Perspective - We Have it All Wrong!

Wed, Nov 6, 2013 - 11:55pm
Here is a thought experiment. For the next few moments, imagine that you were one of the elites, totally enmeshed and invested in the status quo. All of your Ivy League training, your wealth, generational in nature, supports every logical thought that ever pops into your head. You are an expert on arcane, esoteric subjects, an intellectual, a thinker, someone to be revered for your intellect, tact, and above all, wisdom because you are an elite, tried and tested, schooled and raised with other elites, vetted, safe to listen to, and not one who will question the paradigm or assert something unthinkable, such as a different point of view.
I know it is hard to think that way, but you are here at this site, so you are used to thinking critically. So, put yourself in that role, and let’s explore something so basic, as to have been overlooked by all of us, for years, even until this very day. So here goes . . .
The Elites Have Correctly Evaluated the Present Situation
Bread and circuses. So long as the peasants have something to eat that provides a sensation of fulfillment and satiety, and together have distractions in the form of cheap, free entertainment, in unlimited amounts, then the Elites have provided all they need to provide. So, look at the high fructose corn syrup permeating nearly everything at the supermarkets and mini-marts across America, the franken-GMO-foods laden with preservatives, MSG, sodium, stripped of nutrients but loaded with feel-good chemicals and endorphin-producing sugars and sweeteners, then ask whether the peasants would be happier with NOTHING to eat, or with this artificial food to eat? Look at any supermarket in the USA, and look at the packages filled with utter crap, devoid of nutrition. Look at the frozen foods section. Ready made meals for ONE, just pop in the microwave. Look at the beer selection, the wine selection, the over the counter pharmaceuticals, ask yourself why the beer section alone takes more space than the fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh meat sections, combined?
The Elites have taken the stigma away from government aid at the checkout counter. There are no food stamps. There is a plastic card reader. It can be a credit card, an ATM card, or an EBT card, and the person next in line knows not what form of payment the person at the machine reader used to make the purchase. The masses can buy GMO Franken-food anywhere: the gas station, the minimart, the supermarket, a vending machine, just about anywhere there is a plastic card reader. There is also the ubiquitous fast food industry, which products are literally everywhere. There are gas stations combined with fast food joints, so that one can get gas for the car, while consuming high fructose corn syrup in high quantities, getting a quick high from the glycogen bolus in the bloodstream, along with a caffeine jolt if the meal came with a drink. There are also cheap prices, literally, pennies for some items, such that getting a full belly is not a real problem at all just about anywhere one happens to be. Junk food is so plentiful, that the homeless beggars basically dumpster dive and are able to feed themselves with hardly blinking an eye, and if that is too much effort, there are plenty of homeless programs, and giveaways in every single major city, such that going hungry is a choice. So, there is no real problem getting some form of carbohydrates into one’s body, anywhere in the USA.
By my accounts, from the Elites’ perspective, they have succeeded wildly in feeding the masses. The Elites care not about nutrition for the masses, though. Why should they? The masses are really just barely removed from beasts, while the Elites are there to rule over the masses, because the masses cannot provide for themselves. See the circular reasoning? IF the masses though for themselves, they would NOT eat the nutritionless franken-foods, and perhaps then there would be real questions asked of the Elites as to why the Elites were not providing for the masses. But, because the Elites do in fact provide the illusion that nutritional food is available, and should be, and is eaten by the masses, and because the masses do not rise up in revolutionary furor, the Elites correctly surmise that no such rebellion will ever occur, and the ONLY thing the Elites must do is to keep a ready supply of franken foods available to the masses at all costs.
But food alone will not quell the uprising. The masses cannot be allowed to think. They must be fed intoxicants or be provided with sensational distractions, or ushered into a false dichotomy where the illusion exists that there are alternative choices but which choices are in the end one and the same. Television is free. DirecTV dishes are on every single Section 8 apartment complex in the country, as well as every single public housing complex. There are constant forms of entertainment for the masses, with sporting events, television shows, specials, and the occasional breaking news story of something sensational like a Royal Wedding or birth or some such nonsense. Fomenting a popular uprising, in the face of a nation full of Paxil, Welbutrin, Oxycontin consuming zombies, coupled with unrelenting distractions from free TV and a popular culture that is force fed upon the masses, is impossible.
