Perspective - We Have it All Wrong!

Wed, Nov 6, 2013 - 11:55pm
Here is a thought experiment. For the next few moments, imagine that you were one of the elites, totally enmeshed and invested in the status quo. All of your Ivy League training, your wealth, generational in nature, supports every logical thought that ever pops into your head. You are an expert on arcane, esoteric subjects, an intellectual, a thinker, someone to be revered for your intellect, tact, and above all, wisdom because you are an elite, tried and tested, schooled and raised with other elites, vetted, safe to listen to, and not one who will question the paradigm or assert something unthinkable, such as a different point of view.
I know it is hard to think that way, but you are here at this site, so you are used to thinking critically. So, put yourself in that role, and let’s explore something so basic, as to have been overlooked by all of us, for years, even until this very day. So here goes . . .
The Elites Have Correctly Evaluated the Present Situation
Bread and circuses. So long as the peasants have something to eat that provides a sensation of fulfillment and satiety, and together have distractions in the form of cheap, free entertainment, in unlimited amounts, then the Elites have provided all they need to provide. So, look at the high fructose corn syrup permeating nearly everything at the supermarkets and mini-marts across America, the franken-GMO-foods laden with preservatives, MSG, sodium, stripped of nutrients but loaded with feel-good chemicals and endorphin-producing sugars and sweeteners, then ask whether the peasants would be happier with NOTHING to eat, or with this artificial food to eat? Look at any supermarket in the USA, and look at the packages filled with utter crap, devoid of nutrition. Look at the frozen foods section. Ready made meals for ONE, just pop in the microwave. Look at the beer selection, the wine selection, the over the counter pharmaceuticals, ask yourself why the beer section alone takes more space than the fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh meat sections, combined?
The Elites have taken the stigma away from government aid at the checkout counter. There are no food stamps. There is a plastic card reader. It can be a credit card, an ATM card, or an EBT card, and the person next in line knows not what form of payment the person at the machine reader used to make the purchase. The masses can buy GMO Franken-food anywhere: the gas station, the minimart, the supermarket, a vending machine, just about anywhere there is a plastic card reader. There is also the ubiquitous fast food industry, which products are literally everywhere. There are gas stations combined with fast food joints, so that one can get gas for the car, while consuming high fructose corn syrup in high quantities, getting a quick high from the glycogen bolus in the bloodstream, along with a caffeine jolt if the meal came with a drink. There are also cheap prices, literally, pennies for some items, such that getting a full belly is not a real problem at all just about anywhere one happens to be. Junk food is so plentiful, that the homeless beggars basically dumpster dive and are able to feed themselves with hardly blinking an eye, and if that is too much effort, there are plenty of homeless programs, and giveaways in every single major city, such that going hungry is a choice. So, there is no real problem getting some form of carbohydrates into one’s body, anywhere in the USA.
By my accounts, from the Elites’ perspective, they have succeeded wildly in feeding the masses. The Elites care not about nutrition for the masses, though. Why should they? The masses are really just barely removed from beasts, while the Elites are there to rule over the masses, because the masses cannot provide for themselves. See the circular reasoning? IF the masses though for themselves, they would NOT eat the nutritionless franken-foods, and perhaps then there would be real questions asked of the Elites as to why the Elites were not providing for the masses. But, because the Elites do in fact provide the illusion that nutritional food is available, and should be, and is eaten by the masses, and because the masses do not rise up in revolutionary furor, the Elites correctly surmise that no such rebellion will ever occur, and the ONLY thing the Elites must do is to keep a ready supply of franken foods available to the masses at all costs.
But food alone will not quell the uprising. The masses cannot be allowed to think. They must be fed intoxicants or be provided with sensational distractions, or ushered into a false dichotomy where the illusion exists that there are alternative choices but which choices are in the end one and the same. Television is free. DirecTV dishes are on every single Section 8 apartment complex in the country, as well as every single public housing complex. There are constant forms of entertainment for the masses, with sporting events, television shows, specials, and the occasional breaking news story of something sensational like a Royal Wedding or birth or some such nonsense. Fomenting a popular uprising, in the face of a nation full of Paxil, Welbutrin, Oxycontin consuming zombies, coupled with unrelenting distractions from free TV and a popular culture that is force fed upon the masses, is impossible.
