Interesting People - Prof Carroll Quigley and His Legacy

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It seems to me that we have great recognition of the big names with the greatest breadth of discussion being around the likes of the great economists Keynes, Friedman, and lately Von Hayek and Rothbard. The social commentators like Huxley and Orwell have had their talents noted.

Professor Carroll Quigley may have escaped your attention due to having a lower profile nowadays, and if so I hope this will serve as an introduction to this man, which you can follow up to the degree deemed interesting and educational

A Brief Biography:

Quigley was attended Harvard University, where he studied history and earned B.A, M.A., and Ph.D. degrees. He taught at Princeton and later at Harvard, and later at Georgetown University until 1976.

From 1941 until 1972, he taught a two-semester course at Georgetown on the development of civilizations. According to the obituary in the Washington Star, many alumni of Georgetown asserted that his was "the most influential course in their undergraduate careers

In addition to his academic work, Quigley served as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Navy, the Smithsonian Institution, in the 1950s. Quigley said of himself that he was a conservative defending the liberal tradition of the West. He was an early and fierce critic of the Vietnam War, and he was against the activities of the military-industrial complex.

Quigley retired from Georgetown in June 1976 and died the following year

(Above : )

The Main Reason I bring Quigley up is this quote from his book “Tragedy & Hope” in 1966:

This radical Right fairy tale, which is now an accepted folk myth in many groups in America, pictured the recent history of the United States, in regard to domestic reform and in foreign affairs, as a well-organized plot by extreme Left-wing elements.... This myth, like all fables, does in fact have a modicum of truth. There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the Radical right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other group, and frequently does so. I know of the operation of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies... but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.

I think it's fair to say that anyone who was saying things like that 50 years ago is immediately set apart from the great number of people who do not ever consider these things during their lifetime. Moreover, Quigley was speaking from personal knowledge and personal direct contact and can be considered a first hand reporter in this matter.

Quigley commented upon the the negative the effects of bureauocracy via obstruction when embodied in public institutions. In “The evolution of civilizations: an introduction to historical analysis, "Quigley found a cause of the fall of civilizations in the gradual transformation of social "instruments" into "institutions," that is, transformation of social arrangements functioning to meet real social needs into social institutions serving their own purposes regardless of real social needs.

Quigley and NWO

Quigley argued that the Round Table groups were not World Government advocates but super-imperialists. He stated that they emphatically did not want the League of Nations to become a World Government.

Prof. Carroll Quigley's 1300 page Tragedy and Hope (Macmillan, 1966) contains his more non mainstream views.

Gary Allen in his book None Dare Call It Conspiracy referred extensively to Tragedy and Hope.

MacMillan, according to letters of his that were later published by the magazine Conspiracy Digest and an interview, had the plates of his book destroyed against his will by MacMillan, and believed that his work was being suppressed. One of the published letters stated the following:

" Sales of Tragedy and Hope began to take off in 1968, but supplies of the book ran out, and Macmillan declined to reprint it. They also destroyed the plates, according to author Quigley. I know one man who paid $150 for a used copy, so tight was supply, before a "pirate" edition appeared around 1975. " The publishers of the pirate edition paid a royalty to Quigley so it was a solution to needs of the time rather than copyright theft.

Here is Prof. Quigley's account of what he alleged was the suppression of Tragedy and Hope: .....” "When they "ran out of stock," as they told me (but in 1974, when I went after them with a lawyer, they told me that they had destroyed the plates in 1968). They lied to me for six years, telling me that they would re-print when they got 2000 orders, which could never happen because they told anyone who asked that it was out of print and would not be reprinted. They denied this until I sent them xerox copies of such replies to libraries, at which they told me it was a clerk's error. In other words they lied to me but prevented me from regaining the publication rights by doing so (on OP [out of print] rights revert to holder of copyright, but on OS [out of stock] they do not.) .... Powerful influences in this country want me, or at least my work, suppressed.”

Several years before Quigley wrote this letter, Larry Abraham and Gary Allen appeared on a radio talk show where the interviewer had scheduled Quigley to debate with them over the phone. Quigley immediately denied that he had written the sensational material that Abraham and Allen had attributed to him. As soon as Abraham read one of the denied passages over the air, reading directly from Quigley's book, Quigley hung up.

It seems clear in retrospect that Quigley never expected his book to become the source of ammunition for the conservatives, nor did Macmillan. I doubt that Quigley knew what he was getting into when he began the project in the mid-1940's, when he started doing the research. That Macmillan refused to reprint it indicates outside pressure.