There is no real effort to learn history, or any real reward for those who do, other than to be called tinfoil-wearing conspiracy nuts. So, the Elites correctly, and successfully, provide that which the masses demand. There is no shortage of demand for more popular culture TV shows. Look at Breaking Bad. That show, while awesome, I must admit, when it ended, there was a clamor for more. Of course there is! The masses do not want to do any real effort, to learn, by reading history, or learning about finance, or the fiat scam, or the federal reserve. Who can blame them? Is it even rational for us to criticize those that simply choose to not know the truth, and to affirmatively choose to remain ignorant?
Bread and circuses.
The Elites Have Correctly, and Compassionately Provided for the Masses
Is it compassionate to allow the masses to starve? No, of course not, the Elites believe. No matter that the “food” consumed is so filled with poisons as to create a massively likely shortened life expectancy. No matter that the pink slime sold as chicken in fast food joints is chemically similar to plastic, and just and nutritionless and just as deadly if consumed in quantities. So, the Elites create mass production of corn, grown from laboratory strains, which have been proven to so destabilize the environment, that even bees cannot survive, all out of compassion to the masses so that the masses do not starve to death. See, if the fake foods were not provided to the masses, then REAL food would have to be provided. But, the costs would be prohibitive. So there would naturally be shortages, and suffering. So, it is better to prevent suffering altogether; hence, what exists is the compassionate, patronizing viewpoint of the Elites.
The Elites Are Struggling with Unforeseeable and Unforeseen Events, and Should be Rewarded for their Patience and Compassion
Who could have predicted the dot com bubble, or the housing bubble, or the treasury bubble, or the equity bubble . . . ? Really, no one, right?
So, like then, and like now, what do the Elites do now, when there are sudden developments that, if unaddressed, would collapse the system? Easy! Truth is the enemy of the Elites. They own the media, they walk all halls of power, and wield every single lever of power, all through fiat money. They control fiat money creation, distribution and from there, asset valuation and hence universal power. Their fake money allows for distribution of intoxicants to the masses, in ever increasing scale, but the masses clamor for more, more, MOAR!
IF there is disruption, it is dealt with by providing MOAR free shi- to the free shi- army. Simple as that. When in doubt, whip it [fiat] out!
Look at New Orleans, or New Jersey and the effort to provide for the victims of the hurricanes. While noble, truly in those cases, the model is the same. When in doubt, throw dollars at it, at least as long as dollars are perceived as holding any semblance of value.
The Elites correctly, unfortunately, view themselves as having to make all the hard decisions. The masses just trudge to the trough, eat what is given to them, slink off to lounge around and be entertained, then sleep. Day after miserable day. No one starves, the EBT cards are replenished. The middle class slogs off to drudgery in their dead end jobs, or go to school on free govt loans, and “go to work in some high rise and vacation down at the Gulf of Mexico, oh yeah.” Little pink houses for you and me. (Thanks John Cougar!)
The Elites Understand that No System is Perfect, But Because the Masses Know No Better, Such Imperfections Can Be Addressed Over Time, With Solutions Crafted by the Elites, Who Know Better than the Masses What to Do About Such Things
So, because the Elites are geniuses, instilled with innate brilliance unheard of in the commoners, no, there is no effort to reform that very system which actually works as intended. Did Bernanke screw up? Ask him!
According to him, how? The masses are being fed, there are plenty of intoxicants and distractions, the Elites are still in charge, there is no uprising or revolution! So what that the masses have less wealth than before? The masses do not know what to do with wealth anyway, look at how stupid they are owning liabilities, like depreciating, cost-intensive residential housing units, or double digit interest credit cards, or the newest and shiniest vehicles to come off the factory floors, while shunning wealth-generating or at worst wealth preserving assets like precious metals, or farmland?
The useless eaters cannot even think for themselves, and if they did, they should be thanking Bernanke, so the argument goes. Those poor suckers in the third world, with the USA exported inflation creating real hardship. They are not Americans, or Europeans, or Chinese who do what they are told anyway, or Indians or any other of the BRICS, whose leaders grow weary of the bully USA, but have no power individually to address it or stop it, let alone question it and become dangerously isolated to the point of being Heisenberged.
Remember the North Korean leader? What happened to him and the danger to the West of the pending Nuclear strikes? What about the dangerous Iranians? Or the Syrians? Or the Libyans? Oops, those last two ended up sort of being on the front page for a bit. Quick, we need a distraction! Someone show a Kardashian boob!
The status quo is working perfectly. Us tin-foil hatters are the fringe lunatics after all. We were the ones saying that Arafat was killed by polonium in an assassination hit, and ridiculed. Just like we are all saying that the fiat system is a ponzi scheme, that gold and silver are manipulated by the Elites to maintain the status quo, because if gold and silver were allowed to trade freely, then the masses would quickly catch on and dump the fake bankster paper . . .
You know, a clear conspiracy that turned out to be, well, true . . .