There is no real effort to learn history, or any real reward for those who do, other than to be called tinfoil-wearing conspiracy nuts. So, the Elites correctly, and successfully, provide that which the masses demand. There is no shortage of demand for more popular culture TV shows. Look at Breaking Bad. That show, while awesome, I must admit, when it ended, there was a clamor for more. Of course there is! The masses do not want to do any real effort, to learn, by reading history, or learning about finance, or the fiat scam, or the federal reserve. Who can blame them? Is it even rational for us to criticize those that simply choose to not know the truth, and to affirmatively choose to remain ignorant?
Bread and circuses.
The Elites Have Correctly, and Compassionately Provided for the Masses
Is it compassionate to allow the masses to starve? No, of course not, the Elites believe. No matter that the “food” consumed is so filled with poisons as to create a massively likely shortened life expectancy. No matter that the pink slime sold as chicken in fast food joints is chemically similar to plastic, and just and nutritionless and just as deadly if consumed in quantities. So, the Elites create mass production of corn, grown from laboratory strains, which have been proven to so destabilize the environment, that even bees cannot survive, all out of compassion to the masses so that the masses do not starve to death. See, if the fake foods were not provided to the masses, then REAL food would have to be provided. But, the costs would be prohibitive. So there would naturally be shortages, and suffering. So, it is better to prevent suffering altogether; hence, what exists is the compassionate, patronizing viewpoint of the Elites.
The Elites Are Struggling with Unforeseeable and Unforeseen Events, and Should be Rewarded for their Patience and Compassion
Who could have predicted the dot com bubble, or the housing bubble, or the treasury bubble, or the equity bubble . . . ? Really, no one, right?
So, like then, and like now, what do the Elites do now, when there are sudden developments that, if unaddressed, would collapse the system? Easy! Truth is the enemy of the Elites. They own the media, they walk all halls of power, and wield every single lever of power, all through fiat money. They control fiat money creation, distribution and from there, asset valuation and hence universal power. Their fake money allows for distribution of intoxicants to the masses, in ever increasing scale, but the masses clamor for more, more, MOAR!
IF there is disruption, it is dealt with by providing MOAR free shi- to the free shi- army. Simple as that. When in doubt, whip it [fiat] out!
Look at New Orleans, or New Jersey and the effort to provide for the victims of the hurricanes. While noble, truly in those cases, the model is the same. When in doubt, throw dollars at it, at least as long as dollars are perceived as holding any semblance of value.
The Elites correctly, unfortunately, view themselves as having to make all the hard decisions. The masses just trudge to the trough, eat what is given to them, slink off to lounge around and be entertained, then sleep. Day after miserable day. No one starves, the EBT cards are replenished. The middle class slogs off to drudgery in their dead end jobs, or go to school on free govt loans, and “go to work in some high rise and vacation down at the Gulf of Mexico, oh yeah.” Little pink houses for you and me. (Thanks John Cougar!)
The Elites Understand that No System is Perfect, But Because the Masses Know No Better, Such Imperfections Can Be Addressed Over Time, With Solutions Crafted by the Elites, Who Know Better than the Masses What to Do About Such Things
So, because the Elites are geniuses, instilled with innate brilliance unheard of in the commoners, no, there is no effort to reform that very system which actually works as intended. Did Bernanke screw up? Ask him!
According to him, how? The masses are being fed, there are plenty of intoxicants and distractions, the Elites are still in charge, there is no uprising or revolution! So what that the masses have less wealth than before? The masses do not know what to do with wealth anyway, look at how stupid they are owning liabilities, like depreciating, cost-intensive residential housing units, or double digit interest credit cards, or the newest and shiniest vehicles to come off the factory floors, while shunning wealth-generating or at worst wealth preserving assets like precious metals, or farmland?
The useless eaters cannot even think for themselves, and if they did, they should be thanking Bernanke, so the argument goes. Those poor suckers in the third world, with the USA exported inflation creating real hardship. They are not Americans, or Europeans, or Chinese who do what they are told anyway, or Indians or any other of the BRICS, whose leaders grow weary of the bully USA, but have no power individually to address it or stop it, let alone question it and become dangerously isolated to the point of being Heisenberged.
Remember the North Korean leader? What happened to him and the danger to the West of the pending Nuclear strikes? What about the dangerous Iranians? Or the Syrians? Or the Libyans? Oops, those last two ended up sort of being on the front page for a bit. Quick, we need a distraction! Someone show a Kardashian boob!
The status quo is working perfectly. Us tin-foil hatters are the fringe lunatics after all. We were the ones saying that Arafat was killed by polonium in an assassination hit, and ridiculed. Just like we are all saying that the fiat system is a ponzi scheme, that gold and silver are manipulated by the Elites to maintain the status quo, because if gold and silver were allowed to trade freely, then the masses would quickly catch on and dump the fake bankster paper . . .
You know, a clear conspiracy that turned out to be, well, true . . .