(Source for above: )

In his article JFK Jr., Clinton and Quigley” Samuel Blumenfeld wrote in 1999 :

" In one of the first issues of George magazine, published in 1996, there appeared an article entitled, “The Quigley Cult,” written by Scott McLemee. The headline read, “What do President Bill Clinton and the militias have in common? They both revere the weird theories of the late Carroll Quigley.”

Quigley was a highly regarded professor of history who taught a course in Western Civilization at Georgetown University which Bill Clinton took in the school year of 1964-65, a year after the assassination of President Kennedy. That was about the same time that Quigley had finished writing his massive tome on contemporary history, “Tragedy and Hope,”

….. McLemee interviewed Phyllis Schlafly, who told him, “When I heard that nomination speech in 1992, I almost jumped out of my chair. I thought, I bet I’m only one of a hundred people listening who know what Clinton is talking about…. It shows that Clinton, being a protege, knew who the powerful people in the country were. Clinton belongs to the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers and the Renaissance Society, and he was a Rhodes scholar, which I assume Quigley helped him with. Yes, Clinton is Quigley’s boy.”

Soon after the article appeared in George, talk-show host Chuck Morse and I interviewed Scott McLemee on the air by phone. In the course of the interview, McLemee mentioned that he was working on a biography of Carroll Quigley. Chuck and I were all ears. But very recently when Chuck wanted to interview McLemee about his book, he was told that the project had been abandoned. Why? Mr. McLemee wouldn’t say. "

Source for above:

Quigley was dismissive of authors who used his writings to support theories of a world domination conspiracy. Of W. Cleon Skousen's The Naked Capitalist he stated: "Skousen's book is full of misrepresentations and factual errors. He claims that I have written of a conspiracy of the super-rich who are pro-Communist and wish to take over the world and that I'm a member of this group. But I never called it a conspiracy and don't regard it as such. I'm not an "insider" of these rich persons, although Skousen thinks so. I happen to know some of them and liked them, although I disagreed with some of the things they did before 1940"

(Source above: )

He did not condemn (until later in his life) the Anglo-American financial cabal that he wrote about. Details of his revision about the motivation and malevolence will be readily seen in the references I have provided, but are later in his life and less well documented.

Materials, resources, links:

Here is the link to an interview in 1974.:

Prof. Carroll Quigley website:

Wikipedia on Carroll Quigley:

Tragedy & Hope (Amazon link)

Gary Allen's Book:



Argentus Maximus

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First DA comment. Let's get them out of the way on talk shiny!

Nick Elway
Dec 8, 2013 - 1:11pm

Useful links for readers..thanks AM

I read (skimmingly) Tragedy and Hope

I re-read Tragedy and Hope using Skousen's book as a guide

Skousen's intro is the same question I have been asking myself since watching my wealthiest classmates instigate violence in pro-communist riots


Why do some of the richest people in the world support communism and socialism? Why would they support what appears to be the pathway to their own destruction? Dr. Carroll Quigley of Harvard, Princeton and Georgetown universities states that he has been associated with many of these dynastic families of the super-rich. He therefore writes as an authority on the world's secret power structure. His answers to the above questions may astonish you.

edit: Thurd!

Mr. Fix
Dec 8, 2013 - 1:26pm


I just love a good conspiracy!yes

Thank you.smiley

Nick Elway
Dec 8, 2013 - 1:33pm

NW: Your quotation there

NW: Your quotation there brought me back! I remembered when I came across that Skousen comment for the first time. It caused me to stop and ponder for a bit before reading on.

I wrote this piece, because it occurred to me that there are many people interested in the secret leadership of society who have not yet heard of Quigley or looked into the material he produced.

Dec 8, 2013 - 2:01pm

Thanks for the excellent op ed piece

this morning argentus maximus!!!

Dec 8, 2013 - 3:05pm

This winters' new reading project!

Thanks argentus! This is one of many books that I've previously downloaded, and never read. Guess it's time to stop watching the daily charts and start reading/researching some great material.

@Nick Elway- Thanks for posting the pdf of Tragedy and Hope. That appears to be a scan of an original copy of the book.

gold slut
Dec 8, 2013 - 3:29pm

@ Argentus

Well, what everyone above me says x 2!

Your background and extensive knowledge are giving the rest of us in Turdville an informational leg-up that is invaluable! Fantastic work sir!