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Left Field
Nov 7, 2013 - 12:16am

Thanks CL

I get it. Those are the folks who support my local politicians who support only incremental change in the face of crisis.

they too have their blind spots and weak support networks. Their amassing of wealth and power dampens the power of our civil society to come together. I suspect that the quality of the food makes it hard to think well too.

i know this, when you can't afford to feed your self healthy food, you don't have the luxury to think for yourself either.

left field...

Ps. Top ten....real wealth there.

Nov 7, 2013 - 12:31am


CL great article

I really should go to bed, what the hell am I doing up.


Nov 7, 2013 - 12:40am


Can it really be my first oneth?

i think we tend to give the elites too much credit for diabolical planning. i think it is more a result of greedy human nature built into TPTB who at this point in time are Ivy Leaguers. it takes time to work through the generations (+/- 200yrs?) for the nepotism and cronyism to rot the system and the system fail before a new system rises. we are getting near the end of the current run.

stack on

ps thanks CL

Nov 7, 2013 - 12:57am

Nope not me

No wonder why I am here, I didn't drink their coolaid. No TV, no sports...none, read all my food labels and avoid high fructose corn syrup like the plague along with MSG. Get most of my meat from wild game. Go out to eat dinner maybe 6 times a year. My food is mostly fruits, vegetables and protein. I limit my carbs as best I can. My entertainment comes from the the mountains and forest. It is why I am become a hermit. Has anyone ever looked at what others put in their grocery carts? OMG no wonder I raise my own chixs for my eggs in the a.m. along with other habits that are not the norm.

CL I agree with you, just have chosen to go the other way opposite of suicide. Good night all.

Nov 7, 2013 - 1:49am


Katie has the answer after all.

Great post CL!

Nov 7, 2013 - 1:55am

Excellent read, CL

and you are right, of course -- from their perspective, the elites are doing pretty damn well.

… Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses[6]

[...] iam pridem, ex quo suffragia nulli / uendimus, effudit curas; nam qui dabat olim / imperium, fasces, legiones, omnia, nunc se / continet atque duas tantum res anxius optat, / panem et circenses. [...]

(Juvenal, Satire 10.77–81)

The question becomes -- where to from here? Is the erstwhile Republic now morphing into a truly dictatorial Empire -- or have we already passed that phase (largely unnoticed by the masses) and we are now waiting for the Goths and Vandals?

My own perspective is that revolutions only happen when the alternative (the status quo) is so unbearable as to spark a mass frenzy strong enough to try to sweep it away, whatever the price. The weakened, mis-nourished, pharmaceutically neutered and remote-viewer brainwashed majority of the populace would be unwilling and unable to rebel against a system that provides for all their desires (indeed, shapes and dictates those very desires). If anything, they would be inclined to protect the system.

The question is whether any shock or external factor could arise to change conditions (and thus attitudes) quickly enough -- or whether it might ever become in the interest of any sufficiently powerful entity to induce/foment a revolution. Would it not be the ultimate gallows irony, if ca. a hundred years later, the favor of the Great October Revolution were to be returned ...

Wall Street Funded the Bolshevik Revolution - Professor Antony Sutton

We cannot count on the majority (here or anywhere else) until it is all but too late. Is there an awakened and dedicated minority strong enough to effect a change of course? Is hunkering down and trying to wait 'it' out an option? Is anywhere else fundamentally any different, or is this simply a reflection of the current Age of Man? How long can one live in such circumstance without being corrupted by it? And would the inevitable collapse of the exponentially increasing currency/debt complex really loosen the Elite's grip on the reins of power? Could it perhaps provide a (narrow) window of opportunity for effecting meaningful change?

I don't have the answers - beyond drawing to the peripheries, remaining camouflaged and banding together in small, numerous enclaves/communities loosely connected and engaging in sub rosa informal economies with each other. Or moving abroad, to a place one imagines to be less under the influence of the paradigm you describe -- buying some time until it encroaches there, too.

