Sick of The Lies and The Liars

Mon, Nov 11, 2013 - 12:13pm

I'm no longer willing to let the Cartel apologists run roughshod over the good guys. I will not back down and I will not allow you to be misled and deceived.

Simply put, I'm fed up.

Fed up with the lies and The Liars that promote them. I could turn this into a 1000-word post, replete with examples and counter-points but I've already done that countless times and I don't want to get sidetracked. This post is dedicated to The Liars.

Let's begin with two, simple points. The current, fiat currency scheme is based solely upon trust and confidence. Without trust and confidence, the scheme collapses. The ultimate indicator of lack of trust and confidence is gold. Gold and silver are money. They have been for millennia and shall be forever.

The current system scheme fraud has been explained in many ways by many different analysts. None, however, have explained it more clearly than Mike Maloney and his team at Please take time, right now, to watch this entire video. Then, copy the link and send it to all of your friends and family. Knowledge is power and, if we are to escape our inexorable march to serfdom, as many as possible must be awakened and informed.

Now that you understand how the system scheme fraud works, you should finally have an appreciation for the rationale of gold price suppression. Again, gold is sound money and a rising price represents a direct threat to the hegemony of the current system of power. It is therefore logical that it's price would be suppressed and manipulated by the controlling powers. As detailed in Ferdinand Lips' outstanding book "Gold Wars" (, this manipulation has continued for decades:

  • Following Bretton Woods, the price of gold was directly managed to keep it near the "exchange rate" of $35/ounce throughout the decade of the 1950s.
  • The London Gold Pool was created in 1961. Supplied with gold by eight, different countries, the goal of the "Pool" was to supply dump physical gold into the market each time gold threatened to move away from $35/ounce.
  • After Milhous the 1st closed "the gold window" in 1971, there was a clamor to acquire physical gold. American citizens were finally allowed to purchase gold again on 1/1/75. Created expressly to control price, Comex gold futures began trading on 12/31/74.
  • You see, gold manipulation is not a "conspiracy theory", it is a HISTORICAL FACT. Those that deny this FACT can only do so under the following conditions:

  • That person is underinformed and/or naive.
  • That person is an ardent believer in the status quo (see bullet point above).
  • That person has an agenda and is purposefully trying to mislead you.
  • Which brings me to the point of this post. I'm sick of playing defense. The Liars and Cartel Apologists regularly run misrepresentations and half-truths, while at the same time performing character assassination on those who are simply trying to awaken the masses to the seriousness of the situation and warn of what lies ahead.

    Personally, I've been labeled as a "charlatan" and a "cult leader". It's been written that I am only interested in "trolling for donations" and "ad clicks" but this is nothing compared to the constant harassment of folks such as Jim Sinclair, Chris and Bill at GATA and Andrew Maguire. But we are all only interested in the truth and have nothing to hide so why should we be put on the defensive all of the time? The time for defense is over.

    Who is Jeffrey Christian and what is his business? How about his pals ErikT, Bron and Kitco? What are their motives? What about sites like Screwtape and "personalities" like Kid Dynamite? Who supports them and what drives their interest? Since gold price suppression is HISTORICAL FACT, what is the hidden agenda of these folks? Are they on the take, secretly supported by a cabal of interests, intent on preserving the status quo?

    In the interest of full disclosure, read this:

    My name is Craig Hemke. I live in Kansas, USA. I've been trading commodities options for over 25 years while working as a stockbroker and mutual fund wholesaler. After leaving the corporate ladder in 2008, I opened two businesses. One was a spectacular failure ( and the other (a frozen yogurt store) is barely scraping by. All of my interest in this subject matter comes from the heart and a desire to prepare myself and my family for what lies ahead. I share my insights willingly through this site, which many thousands worldwide visit on a daily basis. My work is supported and this site is made possible by the advertisers on the right side of the page, affiliations in the "store", periodic donations from grateful readers and the Vault subscribers. That's it. I have nothing to hide. No hidden agenda or deep-pocketed sponsors.