Time for some serious bed time reading....

Dec 8, 2013 - 4:27pm

Book Art by the artist

Book Art by the artist Richard Minsky:

In 1988 Minsky rebound an edition of Tragedy and Hope in a transparent vellum kidskin covering, translucent under a light. When illuminated a collage of US five dollar bills cut and reformed formed into swastikas and laying upon a world map becomes visible through the cover. The kidskin came from his butcher, a reference to the actions of the referenced elite.

 In the 1988 Zabriskie Gallery exhibit, the book was displayed open to the page naming the German industrial cartel members who became American citizens in the 1930's, sat on the Boards of major American corporations, and supplied Hitler with materials needed for armaments.

Here is a full description of Minsky's artwork based on Quigley's book:

Dec 8, 2013 - 4:51pm

@ Argentus

A good subject and an interesting man. Wiki seems to be much of your opinion since their biographical data is almost identical to yours.

That said, several meaningful points are missing....

1) Quigley deeply disliked anything English or British. This being the result of his Irish Catholic upbringing in Boston. Since his death there have been rumors about his involvement or support for some of these "far right" type groups except that they were far left Irish Republican type groups that specialized in murdering protestants.

2) As you said, " theAnglo-American financial cabal that he wrote about" was not openly condemned by Quigley until his later life, however, to me his longwinded magnum opus showed his open disdain of all that is Anglo, which again is consistent with his Irish Catholic, Boston upbringing.

I offer this on balance to point out at least one of the greatest Irish achievements and no, it is not "River Dance". wink

Spike Milligan - First Irish Rocket To The Moon

There is humor where ever you look if you remember to keep your eyes open. smiley

Dec 8, 2013 - 4:56pm

I have read all his books and lectures and articles available

I have read all his books!My favorite historian ( only real documents from past I like better) .

His one interesting conclusion is that there can not be democracy if government and people have different weapons. Today of course we see move to autocracies Quigley predicted in 1940 - ties or even earlier, after WWI weaponry development. It will last many years, this direction.

I think he has not published all he could. Even Tragedy and Hope met resistance in politically correct "history science" academic circles ( implying self-censured=in reality censured by those with financial and judicial power) .

And exactly, those who rule the world must take responsibility for the results. Why are they so ashamed to come out clean and always hide behind politicians?

Dec 8, 2013 - 5:58pm

Alieneyes: Information on him

Alieneyes: Information on him is quite surprisingly scarce. Most sources carry pretty much exactly the same info, and I presume it all has originally descended from the same few sources. I relied on Wiki more than I prefer to, considering the ability of information to morph content as time passes. However when compared with what the contemporary writers and reviewers said it seems reasonable in the broad sweep. Details may be inaccurate and I would not have a way to discover that.

Thanks for your additions to the biography. The Irish-Anglo antagonism is probably correctly inferred, but since he was accepted to within those particular groups within society he would have had to be careful to never let such thoughts show as they could have contained seeds of disloyalty.

Quigley's views about allowing public awareness of these groups against their desire for secrecy, was a kind of dissent or disloyalty. It seems to have grown as the years passed and he was exposed more to backlash and reaction to his writings, as well as alleged dirty tricks by the publisher of Tragedy and Hope. The audio interview in 1974 is worth the listen, because it makes it clear that he had much less hope later than he had before as to the outlook with such a group at the helm of a large country. As he learned more, he liked his circle of friends less.

Dec 8, 2013 - 6:18pm


I don’t blame you at all for looking him up in Wikipedia (after all, that's exactly what I did) and I totally agree that info on Mr. Quigley is so scarce that it seems as if it has been sanitized. I am curious as to whom would have done the sanitizing and why. One of the easiest things to do is to silence a dead most cases.

Dec 8, 2013 - 7:36pm

Harvey's Up! (TFMR)