Nov 7, 2013 - 3:26am

I think you give elites too much credit

You think they care about the masses - albeit so they aren't inconvenienced. I say bollocks. They have people for that.

If you live in a gated community with all the money you need, you don't care for the window people - they simply aren't real.

(Window people are those you see through the window if you ever glance out of the limo on your way somewhere. God forbid the driver takes you through a rough part of town)

If one of your colleagues makes a grubby buck feeding them on crap that they line up for, who are you to care? It's free choice isn't it? Better - It's capitalism at work & by god everyone loves an entrepreneur!

If your life has been lived in a cocoon where daddy/grandad made sure you had connections etc, which led you to good jobs (who would ever work for less than <insert impossibly large sum here> a year - you jest!) you could well believe that all is fine in the world without giving a thought for the low people.

We are probably as real to them as the rich & famous on TV are to you & I.

"Oh look - that lady has baby goats! How darling! I only eat organic of course "

No appreciation of the actual work that goes in. Why would they care about you?

SB- No offense KR - I think you are the greatest :-)

It only takes a few people to fill the movie can, man the popcorn stand & do the pornos. The big boys rake in the $$, The masses happily self medicate & the world turns. The mid level - mega rich are likely as zombied out (albeit on better drugs) as the majority. They just never see the real people on TV.

The real powers never have to contend with any of it except for temporary amusement. As I noted, they have people for that.

Nov 7, 2013 - 3:47am

Now I understood why IRS (

Now I understood why IRS ( Interest rate swaps) with notional value of 700 trillion USD are "financial weapons of mass destruction" as Buffet said.

They did not exist in 1929 depression. Hence it went down the deflation path relatively easily as damage was to a certain extent contained and lead to conventional war of huge scale, but that was manageable, after all.

Today is different.

Usually, weapons of mass destruction are not used , but applied as threat and as both opponents develop them, the world at first becomes more stable as threshold of starting a war is increased. But, if the threshold is reached, not much remains.

Today, in the event of total Deflation (=debt ceiling not raised) - MWD is released by LENDING capital (Republicans ) against anyone else, as IRS unwinds and all fixed rate side parties get busted as interest rates drop (as no one wants to loan nor give loans anymore) and their assets captured by LENDING capital. Call it the banks in wide sense. Gold contracts in price, USD shoots up. Politically, mob violence in the USA after some period while people figure out what happened, perhaps revolution with ULTRA left taking over.

In the event of total Inflation ( = debt ceiling eliminated) - MWD is released AGAINST LENDING capital by state (=Democrats) . As IRS are unwind, banks go bust as they are on the floating side of contracts as interest rates raise. UST goes bust as well but so does all debts. Reaction follows from the ULTRA right, as savers lose money, they capture government.

So financial gains fall to one side , political- to other if one party of war "wins".

See how high are stakes and how they are trying to defuse each other WMD? ( Libor manipulation Investigation/prosecution may make IRS illegal in case of deflation, setting precedent by courts with already existing cases of banks vs. IRS other side parties will make Libor manipulation irrelevant as argument).

These are all cases of putting Financial WMD into action. Lets hope critical threshold for that has not been reached yet, and they can defuse tensions though it seems close. They should ( which they would not?) eliminate WMD from both sides to have a hope that never happens. This how ever will level the playing field for "non-nuclear" financial players, giving them chance to encroach on territories occupied by big players like Megabanks and Governments, Transnational corporations.

They can also exchange shots with Financial WMDs , then everyone gets leveled and chaos ensues. That is our road to dark ages. Obviously , as in 1933 , if financial WMD gets released into action, REAL war WMD will follow suit. "War is a continuation of Politik by other means" was what Clauzewitz had observed, and we may live to see its next level.

I would say we are threading a precariously thin ice created by arms race in Finances.

bullion onlyivars
Nov 7, 2013 - 4:13am

Louise Yamada

Louise Yamada sees trading range into the forseeable future. That sucks because that could be another two years.

On the other hand it is the unforseeable future that bites you in the ass.


Nov 7, 2013 - 4:26am

Elites control Business TV

CNBS TV and Bloomberg TV (Israeli TV) are are 'elite operations' to brainwash us. Can correctly call them both psy-ops.

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