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Nov 8, 2013 - 7:52am

@ ancientmoney Re: Zero drainage at SLV

JPM is the FED or at the very least doing the FEDS work. Perhaps the world is heading towards a two tiered currency system. East - Gold base and in the West Silver base.

President Kennedy's Executive Order 11110 gave the Treasury Department the explicit authority: "to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury". Maybe the plan is to reinstate this executive order? This might explain the no drainage.

Nov 8, 2013 - 12:55am

ECB rate cut - gold goes up...then...

Many thought easing monetary policy in the Euro area would push 'up' gold prices (including Santa - J Sinclair).

Well, gold first did go upon the cut. Yes.

Then the same old gang did the tap down!

Then the complete hoax of GDP number! Wow, lets guess at the soon to be revision : maybe 1.8 is my guess.

But the cabal must prepare for jobs friday, and I think that is why PM's are down, that is the big reason.

Nov 8, 2013 - 12:44am

Don't think for a second TPTB

Don't think for a second TPTB care about the masses. Content clueless satiated slaves are much easier to control than disgruntled aware hungry ones. Nothing is done for the benefit of the masses unless it ultimately benefits TPTB. I concur this is ultimately about control, wealth is just the tool to achieve it on a mass scale. But for what purpose? I am assuming the goal is to be the first to truly 'rule' the world? Then what?

This 'reality' we live in is a mess. My handle is an accurate description of how I feel. The more you learn the more WTF if gets. It makes me sick to my heart and soul. Mankind is destroying the earth. There are too many humans. But if we've squandered our human, technological and earthly resources to create what we have now (a world built on deception, greed, and control) then certainly we can redirect those same resources for something much much better? It is possible.

TPTB are not going to have a sudden change of heart, they are controlled by that which they covet. How do we get honorable men in positions of real power if in order to obtain real power you have to be a sociopathic?

The forces at play on the world stage are staggering. They've been at this game for centuries. It's like David taking on an Army of Goliaths. But I refuse to throw in the towel. There is always a weak spot. We must find a way.

Nov 7, 2013 - 11:53pm

This could get "Interesting"...

Just got this from an email supplier...

"A nasty new virus, which literally takes all of your files, on your computer and connected servers, is making its way around the internet.

Called the CRYPTOLOCKER VIRUS, this virus literally encrypts all of the data files on your computer as well as any other network connected computers. This virus, quite literally, renders your files useless. Once a computer(s) is infected, a ransom is then demanded, and if not paid within 48 hours, the cost is multiplied. The most common way for this virus to be transmitted is via ZIP files and PDF files at this time. While we do perform multiple SPAM and Virus checks on all incoming email, this virus is constanly mutating its "signature" and as a result, virus scanning software has not yet been shown to be able to consistently detect the virus." Here are some pertinant links about this new virus: Makes me think of Bix's List article posted above... What if they infected some bank or another???
Nov 7, 2013 - 10:21pm

@Bugsy-A great question!