  • The FDIC did not seize any banks this week.
  • Harvey on the COT report: If the COT data is close to being accurate in that the specs are mercilessly short and the commercials (our bankers) are now strongly in the net long position, then our COT report may have some meaning. This week the same direction as the past several weeks! The reason I am skeptical is why on earth did the bankers allow our specs to escape with huge profits in the summer when they were massively short? 
  • Mark O’Byrne (GoldCore): Chinese imports through Hong Kong alone are set to top 1,000 tonnes this year and this does not include other gold imports into China ex Hong Kong. Therefore, total Chinese gold demand could be as high as 2,000 tonnes. Total annual gold supply is expected to be around the 2,700 tonne mark. 
  • GoldCore: Gold has tumbled 27% this year and is set for the first annual loss since 2000, as weak hands and hot money has exited the market on the recent price weakness. The majority of bullion buyers remain steadfast and demand remains robust, particularly in China and Asia. Even in western markets, while demand is lower than recent years, dealers, refineries and mints all report much more buyers than sellers which contradicts the notion that investors or gold buyers have “lost faith” in gold. 
  • Harvey: OH!!OH!! still heading towards negativity. GOFO numbers while still positive are now decreasing, but are still positive for all months. All GOFO rates still barely positive but heading for backwardation as the Eastern nations ask for their gold in London and at the Comex. GLD: Gold lost exactly 3.0 tonnes of gold today to settle at 835.71 tonnes. SLV: Silver was unchanged at 10,304.49.
  • Jim Power: The attempted bail-in of all deposits in the Cypriot banking crisis and the eventual decision to bail-in deposits in excess of €100,000 has drawn a line in the sand and has created a very dangerous and damaging precedent. A banking system has to be based on trust and confidence; the Cypriot decision and subsequent statements from European policy makers suggest that trust and confidence have been seriously, and possibly irredeemably, damaged. Any individual or any corporate treasurer would be taking an unacceptable risk in making a decision to leave deposits in excess of €100,000 in any single bank, unless one is convinced that the institution is 100% sound, but the events of the past 5 years should have taught us that such a conviction would be dangerous.
  • Cormac Lucey: In November 2012, it was reported by RTÉ’s David Murphy that CRH, the building materials maker and the biggest company on the benchmark Irish stock index, that CRH was mandated by its board not to leave cash in a bank in the euro zone during any weekend. The logic of CRH’s stance only became fully clear after weekend decisions taken by Eurozone finance ministers had a severe and adverse effect on the financial claims of depositors in Cypriot banks in March 2013. The lesson from Cyprus is that individual and business depositors (small, medium and large) need to show at least as much care in making their deposit decisions as large corporations such as CRH.
  • Pierre Lassonde: We are not going to see the next phase of the bull market start until you start to see more inflation in the United States. That inflation is going to have to come from a depreciation of the US dollar, specifically vis-a-vis the Chinese currency. How that inflation is going to come is through Walmart. If you look at the US current account deficit against China, it's going up every year in the hundreds of billions of dollars. This cannot go on forever. At some point they are going to have to revalue their currency and the US dollar will have to revalue.
  • Ted Butler: Completing the December delivery intrigue is copper, where no deliveries have been made yet, and a clear backwardation has developed. Just as a reminder, JPMorgan is very long copper futures. Is there any market these crooks don't seek to dominate? 
  • Andrew Hoffman: Alan Greenspan who managed the nation's currency operations for two decades admitted gold and silver have true intrinsic value; yet he defines the dollar's intrinsic value as the "great credit standing" of the U.S. government. Tell me, objective reader; with $17 trillion of national debt, $5 trillion more "off balance sheet", $200 trillion of unfunded liabilities, $1 trillion annual deficits, a 35-year low Labor Participation Rate, stagnant real wages for four decades, a hollowed out manufacturing base - yielding a "New Employment Paradigm" of part-time, minimum wage service jobs - and an international reputation for warmongering, spying, and imperialism, how do you rate America's "credit standing?
  • Simon Black: On the other side of the world today, a couple of gentlemen that few people have ever heard of signed an agreement that has massive consequences for the global financial system. It was a Memorandum of Understanding signed by representatives of the Singapore Exchange and Hong Kong Exchange. Their aim– to combine their forces in rolling out more financial products denominated in Chinese renminbi. This is huge. Hong Kong and Singapore are THE two dominant financial centers in Asia. For years they’ve been locked in competition with one another, much like New York and London. So their public partnership is a very big deal… indicative of the clear objective they have in front of them. Bottom line– finance executives in Asia see the writing on the wall. They can see that the dollar is in a period of terminal decline, and it’s clear that the Chinese renminbi is going to take tremendous market share away from the dollar.
  • Eric Sprott: I think the BIS has set the tone. They’ve said, ‘Well, it’s so simple to deal with a bail-in bank. We just close it on Friday, we make the depositors and creditors take the hit, and we open it on Monday.’ It’s fine for them (the BIS), but not so fine for the depositors. And when it starts to reverberate that you don’t want to have deposits in a bank, that’s when all hell is going to break loose. What happens when the banking system fails? I mean I don’t even think people want to contemplate it, and even I don’t want to contemplate it. It’s an utter disaster if people don’t trust governments, currencies, and banking systems, because everything stops.
  • Eric sprott on the end game for the dollar: The ongoing thing that is happening around the world is government confiscation of private wealth. There was some work done in the UK saying that by having zero interest rates you help the banking system by 120 billion pounds a year. But of course the opposite side of that is the savers don’t make 120 billion pounds. And with this financial repression ongoing, people can’t better themselves. They are losing out to inflation.
  • Egon von Greyerz: Many so-called experts today say we will have a continued deflation. In my view there is no chance of a deflation because every government and every central bank in the world knows that deflation means a collapse of the financial system. The central banks have now created a system which is totally dependent on ever-more credit and QE. So there is nothing that can stop them from printing money. On the contrary, they will need to print a lot more. Instead of central banks printing $2 trillion each year, it will soon be $10 trillion, and eventually a lot more. after the hyperinflationary depression, I think there will be a deflationary implosion. In that scenario the banking system will not survive, and all of the assets values which have been blown up by the credit bubbles will collapse.
  • Since 2010 because of ultra-low low borrowing costs, the deleveraging process (debt repayment) has been truncated. And, if those low interest rates stay in place for a protracted period of time, it causes the economy to become even more leveraged than it was prior to the crisis. This is precisely what the situation is today. The size of the Fed’s balance sheet has soared from $2.3 trillion, to just under $4 trillion (an increase of over 70%). The inflation risks in the economy have vastly increased given the fact that the supply of bank credit (high-powered money) is at an all-time record high, and at the same time the level of borrowing costs are at a record low. The bottom line is the interest rates offered on sovereign debt are mostly a function of the credit and inflation risks associated with owning that debt, not the level of growth in the economy, regardless of what Wall Street likes to claim. Given the above data, it is clear that the 4% yield on the 10-Year Note seen back in early 2010 will be eclipsed. Since inflation pressures and the solvency risks to the nation have increased by an average of about 50%, it would seem logical to assume the 10-Year Note should trade 50% higher than where it was back in early 2010.