    I challenge those that disparage me and my efforts to similarly make their intentions public. Who is Kid Dynamite? Who really are Jeanne d'Arc, the crew at Screwtape and the bloggers of the Kitco boards? What are their names and what are their real jobs? What is Jeffrey Christian's background and who are CPM Group's clients? Who are his sources and from where does he get his information? What is CPM's business model and how do they profit? How about Kitco and The Perth Mint? Perhaps they can explain how pooled, unallocated accounts work. I'm not alleging fraud or malfeasance but I do think that folks need to know where there might be conflicts of interest in this fight. Bron Sucheki is a registered user of this site so perhaps he'll take a few moments to comment.

    Lastly, it's time to make some changes. For starters, I was alerted to this article over the weekend:

    As a response, I suggest and will do the following:

    • Hard Assets Investor, for promoting the lies and misinformation of Jeffrey Christian, has been banned from this site. As their only contribution has been to spam threads with links, they likely won't be missed.
    • I want to strongly urge everyone currently doing business with Bullion Vault to consider other alternatives. They picked up the HAI article and reposted it to their site. The simple question is: Why would anyone seeking The Truth support a site and business that promotes the garbage that The Liars spew? Please consider Hard Assets Alliance and GoldMoney, instead. Both are affiliates of this site.
    • As soon as they can get to it, The Tech Team will be removing the Kitco charts from the homepage of this site as I do not want to be associated with them in any way. Not sure which company's charts will replace them but I'm open to ideas.
    • Any references to Jeffrey Christian and all future attempts by him to disparage, slander and libel the character of those seeking The Truth will be met rebuttal and demand for full disclosure and honest representation of motive.

    In the end, and as stated above, knowledge is power. You must educate yourself. Take the time to watch and rewatch the videos from Mike Maloney and others. Read Mr. Lips' extraordinary book. This is not a time for passive apathy. You must know history in order to prepare for what is to come because "what is past is prologue" and the tempest of upheaval is upon us. This site will always be here to assure you that you are not alone in this fight. Persevere and prepare and be sure to always seek The Truth.

    TF (Craig)

    p.s. As you search for The Truth, please don't set out on a road trip, seeking the counsel of the all-knowing Turd. All that I know is already provided through this site. Besides, you must be mindful that you never want to sneak up on someone who is always and at all times prepared for anything.

    About the Author

    turd [at] tfmetalsreport [dot] com ()


    Nov 11, 2013 - 12:20pm

    1st in line


    Nov 11, 2013 - 12:21pm



    Nov 11, 2013 - 12:23pm

    Jeff Lewis describes silver as bankers' Achilles heel . . .

    in this article that also describes the legal, entrenched manipulations of silver and gold through concentrated positions, essentially corners:

    Nov 11, 2013 - 12:30pm

    Thanks again, Turd.

    Thanks Turd!

    Another open post to promote a great video and suggest we pass it around; already done. Good advice on who to believe as the lines are drawn more clearly.


    P.S. Fourth!

    Nov 11, 2013 - 12:33pm

    The Turd is finally asserting

    The Turd is finally asserting his dominance. Tmo likey.

    Nov 11, 2013 - 12:41pm


    Hey thanks for the post.

    I personally support this site because of the sense of community. I believe in the PM story and have applied its

    concepts. It is all frustrating to be sure. However, I also know intuitively, that when something is so bashed in the

    face of common sense, that something is very wrong. This is just rational thought!

    I have a brother who strongly disagrees with me, and makes much more than I. He argues against me when I tell him, "one cannot continue to print money forever. If this was true, why doesn't every nation do it, and for those who did, why did it ruin them?"

    ALl the best TF, share your "anger".



    Nov 11, 2013 - 12:41pm

    Rock and Roll brother Turd!

    Rock and Roll brother Turd! Always search for the truth, always.

    Nov 11, 2013 - 12:41pm

    It wasn't necessary for me to

    It wasn't necessary for me to know your real name etc. in order to see you as genuine. At the same time I've been here awhile so have experience to work with.

    It was really helpful to get Andrew's info so in that vein I think it does increase your credibility and put you ahead of the Liars.

