Sick of The Lies and The Liars

Mon, Nov 11, 2013 - 12:13pm

I'm no longer willing to let the Cartel apologists run roughshod over the good guys. I will not back down and I will not allow you to be misled and deceived.

Simply put, I'm fed up.

Fed up with the lies and The Liars that promote them. I could turn this into a 1000-word post, replete with examples and counter-points but I've already done that countless times and I don't want to get sidetracked. This post is dedicated to The Liars.

Let's begin with two, simple points. The current, fiat currency scheme is based solely upon trust and confidence. Without trust and confidence, the scheme collapses. The ultimate indicator of lack of trust and confidence is gold. Gold and silver are money. They have been for millennia and shall be forever.

The current system scheme fraud has been explained in many ways by many different analysts. None, however, have explained it more clearly than Mike Maloney and his team at Please take time, right now, to watch this entire video. Then, copy the link and send it to all of your friends and family. Knowledge is power and, if we are to escape our inexorable march to serfdom, as many as possible must be awakened and informed.

Now that you understand how the system scheme fraud works, you should finally have an appreciation for the rationale of gold price suppression. Again, gold is sound money and a rising price represents a direct threat to the hegemony of the current system of power. It is therefore logical that it's price would be suppressed and manipulated by the controlling powers. As detailed in Ferdinand Lips' outstanding book "Gold Wars" (, this manipulation has continued for decades:

  • Following Bretton Woods, the price of gold was directly managed to keep it near the "exchange rate" of $35/ounce throughout the decade of the 1950s.
  • The London Gold Pool was created in 1961. Supplied with gold by eight, different countries, the goal of the "Pool" was to supply dump physical gold into the market each time gold threatened to move away from $35/ounce.
  • After Milhous the 1st closed "the gold window" in 1971, there was a clamor to acquire physical gold. American citizens were finally allowed to purchase gold again on 1/1/75. Created expressly to control price, Comex gold futures began trading on 12/31/74.
  • You see, gold manipulation is not a "conspiracy theory", it is a HISTORICAL FACT. Those that deny this FACT can only do so under the following conditions:

  • That person is underinformed and/or naive.
  • That person is an ardent believer in the status quo (see bullet point above).
  • That person has an agenda and is purposefully trying to mislead you.
  • Which brings me to the point of this post. I'm sick of playing defense. The Liars and Cartel Apologists regularly run misrepresentations and half-truths, while at the same time performing character assassination on those who are simply trying to awaken the masses to the seriousness of the situation and warn of what lies ahead.

    Personally, I've been labeled as a "charlatan" and a "cult leader". It's been written that I am only interested in "trolling for donations" and "ad clicks" but this is nothing compared to the constant harassment of folks such as Jim Sinclair, Chris and Bill at GATA and Andrew Maguire. But we are all only interested in the truth and have nothing to hide so why should we be put on the defensive all of the time? The time for defense is over.

    Who is Jeffrey Christian and what is his business? How about his pals ErikT, Bron and Kitco? What are their motives? What about sites like Screwtape and "personalities" like Kid Dynamite? Who supports them and what drives their interest? Since gold price suppression is HISTORICAL FACT, what is the hidden agenda of these folks? Are they on the take, secretly supported by a cabal of interests, intent on preserving the status quo?

    In the interest of full disclosure, read this:

    My name is Craig Hemke. I live in Kansas, USA. I've been trading commodities options for over 25 years while working as a stockbroker and mutual fund wholesaler. After leaving the corporate ladder in 2008, I opened two businesses. One was a spectacular failure ( and the other (a frozen yogurt store) is barely scraping by. All of my interest in this subject matter comes from the heart and a desire to prepare myself and my family for what lies ahead. I share my insights willingly through this site, which many thousands worldwide visit on a daily basis. My work is supported and this site is made possible by the advertisers on the right side of the page, affiliations in the "store", periodic donations from grateful readers and the Vault subscribers. That's it. I have nothing to hide. No hidden agenda or deep-pocketed sponsors.