All this and more on...

The Harvey Report! smiley


Dec 8, 2013 - 7:48pm
Dec 8, 2013 - 8:32pm


Christmas Eve or Christmas day would be a great time to announce it.

The Chaplain paints more of a FOREX-type event, whereas the Jackass insists it's trade-settlement based and as much geopolitical as monetary, but both are adamant that "there's gold in them thar'..." uh... whatevers.

Seems to be a hand-in-glove fit with suspending Au on the COMEX, doesn't it? Just an idea... .

Dec 8, 2013 - 8:44pm
Dec 8, 2013 - 10:25pm

World Domination is the aim.

In Asia this morning Bloomberg says markets are up early because of...yup, it's non other than the US jobs report! Really, it is so....

Asian markets seemingly always go up because of some USA report - can you believe it? Bloomberg TV says so....

Dec 8, 2013 - 11:34pm

Will post the actual vid from

Will post the actual vid from the link I posted earlier to get it more air time. Bud Conran from Casey Research.

Dec 9, 2013 - 1:46am

China plays the game - to win!

Ok, Here is my skinny: China is keeping the gold price down, they are on board to some extent with JPM and the Fed to keep the price down.

USA and Euro want their fiat to be seen as worthy. And gold is seen as a threat.

China, understanding this (as most of us do), figures, ok, we will get our gold and get it cheaper if we help the short side, knock price and then buy at lower prices. Not buy too much every day, just accumulate under cover so-to-speak.

When China has their quota, then they can re-price gold. And they, the Chinese, will.

The World Gold Council may state that China has around 1,000 tons of Au. They are lying, as Eric Sprott has pointed out. They are an enemy of gold.

My take: China today may have between 5,000 and 7,000 tons.

Just a laugh to the bank - for China.

Dec 9, 2013 - 2:41am

Internet companies demand

Internet companies demand spying overhaul after NSA revelations – live reaction Eight American tech companies including Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft have written to President Barack Obama demanding an overhaul of US surveillance laws however Assange has expressed skepticism at these firms reasons apparently and this is a telling observation Please note who is missing from the list – the signators are Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Microsoft, Aol, Apple, LinkedIn. I see no telecom company there — Verizon, AT&T, Level 3, the companies allegedly in a position to hand over our communications data and enable governments to tap straight into internet traffic. Where isAmazon, another leader in the cloud whose founder, Jeff Bezos, now owns the Washington Post? Where are Ciscoand other companies whose equipment is used to connect the net and by some governments to disconnect it? Where are the finance companies — eBay, Visa, American Express — that also know much about what we do?

