just to perpetuate the perception of Silver weakness. “Copper is leading Silver and other industrial metals” they will say.

The current WFC gold vaults are empty or emptying, at least on paper, and there are frequent JPM is in trouble with the law headlines. Don’t be surprised if JPM gets intentionally sacrificed for some reason that makes people think- “so that’s why there is no gold in the WFC market vaults,”… “so that’s why the metals are now all shooting up in dollar terms on the “marke”t charts.

The markets have to maintain the perception of legitimacy so the London Bros. can use them to sell "the WFC is dying, switch to the NWC!!” transition story. Once transition time gets here, they will be driving the gold / silver / copper charts higher for obvious effect… and to encourage people to sell their metals, especially Silver. (don’t be surprised to see a huge reval spike in silver followed immediately by a long slow drop, for effect. But don’t worry, this will still be shenanigan phase, Silver will not have even started to do it’s thing yet… )

Right now, real Silver demand is booming, yet Silver is blacked out in the London Bros. media. Now you know why.

Pressure from Silver is driving the London Bros. to take these actions

Seeing all of these London Bros. actions from the Silver perspective is what exposes it for the obvious plan that it is. (Thanks Silver)

The Silver community has taken quite a beating in the London Bros. owned media and markets, and morale might have gotten a little low. This is Silver’s way of Striking Back. This should be very encouraging for the Silver community.

The London Bros. are preparing to execute a controlled demolition of their World Fiat Currency system and stand up a new digital gold”related” currency in it’s place.

So now we have a 3rd "Hard Question" to add to our list as we discern the daily London Bros. media 'stories'.

1-Why are they telling us this?

2- What does this have to do with Silver returning to it’s Monetary role

And now...

3- How does this information align with The London Bros. covert plans to kill their WFC and roll out their NWC?

The official rollout of the NWC will be a hurried mess. A lot like Obamacare. It will get implemented to some degree, but once it starts losing steam from all the WFC to NWC conversion issues, and from people like the Silver community calling the whole thing for what it is, it’s just going to be a a few weeks of confusion before Silver then returns to it’s monetary role.

The London Bros. do have a plan, but so does Silver, and Silver wins.

Now you know what's really going on!!

Keep Stackin'

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10/9 12:10 ET Goon Rosengren

Key Economic Events Week of 9/28

9/29 8:30 ET Advance trade in goods
9/29 9:00 ET Case-Shiller home prices
9/29 10:00 ET Consumer Confidence
9/30 8:15 ET ADP employment report
9/30 9:45 ET Chicago PMI
10/1 8:30 ET Personal Income and Spending
10/1 8:30 ET Core Inflation
10/1 9:45 ET Markit Manu PMI
10/1 10:00 ET ISM Manu PMI
10/2 8:30 ET BLSBS
10/2 10:00 ET Factory Orders

Key Economic Events Week of 9/21

9/21 8:00 ET Goon Kaplan
9/21 10:00 ET Goon Evans
9/21 Noon ET Goon Brainard
9/21 6:00 pm ET Goon Williams & Goon Bostic
9/22 10:30 ET Chief Goon Powell on Capitol Hill
9/22 Noon ET Goon Barkin
9/22 3:00 pm ET Goon Bostic again
9/23 9:00 ET Goon Mester
9/23 9:45 ET Markit flash PMIs for September
9/23 10:00 ET Chief Goon Powell on Capitol Hill
9/23 11:00 ET Goon Evans again
9/23 Noon ET Goon Rosengren
9/24 1:00 pm ET Goon Bostic #3
9/24 2:00 pm ET Goon Quarles
9/24 10:00 ET Chief Goon Powell on Capitol Hill
9/24 Noon ET Goon Bullard
9/24 1:00 pm ET Goon Barkin again & Goon Evans #3
9/24 2:00 pm ET Goon Bostic #4
9/25 8:30 ET Durable Goods
9/25 11:00 ET Goon Evans #4
9/25 3:00 pm ET Goon Williams again

Key Economic Events Week of 9/14

9/15 8:30 ET Empire State and Import Price Idx
9/15 9:15 ET Cap Ute and Ind Prod
9/16 8:30 ET Retail Sales
9/16 10:00 ET Business Inventories
9/16 2:00 ET FOMC Fedlines
9/16 2:30 ET Powell Presser
9/17 8:30 ET Philly Fed
9/18 8:30 ET Current Acct Deficit

Key Economic Events Week of 9/7

9/9 10:00 ET JOLTS job openings
9/10 8:30 ET Initial jobless claims
9/10 8:30 ET PPI
9/10 10:00 ET Wholesale Inventories
9/11 8:30 ET CPI
9/11 9:45 ET Core CPI

Key Economic Events Week of 8/31

9/1 9:45 ET Markit Manu Index
9/1 10:00 ET ISM Manu Index
9/1 10:00 ET Construction Spending
9/2 8:15 ET ADP employment
9/2 10:00 ET Goon Williams
9/2 10:00 ET Factory Orders
9/3 8:30 ET Initial jobless claims
9/3 8:30 ET Trade Deficit
9/3 12:30 ET Goon Evans
9/4 8:30 ET BLSBS

Key Economic Events Week of 8/24

8/24 8:30 ET Chicago Fed Idx
8/25 10:00 ET Consumer Confidence
8/26 8:30 ET Durable Goods
8/27 8:30 ET Q2 GDP 2nd guess
8/27 9:10 ET Chief Goon Powell Jackson Hole
8/28 8:30 ET Pers Inc and Consumer Spend
8/28 8:30 ET Core Inflation
8/28 9:45 ET Chicago PMI

Key Economic Events Week of 8/17

8/17 8:30 ET Empire State Manu Idx
8/17 Noon ET Goon Bostic
8/18 8:30 ET Housing Starts
8/19 2:00 pm ET July FOMC minutes
8/20 8:30 ET Jobless claims
8/20 8:30 ET Philly Fed
8/20 10:00 ET LEIII
8/21 9:45 ET Markit flash PMIs July

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