It always comes down to 1 person.

Someone, somewhere, pulls the 1 string that pulls all the other strings.

The strings on the Vatican, City of London, BIS, District of Columbia, the Monarchy, FED, Rockerfeller etc.

Incredible to entertain the idea that someone, somewhere picks up the phone and activates a policy direction affecting the masses.

I believe that all the usual suspects (Jacob Rothschild, Evelyn (London Bros?), Queenie etc, thought to rule the World, are probably the visible tier 2 levels.

The number 1, for all we know could be a Chineese individual, and is firmly in the shadows. The masses may never know, even with a NWO imposed on us in the future, who actually calls the shots to all the visible power brokers.

Nov 7, 2013 - 9:48pm


"So, who exactly are the bad guys?"

Grrrreat question!

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Nov 7, 2013 - 9:37pm

delacroix: quaint prince philip

He was right -- for 1984. Thirty years ago, the population growth rate had been soaring for decades, and any intelligent person concerned about the fate of the earth was naturally concerned about population pressure. Even in 1994, it was still possible to hold that view, although by then the rate of growth had already plateaued and begun its descent. Today, it is obvious that the population problem is solving itself, and there is no longer a need for such dramatic warnings. A combination of factors (better nutrition, education, medical care, urbanization, etc.) has produced what is called the "demographic transition", and fertility is dropping off a cliff, almost everywhere except sub-saharan Africa. Paradoxically, the industrial and technological developments that originally led to the great population explosion (which was feared by many, and rightly so) are in the process of SOLVING the great population explosion. It is one of the great success stories of our age. But the Prince was correct: in 1984, it DID look like the human race was becoming a sort of plague specie, growing out of control as it had been (with all that that implies as regards ecosystems, other species, etc.). This was not an expression of elite disdain for the commoners, much less was it an expression of genocidal intent (as some paranoid whackos might have it!); it was an expression of simple common sense and global concern on the part of an intelligent and informed man AT THAT TIME. Perfectly understandable and justifiable, for that time. But now, things have changed.

Nov 7, 2013 - 9:20pm


Thanks for your input. Much appreciated and as someone who has treated several members of the elite I can verify that indeed your account is accurate. However you are addressing a select group. These are people who have a fairly evolved conscience, who are aware that while their privileged position has arisen from a great deal of hard work they are also privy to opportunities that others have not had. Such are worth their weight in gold (sorry for the pun).

But as in all sectors of any society it is not a full scale representation. Without a moral backbone the opportunites available to the elite can be utilized for less than ideal activities and this is the group that we often rail against. Since CL addressed food in his article, Monsanto's activities come to mind. People at the very top are making some long term health threatening decisions that affect humans and the ecological system at many levels. Tantamount to manslaughter really, but no one would ever say something to that effect out loud.

alan2102I Run Bartertown
Nov 7, 2013 - 9:20pm

IRB: Gates

"Nonsense. Gates just put $1M into a Gubernatorial race for a state he does not live in. He puts money into winning idealogical battles like immigration. That is quite different from 'philanthropy' in the pure sense. It's taking a clear side."

So what? I didn't say Gates was an angel, completely free from ideological biases, or that he never tries to influence politics. I pointed out what he is doing with his BIG money: it is all going to charity, philanthropic efforts to improve health of underserved populations. You're saying... what? That the occasional million he throws at some rinky-dink local election, or pet domestic cause, somehow nullifies the TENS OF BILLIONS (essentially his entire fortune) that he has devoted as he has? I don't get it.

rxmanGold Dog
Nov 7, 2013 - 9:02pm


I admire you. I feel you are a humble and grateful man. Hey...I would like to know how your friends think about g n s. Very much enjoy your humor. rxman

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