Dec 9, 2013 - 2:45am

China loosens grip on

China loosens grip on interest rates

China has taken another step loosening its grip on interest rates as it looks to liberalise its financial sector.

The central bank has said it will allow banks to trade deposits with each other from Monday, using a financial product called certificates of deposit.

The interest rate on the certificates will be determined by the market, unlike ordinary deposits, which are subject to rate caps in China.

The move is also likely to help improve cash circulation in interbank market.

In June, the overnight lending rate between banks jumped to exceed 25% at one point as banks became reluctant to lend to each other amid a cash crunch, before falling in subsequent days.

Dec 9, 2013 - 6:11am

"Harvey on the COT report: If

"Harvey on the COT report: If the COT data is close to being accurate in that the specs are mercilessly short and the commercials (our bankers) are now strongly in the net long position, then our COT report may have some meaning. This week the same direction as the past several weeks! The reason I am skeptical is why on earth did the bankers allow our specs to escape with huge profits in the summer when they were massively short? "

One possibility is that JPM were still too short silver back then - bringing down the comex gold market by refusing to sell to the specs back then - would have sparked a big jump in the silver price - leading to losses - or at least less profit. By inducing a double bottom pattern instead, JPM maybe has reduced some of their comex silver short position; the specs could be in more danger this time - especially as the commercials have even less physical to allow them to sell to the specs.

Dec 9, 2013 - 6:16am


"Christmas Eve or Christmas day would be a great time to announce it."

If I was Obama, I'd want it announced at the height (or just after) the next round of budget/debt ceiling discussions. It can then be blamed on the Tea Party by the MSM. If you look at the AAA downgrade in 2011, and the recent government shutdown, you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to consider that perhaps the whole GCR was being set up over the last couple of years - with the apparent drama over raising the debt ceiling etc. Setting the scene globally and in the US that the world can't trust Uncle Sam with the world reserve currency etc.

Dec 9, 2013 - 7:48am

Re: GCR ...

Virtually all past & present world leaders are now in South Africa for Nelson Mandela's memorial. As the world watches what a fabulous time to have "an event" of some sort. 

Dec 9, 2013 - 8:09am

on world history

I attended a private high school in the early 70's and was blessed to take four modern world history courses. China, Middle East, Vietnam and Russian. My teacher had us read the front section (world and national news) section of the newspaper every day and we had pop quizzes at least 3 times a week on those readings. There exists in the lust for power and prestige men and women incapable of satiation in their quest for more. The antiseptic for these people is daylight just like for cockroaches. Our government was not originally designed as cover for these types. It has become cover for them in the past hundred years but eventually as shown us in nature dead and dying organisms will bloat and explode or float to the top as in pond scum. If we have eyes to see and the desire to do something about it we can observe who most of these folks are. I am not sure in a world wide conspiracy run by a dozen or fewer men or women but their are those with power( money and influence) that have funded conquest and war for centuries. It is time for us to wake up. Thanks Argentus for your research and work on this.

Dec 9, 2013 - 10:48am

currencies, economies, and power

I think that TPTB are much more concerned with the "P" than anything else.

For example, "they" were not so concerned with equity prices in the 2008 disaster as much as maintaining power afterwards. Take Citibank. Today, they are back to normal. All's well. No one went to jail. The board is fine, all managers are fine, no complaints.....shareholders? Sitting on 90% losses today. How can all be so well? Share prices don't matter. Matters to you. Matters to pensioners. Does not matter to TPTB. They have the lifeboats prepositioned....but I think 2008 made them mess themselves. They lost control. When we saw those wild swings, that was off script.

SO - it is clear to everyone that is unbiased and logical that the debt loads are not sustainable. You simply can't load all the bad stuff on to the consumer (buying bad MBS and UST through taxpayer, ie, consumer) and then expect consumption will be ok. No way.