    Nov 11, 2013 - 12:43pm

    Taking a Stand

    Great stuff Turd - Absolutely bang-on - It's time to stand.

    I too am sick of the crap - the BS - the lies and the half truths. None of this is really that complex - sound money is unleveraged - unencumbered - uncorruptible. It's time for sound money. It's time for the Bullshit to stop.

    I believe that some of the apologists are so deep in the group think that they don't even know know that they're supporting an agenda that is deep-down all about protecting their own lively-hoods and careers. The rest of society be damned in their eyes.

    This post makes those new TFMR rounds EVEN MORE APPEALING.

    (And I'm sixth on this historical Turdville post)

    Nov 11, 2013 - 12:49pm

    Momentous post

    TF (Craig), great to see you come out fighting.

    Nov 11, 2013 - 12:50pm

    Thanks TF, for this post . . .

    "The site will always be here to assure you that you are not alone in this fight. Persevere and prepare and be sure to always seek The Truth."


    Many of us check in here throughout the day, as the posters here (you and the guest posters and others, too myriad to name) all provide news as it is happening, on many fronts, along with well thought out opinions important to consider.

    I appreciate your site as much as any other out there for reasons listed above.

    Of course, it is hard to discern the truth given that the government (which lies at every turn, is in bed with the media so as to control thought) has forged fascist ties with the biggest players in every important industry, especially food and finance.

    We here are on the Watchtower. We have a pretty good feel for right and wrong, truth or lies.

    My great grandfather, who died in 1969 said to never trust a politician. Here in 2013 I would expand his words to include TBTF bankers, the mainstream media, along with pretty much everyone else affiliated with the military/industrial/financial complex as comprised today.

    Nov 11, 2013 - 12:51pm
    Nov 11, 2013 - 12:51pm

    TF (Craig)

    Thanks and right on! Tired of all those you mentioned plus Treasury, the PPT, the last several Presidential Administrations, the Fed, Wall Street, the Media, Congress and all the other self centered greedy POS in politics or regulators that don't do their jobs and intentionally lie to the people for their personal gain. Put all the SOBs in jail and the horse they rode in on. Tired of all of the theft and corruption. Ban them all after prison and move them to the Cayman Islands and surround it with cruise ships occupied with all those on food stamps and/or unemployed but not reported, so they can throw rocks at anyone trying to leave the island for any reason. Cut off all their income so that tax free means nothing.

    Strong message follows.

    Nov 11, 2013 - 12:52pm


    are you the founder of Craigslist? lol

    Nov 11, 2013 - 12:53pm

    your efforts are not in vain!!!

    i'm just a bartender from toronto, but thanks to tfmr, (and maloney, schiff, keiser, rudkowski et al) i'm the dude trying to educate friends and family about the calamity that has become of the financial system/scheme/fraud. i'm positive that i'm not the only one like me, and i'm also positive that we are very near a tipping point, when? nobody can claim to know, but we're all going to feel it when it happens.

    the math speaks for itself: this shit they're doing (QE, TWIST, SWAPS, HFT, etc) will work until it doesn't, and then people will come running for the truth, and will have little trouble finding it thanks to you, and others like you. who can stand in the light with their heads held high.

    i've never felt the need to post here, though i've been reading daily for 2 years, and a vault member since day 3 of the new platform, simply because i have so little to ADD to the discussion, i've never owned a stock, bond, futures contract, or rrsp (canadian 401k) in my life, but have been actively acquiring as much bullion as humanly possible ever since i came across the truth, and those who speak it.

    i just want to give my heartfelt thanks to you for what you've been doing here, disclosure was never an issue for me as the consistent integrity of your work has quelled any and all doubt i may have ever had about your intentions.

    really, turd, craig, oh-yellow-hatted-oracle, whatever works.


    Urban Roman
    Nov 11, 2013 - 12:55pm

    Alternative charts

    I have used Netdania charts ... mostly because they are free. I followed somebody from ZH over to Netdania for charts, can't remember who it was. Disclaimer: I do not daytrade, yet. Still trying to figure out how to dip a toe without falling into the deep end.