    I challenge those that disparage me and my efforts to similarly make their intentions public. Who is Kid Dynamite? Who really are Jeanne d'Arc, the crew at Screwtape and the bloggers of the Kitco boards? What are their names and what are their real jobs? What is Jeffrey Christian's background and who are CPM Group's clients? Who are his sources and from where does he get his information? What is CPM's business model and how do they profit? How about Kitco and The Perth Mint? Perhaps they can explain how pooled, unallocated accounts work. I'm not alleging fraud or malfeasance but I do think that folks need to know where there might be conflicts of interest in this fight. Bron Sucheki is a registered user of this site so perhaps he'll take a few moments to comment.

    Lastly, it's time to make some changes. For starters, I was alerted to this article over the weekend:

    As a response, I suggest and will do the following:

    • Hard Assets Investor, for promoting the lies and misinformation of Jeffrey Christian, has been banned from this site. As their only contribution has been to spam threads with links, they likely won't be missed.
    • I want to strongly urge everyone currently doing business with Bullion Vault to consider other alternatives. They picked up the HAI article and reposted it to their site. The simple question is: Why would anyone seeking The Truth support a site and business that promotes the garbage that The Liars spew? Please consider Hard Assets Alliance and GoldMoney, instead. Both are affiliates of this site.
    • As soon as they can get to it, The Tech Team will be removing the Kitco charts from the homepage of this site as I do not want to be associated with them in any way. Not sure which company's charts will replace them but I'm open to ideas.
    • Any references to Jeffrey Christian and all future attempts by him to disparage, slander and libel the character of those seeking The Truth will be met rebuttal and demand for full disclosure and honest representation of motive.

    In the end, and as stated above, knowledge is power. You must educate yourself. Take the time to watch and rewatch the videos from Mike Maloney and others. Read Mr. Lips' extraordinary book. This is not a time for passive apathy. You must know history in order to prepare for what is to come because "what is past is prologue" and the tempest of upheaval is upon us. This site will always be here to assure you that you are not alone in this fight. Persevere and prepare and be sure to always seek The Truth.

    TF (Craig)

    p.s. As you search for The Truth, please don't set out on a road trip, seeking the counsel of the all-knowing Turd. All that I know is already provided through this site. Besides, you must be mindful that you never want to sneak up on someone who is always and at all times prepared for anything.

    About the Author

    tfmetalsreport [at] gmail [dot] com ()


    Nov 14, 2013 - 2:01pm

    1st Post From A Lurker Since Watchtower Days

    I've lurked this site since the WatchTower days...everyday...remember the library books as a background to the mainpage? Yeah, it's been a wild ride up and down.

    I want to first publicly thank Craig for all the work he's done. He never forgets the posting the Mike Maloney video to educate us further. But this particular post and it's refreshing truth and candor speaks volumes about The Turd. Listen, I'm 55 years old, and been a 'street business guy' and I can tell you that only people who give a damn and have some deep integrity get upset these days. That's the hallmark of good person. We all know that if somebody just doesn't give a flying fig about justice, what kind of a person are they?

    And there is no greater social issue than justice on earth for black white and brown than an acknowledgement that everyone from the high to low in society deserves a vehicle by which to have their work/blood sweat and tears safely honored and respected. Not degraded. PM's function in that capacity...for everyone regardless of social status or intellect. That's why Gold is called "God's Metal" my book. (Not that it's formed in some galaxy) This is justice.

    Craig hasn't lost sight of this, and it shows in his indignation. Mark that boys.

    So, thank you Craig from my heart and Bravo for a great site.

    Lou P.

    I'm here everday.

    Nov 14, 2013 - 9:25am

    perfectly understandable

    Carib: "His intentions are good/long term analysis, but his knowledge of timing the market is shockingly bad! I hope all our sakes and especially Craig's, that finally, he gets his timing close to right and its in the next year or so!"

    ancientmoney: "So, why in the hell are you reading this stuff, and making decisions based on it when you are so knowledgeable? Seems to me you are trying to make fiat profits from PMs. Good luck with that."

    Seems to me (without knowing the guy) that he probably -- like virtually all of us -- is seeking to increase his purchasing power, whether or not with fiat intermediation. So far it has not worked, for him. And so he is frustrated. Perfectly understandable.

    And as for why the hell he is reading this stuff: He is reading this stuff because this stuff is what got him into the present predicament, and he is hoping that there is some over-arching wisdom in it -- wisdom that will help him make some sense of the predicament, and eventually find his way out, perhaps with some nice purchasing power increase (or, failing that, at least with his skin intact). Perfectly understandable.

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