So we are going to get a reset. Globally. What if the Chinese told TPTB "look. you have two choices. We either let you implode and pick up the pieces.....and we'll just see what happens. Who knows? Maybe we will take back our debt losses in say, hmmm...Texas and Alaska and North Dakota.......or tell em what door number two is Monty! get a brand new currency!!! accepting door number two, you must help us keep the price of gold as low as possible until we can accumulate a stock necessary to dictate the reserve currency. It would help in this process if you could demonize G and S, get a good equity run for diversion, and when the time is right, we'll create a FF event that will result in a domino BK of the system. We'll freeze it. Have a bunch of summits....We'll all agree that we must have a more sound currency. Backed by something real...not just Fed Prez promises....hmmm...I dunno, how bout gold? Worked before. Golly, we got a whole mess of it...

The bankers keep there jobs- blaming the gubmint for all their woes (like Jamie Dimon did recently). They will control less assets, but still have control. Who knows what this does to the rates will go back to normal. Capital stocks will be dramatically less, since funny munny won't count...Corporations that are dependent on US will be in deep doo doo....expecially if the buy elsewhere and sell here....and the US military slumbers toward the level of the military in say, France, or Spain...wtfdik?

and life goes on. The rank and file in the US no longer can borrow jack. They work, they drink (more and much cheaper brands), life expectancy goes down. And every day, Ron Paul, who never changed his tune, looks smarter....

God this global warming is cold. ManBearPig!!! Excelsior!!!!!!!!!

Nick Elway ivars
Dec 9, 2013 - 11:55am

@ivars Why do they hide behind politicians?

Hi Ivars,

those who rule the world must take responsibility for the results. Why are they so ashamed to come out clean and always hide behind politicians?

I strongly suspect TPTB learned from the French Revolution that mobs with pitchforks could come for them (and all their progeny) if they were identified and held responsible. In the neo feudalism the rulers' goal is dynastic wealth and power. In the pre-French Revolution feudalism they also had fame, but that fame led to the guillotine. 

I suspect that TPTB assassinate people like Breitbart and Hastings and Navy Shipyard investigators who, maybe without knowing it, are about to publish something that could be used to identify the real rulers.

ivars Nick Elway
Dec 9, 2013 - 12:10pm

Hi NickI know it was a

Hi Nick

I know it was a rhetorical question:) 

I do not mind their secrecy, its possible to figure them out that is even more interesting just takes time..The question is , as You say, what good is if someone glimpses the truth? No one else notices-as there are so many stupid cry wolf conspiracy theories - but he disappears.

I think that they are pretty scared/concerned about Chinese.. in a sense there is amiable relationship so far, but Chinese seem to be aiming at creating independent capital base and Diaspora networks while continuing to steal technologies and improve their manufacturing base- also for weaponry, obviously. They do not outsource much anymore, and are running fastest supercomputer already. They still need time, but they are also not able to hide their ambition anymore. 

Why else would Rothschilds (gold) and Rockefellers (oil) agree to share information about their capital moves via joint wealth management enterprise. They were on opposite sides earlier and still is, nominally. They must understand that a serious third power center is arising,an Asian version, and it wants to get independent. Their own greed has lead to the rise of that force. On other hand, why do we know about the agreement?

Dec 9, 2013 - 3:07pm

Excellent Article

My first post here at this great forum.I've been a lurker for over 2 years and value the information I've gleaned from this community.

What prompted my 'coming out' from lurker status is this very factual article which is so well written (as are most posted on this site).

Interestingly enough I read Quigley's Tragedy and Hope in 1987 while visiting Edmonton, Alberta in 1987.

The hard copy was available at the Edmonton library at the time and was an entertaining if not eye-opening read.

What prompted me to obtain this encyclopedia( not an easy read by any means) of thought and revelation is that I also have a copy of None Dare Call it Conspiracy.My recollection says it was acquired in 1976 and I still retain the copy.

If memory serves this book was banned from importation in to Canada some time in the late 70's or early 80's as being anti-semetic ,a edict that was later reversed or over turned .

At any rate ,interesting that some one would bring this subject to the mainstream(if you can call this mainstream,ha!)

None Dare Call It Conspiracy is an easy read and names names.

Dec 9, 2013 - 6:31pm

Thanks for all your

Thanks for all your comments.

I notice that the link to Gary Allen's book "None Dare Call It Conspiracy, which I provided above, is an online read. If readers wish to have a downloadable pdf file try this link instead:

Given the extremely positive reviews and recommendations all over the internet for this man's writings by people who have read or studied them, it strikes me as sort of odd that so many of his titles are currently out of print, although enthusiastic followers may have still made them available.

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