    Or if you can get the raw data feeds from somewhere, maybe your webmonkeys can cobble together a set of TFMR charts. I'd like to see that :-)

    Nov 11, 2013 - 1:04pm

    Silver Eagles wait time . . .

    My on-line dealer had shortened the delay on getting Ag Eagles from 21 days to 7 days a month or so ago--now, it is back to 3 weeks.

    With the U.S. mint suspending silver Eagles sales for a month (starting in December), I'm guessing we could see up to 2 month waits real soon.

    I'm still thinking that Obama will find a reason to declare martial law, and/or exert his earlier prez. pronouncement to commandeer any item he deems important for the govy to survive and thrive in an "emergency."

    Silver may be near the top of his list, meaning if you want to own some (for when the BS stops), better to get some now than to wait and hope, and end up empty-handed.

    Nov 11, 2013 - 1:04pm

    alternative to kitco for charts


    i never go to kitco, i check gold price at (&, it's run by franklin sanders, an ornery old PM dealer / enthusiast from tennessee.

    Mr. Fix
    Nov 11, 2013 - 1:05pm

    This sounds like a declaration of war!


    They have been at war with us for eons, it is time to fight back.

    Best post ever, you've really outdone yourself today Craig.

    Nov 11, 2013 - 1:07pm

    Way to Go, Mr. TF!

    You are always in my mind as being one of the few, true heroes of this modern era, as we witness the collapse of the fake, ponzi, fiat system. Historically, this will have been a fascinating time to be alive, for sure.

    On your points, I wanted to add a little legal to the mix.

    This whole Jeffery Christian vs. Andrew Maguire dispute, replete with sensational allegations, is proof to me, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the western elites are desperate. With all due respect to Gold Dog, who I admire greatly, I have a completely one-sided view of the rich and powerful. When I mention the "elites," I am specifically referring to those individuals, at the highest echelons of banking and global conglomerates, who actually pull the levers of power, for now, in the West.

    My research and analysis tells me that the western elites are just that. They look at life differently than the regular folks. Anyone who gets a W-2, or HAS gotten a W-2, in my book, is simply NOT an elite. Rich folks think differently. It is not about day to day living for them. It is about power and control. Like any group, though, there are exceptions, and coalitions, and alliances, etc. Gold Dog is one of the good guys, for sure, and I will with all respect to him, call him out for his fantastic good deeds he has done for many folks.

    Now with that out of the way, let me point out some legal thoughts that may help influence the discussion.

    Anyone who believes that another person has made a false statement of fact about them, can sue in a civil court in the USA for defamation. Defamation is real simple, but there are nuances.

    Defamation encompasses the idea that a person cannot make false statements about someone else, if those statements are untrue and tend to injure the person's reputation. Simple, right? Well, nothing is ever simple in the law. There are always nuances, implications, exceptions, etc. So, let's look at this a bit more.

    Defamation, therefore, cannot be based on opinion. Defamation is a false statement of fact.

    So, if someone were to say that Mr. TF is a horrible technical analyst, such statement is an opinion, and NOT something for which Mr. TF could be sued for. Well, he COULD be sued, but a quick motion to dismiss would have the case thrown out.

    On the other hand, a false statement of fact, such as Mr. TF stole money from investors, well, such statement is one of fact, and if false, Mr. TF could very well sue for defamation.

    Overlying all of this, though, are TWO IMPORTANT LIMITATIONS.

    Truth is an ABSOLUTE defense to any claim of defamation. Litigating the truth defense, though, is expensive, and would almost always end up in a Pyrrhic victory.

    The second limitation, and perhaps the most important point of this whole post, is that a public figure, who is claiming defamation, must PROVE that the statement was made maliciously, that is, with malice.

    I did a random google search for "defamation malice requirement for public figures" and found this good summary. So, I am not going to restate it, just read what another attorney already wrote:

    "In personal injury law, defamation occurs when someone publishes a false statement that ends up harming the injured person's reputation, resulting in damages. To prove that defamation occurred, the plaintiff in a defamation case must prove all of the following:

    The defendant made a statement (spoken or written); The statement was false; The defendant published the statement by speaking it or sending it in writing to a third person; and The publication of the false statement injured the plaintiff’s reputation, making the plaintiff entitled to damages. Injured plaintiffs who are private citizens only have to prove the four elements listed above. An injured plaintiff who is a “public figure,” however, has to prove these four elements plus one more: that the defendant published the statement with “actual malice.” The name “actual malice” is misleading. Although the phrase conjures up images of defendants hatching evil plots to harm the plaintiff, a nefarious purpose isn’t required to prove actual malice. Rather, actual malice occurs when: The defendant publishes a statement about the plaintiff he knows is false; or The defendant publishes a statement about the plaintiff with reckless disregard for whether it is false or true. In other words, defendants who make statements about public figures are expected to do some background research if they doubt the statement is true. They are also expected not to publish any statement that they know is not true. For example, suppose that a newspaper reporter receives an anonymous phone call. The person on the other end tells the reporter that the city’s mayor hires illegal immigrants at sub-minimum wages to run her pickle factory. The reporter puts this statement in his feature article about the mayor without bothering to check whether it’s true, even though he’s pretty sure it’s false. In this case, the reporter may be liable for defamation, because his failure to double-check the statement even though he had actual doubts whether it was true meets the “actual malice” requirement. Actual malice is based on what the defendant was actually thinking at the time he published the defamatory statement. In this way, public-figure defamation cases differ from private-figure defamation cases. Private individuals only have to show negligence, or that a reasonable person would have researched the statement before publishing it. Public figures, however, must show not what a “reasonable person” would have done, but what this defendant actually did. In order for the actual malice standard to apply, the plaintiff must be a “public figure.” Who counts as a “public figure” often depends on the facts in a particular case. “Public figures” usually fall into one of three categories: the public official, the all-purpose public figure, and the limited-purpose public figure. A “public official” is someone who holds a government office. Public officials can be either elected, such as the President, governor or legislators, or they can be appointed, such as the heads of federal and state departments. A public official who sues for defamation will have to meet the “actual malice” standard in nearly every case. Since public officials run things, courts have held that their actions are matters of public interest, even after the official has left office. An “all-purpose public figure” is someone whose fame or position regularly puts them in the public eye. Celebrities, sports stars, and the heads of well-known companies are often all-purpose public figures. Like a public official, an all-purpose public figure nearly always has to prove “actual malice.” Even if an all-purpose public figure has retired, he remains a public figure as long as the source of his fame is of interest to the public. Finally, a “limited-purpose public figure” is one whose work on or relationship to a particular topic or issue brought her into the spotlight, but who remains a private citizen in most other regards. For instance, an activist who fights for clean water protections or a researcher known for her work on a certain disease may be a limited-purpose public figure when their specialty comes up. A limited-purpose public figure has to prove “actual malice” when a statement applies to her involvement in their topic or issue, but not when a statement refers to her personal life. For instance, suppose that the college roommate of a famous zoologist makes a statement claiming that the zoologist actually flunked her freshman biology class and that therefore her degree is a fake. The zoologist will likely have to prove “actual malice” because the comment relates to the area for which she is known, which is zoology. However, if the roommate stated that the zoologist was cheating on her spouse, the zoologist would probably not have to prove “actual malice,” because statements about her infidelity are not related to her career as a famous zoologist. All three types of public figures must prove “actual malice” in certain cases, whether they are still in the public eye or have retired. Generally, the doings of a public figure, especially those that relate to his fame, are considered to be matters of public interest even if the public figure is not in the spotlight at the particular moment a statement is made."
    So there you have it. With regard to Andrew Maguire, it is likely that he is a public figure, and therefore, would have to prove malice. This would take hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees, plus the time and effort, and for what? Andrew would still have to prove that he was legally harmed, that is, that Andrew can show a tangible loss. How can he possibly do that? So, that pinhead loser Christian gets to slander and defame Andrew all he wants, with no consequence. The elites know this. So, the takeaway, is WHY NOW, and WHY SO PUBLICLY? Read Jim Willie for an interesting explanation. Or, read any of the stuff TF posts, or links to, or read any of the other enlightened posts from any of the posters here. That's why. Keep stacking.
    Nov 11, 2013 - 1:11pm

    That thing you do

    That thing you do, Turd, you do well. Clarity in our murky world of power and influence is indeed a total rarity. Thank you as we await TEOTWAWKI.

    Nov 11, 2013 - 1:12pm

    for what it's worth...

    I'm just a young family guy from one of the smallest countries in the world but I have, always have had and will always 100% have your back.

    oh.. and I've been on a personal vendetta against hai spamming from day one!

    Sneed Hearn
    Nov 11, 2013 - 1:15pm

    Trader Dan

    Has Norcini also become one of the enemy? He certainly questions the idea that the cartel is behind the price gyrations and has for some time. I'm not sure what to think except I know that group think is dangerous, make that very dangerous.

    Nov 11, 2013 - 1:16pm

    Spot On

    A duck really IS a duck.

    Very well done !

    (donation on the way)

    Nov 11, 2013 - 1:16pm

    OT I have 36 good/cull silver


    I have 36 good/cull silver dollars I would like to sell, asking $18 each.

    PM me if you are interested.

    Nov 11, 2013 - 1:20pm

    Mr. Fix . . . Reagan predicted Obamacare . . .

    You have a reverence for Reagan, some of which is apropo. Reagan meant well, I think, and did many good things. Of course, he was the first president to really ramp up the increase in government debt, but I guess he felt it was right and proper to do so, given where we were when he took over.

    Anyway, back in 1961 he predicted what would have to happen in order to socialize medicine. Enter Obamacare.

    Nov 11, 2013 - 1:23pm


    Also has its own gold and silver price charts.

    Urban Roman
    Nov 11, 2013 - 1:28pm

    As for the dispute with Andy

    I can't really stand to read it for very long. Waste of attention.

    It's all ad-hominem attack, with the kitco weenie saying "Andy is ugly and his mommy dresses him funny", or the equivalent. I don't have time for it. The kitco weenie's name is not written in this comment, because to utter a name is to support the thing you name, to give it validity...

    And I won't miss hai, though at least his/her posts never took very long to scroll past.

    Nov 11, 2013 - 1:29pm

    Good idea Turd, it's about

    Good idea Turd, it's about time PM investors starved the cartel supporting sites of our support.

    Nov 11, 2013 - 1:29pm

    Your revelation makes

    Your revelation makes sense since most of us are looking for 2 things:

    1- FACTS (as best as they can be ferreted out)

    2-An informed discussion

    Armed with this information "we" can take steps to get prepared for what must come. Unfortunately for us we are living at the end of an era and headed into darkness rather that into light.

    Together, we can talk, argue, theorize about the best way to PROTECT ourselves from what the sociopath's that are running things are doing.

    Turd...(sorry can't call you Craig yet)... the fact that you are a man of great experience and grounded perspective helps us to understand why you are on this altruistic mission to help others. Your revelation only makes the thesis of this site STRONGER.

    Thanks for taking off the yellow hat for a few minutes and helping us understand that you are in fact one of the good guys....and not some pseudonym with less than honorable intentions.

    Now put it back on and get back up on that soapbox!

    We are here to support you and help each other.

    Today of all days is most appropriate since this is Rememberance Day...a day to ponder those who died a real death so that we could have what we have.

    World War III is being fought today. However, it is being fought via computers where the goal of the participants is to carve out control of the entire world and the consequences in the real world are deemed to be irrelevant....collapse a few countries, drive up food prices for the poor, wipe out the savings and livelihoods of the people, push more off the list of "looking for work"...finally kill the unwanted currencies and nations themselves are all bi-products of this evil mega-trend to once and for all own and control and shape the Monopoly board that we call earth... and home.

    It is our collective HOPE that precious metals will remain standing when all of this comes to its logical conclusion. Frankly, it's the only hope we have of surviving it since we are the "irrelevant".

    Great post Turd and welcome...we thank you for all that you have done and continue to do!


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